Blog Party: Meet and Greet 22

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#Bloggers can network at the Meet and Greet

Welcome to Our Blog Party!

Did someone say party?

It is time for our bimonthly Meet and Greet.

In the comments section, you are encouraged to self-promote.

Introduce your blog to the other guests at the party. Tell the readers about your blog, and post a link to your favorite post, a recent post, your About page, your blog link, or anything you like.

If you are not already following Mostly Blogging, I like new subscribers too.

At today’s Meet and Greet, we are having different flavors of mousse.

Enjoy the mousse and the networking.

Note: At other Meet and Greets, guests return and leave different links to articles in different comment boxes. You are welcome to return as often as you like and leave links.

I am hoping others will be able to find new blogs to read and new bloggers to connect with.

I hold these opportunities for bloggers to network twice a month.

Guests, if you think others would enjoy the networking opportunities at the Meet and Greet, please share on your social media.  The more guests at the party, the more networking opportunities for all of us.

If you get a chance to promote the link to this party on your site, that would also be much appreciated since it would help make others aware of this blog party.

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  1. Belle Papillon

    Thanks for the support, Janice. Givers gain. 🙂

    Hello everyone! Here’s the link to my blog. I blog about inspiration, empowerment, mental health, feminism/gender equality, world peace, love, etc.
    “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.“ Gender Equality… UN Women’s #HeForShe campaign — a solidarity movement that calls upon men and boys to help end the persisting inequalities faced by women and girls globally. (Emma Watson) My experience about not giving up on life… turning a new leaf and embracing an attitude of gratitude.

    I hope you enjoy reading one or more of my posts.
    Please check it out and hopefully you can leave some feedback… and maybe a “follow” … I’ll surely do the same for yours. 🙂
    Have a fab week!


    <3 BP

    • Gary fictionisfood

      Hi Belle,

      Random Acts of Kindness was a feature I explored during a kindness challenge earlier this year. I loved your starfish story post and have followed your blog.

      I’ve left a link here to my reflections on the challenge. If kindness is your inspiration then my good friend Niki Lopez runs with that and more on her blog…not that she knows I’m going to link her here so shhhhh

      She set up the challenge I referred to here. I think you will like her posts (if you’ve not already linked up that is ?)

      Have a great weekend

    • Lee MacArthur

      I enjoyed reading about the star fish. I’ve seen some very small ones up here in the cold waters of Alaska. They are so impressive.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Belle,
      “Givers gain.” I love that. Namaste to you. Thanks for coming to my party on Saturday.

  2. M. L. Kappa

    Hi! I’m Marina and I write mostly about Greece. But my latest post is about possible impeding disasters to humankind. Prepare to be scared.
    And thank, you, Janice, for another lovely party!

    • Gary fictionisfood

      Hi Marina,

      Long time no visit…sorry about that, time and a hiatus from social media left me missing a load of good bloggers and friends….I count you amidst these, because when I started blogging you were kind enough to link up. I never forget the ‘originals’.

      Hope alls well

    • Anonymous

      Hi Marina, check out my page for my current and upcoming theological posts. Follow for follow!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Marina,
      Glad you enjoyed! Good to see you!
      Thanks for coming on Saturday!

  3. Gary fictionisfood

    I think you warp time Janice. Two weeks since the last one already, it’s just not cricket. Through that in purely to think of you scratching your head saying ‘Cricket? What is he on about this week?’

    I seem to be receiving your new post notifications again, but still not getting reply ones. Most taxing that is.

    Moving on…I’m Gary, a writer of fiction, mostly dark fantasy fiction and horror. Snippets of a series are on my blog, amidst assorted things including a seven week mindfulnes ramble. One day I hope to be published…so link up and get to know me before ultimate fame occurs, film rights are declared and I become totally unreachable and most aloof.

    OK, that was rather shameless and incredibly unlikely…well maybe the film rights bit…oh, and fame…I may go bitter and twisted too, but not aloof. Not even sure how one learns aloofness although big business seems full of it. Maybe that the cure problem. Unlike bloggers….bloggers are cool….which us another reason to link up!

    My last post was all about thanking the blogosphere for being there and the people who take time to write and follow, comment or like.

    Have a great weekend,

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Gary,
      You know it occurred to me after your reading your first Email about it that I am not getting “reply ones” either. Jetpack just had an update today. Maybe things will be better going forward. Am I an optimist, or what?
      I love reading your comments. “It’s just not cricket.” Very British!
      Thanks for coming to my party on Saturday.

      • Gary Jefferies

        Hi Janice,

        In truth, I don’t think I’ve been receiving replies to my comments for ages here. This one, for example, I only knew about because I trolled your website. I also noticed on other posts replies to replies are fewer than before too. It’s likely I’m not alone there. Mind you, if you aren’t getting them either then that’s a big concern for you and does explain why there was a drop off in contact when my posts on your blog stopped getting replied to. There was me thinking I’d upset you when I should have emailed you to see if you even knew the posts replies were commented on!

        Give them a support request. I doubt very much if it’s just you having issues.

        Jet pack?? Ye gods, I can barely keep up with meet and greets….I look at your plethora of blogging tips and think Eh?? in fact…..a friend of yours and I have been exploring conspiracy theories about how you manage to be so prolific ?

      • Gary Jefferies

        How odd, I could have sworn I’d replied to this already!! It may have been going on a while because I know you reply when you can. I commented on a few other posts a while back but didn’t see any reply notifications…my guess is neither did you?

        Might be an idea to throw them a support email if it’s not resolved soon, especially if you aren’t getting them. It might be nobody else is either so, like me, we only kniw if we pop back to look!!

        I guess your next party is this coming week now too ?

  4. Tunisia

    Hey Janice,

    Thanks for having this wonderful networking party of bloggers! My name is Tunisia and I have a lifestyle blog, I post five times a week – Music Monday, Talk Tuesday, Wise Wednesday, TV Thursday and Freestyle Friday

    I really enjoyed the content for this week. It was very much spirit-led so if you
    wish to enjoy the new month of October with some interesting reads, then feel free to go to ?

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Tunisia,
      Great to see you, twice today, I believe. I was wondering where you found the Quintuple Your Pinterest Followers post, rather an old post now.
      Thanks for coming by this week and supporting my blog.

  5. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Janice,

    Incredibly cool idea. I mean I know you’ve done this for a minute but you take hours from our networking schedules,saving us immense due diligence time, vetting time and blog foraging time 😉 God bless ya. You rock. Tweeting to my 45,000 twitter followers.

    Thanks for sharing Janice 🙂


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryan,
      Thank you so much for tweeting my party to your 45,000 readers. Every time I see your follower count, I get so impressed. On the subject of Twitter followers, I have an Ebook coming out soon. Maybe I’ll grow my Twitter followers more once I’m a published author.
      Thanks for coming by. I love reading your comments. You’re such a good writer. It shows.

    • Lawrence Pierce

      Hi Ryan, I’ll definitely check out your page and follow! Would you be willing to check mine out as well and maybe share the link to my website with your twitter followers? I’m really looking to spike a dramatic increase in viewership! Check out my current and upcoming theological and political posts! Thanks!

  6. Lindsay Nell

    Hi Janice!
    Thank you for hosting this Meet and Greet.

    I’m Lindsay, the blogger behind Home, Hugs and Huskies. I’m a writer, illustrator, mom, partner and husky owner (they own me, to be honest). My blog is your one way ticket on what I call the Crazy Train. See how I navigate life and grab some freebies along the way.

    Here’s one of my latest blog posts:

    I’d love it if you would pop in and say hi!

    Thanks again. 🙂
    Have a blessed day.

    • Anonymous

      Hey Lindsay! I love huskies and hope to own a couple one day! Check out my page for my current and upcoming theological posts. Follow for follow!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Lindsay,
      I loved seeing you again at my blog party over the weekend. I hope you enjoyed.

    • Carol ("Mimi")

      I enjoyed reading your fun post about Seventeen magazine. Thanks! I left a comment on your blog.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ashley,
      Thanks for coming by my blog party on Saturday. I’m following you on Twitter. Is that where you saw the party promoted?

  7. Kimberly

    I’m Kimberly and I write about the goings-on on our 10-acre hobby farm. If you have any cucumbers from your garden that you’re still looking to use up, here is a recent post of mine on how to make and preserve dill relish:

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Kimberly,
      Great to see you (and your cow avatar) again.
      Thanks for coming to my party. It looks like you and Carol (Mimi) made a connection. I am glad.

  8. Kristin

    Hi Janice
    Thank you for this opportunity. It’s been a while since I posted but I’ve done some changes and I’m still working on more.

    Hi everyone, I’m Kristin but AKA (also known as) mini2z on all my social media.
    I’m a chronic illness blogger part of a network of Chronic Illness Bloggers. I blog about Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Diabetes, Gastritis, Hashimoto’s as well as my love of family, my pupalups Keely and Ranger and wanderlust.

    Thanks for visiting, mini

    • Lilyn G.

      I’ll be checking out your site. I have a chronic pain disease myself -.-

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Kristin,
      Yes, it’s been a while. Great to see you again. Thanks for coming to my blog party on Saturday. We love dogs also. We have two Malipoos.
      Glad to see you and Elizabeth and Lilyn made a connection.

  9. Crystal Green

    Hello, everyone, I’m Crystal from We share our life’s moments in hopes of giving you tips to help you have more time to savor your own moments. We hope you’ll come visit us. We share everything from recipes, DIY projects, book reviews, movie reviews, and parenting including homeschooling.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Crystal,
      Thanks for coming to my blog party on Saturday, Crystal. I’m excited to witness how you are building another blog back up from the beginning.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Pat,
      It’s my pleasure to host blog parties. Thank you for coming on Saturday.
      I have been to Switzerland, a long time ago. Thanks for coming and telling us about your blog.

  10. Terri Webster Schrandt

    Hi everyone (and thanks to my blogger friend Janice for hosting!),
    My blog, Second Wind Leisure Perspectives is about leisure and recreation. I also write about blogging how to’s and just self-published an eBook on Amazon, Better Blogging with Photography.The book is FREE through Monday. It was written with bloggers in mind sharing how to maximize your blog using your own images rather than using images from the Internet.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi My Blogger Friend Terri!
      Sue’s review of your book just won this week’s Blogger’s Pit Stop party. The post will be featured on my site this week. I’m looking forward to reading it.

  11. Tal

    Hello, My name is Tal and I am the blogger behind w blogs. Natural, Green Beauty ( and a fairly new blog about Yoga & Meditation/lifestyle (

    I would be ecstatic if you checked them out, pocked around and gave feedback!

    Love blog link-ups! They are so great for getting out there, meeting new blog/bloggers and connecting.


    Tal xo

    • Lawrence Pierce

      Hi Tal, I’ll definitely check out your page and follow! Check out my current and upcoming theological and political posts!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Tal,
      Nice to meet you. I am glad you wrote you liked blogging events. I have ten each month! I encourage you to sign up, so you are notified of them.
      Speaking of connecting, it looks like you and Lawrence made a connection. I am glad.

  12. Carol ("Mimi")

    Hi, Everybody! Thank you, Janice, for providing this terrific networking opportunity. My blog “Home with Mimi” went live on July 26, so I am just entering my third month of blogging. I retired in May from a career as a music educator and college professor. Blogging is a retirement adventure for me.
    Here’s the link to my “About” page:
    My blog is about my life at home: DIY/crafts/home decor/gardening/general lifestyle.
    Here’s a link to one of my most recent posts featuring a craft and home decor project:

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Mimi,
      I also thought blogging would be something to do in my retirement. I started ten years before retirement, LOL! Nice to see you. Thank you for coming to my blog party over the weekend.

  13. Lee MacArthur

    Hi, I’m Lee and I live out in the Bush of Alaska in a small town accessible only by air. I write about what ever strikes my fancy and interest. I love researching. At times I share things that happen out here.
    In this column, I wrote about sourdough. Its the weekend so I make sourdough bread or pizza on Sunday. I love the flavor.
    Give it a shot and have a great day.
    Thanks for this place to visit Janice

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Lee,
      Your description of where you live made me think of my daughter who is currently living and working in the Australian outback.
      I am glad you called my blog a place to visit– I love that. You are always welcome, Lee.

  14. Lilyn G.

    Hello everyone! I’m Lilyn and I review at Sci-Fi & Scary reviews. I cover primarily science fiction and horror books and movies. Independent/Small Press and Traditionally Published books get equal attention.

    I even have a section where you can review indie author books for free in exchange for an honest review. Books for Review is unique because you never have any interaction with these indie authors. So no worries about nasty remarks to reviews or anything like that. Everything happens through me.

    Every Saturday I focus on kids books. This Saturday I kicked October off with a list of halloween themed books for everyone from your little rugrats to your middle graders.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Lilyn,
      What a fun theme! Thanks for promoting literacy. As a teacher, I’m grateful.

  15. Lisa Pomerantz

    First and foremost, thank you Janice! M’wah! I’m Lisa, and I blog as therapy – it’s much cheaper and I do not need a referal. The readers are my therapists and I welcome commentary and motivation.
    I don’t want to kvetch (a lot), but dreck happens, often. And that’s okay. I am here on the planet to learn and grow daily. So what if we share a little growing pains?
    Armed with my keypad, camera and some words, hopefully strung together fairly well, I can fill you in on what goes on, while also working on this ‘life in progress’ journey we all seem to be taking. Wouldn’t it be nice, if maybe we could all laugh, cry, see some commonalities, embrace some differences and inspire each other to keep going? I write about family, life, etc…and I add Yiddish, because it’s fun, it’s comforting and its a dying language I want to help along the way. I hope you will join me. Here is a recent post called the Rule of Kind:

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Lisa,
      I didn’t know Yiddish was dying although I could have guessed.
      Thank you for coming to my blog party over the weekend. Great to see you here.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ellen,
      It’s always my pleasure to throw a blog party. Thanks for coming.
      Forgive me but I’m going to ignore your slug comment since I’m eating dinner as I write you. Ewwww…. =)
      Nice to see you.

  16. Rhonda

    Hi Janice I remember that dessert, my blog is about counselling on line by blog, I have retired from active counselling and find the blog a great way to pass on my knowledge. It is still in the early stages but keeps my brain active. Thanks for all your help.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Rhonda!
      Exciting to see you at my blog party! Thanks for coming!
      You outted me as far as the dessert, LOL!!
      I visited your blog tonight. I was so impressed and so proud of you. I shared several of your posts on Google+. I also subscribed! I feel like you’re my protegee!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Brittany,
      Exciting to see you at my blog party over the weekend! Thank you for coming and telling us about your blog.

  17. smiling notes

    Hi everyone!
    I am Shamira and I blog about my love for food and travel on
    I also co-host a wonderful link up party every week (from Sunday-Wednesday) on my blog called Family Joy Blog Link-up party and I would love it if you guys linked up your family friendly posts on our link up party!

    Thanks for hosting this wonderful meet and greet, Janice!

    • Lawrence Pierce

      Hey Shamira, those are two of my favorite words: food and travel! haha. I’ll check out your page! Please subscribe to mine for my current and upcoming theological and political posts!

    • Janice Wald

      HI Shamira,
      Great to see you! Thank you for coming to my blog party over the weekend. I’m happy to see you and Lawrence made a connection.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Kevin,
      Congratulations on being published and on Amazon! I am making strides in that area and hope to be a published author on Amazon soon as well. I have written an Ebook. Thanks for coming to my party over the weekend.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Kelly,
      It’s always my pleasure to host a blog party. Thanks for coming and telling us about your blog. I tried to go cycling in Alaska. Not as easy as it looked, LOL.

  18. Donna DeGuglielmo

    HI ya Janice, thanks for having another party. I love parties your parties are great and non fattening and i can come and go as i please I love it… 🙂 smiles and blessings to you concerned ..

    Oh, my blog is that I am blogging my memoir. the theme is faith and I talk mostly about that not the multi-strokes i have endure… 30 or so no I am not counting and yes you did read it right. My blog is underconstruction and love for you to visit and join in the conversation. I will exchange that favor blogging friend …

    blessings 🙂 donna marie

    • Lawrence Pierce

      Hi Donna, Im sorry you have dealt with strokes. My Aunt has as well! A strong lady she is. I’ll definitely check out your page. Check out mine for my current and upcoming theological and political posts! Have a great day!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Donna,
      I thought it was funny when I read on Twitter how Donna met Donna! =). Great to see you at my blog party over the weekend. I’m glad to see you and Lawrence made a connection.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Shannon, check out my page for my current and upcoming theological posts. Follow for follow!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Shannon,
      Great to see you at my blog party over the weekend. I’m happy to see you and Lawrence made a connection.

    • Lawrence Pierce

      Hi Suzi, that’s an awesome post! I’m trying to use my blog as a loud voice to all. Check out my page for my current and upcoming theological and political posts!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Suzi,
      Glad to see you at my party over the weekend. I’m glad you and Lawrence made a connection. Thanks for coming.

  19. Doreen Lombardo-Campisi

    Good Morning! I’m Doreen.. I’m a travel agent with Everyday Travel. I love travel and I love planning travel; making dreams come true and memories to last a lifetime. To learn more about destinations, about destination weddings and how they work, about travel tips and travel news, visit my blog.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Doreen,
      Did you know I almost became a travel blogger? I switched gears several times before settling on blogging tips.
      Thanks for coming to my party.

  20. Suzi T

    Hi I’m Suzannah. I write about a condition I was born with called Cowden’s syndrome. This condition is hugely underdiagnosed so would love you to follow my story.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Suzi,
      Great to see you at my blog party over the weekend. I don’t think I knew your name is Suzannah. Thanks for coming and telling us about your blog.

  21. Camesha

    What a unique idea for a blog party. How fun! Hey all. I’m Camesha. I run a motivational/lifestyle blog for moms. I’m passionate about motivating moms to follow our dreams! We tell our kids to reach for the stars and chase their dreams. We may as well show them how it’s done. ? I look forward to connecting!

    • Lawrence Pierce

      Hey Camesha, I think it’s great to emphasize the motivation of children! My parents definitely did for me and my sister! I’m a senior in college trying to get into medical school! Check out my page for my current and upcoming theological and political posts! follow for follow!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Camesha,
      I wrote you today on Facebook! Nice to see you at my blog party over the weekend. Thanks for coming.

  22. Lawrence Pierce

    Hi all, Check out my page for my current and upcoming theological and political posts! follow for follow!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Lawrence! (Lansen?)
      I wrote you today on your blog during my lunch hour. I’m watching the political analysis of last night’s VP debate on TV.
      Thank you so much for coming to my blog party. I’m glad to see all the connections you made.

  23. Mercy Immanuela

    Hey everyone! My name is Mercy and I started daily blogging almost a month ago to channel my creativity as I have just gone through a career switch from creative industry to the opposite.

    My blog is about beauty and positivity and how all of us girls can achieve that without spending loads. I hope to inspire young women like me out there to figure out how they can stay positive and inspired, and for me it is through beauty.

    I put a lot of effort into designing this blog and creating only the best quality content and I am deeply grateful with the responses that my readers have been giving me.

    I am amazed at how great the blogging community is and how there so many opportunities for us to make new friends! I hope to hang out with you around my blog.

    Thanks Janice for the invite! Hope every one is having a great day!

  24. Parvathy Sarat

    Hey everyone this is Parvathy. I write mostly satire/about bits of life.
    Neverland –
    I decided to try smth different there 🙂 This is a great avenue!

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