How to Choose Topics for a Niche Blog, 4 Easy Ways

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blog post ideas for beginners
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Are you looking for blog post ideas for beginners?

Use this action plan and never be stuck for ideas again.

By the time you’re done reading this guide, you’ll know how to find blog post ideas for which there is great interest. This means, when you use these ideas, you’ll have a built-in readership.

In addition, this guide shares ways to use social media sites, free tools, and competitor analysis to find blog post ideas for beginners.

How to Choose Topics for a Niche Blog

Many people who start niche blogs are masters of their craft and want to showcase their expertise.

While some decide to do it as a hobby or out of the kindness of their heart, the majority want to be able to monetize it. And to do so, you have to find the topics your audience will want to read and share.

Thankfully, finding ideas isn’t as complicated as it seems and there are tons of things that you can to find inspiration.

Here are a few of them. Let’s get started finding blog post ideas for beginners.

How to Find Blog Post Ideas for Beginners

Search for Similar Blogs with Similar Topics

The first thing you have to do is start looking at other blogs in your niche and look for inspiration. If you want to start a blog about electronics and circuit boards for instance, just run a search for the best electronics and PCB blogs and sites. That should give you a good list of blogs that you can check out for ideas.

We also suggest that you check some authority sites as well. These often have expert articles that are more thorough than your average blog. If we take electronics, for example, an article on how to use digital potentiometers to fine-tune your signal chain might get more attention than a general article on how to design circuit boards.

This is the kind of niche blog content that will attract a very targeted audience, and it will be your responsibility to keep feeding them with this kind of information as you go. 

Check Out Quora and Reddit

You also want to get involved with your core audience directly before you start publishing and watch what they’re the most concerned about. Subscribing to a few of the hottest subreddits related to your niche will give you tons of ideas that you can choose from. 

Another great site to subscribe to is Quora. This site allows members to subscribe to personalized information streams. They also encourage members to answer questions revolving around their area of expertise. People come to Quora specifically to ask questions, so it will allow you to find hot subjects fast.

Test Your Ideas on Trending Tools

You also want to make sure that there is some demand for your subjects. Using a tool like Google Trends will allow you to quickly check if a potential subject is trending and the trend line for any subject you were thinking of. You can also use a tool like SEMRush to get an idea of the search volume for any particular word.

How to Use Google Trends to Find a Niche

Step 1: Go to Google Trends.

Step 2: Do you have any blog post ideas for beginners in mind? Brainstorm ideas, and then type one of them into the search bar.

Step 3: When choices appear, choose Search Term.

Hopefully, there’s enough interest in your potential topic for data to populate. If not, try again with another topic.

Twitter Trends

Twitter Trends is also helpful in finding blog post ideas for beginners. Twitter shows you in real-time what people are currently interested in.

Exploding Topics

Exploding Topics, famed blogger Brian Dean’s site, is a new website devoted to sending you topics of current interest each week. Signing up for the newsletter is free.

Google Trends, Twitter Trends, and Exploding Topics are all effective ways to find blog post ideas for beginners.

This doesn’t mean that subjects with low searches should not be considered, however. You will have to check the number of competing pages offering the same information first. Answering questions that few people do is one thing that could allow you to stand apart and really establish yourself as an expert. 

Mimic Your Competition

If all else fails, you can always take a collection of your favorite blogs and become a composite of them. Instead of making things obvious, take some of the best and most popular blogs from all of these blogs and see if there are any you could put your spin on. This is perfectly ethical as long as you don’t plagiarize but bring something of value to the table.

Blog Post Ideas for Beginners FAQ

What should I blog about?

There are three criteria for deciding what to blog about: You need to be interested in the topic. Passion is contagious. If you’re interested, your readers will be interested. Next, there needs to be an interest in the topic in order to get readership. Finally, you need to be able to beat the online competition for readership. Try using the free MozBar to get those answers.

What blog topics are most popular?

Popular topics change constantly. To see the blog post topics that are currently popular use a free tool like Google Trends, Twitter Trends, and Exploding Topics.

Wrapping Up: How to Find Blog Post Ideas for Beginners

These are all ways that you can find great topics for your niche blog. Every piece of content is an investment, and you never know which one will open the floodgates for your blog, so make sure that you’re consistent in your efforts.

In closing, just because these are blog post ideas for beginners doesn’t guarantee these are topics with little interest.

On the contrary, follow this action plan, and you’ll find yourself with topics with a built-in audience due to interest being so high.

Even though this guide is focused on discovering blog post ideas for beginners, bloggers of all levels should follow this guide.

Readers, please share these tips on how to find blog post ideas for beginners.

I look forward to your suggestions in the comment section. What are you ideas on how to find blog post ideas for beginners?

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