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Overworked/Underpaid Bloggers And The 80/20 Pareto Principle

Peter Nyiri

Do you feel overworked and underpaid as a blogger? Does this accurately describe your blogger life?

Then you are suffering from the Pareto principle and you absolutely need to read this blog post.

First, I want to introduce you to the Pareto principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, the law of the vital few. It basically means that 80 percent of results come from 20 percent of efforts.

Today, some leading online retailers and bloggers are seeing a new “Super Pareto” emerging, where typically fewer than five percent of the users contribute more than 90 percent of the revenue. Call it the 95–5 rule.

Making $700/Month With 2 Blog Posts?

My name is Peter Nyiri and I built the Mostly Blogging Academy for Janice on this blog. Now I am going to be very honest with you. Super Pareto completely applies to my blog, FunnelXpert, which I started in late November 2017.

Since that time I have signed up for over 50 affiliate programs. Only 6 of these ever paid me a commission and there are only 2 that actually move the needle. Here are the commissions for the past month.

blogger life: aff commissions Oct 2019

And the total commissions for the account since March 2018:

Blogger Life: 7K Earnings Screenshot mobile

At the time of writing I have 105 blog posts on my blog. Only 15 of them get regular traffic and 3 of them generate the affiliate commissions.

Pareto for Keywords

Did you know that over 93 percent of keyword phrases are searched for less than 20 times per month?


Believe me, I have done tons of keyword research and I wrote tons of content for the keywords I found.

I attained the results that you see above from just 2 keywords that are searched 20 times per month.

Link Building

Have you tried building links? If you do cold outreach, the result you get will be less than 20 percent.

If you are a beginner with a new site, no one will want to link to you.

Did you know that you can skip all that effort on link building?

It took me two years to build up my blog’s DA to 24. And… You can get a domain that already has links. I just paid $27 for a DA 34 domain and built it into a full-blown site in 2-3 days.

If I had known this two years ago, my story could be different. Blog smarter, not harder.

Your Blogger Education

I can say from my own experience that only 5 percent of the stuff you study, the courses you take, will generate any results. Almost everything you read is superficial and pretends that it is easy.

A an example take a look at this “DIY Sales Funnel” that I found on a site:

Step 1 – Create A Landing Page With The Best Sales Funnel Software…

Step 2 – Connect To Customizable Shopping Cart Software…

Step 3 – Deliver Your Goods

Step 4 – Create A One-Time-Offer Page That Actually Sells…

A lot of inexperienced marketers mess up on the OTO (One-Time-Offer), though, by trying to turn a gross profit on the front end of their funnel. This is the biggest mistake that most inexperienced marketers make.

Step 5 – Bring In Additional Revenue With A One-Click Upsell…

Step 6 – Create An Autoresponder Sequence With Email Marketing Software…

Then I saw articles like this:

Does This Timer Really Increase Sales?

7 Steps To Drastically Increase Opt-Ins And Sales

There is so much more that goes into building a profitable site or sales funnel that is not mentioned.

Formula For Persuasive Copy

One vital thing that the above text doesn’t mention is writing your copy.

Copy is the most important aspect of blogging.

Headlines, blog posts, emails, sales pages, webinars…

These are all based on copywriting.

Great copy can sell your brand even if other factors are not that great.

The great distinction between content writing and copywriting lies in the purpose of writing it.

Copywriting means writing for the sake of promotional advertising or marketing.

The purpose of content writing is to entertain and entice the online audiences so they stay longer on websites and engage with the brand.

I recently came across an inexpensive book on copywriting that you should check out. It will greatly increase your conversions.

blog life 7 figure marketing copy

Mostly Blogging Academy

We have created Mostly Blogging Academy so that you can get affordable blogging education.

There are many online blogger courses on the internet that cost over $1,000.

Currently we offer the following courses:

Blogging Like A Pro

Online business, just like any other business, is difficult when you are a one-man show.

The biggest danger is that you waste 90 percent of your time on actions and strategies that don’t give you any return.

The key to success is to be very strategic, because you never get back the time spent wrong. Learn to differentiate between strategies that work and those that don’t.

You can read the first few lessons for free.

Blogging On The First Page of Google

In this course you will find out how to bring in traffic with your content (SEO) and get it to the first page of Google.

Video & Webinar for Newbies

The Clueless Newbie’s Guide To Video & Webinar Without Expensive And Complicated Software

Effective Email Marketing

How to Create And Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Conclusion: How to Make Your Blogger Life Easier in 2020

What else can we do to help you with your blogging journey? How can we make your blogger life easier and more profitable in 2020?

Leave a comment below.

Readers, please share so other bloggers whose blogger life is spent blogging hard and not smart discover Peter’s success and the courses offered in this post.

  1. Jean Francois Charpenet

    Hi ! I’m interested in your course “Blogging like a pro”. Can you tell me how long this course lasts? Thanks.

  2. Nirali Jain

    Link building is my favorite and will always be favorite? For me this is the most difficult task in seo.

    • Peter Nyiri

      Yes Nirali, link building is vital in SEO. We will be coming out with a course on link building.

  3. David Hilcher

    Does the course require you to be technical? I have read a lot of SEO information and it just goes over my head. David Hilcher Brisbane

    • Peter Nyiri

      Hi David, There is nothing more technical in it than finding keywords using a free keyword tool to find keywords and linking posts together. However it is not a beginner’s course.
      But it covers things like reasons people don’t buy, how to price your product, how to create lead magnets, etc.


    Thanks for sharing this post! I am going to make a copy and use it as necessary.

  5. Jeangam Kahmei

    Hey Peter,

    Your blogging journey sounds realistic, unlike others. I believe that you should blog hard as well as smart. Both are necessary especially for the newbies. I got that you said it because you had an experience.

    Reading real struggling stories of bloggers encourages new bloggers. Because you got the solution along with it. There are many factors to drive more traffic to your website which include SEO, Link building, social media, engaging content, bloggers outreach, etc.

    Well, the Pareto principle is the exact principle for bloggers.

    Jeangam Kahmei

    • Peter - FunnelXpert

      Hey Jeangam,
      Thanks for the feedback. Yes, if someone blogs smart AND hard, the results will be much better.
      Unfortunately there is a learning curve… and people can waste a lot of time if they don’t know what to do. I was ignoring link building for a long time, because it is not easy. I am now experimenting with that. I also want to try Ahrefs for keyword research, because it gives keywords that free tools that don’t.

  6. Tomaž

    Thank you for recommending 7 Figure Marketing Copy. I have read it and it great. Can you recommend any other great book for copywriting? Any thing that could help me write better content. Thank you in advance.

    • Peter Nyiri

      Hey Tomaž,
      You’re welcome. I recommend stuff that I am personally convinced will help and (mostly) personally tried. Please note that it isn’t the final version, it keeps getting added to. At this point I don’t have another book I can recommend,

  7. RAJ

    Eventually Organic link building is very hard for me while i was newbie, now after playing around with Content Writing and all,i am able to easy Back links and able to generate Organic links.

  8. Dipankar


    Thanks for sharing with us, such great info, I’m read many articles for SEO but only waste my time, I got really good info in this.

  9. Bella D. @ Self-Publishing Made Easy Now

    This article has inspired me to do better with blogging. Thank you for sharing your ideas and tips about this topic. It will really be helpful for bloggers and readers alike.

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