Blogger’s Pit Stop #19

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The Blogger's Pit Stop

Friday, 15th April 2016

Blogger’s Pit Stop #19 – Welcome

Blogger’s Pit Stop is open from 9 pm ET(US Thur) 11 am(AUS Friday) and Closes 3 am Monday ET(US) 5 pm(AUS)

Not failed Blogger's Pit StopGordon B. Hinckley



Our challenge: To learn engagement by visiting and encouraging other bloggers. Blogging continually changes. Right now, blogging and the social media networks all want to see ENGAGEMENT.

Star Blogger's Pit Stop #18This week’s challenge: is to increase this from the average of 1.1 clicks per post

up to two (2) clicks per post.

Congratulations to the Bloggers who have learned the value of engagement.


The Pit Stop Crew are bloggers who collectively have significant blogging experience. We don’t know it all! We are willing to step out and try new things, to think outside the box. If something does not work we move on to more innovative solutions. All the way we are learning and going forward. Each week you will find constructive posts that relate to Blogging. We hope you will glean information to assist you to re-charge your blogging battery, or to fill up with motivation fuel, help to change a tire, find a higher gear, or reset your GPS.

Bring your posts, they can be on any subject that is family friendly –

Affiliate links within content posts are OK. (Exceptions: No direct sales or shops.) Giveaways must have a content post.

Dear bloggers, you are the reason we are here, and we are super excited to open up to you the benefits of joining the Blogger’s Pit Stop.

Meet Our Pit Stop Crew

Crew Blogger's Pit Stop

Kathleen from Lifestyle Building Blocks: She finds it both humbling and satisfying to write posts and to have bloggers express their appreciation for the help and guidance gleaned from her insight. Kathleen loves the blogger’s lifestyle, thinking outside the box and to keep learning. She is presently studying Professional Editing and Proofreading.

Kathleen/Blog / Facebook /Google+ / Twitter /Pinterest / StumbleUpon /

Janice from Mostly Blogging: Janice loves writing, and meeting people from all over the globe who are like-minded and supportive. The thrill and validation she gets when bloggers tell of how she has helped them with their blogging are unparalleled. Her posts are thorough and beneficial to her many readers who are building their own blogs.

Janice/Blog / Facebook / Google+ /Twitter /Pinterest / StumbleUpon / Instagram /

Debbie & Julie

Debbie from Coach Debbie Runs: Debbie has spent many years blogging, designing, and building social media accounts. With all that valuable experience she felt that she wanted to share her love of blogging as well as her knowledge. Her site offers easy to follow tips and advice to build your own blog and become successful as a blogger.

Debbie / Blog / Facebook / Google+ /Twitter /Pinterest / StumbleUpon /

Julie is the wife of Pauli and the mom of two beautiful children. As a family, they have worked hard for the lifestyle that they now enjoy. They have a successful online business, they are entrepreneurs who teach, train, coach and are mentors of their strategies to make more money more easily. Julie has two blogs, one for online coaching and one for their Niche Travel Hub.

Julie/ Blog1 / Blog2 / Facebook / Google + / Twitter / Pinterest / Stumble Upon / Youtube / Linkedin / Instagram /

Blogger’s Pit Stop uses Inlinkz to make your experience smoother and quicker.

You won’t need a lot of rules, we do have some suggestions for you –

  1. First time here, it will help you to read the Welcome post in the Linky, which explains the Blogger’s Pitt Stop rationale.

2. Visit some other bloggers, you may want to comment and then leave from another page.

3. Take advantage to follow/like the Pit Stop Crew, they will follow you back. Now when you visit other bloggers why not follow/like them too, if after a week they have not followed back, go and unfollow/unlike them. Take every opportunity to grow.

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Put our beautiful banner on your site. If you have been FEATURED take the awesome Featured one too.

Click on the Banner to get your code:-


Winner Banner

Top Notice BoardWelcome to The Blogger’s Pit Stop #18

Let’s practice engagement

Check the Resources

Blogging – Personal Finances – General Health Topics

Make use of these resources at any time 24/7

Bottom Notice Board

Could we please have a drum roll to reveal the FEATURES from last week

Grab your awesome FEATURED banner (above)

The Pit Stop Crew chose these FEATURE posts

19x3 (1)

April Is Distracted Driving Month – Handsfree Is NOT Better By Jody

Stop Reliving the Past Through Your Children By Alicia

What Would You See If You Paid Attention? by Michele

Over 90 posts = 5 FEATURES for the most clicked last week

19 tools1 (1)

19 pay (1)


5 Free SEO Tools to Help You See More Website Traffic by Janice

9 Awesome Blogging Tools and Services I Pay For by Debbie

19 Alexa (1)

19 shopping1 (1)


Why Alexa Ranking is Important by Kathleen | Hate Shopping? You need to read this! by Sue

19 avocados (1)

Everything You Need to Know About Eating Avocados by Jill

You can join the Blogger’s Pit Stop (Add a Post to the Linky and put our banner on your site) take every advantage to grow from the helps, motivation and the tune up we are working to deliver. By joining the Blogger’s Pit Stop, you signify permission to share your posts and images here and on social media. If you entered an email address into the Linky you indicate permission to send you an email reminder when our next rally is LIVE.
Back Blogger's Pit Stop #19

Zoom Zoom

time to show us what you have got –

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We are excited that you joined the Blogger’s Pit Stop #19

Join us on Friday 22nd April. 2016 to see what we have for you.

Enjoy Pinterest? Go to The Pinterest Game

Over 90 posts were linked this week! Bloggers, please share on your blogs and social media, so we continue to grow even bigger.

  1. Kellie

    Can I add a link-up to the pinterest game on my site. I noticed you have a link at the end of your article, so I am just checking?

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Kellie,
      Thanks for writing. Kathleen puts out the copy for the party. I know she is your cohost on the Pinterest game. Sounds like it would be redundant to me, but you’d have to ask her. I assume you have her Email since you both run the Pinterest game together. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help.

      • Kellie

        I was thinking if Kathleen is ok with it, every few weeks, one of us 7 Pinterest Game bloggers can have the link to the Pinterest Game. That is very kind of you to link me this week.

        • Janice Wald

          She writes the post. I just help pick the winners. Please ask her. If it is OK with her, it is certainly OK with me, but as I said I don’t write it; she does. I just paste it into my blog.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Kellie,
      I will be linking to you on Saturday.

  2. John Doe

    The pit stop just keeps growing and growing.

  3. Margaretha

    Thank you for hosting. Have a great week-end!

    • Janice Wald

      My pleasure! You too!

  4. Gary Jefferies

    Back again being shameless and needy ?

    Love these hosting opportunities to meet new people and find new blogs to explore and comment on. Kudos to the team that take the time and energy to put them up and offer help to newbies like me ?

    I live here

    Although I will wager Janice is going to evict me soon as I appear to have moved in !!!!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Gary,
      You are always welcome. Your comments are SO funny. I look forward to them. Did you see on the last Meet and Greet someone else commented as to what a great writer you are?
      You live here? Great! There’s plenty of leftover cake from the last blog party!

      • Gary Jefferies

        They are?? I’ve never considered myself as funny if truth be told!! Was that comment from Trulyunplugged by any chance? We’ve kind of linked up both here and on Facebook which is uber cool and entirely down to you and the team. Might drift over and check out any late drop in at the party tomorrow. This connecting is a bit addictive ?

        Of course being addictve means I’ve neglected to write anything all week!! Must post something this very weekend. Shambolic of me really !!!!

        • Janice Wald

          Hi Gary,
          Thanks for writing.
          1. Networking is definitely addictive.
          2. Yes, I believe it was Truly.
          3. I host blog parties every other Saturday, so there’s no party tomorrow I am afraid. I hope you’ll still come by anyway. I have a mega-post planned!

  5. Sofie

    Thank you for hosting again this week! Such a great opportunity 🙂

    ~ Sofie

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