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Meet and Greet

Welcome to Our Blog Party!

Networking has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to grow your blog.

In the comments section, you are encouraged to self-promote.

Introduce your blog to the other guests at the party. Tell the readers about your blog, and post a link to your favorite post, a recent post, your About page, your blog link, or anything you like.

If you are not already following Mostly Blogging, I like new subscribers too.

At today’s blog party, we are having pineapple. Enjoy the fruit and the networking.

Note: At other Meet and Greets, guests are encouraged to return and leave different links to articles in different comment boxes. You are welcome to return as often as you like and leave links.

I am hoping others will be able to find new blogs to read and new bloggers to connect with.

Guests, if you think others would enjoy the networking opportunities at our Meet and Greet, please share on your social media and blogs. The more guests at the party, the more networking opportunities for all of us.

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  1. Anindya Rakshit

    Hi, its lovely to be here at . I am Anindya from India and have a personal blog which is relatively new. So I am still in the learning stage….:)….I try to cover whatever interests me, mostly on life, music, movies, books, lifestyle……would love to be connected with fellow bloggers and grow the network further…..and be partners in our blogging journey.

    My blog link :

    One of my recent post link :

    My about page link :

    Let’s enjoy today’s blog party…..:):)…..with lots of pineapple…..:)

    • Donna DeGuglielmo

      I love your layout for your journal. It is clean .. so I clicked around. nice stuff. blessings

  2. Brad Graber

    I write a weekly blog, There I Said It!, which is about my observations on life. Upbeat, funny, and sometimes poignant, I share with readers my unique view of the world. Of course, it is just a ruse to introduce myself so that maybe, I can build my readership for my award-winning novel, The Intersect, which is a story of adults at a crossroad in life who reach out to strangers and make a powerful connection. The novel deals with immigration, homelessness, and ageism, all the while wrapped in an engaging and fun read. 52 reviews on Amazon (4.8 Stars) and 11 on Goodreads (4.2 Stars). 2nd novel due in March 2018. The Season of the Caterpillar. Thanks, everyone.

    Blog post:

    Book link:

  3. Dee Dee

    Hello, my blog is about strategies I use to navigate this mid life thing! I have been dealing with the launch of my adult children, working less, turning 50 and dealing with my own, and my husband’s midlife crisis. We are very active and rock climb, run half marathons, I kick box and my hubby does yoga. We travel a lot and have recently purchased a second home. I also bake quite a bit and have posted many recipes. I would love to connect with others who are in a similar stage of life, or are working through other life transitions!

    I spend time on instagram and you can find my @deedeetilley or my Facebook site: invisible-no-more

    Great to meet you all!

  4. Marsha Cooper

    I don’t blog like I used to, but I do still blog. I’m always behind on getting reviews out! Here is my post from today:

    Marsha’s Spot is a little of this and a little of that. I do try to at least post every Wednesday with an update on what I’ve gotten done with my sewing/quilting/crafts, and also do a Frugal Friday post each week.

    I’m falling behind as lately I’m torn away from technology for other thing in life.

  5. Chirasree Bose

    Hey all,

    I am Chirasree from India. I am a writer who loves to write short stories and would be grateful if you guys stop by and check out my blog. You will find stories from different genres over there. It would be nice if you give them a read and let me know your feedback. Here’s the link to my blog –

    Well, I am not leaving my recent blog link, coz for me all of them are equally special.

    Thank you?

    • Ige Lewis

      Hi Bose,

      Your name spells exactly like one from my country.

      You’ve got a really amazing writing style – especially the post: “stop tapping, start talking”.

      Greetings Janice. Great works you’re doing here!


    • Anindya Rakshit

      Nice blog you have Chirasree…..:)…..will be following for more of your writings.

  6. Patti Stevens

    Greetings from Las Vegas! My name is Patti and I am an Ageless Lifestyle coach who blogs about how to live your life and forget about your age. In addition, I teach Pilates, Yoga and Qigong, am a Holy Fire Reiki Master and essential oil advocate. And there are recipes for The Cook Who Can’t Cook included with every blog. I’d love to connect with you thru my website, Facebook, Twitter or my You Tube channel. Peace…

    • Donna DeGuglielmo

      you site looks great Patti love the layout/colors and such good to know you . you are talented
      blessings donna maria

  7. Pospi O Otuson

    Hi Janice

    Thanks for organizing such a great event.

    I’m Pospi Otuson from Nigeria. By definition, I am a blogger who wants to share his passion for entrepreneurship.

    I run a blog or let me say, a business blog where I tend to render ideas to help you succeed both online and offline.

    My blog URL is

    Checkout one of my favorite post
    Top 5 awesome facebook groups for blog promotion with comments swap

    Thanks everyone.
    Let’s enjoy…

      • Pospi O Otuson

        You have a great blog too. Your articles are really motivating

        I enjoyed reading two events that changed the world.

        I also subscribed via email. I’ll really appreciate if you do same.


        • Donna DeGuglielmo

          thank you so much you are quick …. very good and I will subscribe to yours blessings stay encouraged!!!

  8. Zoe Ambler

    What a wonderful event! I have seen these done in the past, but I am always a little shy. Well, no more.

    I am Zoe, and have been writing for fun most of my life, and have one published work, with more titles on the way.

    I blog as much as possible, not just about writing or my own works, but about nearly everything under the sun. I host interviews, both writers and bloggers welcome. I do reviews; books, music, movies…

    There is no telling what will pop up on my blog from one day to the next!

    Please come by and have a look around! Thank you!

    • Pospi O Otuson

      I really enjoyed reading your post; 2 events that changed the world. To me it was so inspirational.

      I have been able to subscribe via email. I’ll really appreciate if you do same.

      More Grace


      • Donna DeGuglielmo

        thanks bunches the support is worderful keep on blogging
        I subscribed I am the organic email. 🙂

    • Pospi Otuson

      I really enjoyed reading your post; 2 events that changed the world. To me it was so inspirational.

      I have been able to subscribe via email. I’ll really appreciate if you do same.

      More Grace


      • Ige Lewis

        Hey Pospi,

        Saw your post on getting a plot of land in ‘Lag’. Seems like we ‘re from the same region.

        Great post!

        • Pospi Otuson

          Yeah… Happy to collaborate with fellow Green White Green online

          You’ve a great blog there

          • Ige Lewis

            Thanks Popsi.

    • Anindya Rakshit

      Nice blog and writing style you have Emma…….whichever genre blog maybe, it should reflect one’s own true self…….and every blog is very personal in nature…….:)…..keep on blogging and increase your community……:)

  9. Ige Lewis

    Hey all,

    I’d love to write a post for anyone in fashion and style niche.

    Kindly give me a ‘punch’ here if interested!

    • Anindya Rakshit

      Nice post with great pictures….lovely outfits and looking great on everybody featured.

      • Ige Lewis


        I just checked out your blog Anindya, your writing style is enthralling…

        Nice meeting you!

  10. Vivian Hamora

    Hi everyone, my name is Vivian Hamora, You can find out more about me on my blog,

    I love telling stories about my life and often include some insight my 85 year old mom has. My blog seems to have sparked new life into her since the loss of my dad, something I hope to do in this generation of aging women. We all need a smile these days and maybe even a chuckle or two.

    I look forward to getting to know every single one of you.

  11. Jerry Peri

    I love pineapples! Great party Janice!
    I write inspirational posts, poetry, short stories, political issues, relationship issues, essays and general interest topics on my blog

    Some of my favorite posts include

  12. Jennifer Dagi

    Hello everyone, I’m happy to join this party. Hmmm… Those pineapples taste so good.

    My name is Jennifer. I live in Nigeria. I blog about relationship, marriage, family, weddings, parenting and self-improvement. Sometimes, I sprinkle in some health/fitness and S£x topics too.

    I’ve been looking for a great way to make an income online but I really suck at affiliate marketing. Could really use some help though.

    Here is a link to my blog:

  13. Lucrezia

    Thanks, Janice, for hosting this blog party! You’re awesome! and hi everyone!

    If that’s fine with Janice, this time I would like to bring your attention to this post as we’re doing a giveaway!

    Enter for a chance to WIN the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit – $5000+ worth of blogging goodies. Share it with your friends via email or on social media for extra entries.

  14. Arushi Singh

    Hi everyone! I’m Arushi and my blog’s link is I’m 18 and a lot of my recent blog posts have been about “beginning to adult” and moving away etc. Have a look,drop feedback and enjoy the pineapple!
    I’ll drop by too,just let me know :’)

  15. Gary Jefferies

    Better late than never…even if I have had the e-mail notification sitting in my “must do” list since Friday. My bad…

    I write novels and love engaging bloggers on all platforms. Current indecision is focussed on NaNoWriMo2017… to do, or not to do

    I blog here on my writing, author spotlight, mindfulness and spend too much time caring and sharing other peoples blogs 🙂

    Have a great week all

  16. The Recipe Hunter

    Always love your parties. Have been a bit quiet and under radar lately, but I would like to add my Home-made Tried and Tested recipe blog here should anyone be interested to hop over.

  17. Freddy G. Cabrera

    Hello to all awesome bloggers!!

    I have never heard of a blog post like this!

    I’ve been in this blogging world since 2010! … and so far, freaking love it! 🙂

    You know what, this type of blog post might be a great idea to increase engagement and exposure for your blog. I tip my hat off to you, Janice!

    Thank you for letting us network here!

    Keep up the great work!

    Cheers! 😀

  18. John Marc Ramirez

    This a great event for bloggers. It will help a lot of blogger to have a great collaboration with one another. 🙂 Thank you for sharing. 😀

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