9 Free & Easy Blogger Tips and Tricks: How to See 2,723 Hits Quickly

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9 blogger tips and tricks

Blogger tips and tricks.

Which did you use this year?

This post, my 2018 reflection post, will show you the blogger tips and tricks I used in 2018 and show you how I implemented them in my articles which performed the best this year. You will be able to copy these strategies so you can achieve these results.

Did you look to see your overall stats for the year?

This post analyzes Backlinko’s Brian Dean‘s strategies and applies his tips in order to analyze the success of my best-performing posts of 2018.

Brian Dean tested these strategies and I will prove them effective in this blog post.

The post will contain screenshots showing my stats so you can see these methods are proven to work.

These strategies are easy to implement and free.

By the end of this post, you’ll know how to get 2,723 page views to a post in 1 day and how to get 6,570 page views to a post in 1 year.

The statistical evidence I received 1,860 page views to a post and 2,723 page views all in 1 day:

LinkedIn sent me 1,713 page views of the 2,723 with the 429 from the Android app added to the 1,284. What else contributed?

blogger tips and tricks

Look: I received 174 hits from search engines as well that day. SEO matters.

Before we dive into additional strategies let’s look at some interesting misses from the year:

  • I told people how to boost SEO by almost 300% for free complete with screenshots to prove my methods work, and the post underperformed.
  • My 137 free blogging tool post underperformed as well. A reader observed the information might have overwhelmed my other readers and advised I repurpose the tools, grouped into 12 categories into a 12 day of Christmas series, each day featuring a different tool list, which I recently published. I also repurposed the article by giving the downloadable list as an optin when people subscribe to my blog.

These posts received up to 6,642 page views this year:

blogger tips and tricks

Let’s analyze the blogger tips and tricks that caused these posts to go viral so you can follow these strategies. I am defining “viral” as an unusually high number of page views.

What is “usually high for me?”

Before 2018, if a post received 200 page views a day, I felt happy with its performance. If it received 1,000 page views in a year, I was pleased.

This post analyzes my articles that outperformed– performed beyond my expectations for the number of page views I expected they’d receive.

Remember my benchmark: My hope is my articles receive at least 1,000 page views in a year. All the posts analyzed in this article received between 1,012 page views and 6,642 page views.

Why? What blogger tips and tricks did I use?

Blogger Tips

Why did the above posts go viral? What blogger tips and tricks did these posts contain?

  1. According to Backlinko’s Brian Dean, posts tend to go viral with many visuals. Does Your Social Media Manager Know How to Use These 23 Awesome Free Tricks? was my 5th best-performing post this year. This post about social media tricks contained 15 images.

He adds posts with many visuals receive many social shares. The post received almost 400 social shares.

2. Backlink to a resource.

In 2018, I published two posts about the SEO tool Ubersuggest. (Fun Fact: The two posts were published 10 days apart.)

In my second Ubersuggest post, Ubersuggest Update: The Best Keyword Research Tool from Neil Patel, I backlinked to a resource, my original Ubersuggest post. That first post, Ubersuggest: This Is the Free SEO Tool Guide You Need, ranks on Page 1 of Google and received 3,078 page views this year at the time of this writing.

3. According to Brian Dean, viral content is useful.

Posts that go viral solve readers’ problems, also called “pain points.”

Many of my top-performing posts of 2018 solved pain points for readers.


All these posts explain how to make money blogging, a desire of many bloggers.

When StumbleUpon closed, bloggers needed a solution. Since StumbleUpon evolved into a new website, Mix, I wrote a guide to use Mix.

When the popular graphic design tool, PicMonkey, started charging, bloggers needed a solution.

4. You need to promote your articles.

I promote everywhere I believe I will generate traffic to my post.

This includes LinkedIn. Since my best-performing article of the year, 8 Proven Ways to Write LinkedIn Posts That Will Boost Your Influence was about LinkedIn, it went viral there and turned out to be my best-performing post of 2018. Remember: I hoped the post (and all my posts) would receive 1,000 page views this year. The article performed by more than six times that expectation! The article currently ranks in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages in Position 10 for the keyword term “How to write a good LinkedIn post.”

Also, I sent my tutorial explaining how to make dofollow and nofollow backlinks to Zest. The guide received over 1,000 page views this year and currently ranks on Google in Position 9 for the keyword term “free dofollow backlinks.”

[Read: How to Use Zest to Find the Best 1% of All Marketing Posts in the World]

I also post on Twitter normally at least 10 times a day. When I compose a tweet, I include “Please Retweet.” Does Your Social Media Manager Know How to Use These 23 Awesome Free Tricks? received 141 Twitter shares. I recall people writing compliments about my post which they included in their retweets.

5. You need to promote on social media at strategic times.

I use Buffer which sends my tweets and Instagram posts out at optimal times. For example, I share on Instagram at 5:00 pm which CoSchedule claims is an optimal time to share on Instagram.

6. Repurpose your blog content.

I took one of my best-performing posts of 2017, 18 Facebook Groups You Need to Join Today, and repurposed it into an ebook email optin. When people optin to my list, they get the downloadable ebook.

This post examines 6 of Dean’s 9 recommended traffic tips. If you’d like to hear his entire list of 9 tips, this video contains his complete list of 9 strategies:

Blogger Tricks

A post about blogger tips and tricks wouldn’t be complete without blogger tricks.

Blogger Trick 1: I read a blogger trick to add 4 numbers to your headline. The 4 numbers are the current year.

Blogger Trick 2: Add the word “Update” to your headline and in your post. 

Google loves to share updated information with its users. The word shows Google your blog contains fresh information.

Blogger Trick 3: Put your keyword at the beginning of your headline in front of a colon. 

This trick gives your keyword more oomph at Google.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”This trick gives your keyword more oomph at Google.” quote=”This trick gives your keyword more oomph at Google.”]

Ubersuggest: This Is the Free SEO Tool Guide You Need and  Ubersuggest Update: The Best Keyword Research Tool from Neil Patel were two of the top performers of the year. Ubersuggest: This is the Free SEO Tool Guide You Need ranks on Google in Positions 5 and 6 for varying keywords. One of those positions has 6600 searches per month.

PicMonkey Alternative: Fotor Is Your Best Choice for Photo Editing also has the keyword in front of the colon. The post was one of my best-performers this year. For a long time, the post ranked at the top of Page 1 on Google. Today, the post is in Position 8 for the keyword term free PicMonkey photo editor alternative.

Wrapping Up: Bloggers Tips and Tricks

Many of these posts not only received an unusually high amount of page views but rank on Google at the time of this writing.

Therefore, by following these strategies, you’re not only getting high page views from your email list and social media followers, but you’re boosting the chance you’ll receive even more traffic from Google and other search engines. It’s win-win for you when you follow these blogger tips and tricks.

Important note: All things are not equal. For example, the posts that published late in the year predictably picked up fewer page views since they weren’t around as long as some of the posts published in the spring.

Readers, please share so other bloggers discover these blogger tips and tricks.

What are your strategies? I look forward to your views in the comment section. Can you suggest any blogger tips and tricks that generate traffic for you?

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This post showed you the tips and tricks I used in 2018. How to Improve Blog Traffic for Free: Get 1,000+ Hits Quickly shows you the methods I used in 2017 which caused my posts to have higher-than-usual page views.


  1. Sigrid Chu

    Hello Janice,

    I love how systematic this is. Thank you for always sharing!

    Happy New Year!


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Sigrid,
      Thanks for commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed my yearly Reflection post.

  2. Joy Healey

    Thanks Janice,

    Some great page view results you’re getting there…..

    A question, please? When you say about adding Update to a title, do you mean go back and amend the original post, adding Update – or to do a completely new post updating on a previous one?

    Thanks, Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

  3. Barb

    Hey Janice,

    This was a really good review with lots of tips we can learn from. I’ll be following some of them for sure!

  4. Janice Wald

    Hi Barbara,
    Thanks for commenting! I’m glad you found my traffic generation hacks helpful!

  5. Lisa Sicard

    Hi Janice, great tips in this one! I love the idea of adding update to a title when I update old posts which I’m working on. Thank you. Images are important and sharing over and over. I must start to ask for RT’s, hate to sound desperate but those that use them swear by them.
    Thanks and have a great weekend ahead Janice.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for commenting on the 2018 reflection post.I’m glad you liked the “Update” tip.
      You and I see each other a lot on Twitter. I have no problem asking for retweets, as you must have seen.
      I have a problem asking people for a link. That’s where I feel “desperate.”

  6. Bubbie Gunter

    Hi Janice,
    Although I have followed you for a while now, this is actually my first time to visit your blog. And, I can’t believe the value I have been missing!

    Your “9 Free & Easy Blogger Tips and Tricks” is going to be a classic!

    What I found interesting is that I use about 6 of these tips without even knowing 🙂
    I imagine by implementing them “consciously” will help increase traffic as well as start using the other 3 tips.

    I am happy I stopped by! Now it’s on to 23 MORE Awesome Free Tricks from you ! 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Bubbie,
      Great to see you! What wonderful compliments! A classic! Thank you! I’m glad to hear I could expose you to 3 new tips! Enjoy my 23 Awesome Tips article!
      Thanks for writing. Your comments made me feel great!

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