4 Amazing Growth Hacking Tactics You Need to Double Your Blog Traffic

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#Bloggers Can Double Their Blog Traffic with these #BloggingTips

By Khalid Saleh

More than 3 million blogs posts have already been written today.

Standing out in this sea of content and getting blog traffic isn’t easy. If you run a blog, you already know by now how hard it can be to get traffic.

At the same time, blogging has now become crucial for attracting traffic and customers.

  • 45% of marketers say it’s the most important part of their content strategy.
  • 82% of marketers who blog daily acquired a customer using their blog, as opposed to 57% of marketers who blog monthly.
  • 61% of US online consumers have purchased something based on a recommendation from a blog.

Instead of grinding away publishing post after post, there are a few growth hacking tactics you can use to radically increase your blog traffic.

In this post, I’ll show you 4 such growth hacking tactics you can use to 2x your blog traffic.

How to Double Your Blog Traffic

1. Publish only “remarkable” content

This advice might sound a little vague. After all, every blogger thinks that he/she is creating “remarkable” content.

From a marketing perspective, however, “remarkable” content is essentially content that is 10x better than the competition.

This might be apparent in its length, presentation, depth, or persuasiveness.

This 15,000-word article on AI from WaitButWhy, for instance, is an example of “remarkable” content:Bloggers Can Double Their Blog Traffic with these #BloggingTips

This post from Nikko Lenda on pricing psychology is another example of “remarkable” content:

Bloggers Can Double Their Blog Traffic with these #BloggingTips

Think of this as not just a one shot growth hack but a long-term strategy to stand out in a crowded field.
Objectively, defining remarkable content can be hard; it’s just something you know when you see it.

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However, there are certain components that go into creating content that is remarkable:

Compelling headline

On an average, only 2 out of 10 visitors read the whole blog post. The majority of the readers will just read your headline and move on.

No matter how amazing your content might be, if you aren’t writing powerful headlines, you won’t get near your traffic goals.

Upworthy, for instance, famously makes their writers write 25 different headlines for every article before choosing the best one.

Ideally, your headline should include some form of numbers (such as a listicle). Research by Conductor shows that headlines with numbers get the highest shares:

#Bloggers Can Double Their Blog Traffic with these #BloggingTips

Your headline should also pack an emotional punch. CoSchedule’s research shows that headlines that evoke emotions get far more shares than bland headlines.

#Bloggers Can Double Their Blog Traffic with these #BloggingTips

You can do this by using emotion-rich words in your headline, such as “amazing”, “powerful”, etc.
Take a look at this headline from SmartBlogger as an example:

Take a look at this headline from SmartBlogger as an example:

#Bloggers Can Double Their Blog Traffic with these #BloggingTips

You wouldn’t want your writing to be “flabby” or “rob” it of its “power”, right?

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Long-form content
Long-form content includes articles exceeding 2000 words.

Longer content has a positive impact on a page’s rank in the SERPs. According to Capsicum Mediaworks, the top-ranked content is around 2,450 words.

#Bloggers Can Double Their Blog Traffic with these #BloggingTips

Longer content also gets more shares, according to an analysis of 100M articles by Buzzsumo:

#Bloggers Can Double Their Blog Traffic with these #BloggingTips

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Visual content
Images, gifs, infographics, videos, memes: use them as often as you can in your content.

Several studies have shown we humans process visual data better. Even though we have five senses; sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch, 90% of the transmitted information in the human brain is visual.

Oatmeal’s comic on words you need to stop misspelling is a great example of visual content. As an article, the topic wouldn’t have been nearly as compelling as a funny, visually rich comic.

#Bloggers Can Double Their Blog Traffic with these #BloggingTips

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2. Capture more leads with post-specific content upgrades

A content upgrade is an extra bonus for your readers that is extremely relevant to your post.

This is what a content upgrade looks like:#Bloggers Can Double Their Blog Traffic with these #BloggingTips

Content upgrades are usually given away to users for free in exchange for their email address. This helps you boost your email list.

Unlike conventional lead magnets, content upgrades work within the contextual flow of a blog post. That is, if a reader is reading a post about social media marketing, and you have a lead magnet about SEO, the reader is less likely to be interested in the offer.

However, if you have a highly specific offer such as a checklist on social media marketing, your offer is more contextually relevant to what the reader is already reading, and hence, you get higher conversions.

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3. Share your content on social media multiple times

You might feel that it’s “spamming”, but if you want more traffic, you really should be sharing your content on social media multiple times.

To understand this, you have to first understand the concept of “social content half-life”.

Essentially, this concept describes the time it takes for a post to reach only half its original audience.
Back in 2013, the half-life for Twitter was calculated to be as low as 18 minutes.

#Bloggers Can Double Their Blog Traffic with these #BloggingTips

This means that if you tweet originally had an audience of 100 users, it would be seen by just 50 users in 18 minutes, 25 users in 36 minutes, and just 6 users in 72 minutes.

According to Garrett Moon, re-posting on social media is the best way to hack your content and double the traffic.

#Bloggers Can Double Their Blog Traffic with these #BloggingTips

The best way to go about this is to develop a social sharing schedule using tools like Buffer or PostPlanner.

Of course, how many times you share the same update will depend on the network itself. Sharing the same update multiple times on Twitter is fine, but if you do it on Google+, you’ll just be spamming.

Base your posting schedule on the half-life seen above. This means resharing your Twitter posts at least every week, your Facebook posts every 4-6 weeks, and Instagram posts every 8-12 weeks.

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4. Reach out to influencers before and after publishing

This tactic requires time and effort, but when done right, it can give you a massive boost in traffic and shares.

Essentially, you can break this down into two steps:

  • Reach out to influencers before publishing to get feedback, comments, or quotes.
  • Reach out to the same influencers after publishing to get them to share your content.

For example, Alex Turnbull of GrooveHQ reached out to influencers to ask for their opinion on a new blog post with this email:

#Bloggers Can Double Their Blog Traffic with these #BloggingTips

And here’s the email he sent after they showed interest:

#Bloggers Can Double Their Blog Traffic with these #BloggingTips

Notice that he included a pre-populated tweet within the email for easy sharing.

Doing this alone helped Alex get 1,000+ subscribers from a single post.

It’s also a good idea to email brands, bloggers, and influencers you’ve mentioned in your post and alert them about your content.

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Growth hacking can be a hard nut to crack, but if you can get it right, you can effectively double your traffic.
Follow these four growth hacking tactics above to get started. As you gather data and learn more about your target audience, don’t be afraid to test out new ideas to create and distribute your blog content.

Khalid Saleh is the co-founder and CEO of Invesp, a leading provider of conversion rate and landing page optimization solution and Figpii, one of the most comprehensive tool that offers everything you need to increase the conversion rate of your website.

Host Blogger’s Comments:
Readers, please share these growth hacking tips for doubling your blog traffic so other bloggers become aware of how effective they are.
Which traffic generation tip did you think is the most valuable? Are you using any of them already? How useful are they in growing your blog traffic? I look forward to your views in the comments section.

  1. Olivia Morris

    Janice, I love your posts, they are simple to read, easy to execute and make so much sense in a world where everyone is trying to push you into something else to move you forward. I appreciate your simplicity in the delivery of such important information.

    • Janice Wald

      How kind you are Olivia. Thank you! Your comments are much appreciated! Thank you for visiting me on Sunday.

  2. Susan Velez

    Hi Janice,

    These are some awesome tips for getting more traffic. I can’t believe that 3 million blog posts were written today.

    As a blogger, it’s definitely important to write content that people love. Great tips on how to do this and love the examples of the articles you pointed us to. 15,000 Words long, that’s amazing.

    When I first started using social media, I struggled with promoting my content more than once. I thought it would be considered spamming.

    Now I know that there’s nothing wrong with promoting your content more than once. Thanks for sharing these tips and I know that they will definitely help all bloggers increase their traffic.

    Have a great day 🙂


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Susan,
      Thank you for the kind remarks about my article. Regarding multiple promotions and concerns over appearing like a spammer: I use my Buffer app to promote my posts on Twitter all the time. 9-10 times a day the day my post gets published is not unusual for me. On other social media, I’d be reluctant but not Twitter.

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing this post, It will prove definitely very helpful.

    • Janice Wald

      Glad you thought so. Thanks for writing. I’d greet you personally, but you came in on Sunday as “anonymous”.

  4. John Mulindi

    Very informative tips. I have picked a few that I will apply on my blog. Thanks for sharing the post.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi John,
      Thanks for commenting on Sunday. I am glad you found my guest author’s post helpful.

  5. Philip Verghese Ariel

    Hi Janice,
    Yet another bunch of tips for traffic.
    Of course as you said, each after think that his creation is the best one, but only the readers wll which is a a super or a remarkable one.
    You’re example is is really a worth bookmarking one. I just did that. That is indeed an amazing post. I dropped a comment there by mentioning you

    Thanks Janice for the referral.
    Sharing multiple time, in the beginning I thought that it will be a mere exhibitionism, later I found that unless we tell about our product or resources to others how others will know. And I started promoting my contents several times.
    The 4th one. Reach out to influencers before and after publishing is a new concept to me.
    Altogether this is a wonderful piece.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks for the visit.
    Keep sharing.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Philip,
      Thanks for the comments on Sunday. Other people are also commenting on the concerns over promoting multiple times. I feel comfortable doing that on Twitter. I heard we are encouraged to promote multiple times on Twitter since people may not have seen the tweet when we first published it. Great to see you.

  6. Lisa P. Sicard

    Hi Janice, love your tips on how often to share especially on Twitter. Many people don’t realize once is not enough there! It’s much different than Facebook.
    I love the co-headliner analyzer – use it all the time now. Those emotional rich words can really make a different with your headline.
    I occassionally do those round-up posts but I like them to be genuine – not brown nosing, you know what I mean? Sometimes I Feel that’s what they are all about. If they are informative, great!
    Thanks for sharing this info with us Janice today. Very useful!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for commenting on my article. Of all the comments on the article, the most common is our comfort level over promoting multiple times. I agree with you, of all the social media, I only feel comfortable doing that on Twitter.

  7. John Doe

    The same conclusion is always reached. A great blog that starts with great content can get great traffic but it all starts with content.

    • Janice Wald

      You did a great job, Khalid. There is great interest in your article, especially the part about multiple promotions of your posts.

  8. Khalid Saleh

    @Susan Velez – considering the large number of blog posts that get published everyday, creating remarkable content becomes even more critical to succeed. The tips I mentioned all help with that but I think having an original voice is perhaps the most important. Thank you for stopping by!

  9. Khalid Saleh

    @Lisa P. Sicard – glad to see you liked the article. In terms of the headline analyzer, do you set a minimum score for your headlines?

    • Janice Wald

      I do. I never publish unless it’s in the mid 70’s or higher. Do you? If so, what’s your minimum score?

  10. Joseph Anthony

    Hi Janice,
    Thanks a lot for your wonderful tips and information on how to increase the traffic for our site. It was really helpful for me to get a clarity on Increasing the traffic for a site.

    Joseph Anthony

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Joseph,
      Thanks for dropping by my blog on Monday. I am glad you liked my guest author’s post about increasing traffic. I’m glad you found his tips helpful.

  11. Brittany Ferrell

    Wow. This was so informative! I am going to start implementing your tips right away. I get scared my posts are too long sometimes, but now I feel good about that. I just need to work in my headlines!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Brittany,
      Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I’m glad you found my guest author’s post helpful. The longer the better as far as post length as long as you don’t just use “filler” words. Keep the post quality.
      As far as your headlines, CoSchedule is a free tool. I recommend the headline analyzer.

  12. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Janice and Khalid,

    Influencer marketing works so well if you help influential bloggers before asking for help.

    Some bloggers come in cold and ask for a retweet or mention, based on something else I tweeted or noted on my blog. Unless I am in a super loving mood – OK I am usually LOL – I will not tweet the post and definitely will not mention it. Only because I help my friends first because my friends took a genuine interest in me, and helped me, versus taking a genuine interest in my 50,000 Twitter followers.

    We all need help sometimes but when you help folks first, without asking for anything in return, help makes a freaking beeline to you.

    If someone comments on my blog and tweets my posts and buys my eBooks, goodness they are in. I help friends with a tweet or mention without thinking twice.

    Thanks for sharing the smart post 🙂


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryan,
      You are so helpful to me. I know you are helpful to other bloggers as well. You get more helpful to me as time goes on, which I didn’t think was possible.
      Guess what?! I got a new writing gig. I am a contributor to the ProvenSEO blog. My first assignment is to write about problems with influencer marketing. I plan on using your comments here and linking to you.
      Thank you for all your support and help with my new sponsored post!

  13. Jen Monks

    Excellent suggestions. Thank you. I’m working on content specific opt-ins to add to my posts now. There is always something to do or improve.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jen,
      Thanks for commenting on my article this week. You mentioned you’re working on offering opt-ins to your readers. I brought you a link with 7 ideas:

      I agree. We are busy bloggers. There is always more to do.

  14. Sara

    Hi, Janice.

    I like reaching out to influencers the best as it promotes community. Actually, all of these will promote community because long form content usually sifts through the passerby’s and that usually starts with the words you use in your headline.

    Sharing on Twitter multiple times (as many have already stated) is definitely a win. You can use sites like JustRetweet, ViralContentBee, CoPromote, and Triberr to build a community of social sharers too. ^_^

    Thanks Khalid for a well-researched growth hacking post. ^_^

    Sara @SaraDuggan.me

  15. Donna Harvey

    Hi Janice,
    Do you know what’s bad about Me reading your Posts? I could spend the Day there jumping from one great Post to another. Now I have to go check out the Post about Buffer (never heard of that one).
    You are my Go-To Person when I want to know how to Blog the correct way.
    Thanks Janice, I really do appreciate all of your work.
    Maybe I’ll finish my own Blog Post some time today!
    Thanks, Donna

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