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#Blogger Meet and Greet #networking

Welcome to Our Blog Party!

Did someone say blog party?

It is time for our bimonthly Meet and Greet.

In the comments section, you are encouraged to self-promote.

Introduce your blog to the other guests at the party. Tell the readers about your blog, and post a link to your favorite post, a recent post, your About page, your blog link, or anything you like.

If you are not already following Mostly Blogging, I like new subscribers too.

#Blogger Meet and Greet #Networking bloghop, blog share

At today’s Meet and Greet, we are having burgers because I promised my reader, Nathan, we would.

Enjoy the food and the networking.

Note: At other Meet and Greets, guests return and leave different links to articles in different comment boxes. You are welcome to return as often as you like and leave links.

I am hoping others will be able to find new blogs to read and new bloggers to connect with.

I hold these opportunities for bloggers to network twice a month.

Guests, if you think others would enjoy the networking opportunities at the Meet and Greet, please share on your social media.  The more guests at the party, the more networking opportunities for all of us.

If you get a chance to promote the link to this party on your site, that would also be much appreciated since it would help make others aware of this blog party.

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    • Stephanie


      So glad I popped over to your blog. It’s really lovely, beautifully designed and well thought out. I need to up my game ?

  1. Anonymous

    Hello everyone, it would be a delight to have you stop by my “Simplyetta” blog where there’s a little bit of everything……Humour, Poetry but most of all inspiration!

  2. Italian Belly

    Hi I’m Chandra,
    I write about food, travel, motherhood and my life in Italy as a Canadian expat. You’ll find some travel tips, recipes, baby advice and hilarious stories about my adjustment to the dolce vita.hope you will come visit ItalianBelly!

    • Stephanie Ziemer

      Really enjoyed looking over your blog! I love your conversational style. I think you will go far! I too am fairly new to this. Best of luck!

  3. Donna DeGuglielmo

    Hello all, great to see you here and to be here. Hope to visit many of you. blessings and happy blogging.
    oh yes my name is Donna Maria I am trying to blog my memior… It starts at the time of my first strokes yes you have read that right. come in and visit you will have a good time. my brand is faith my theme is faith, love joy and laughter. blessings donna maria

  4. Lisa Pomerantz

    Hey, everyone, I am Lisa. I blog as therapy – a release, and catharsis of things about my family life, work, health, things I worry over, things I rant over. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper than real therapy and I get the love and support of an entire community that is really quite phenomenal! I invite you to see/read my bravest post to date: I AM WOMAN, the musical. I hope you stop by. I’ll make coffee! <3


  5. Gary Jefferies

    It’s a bit of a time slip…to coin a phrase from a well known Horror Show which is decidedly Rocky. Two weeks again and, for a change…I’m back, which isn’t quite a phrase a Terminator of repute woukd say…I digress.

    I write, or try to. Assorted excerpts and short stories deep inside my blog. Which links nicely into saying if the “look” of it (the blog) seems odd then it’s because I’m trying different themes and going back to my original until I’ve settled on a replacement. Of course this has the effect of restoring theme defaults..hence my comment. Doing a bit of revision work on it type of thing…first change was to get the domain name sorted so now I’m a .com URL. Exciting times if you happen to be a techno geek ?

    To cut a long ramble short…I live here

    See… .com in action ?

    If you visit, comment, follow or like then expect a stalk back ?

    And Janice, see you on the Blog Share FB group. It’s pinned Tweet share day!

  6. Carol ("Mimi")

    Hi, Everybody!
    My name is Carol — but on my blog, I go by my grandma name “Mimi”.
    At “Home with Mimi,” I publish posts about home décor, crafts, and DIY projects in my home and garden. I also feature posts about lifelong learning and how we can all develop metacognitive skills for learning.
    I’m a retired music educator/college professor, wife, mom to two handsome adult sons, and grandma to 7 fabulous kids (ages 2 to 18).
    Come on over to
    Twitter: @HomewithMimiB

      • Vernon

        Okay thanks. I just clicked on it and it worked fine. I’m going to look into it then check yours out.
        Thanks again.

        • Rebecca Lemke

          I figured it out! Your website url is in front of the link, I took that out and now it is working! 🙂 Thank you for checking mine out!

          • Vernon

            No thank you! I will subscribe.

    • Stephanie

      Hi Alexa,

      I loved your post on Arachova. I’ve been dying to visit my Papoo’s town, Kyparissia and my Yiyia’s, Kalamata. There’s a small island in the “blue zone” called Ikaria where you can live with a world famous chef and cook with her. I know have to add Arachova to the list!

  7. Alexa Meisler

    Hello All! My name is Alexa. I am a freelance writer turned blogger. I started my blog in 2007 and focus on how to have a perfect day in locations around the world.

    I am also a podcaster. You can find loads of useful information for travel blogging at Break Into Travel Writing.

    Look forward to connecting with everyone!

  8. Stephanie D. Lewis AKA Little Miss Menopause

    Hello party guests! I brought the sad looking store-bought banana bread that’s a bit over-cooked and dried-out so it got pushed behind the homemade carrot cake, hmmph!

    I write humor over at Once Upon Your Prime. Anything from how NOT to get a literary agent to the pros and cons of Captain Von Trapp choosing Maria over the Baroness. Come visit me, I don’t bite. That’s right nobody has ever left me a comment saying, “Ouch, what biting sarcasm!”

    Can’t wait to follow all of the breadcrumbs left here back to your homes! And that’s not as creepy as it sounds — I was just read Hansel and Gretel one too many times as a child.

    • Stephanie D. Lewis AKA Little Miss Menopause

      Ps. I always expect CommentLove to leave my blog link but it doesn’t like me, so here’s my breadcrumb…
      Once Upon Your Prime | Where You Live Happily Ever Laughter!

      • Bren Pace

        Hey Stephanie! I just followed your blog. I saw menopause and quirkiness and said “That’s totally me!” Looking forward to stalking you! 😉

      • Bridget

        Hello Stephanie! Has the party ended? This is typically me – never quite knowing what the hell’s going on but still having something to say about it! I fear I’m late and everyone’s packed up and gone home, but I’ll still leave my sorry comment in case you’ve forgotten your glasses and come back to collect them.

        Love your blog by the way. We need more general blogs for ‘women of a certain age’ (don’t you hate that)! I’ll be tagging along like some Billy nomates eavesdropping on your pearls of wisdom. 🙂

        • Janice Wald

          Hi Bridget,
          That was a funny comment about people going back to get their glasses. Thank you for coming to my party. It’s never too late to party.

          • Bridget

            I’m learning Janice! Thank you for arranging this Meet &a Greet. I’ll definitely be back for the next one…in time for the aperitifs this time ?

          • Janice Wald


  9. Michelle

    Hey there!

    How awesome?! A bloggers meet and greet!

    My hubs and I are new to the world of blogging and loving every second of it! It is such an awesome community to be a part of 🙂

    Our blog is dedicated to supplying helpful tips and tricks to lead a simpler, happier life!

    Check out our most popular post – 8 Things To Do On Sunday’s To Make Monday’s Suck Less!

    We hope you enjoy!
    Michelle + Matt

  10. Rebecca Lemke

    This is great, I didn’t know you did meet and greet parties! Thank you for the opportunity to share. 🙂

    This is my post on Biblical Femininity. These days I’ve noticed there can be a lot of fighting about what it means to be a biblical woman, so I went through scripture and learned for myself what it really means. I found how we should act, how we should treat others, and even what we should wear! I hope other women will find it encouraging.

  11. Pat Fenner

    An online meet and greet – what a great opportunity for a semi-introvert blogger 😉
    My name is Pat and I blog over at with my best bud…you guessed it – Candy! We blog about homeschooling (specifically encouraging moms and dads who are homeschooling through high school) and parenting teens.

    Our periodic newsletter offers targeted information for homeschooling families on 1)homeschooling through high school, 2)parenting teens, 3)creative learning ideas, and 4)encouragement for moms. Check it out here:

    Thanks for hosting, ladies (and gent!)…this is a great idea!!

  12. Karen

    I am totally addicted to newspapers from the 1800s and compile the best of the stories into books. I also publish a number of them on my blog, either from books I am in the process of compiling or from a series I am doing of one week’s news from a newspaper from each state.

  13. Mike

    Hey everyone! My name is Mike, and I’m an engineer by day, and a side hustler by night. My website is – where I talk about all things side hustle, blogging, technology, and travel. The majority of my stuff is centered around ways you can make more money outside of finding a second job.

    I love this community, and welcome fellow bloggers to reach out!

    • Bren Pace

      Hi Mike! Just started stalking your blog! I have a side hustle too! Blogging and Technology is right up my alley. Look forward to connecting with you.


  14. sonal

    Hello fellow bloggers…this is my blog.. check it out guyz!

  15. Austin

    Hi, I’m Austin. I have a blog called The Return of the Modern Philosopher, which offers a skewed view on life in Maine, relationships, politics, and whatever other stories the voices in my head are shouting at me when I sit down to write.

    There should be a little something for everyone, and I’ll offer this link to my latest Dating Tips post as a sample of my wares. Hope to see you around the blog! 🙂

  16. Becky Galli

    Hi! This is so cool! I’m Becky Galli and I write about love, loss, and healing. If you are going through a tough time, I’m your gal for inspiration–mostly. Yep, I fall into the pit every once in a while but somehow I find a way out, usually through writing about it. Hope you’ll join me for Thoughtful Thursdays, Lessons from a Resilient Heart. OH, and my book is coming out in JUNE!!! Rethinking Possible; A Memoir of Resilience. (on amazon already!)

    • Olivia Morris

      Congratulations on the book. If you need someone to do a review I’d be up for it. Let me know your thoughts. Do you have a link to your Thoughtful Thursdays? It would be helpful for sure. In the meantime I have bookmarked this page so will come back again. Nice to meet you at the blog party.

  17. Donna Parker

    Thanks for inviting us to the party, Janice, they always rock! I’ll just snag a delicious burger then off to ketchup on all these bloggers with all the relish I can mustard…then sharing, lots and lots of sharing.
    My name is Donna and I blog about anything and everything with a lot and I mean a lot of humour (we need it these days). Drop by, stay a spell, you might never want to leave. Here’s my latest
    Hope this weekend treats everyone kindly!

    • Stephanie

      Hi Donna,

      Just read your charming post on the “joys” of cooking. You had me laughing. Great visuals btw.


  18. Olivia Morris

    Good Day to everyone here. I will attempt to visit everyone before the week is out. Bookmarking this page so I can find it again. I have two blogs that I write for extensively. The first is for plus sized women who are looking for fashionable and reasonably priced clothing. and the second blog is for grandmothers who love gardening, reading to their grandchildren, learning about family and relationships and just a host of good things. Come drop in for a visit and just say hello!

  19. Stephanie

    Hi all,

    Janice, thank you for hosting this wonderful forum! I started my blog, this year to support my Vintage & Modern Furniture business. I’d dabbled in writing screenplays and find blogging to be a great outlet. I worked for 20 + years as a set decorator/art director for film and tv. I like to write about design and history. Hope you will stop by!

  20. Bren Pace

    —> I got the brewski and deviled eggs! Woo to the Hoo Hool!

    I’m Bren and I’m a blog-aholic. I enjoy creating new blogs, because of the design aspect and then find out I don’t have time to publish content. 🙂 Squeee!!! Anywho, I work full-time as an Admin Asst and have a side hustle doing WordPress Web Design and Blog Support. My business blog is: I also have a midlife blog where I like to rant and share all the joys of the 40 over crowd. It’s . Lastly, I started pet blogging again, after a few years, and am in the process of moving it from to Blogger. It’s so much easier to publish images on Blogger imo. .

    See, all that mess of blogs, a family, and 2 needy furkids. I blog when I’m not working with clients on my side hustle and when the content flows into my head. 🙂 Looking forward to connecting with y’all!

    Thanks for hosting this Janice! You rock, girl!


    • Bridget

      Hello Bren
      Well I think we’ve met before – I was stalking Stephanie (AKA Little Miss Menopause) and listening to your conversation. You probably didn’t notice me – I was hiding behind the chocolate fountain at the time, stuffing my face with sausage rolls. I’m loving ‘asplashofcray’ and have just put myself in your gang!

      I’ve started a little gang of my own at
      Come over for a chat! 🙂

  21. Marcie Kenny

    Hello I am Marcie introducing you to my lovely parenting blog at Some people have asked me if I am a parent
    and I have to say no I am not. is a resource guide I started as a way to help parents with their developing children with the tools I learned teaching in childcare and being a an aunt and great aunt. Stop by and say hello and comment on some of the posts always enjoy hearing from my visitors..

  22. Beverley Courtney

    What a great idea, Janice! I’ll have to look around and find other great ideas of yours here.

    I’m all about dogs – particularly new dogs and new puppies, and especially shy, nervous, anxious, or aggressive dogs. And everything is force-free, so no shouting, leash-yanking, or throwing things!

    Here’s a good introduction to how I train dogs:

    This is the blog:

    Hey all you dog-owners – go have a sniff around!

  23. Missa


    I’m still trying to find my place in the blogging world! However, we all have to start somewhere right?

    Suggestions welcomed over at

  24. Sagar Chauhan

    Hello Friends, MY Name Is Sagar Chauhan A Pro Blogger From India. I writes About blogging, wordpress, SEO, make money online, latest update And tech tricks. I shares regular fresh content on this blog for beginnes.
    Top 10 Ways To Earn Money From Your Blog

  25. Catherine

    Hi everyone! I’m enjoying wine and cheese rather than burgers at the moment, but now I want a burger! I have a unique niche for my blog – hand embroidery. I’ve decided to start taking it more seriously now, and have some bigger plans in general for later in the year. I’m currently studying hand embroidery and am writing about that and wanting to pass on as much as I can with what I learning. Thanks for this great party!

  26. Crista Crawford


    It’s nice to meet everyone! My name is Crista Crawford and I am a Christian author. I created my blog as a way to connect others with God and feel His love out-pouring over our lives. I write from the heart and from life experiences. It’s what I’ve done since I was a kid.

    Thank you for checking me out and I am looking forward to visiting you as well.

    “The Potter’s Clay” is my most popular post. I wrote it during the time my mom was nearing the end of her life.

    God Bless!

  27. Chloe

    Hi everyone I’m Chloe and I blog about being dairy free and my love of cups of tea. Every Thursday I review a variety of either dairy free, gluten free, and vegan foods. As for a Tuesday that is saved for Tuesday’s New Tea Review. I hope get chance to take a look at my blog

    Thanks Chloe

    • Rebecca Lemke

      I’ve got a lot of food allergies so I am gluten free and dairy free too! 🙂

  28. Ryan Knight

    Hi, my name is Ryan and my blog is It is a blogumentary that follows my adventures as a working writer featuring original poems, essays, short stories, DIY projects, and a heavy dose if Geek culture.

  29. Donna

    Hello, everyone – I hope that I am not too late to the party!!
    I’m Donna from Retirement Reflections. I blog about most things that cross my path in retirement.
    My most current post on “Humane Communities” was inspired by a recent presentation that I attended in one of my volunteer roles.
    I hope that you will stop by.
    I’m off to check out a few of your blogs now.
    Looking forward to meeting you soon!

  30. Heather LeGuilloux

    Hello all!

    Delighted to meet you all at this blogger meet & greet.. we all have something in common already just by being bloggers! 🙂 My name is Heather and I write about mental health and well-being on my blog at My most recent series has been on clinical depression from a therapists point-of-view and my latest blog post can be found here:

    Looking forward to checking out your blogs, as well! Take care.


  31. Nathan

    Thank you so much, then burgers look yummy ? i hope everyone ok and enjoying there day? Keep blogging and stay strong ? regards Nathan.

  32. Kelly

    Hello everyone,
    I’m in Halifax, Canada at the moment, and it’s burger week here, so the party definitely suits the city’s vibe.
    I have two blogs, one is about a self supported world cycle tour that I’m on and the other site (which is really just an excuse for us to drink more beer and a bit of fun) is about beercycling (cycle friendly breweries, promoting the cycling community etc.) and if you want to check it out the site is
    Thanks and happy Sunday!

  33. Aini

    Hi , I am Aini
    my blog is about my every day cooking and recipes also I share my daily routine and food menus and give dinner parties ideas and lot more
    check out my website

  34. Bridget

    Well nothing ventured, nothing gained! Being late is my forte, so why change the habit of a lifetime! Looks like I’ve missed most of the fun and it just smells of stale beer in here, but at least I’ve still managed to visit the ghosts of yesterdays blog party. I’ll just go back home to and come back next time! 🙁

  35. Bessie Stewart-Banks

    Better late than sorry. Hi, Janice thanks for hosting this Blog Party. Here’s the link to our blog,, a place where you receive daily inspiration and transformative topics. Come and check us out and tell us what you think. Hope to see you there!

  36. Marsha Ingrao

    Hi, I see I’m not the only latecomer. Thanks for giving us this opportunity. I’m starting something new that I’ve wanted to do for a while, a day by day blog to read, so that by the end of the month you have visited 31 different blogs. These are my March blogs. Do You Need a Nudge to Visit Awesome New Blogs? Please stop by and check out my post. 🙂

  37. Marsha Ingrao

    Hi, I see I’m not the only latecomer, but I may be too late. The hamburgers smelled so good! My blog is I review books on Thursdays and offer blogging and writing tips on a random schedule.

  38. javier

    Hi, My blog is about reaching financial independence, but is useful to everybody. Just started and post on Mondays.

  39. Jasmine Okoro

    Thanks for this great opportunity.
    My blog talks bout Best blogging tips and entrepreneur ship,I want my blog to be perceived as fun and also make complex topics understandable.
    Link’s Below .. Tell me what you think

  40. Tiggytoto

    Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I am having a read of yours, looks very interesting!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jennifer,
      I heard they were turning Freaky Friday into a musical. I loved the movie and the song “Ultimate”.
      Thanks for coming to my party. It’s never too late to party.

  41. Grammy Dee

    Thank you for sharing this post at the #WednesdayAIMLinkParty. I shared it on social media.

  42. Ariel

    Hi y’all! First timer here. My name is Ariel from – a blog about food, faith, and family! Young Mrs. currently hosts Sermon Sunday, Testimony Tuesday, Wondrous Wednesday Link Party, and Fertility Friday! We also have a Freebie library (subscribers only) an apparel store, and a Printable store. The latest post is about my own personal experience with miscarrying my first child (depressing stuff, I know, but it’s also a very encouraging and inspiring story, if I do say so myself). Here’s the link:

    Thanks yall!

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