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Blog Writers: You know with millions of blogs on the internet, the competition for readership is fierce.

You also know that in order to beat that competition you need to make your blog stand out.

Recently, I published You Need to Find Your Voice: How to Improve Your Writing Persona. Did you feel that post was over-the-top?

Reaction to the post was so mixed, the issue of how to make your blog stand out actually became controversial.

The guest author who wrote the post finds success in the blogging world by being so unique she writes from the point of view of a dog.

Consider these comments: “It’s a pretty great feeling to feel as though you can just be yourself and that you don’t have to pretend to be something you’re not. All too often people think they have to pretend – but NOPE. People like REAL!”

If you agree with this commenter, this post is for you. Today’s guest author Nelma Lumme explains how to stand out in the crowded internet by being a unique blogger without changing your persona.

Follow Nelma’s 5 tips for being one of the unique blog writers, and you can stand out and still be yourself.


How to Be a Unique Blogger on the Web

Nelma Lumme

It’s hard to become unique and do something new in today’s day and age. You feel like everything has been done before and in a better way than you plan on doing it. However, becoming a unique blogger is possible if you have a good idea and are patient enough. Let’s take a look at some of the tips you can implement in order to set up a unique blog that people will love to visit.

Plan in advance

The trick of doing anything worth your while is planning ahead. The same rule applies for blogging – if you have an idea about what you want to write about and how you want to do it, you are already halfway to being successful. Many people start blogging without a clear idea of what they really want to do. That’s why many people don’t make it as bloggers and decide to quit before they even gave it a proper chance.

Plan your area of writing, topics and niche content at least a few weeks in advance in order to have a clear mind for further creativity. Always leave room for improvisation, but never be unprepared about what to do next with your blog.

Research your topic

The trouble that most bloggers face is the lack of research and proof when it comes to their content. While being honest and straightforward with your audience is the key to success, being backed up by evidence is just as important. Writing about a topic that has been researched for years before you stepped into the ring is always a troublesome matter. Many people have existing knowledge of the topic and are looking for data evidence, trustworthy links, and sources, factual numbers, etc. If you are writing about a topic like that, conduct proper research before you write or post anything online.

The way to becoming a unique and successful blogger in today’s digital world is by being honest and thorough in your writing. There are far too many bloggers and content creators out there that fail to do this and end up misleading their readers and losing followers in the process – do everything you can to avoid this.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Becoming “unique” takes more than following a certain pattern. While there are rules we have to follow like SEO optimization and the rules of the internet, other rules are yours to make. This means that you can experiment with your content as much as you want; as long as it’s something you truly love doing.

By experimenting you will come closer and closer to becoming different than others, giving your audience something they never even knew they wanted. This can be a new form of video content, audio content, animations inside your blog posts, whatever you think is best for your own blog. The point of experimenting is to find what you really like about blogging and to find out what clicks with your particular audience. Once you find a balance of these two, you will be very close to being a unique blogger who is unlike anyone else on the web.

Always give credit

Being unique is also about being fair to everyone around you. In today’s world where information exchange is quick and people forget about it in a matter of minutes, mentioning who inspired you or helped you create content is very important. This affects your image as a blogger and creates a buzz around you like very few things on the internet can.

You will not only point your readers and followers to other useful creators and sources, but you will also find new collaborators and friends in different content creators. Making these connections will go a long way in making you unique on the blogging playground. Just imagine all the combinations of content you can create with other bloggers if you only reach out to them by referencing their content and linking to their blogs.

Never stop improving

Once you become a unique blogger, you have to understand that this won’t last forever. In order to stay relevant, you will always have to be one step ahead of your audience and follow the trends. A great way to become better at blogging is to read books and follow other bloggers.

By reading, you will not only become more creative and versatile with your vocabulary but also get new ideas about where to take your blog. The similar applies to following other blogs and learning about what “clicks” these days. The key to staying relevant and unique on the web is always being updated about what’s going on and planning ahead according to that information.


As you can see, the key to being successful is not some ancient secret being passed down through generations. It’s hard work combined with a spark of creativity and patience. There is nothing stopping you from becoming a relevant and unique blogger other than yourself. If you believe in your idea, others will follow you and believe right alongside you. Use your imagination and create content that you can be proud of – no one else can do it for you.

Author Bio: Nelma Lumme is a freelance content writer. Originally from Finland, she now lives in Chicago, IL. She now helps people with career questions, providing useful tips for recruiters and employees through her articles. Check out her professional writing services at to help you out with your content.

Host Blogger’s Comments:

Clearly, blog writers don’t agree on how to beat the online competition for readers.

Do you agree with the guest author who insists it’s okay to alter your persona to be one of the successful blog writers on the web? On the other hand, do you agree with today’s guest author Nelma? She insists,

“The way to becoming a unique and successful blogger in today’s digital world is by being honest and thorough in your writing. There are far too many bloggers and content creators out there that fail to do this and end up misleading their readers and losing followers in the process.”

Readers, please share, so other blog writers know how to make their content unique.

How do you make your blog stand out? I look forward to your views in the comments section.


  1. John Doe

    I really liked don’t be afraid to experiment. As stated standing out and being different from the other millions of blogs is very difficult.

  2. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Janice and Nelma.

    Smart tips here.

    All I do is stand out.Not by trying to stand out. But by being me, in a blogging and offline world of mimicking, and copying.

    Most humans just want to fit in, for the pain and fear of stepping away from the herd feels too great. I built my entire life around stepping away, travel-wise, blogging-wise, so being me and walking my path and writing in my voice happens without any effort.

    This is the case with everybody who is just being themselves, but so few people are because they are living in Survival Mode, just trying to fit in, just trying to get by.

    As Bob Proctor says, “Most people, when their heart stops beating, it’s just a formality.”

    Go in the opposite direction of that quote and you will build a rocking blog.

    Thanks for sharing guys.


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryan,
      Thanks for your profound comments.
      People seem to fall into two groups: the people that stand out and the people that try so hard to fit in they get lost according to your comments.
      After reading your comment, I tried to analyze which type of blogger I am. Do you have thoughts? I’m not sure I know.
      I am definitely honest. I don’t know how to be any other way. People say I stand out due to my writing style that breaks down complex topics in an understandable way.
      Hones and a standout? Cool!
      Thanks again for your comments which always inspire me.

  3. Anne Louise Bannon

    I love being unique. I’m not everybody, admittedly, but I still write about the things I care about and say what I need to say about them.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Anne Louise,
      Great to hear from you. I love that people are weighing in on the value of being unique. Do you think unique and honest are opposites or can we be both?
      Thanks for writing.

      • Anne Louise Bannon

        Unique and honest as opposites? I suppose if you’re putting on something you think is unique just to stand out. But that seems pretty counter-productive to me. Of course, I’m one of those PITAs who always has to do things on her own terms, so being honest and who I am is one of the ways I stand out as a unique voice. And given that we are all individuals, I think most of us will have a different spin on just about anything, even if it’s the same idea.

  4. Janet Morrison

    After seven years, I’m still trying to figure out how to stand out. I have experimented with topics and how often to blog. I’m a struggling writer. I figured I wasn’t the only person in that situation, so I set out to have a “writing blog.” I’ve explored just about all aspects of learning the craft of writing as well as the social media aspect. Social media is not my forte, and I have honestly shared my lack of understanding of many of the trends and ins and outs of social media and building a writer’s platform.

    Earlier this year I realized that I needed to do a major rewrite of my historical novel manuscript due to the discovery of some pertinent information. I’m finding it difficult to get back to it. As the year has progressed, I’ve spent most of my time reading and not much time writing. My blog reflects that, but I’m finding I have a growing core of bloggers who are not only “liking” my posts but are taking the time to write comments. My hunch in that I need to get back to my fiction writing soon and start sharing that journey (again) on my blog since the name of my blog is, not Janet’s Reading blog. If my following doesn’t increase, I will take that as my cue to go back to just blogging about the books I read.

    My blog following has grown slowly but steadily. It amazes me that I have 1,320 followers. By SEO standards, I don’t have a successful blog, but I’m happy with it. I constantly read that a blog needs to solve the reader’s problems. I’m still way down on the learning curve, so all I have to share is my experience as I learn more about the craft of writing by studying the art and also by reading all the novels I can. It has been my experience that being open and honest attracts followers.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Janet,
      I sincerely want to thank you for the detailed, thoughtful comments you wrote me today.
      1. Regarding your “struggles” to return to writing your manuscript… if I may be so bold as to leave the contact info of my amazing publisher. I could not have seen my book come to fruition without her.
      2. Regarding numbers– follower count, page views from search engines… as you wrote, you are happy. That’s what counts at the end of the day more than anything.
      3. As far as your ending comment that being open and honest attracts readers… That seems to be the consensus on this post. That is what I was asking at the end, so thank you for answering my question. I certainly am honest, am myself since that’s all I know how to be.
      Thanks again for your detailed response to this article. Good luck with your manuscript.

      • Janet Morrison

        Janice, thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed response to my comment. Thank you for being bold enough to give me your publisher’s e-mail address! I’ll be in touch with her!

  5. Elizabeth

    I’ve just been thinking about this topic lately, so you’d better believe I clicked right over from Blogger’s Pit Stop when I saw this link there! And I think you are so right: the posts I’ve put up that have gotten the biggest response have been those that have been the most honest. Thank you for reinforcing that instinct!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Elizabeth,
      Thanks for clicking my link over at the Pit Stop and commenting. I also appreciate your answering my question. “Honesty” in blog posts seems to be winning hands down.

  6. Debbie Harris

    I agree with most others in being open and hones with what you blog about. My blog is basically me, I’m not offering advice, selling anything or offering to change the world in any profound way. I enjoy what I write about, I don’t pretend to understand SEO and know I do lots of things ‘wrong’ in terms of blogging but I really don’t care anymore. I’m happy being me and sharing things. I’m unique in my own way and like it like that.
    Visited via Bloggers Pit Stop.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Debbie,
      Thank you for clicking my link. Thank you as well for weighing in on the discussion. Honesty definitely gets the majority of the votes.

  7. Leanne

    I think it’s about keeping your authentic voice and not competing with all the other bloggers out there. Everyone wants to be “the next best thing” but maybe it’s more about doing something you love and sharing it with other people who love the same stuff. I always enjoy blogs where I can hear the writer’s voice through what they’re writing – rather than those that are so geared towards SEO etc that they lose their flavour.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Leanne,
      As you know, I do write about SEO. I hope though that readers can hear my voice coming through. Do you think it’s possible to do both? I try to do both.

      • Leanne

        I definitely think you can do both Janice (if you do it well – as you do!) It’s the bloggers who pick a key word or phrase and repeat it twenty times in the same post that lose their voice. It means they have to re-work their paragraphs to fit the magic sentence in over and over and that’s when I lose interest. If it’s done well you should barely notice the keyword popping up occasionally.

        • Janice Wald

          I agree Leanne. Thank you for the compliment and for answering my question.

  8. Jeanine

    To Janice:
    To Janice:

    I was surprised to see on your site the opening comment to guest Nelma’s post. I am upset by your remarks and feel I need to clarify a few points. First, posting the one questionable remark is not fair, when out of 52 replies, which were ALL positive, you posted that one. Why not add the remark from Dodger, which follows in reply to her comment? I am including it at end.
    I don’t think one persons’ negative response makes a “mixed review” and certainly not a controversy.

    Over the top? Bree’s blog is honest and comes from the heart. I am not “pretending”, this is “our voice” attempting to be a little different and entertaining with humor and my original music and photos.

    I do not “insist” that bloggers alter their persona to have success, just an idea to play with.
    Not stale recycled ideas we have heard before. I like what Nelma’s tips are, instead of presenting us as different, we actually say the same things. Have posts planned in advance. Love what you are doing,
    Experiment. What do you think a dog blog is?

    What I liked about Nelma’s tips was her advice to give credit to people who inspire you, sharing, and never stop improving. I will leave that as a brief comment for her and check what she does on her blog.

    Thank you again for having us. It was an honor and I just had to let you know my thoughts and feelings. They, like our blog, ARE REAL. Yep!

    From the comment from Dodger:
    “It’s unfortunate when “pupple” don’t comprehend what authors such as Jeanine and Bree are achieving in their style of blogging. It’s not about being “real.” It’s about giving readers an entertaining, funny and unique perspective of the world. Empathy is being able to see the world through the eyes of another. Jeanine and Bree are playing with this concept brilliantly.”

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jeanine,
      I appreciate your writing these detailed comments and sharing your perspective. What you do definitely works for you as I said in my introduction to your guest post.
      Nelma’s post offered other ways to be unique on the web so I presented her post as a contrast to yours.
      You wrote: “we actually say the same things.” As I said, I appreciate your perspective. I saw her tips as a contrast; you see it as a similarity.
      People sharing differing perspectives on blogs is a sign of an engaged audience, I think.
      Thanks for writing.

      • Jeanine

        OK. Thank you for ‘splaining Lucy. I may be a touch sensitive.
        Keep up you excellent work. We all benefit.

        • Janice Wald

          Hi Jeanine,
          Thanks for your response. I’d be happy to be Lucy Ricardo to your Ricky Ricardo any day of the week. =)
          Thank you for your nice comments about my articles.

          • Jeanine

            We may both be Lucy. My daughter could be our Ethel, we need a Ricky! My Curt could be a temporary stand in. ❤️
            Are you watching
            ” This Is Us” ?
            Great show!

          • Janice Wald

            No. I am watching A HANDMAID’S TALE and WESTWORLD. All 3 were nominated for Emmy Awards for Best Show. Thanks for the recommendation. I think you’d love A HANDMAID’S TALE. It’s on Hulu. If you give it a try, let me know.

  9. Jeanine

    For Nelma’
    Thank you for sharing your ideas with fellow bloggers. If you read my comment to Janice, I apologize. It isn’t you. I was just a little surprised to see that one comment again.
    We actually give very similar tips I hope can help other bloggers!

    I really like that you mention to give credit to people who inspire you, or source material. To research your topic, and to have posts ready in advance ( I say this too as well as other tips”, and sharing. Nice job!
    I will check your blog for further information. Thank you again.

  10. Ramit

    ‘How to become a unique and successful blogger?’
    Well, It’s all that I want to achieve.
    And it’s start with realizing that there’s still lot’s to be done.
    Doing the same things over and over again don’t give results.
    When you are stuck, it’s time to re-invent your strategies.
    Yes, Internet is an over-crowded place.
    But, you can still stand out.
    Many have already proved it that it is ‘possible’.
    I have noted all your points.
    All are essential things to do for making ‘unique’ blog.
    However, I liked what you said, “being honest and thorough in your writing.”
    I suppose it is the most essential point for any blogger.
    It has been a great experience reading your post.
    Thanks for Sharing!
    And Best Regards to You.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ramit,
      Thank you for coming by last week and commenting on my “unique blogger” article. Most people seemed to agree that being honest was my guest author’s most important point. That’s all I know how to be, so I guess I’m in good shape. Thanks for your nice compliments about the post and your thoughtful comments.

  11. Kate S

    I definitely think being honest and thorough in your writing will win in the long run. At least I hope so 🙂 I am still new and am trying to find my ‘voice’ so to speak. So far my most popular post is my most ‘controversial’ post so I definitely thinking that voicing your true opinions is worth the while. Thanks for this post!

    • Janice Wald

      My pleasure Kate. Thanks for coming by and weighing in on the debate.

  12. Jean

    Nelma and Janice, I enjoyed this post so much. Great points. And, in the case of the first one about planning in advance, a reason I hadn’t thought of was added. I’ve always planned my posts in advance as it makes me feel more relaxed, but I hadn’t thought of “in order to have a clear mind for further creativity.” But now that I think about it, I do go back and fine-tune posts I’ve written in advance.

    I’m not sure if people see my blog as “unique,” but if it is it’s because it’s “me.” From the outset in February 2010 I’ve just been me. I didn’t really start reading blogs until I started writing one, so I couldn’t even be accidentally copying anyone. Funny thing was, I started seeing all kinds of people starting up food blogs and copying Pioneer Woman at that time. Problem was, there was already Pioneer Woman and the blogosphere did not need dozens of copycats.

    “Always give credit” cannot be said often enough. Again, great article!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jean,
      Thank you so much for your kind words about my guest author’s posts on how to be unique in the blogging world.
      Like you, I only know how to be me, so I don’t know if that makes me unique. People seem to like my “teacher” style of writing– making complex topics simple– so maybe I am unique in that way.
      Thanks for writing us.

  13. Teresa

    Hi Janice,

    I believe our readers want us to be honest and authentic. I think they can only truly connect with you when they feel you are real. I’ve been blogging for 2 1/2 years and I feel as if I’m still struggling to find my unique voice. I don’t plan on giving up though! I appreciate the way you reach out to help other blogers with your blog! Thank you for linking up to #BloggingGrandmothersLinkParty. Pinned and shared!

  14. Melinda

    Hi BBFFJ, and Nelma, thanks for the inspiring article.
    Good job in stirring up controversy, Janice!
    Nelma, I totally agree with you, that we have to be honest and thorough.

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