Do You Need a New, Awesome Blogger App for the Mac in 2022? These 8 Are the Best

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Are you looking for an awesome blogger app?

You found the perfect guide for bloggers who use a Mac.

By the time you’re done reading this post, you’ll know how to use Blogo, Integrity, Camtasia, Desk App, Snag It, ImageOptim, WordPress App for Mac, and Mac FTP.

Bloggers who use Mac are fondly referred to as “Mac Bloggers.”

Mac Bloggers, are you ready to choose your new favorite blogger app?

Do you need an awesome blogger app? 8 choices

Do you need a blogger app?

Today’s author Ali Dino is here to offer you eight. 

8 Awesome Blogging Apps for Mac Users

Desktop tools are very helpful because you will not be distracted by anything as you blog. Also, desktop tools do not require one to use the internet since you can use them offline. Most online users will agree that while blogging, working with plenty of open tabs can make us lose concentration. For this reason, it is good to work offline so that you can concentrate solely on your blogging work.

If you are a Mac user, we have good news for you. We will present 8 of the best blogging apps for Mac users.

Continue reading to learn more about the blogging apps for Mac users.

  1.    Blogo

Blogo is a blogging app that Mac users can use to write, modify and insert images into posts directly from your desktop. In fact, if you are blogging on the WordPress platform, you will enjoy using Blogo. The good thing about Blogo is that its latest version will support Tumblr, Blogspot as well as WordPress.  This app will make it possible for a blogger to write without using the internet and publish posts from the desktop. Another great thing about this app is its ability to sync documents on Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

  1.    Integrity

Another incredible blogger app for Mac users is Integrity. It works like an SEO app for your Mac operating system. This app will examine all the URLs in your blog and identify broken links. Integrity as a blogging app for Mac users works perfectly on WordPress and Tumblr and can help bloggers running blogs on the WordPress platform to use a broken link checker. Note that for large sites, the Broken Link Checker might not work well with your hosting. You can download Integrity for free from the Mac App Store.

  1.    Camtasia

An informative and useful blog is one that provides users with “how to do” types of articles either by posting them or using videos to show users how to.

Most bloggers use screenshots although screenshots are often not understandable by readers. To make readers understand the screenshots you upload in your posts, you will need to use a screen recording app and this is where Camtasia comes in.

This app will help you to make videos on your Mac so that you can help your readers to understand the content of your blog posts. Videos make your content to be useful and more beautiful so if you are not using this tool for your presentations as well as your marketing videos, you should start now.

You will find an example of a video made with Camtasia in this Mostly Blogging post: YouTube Video Ideas Generator.

  1.    Desk App

Similar to Blogo, Desk App is also another incredible blogger app for Mac users that comes with the best features to help you in your daily blogging. This blogger app, purposely designed for Mac users, makes blogging a remarkable experience. The best thing with Desk App is that it will help you to save your draft on iCloud so you can edit it using other Apple devices such as the iPad and the iPhone. Desk works well with all the blogging platforms such as BlogSpot, WordPress, Typepad, and Tumblr. This app also makes it possible for bloggers to publish posts fast.

Do you need an awesome blogger app? 8 tips

  1.    Snag It

Every blogger will from time to time need to take screenshots and upload them. As you upload the screenshot, you will need to edit and resize it according to the required size so that you can upload it to your post. Snag It is the best tool for this job. The best thing about this blogger app is that it is an offline screen capturing tool that is capable of screenshot editing so you don’t have to worry when it comes to editing images before you upload to your blog posts. This Mac image editing app has a trial version of 30 days, however, you can upgrade to the premium version later.

  1.    ImageOptim

A good post is one that has beautiful looking images. However, to ensure your post is SEO-optimized for faster loading speed, you need to ensure you don’t upload large images. This is where ImageOptim comes in to help you compress images to reduce the size before you upload to your posts.

You need to understand that readers of today are not patient and they will not wait for more than 10 seconds for your posts to load so you need to optimize your images with this app.

Another thing to note is that readers are currently using smartphones to access the internet and this makes it viable to ensure your posts can be accessed on such devices. When you optimize your blog post images, you increase your page load speed and thus making it easy to open even on smartphones. The best thing about this blogger app for Mac users is that it is a free image optimization tool.

To use it, you simply drag and put the image you want optimized on the ImageOptim platform and the app will compress it.

  1.    WordPress App for Mac

As the name suggests, this blogging app for Mac users works well with the WordPress platform using the Jetpack plugin. This app is similar to the Windows version so you can write and edit all your posts while you are offline. This app is free so you can download it now and start using it. You can go WordPress to the app with the WordPress App.

  1.    Mac FTP tool

Also known as Cyberduck or FileZilla, this blogger app offers FTP tools that work perfectly. Most blogs are hosted on servers. Most bloggers will from time to time access their FTP server when making some changes. Having some FTP apps is crucial at this moment. You can use some FTP apps for Mac such as Cyberduck or FileZilla.

The two apps work great so you just need to choose one of them. The best thing about these two apps is that they are not heavy and are designed for adeptness.

Wrapping Up: Which Blogger App Will You Pick?

In closing, blogging on a Mac is easy! Just pick a blogger app!

All the above blogging apps for Mac users are designed with unique and useful features to enhance your blog writing. You may decide to use two or three or even all depending on your needs, but it is good to select the one that is appropriate for your blogging needs.

Author: Ali Dino

Host blogger’s comments: Ali offers an additional tip about your Mac:

After working with your Mac for a long time if you feel you want to sell it so that you can buy a new one to make your blogging work fast and productive, you can sell it here.

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The best app for blogging is the WordPress app since WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System).

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