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Meet and Greet. Blog Party cookies

Thank You for Coming to My Blog Party!

It’s time for our bi-monthly blog party.

At today’s blog party, we are having cookies.

In the comments section, you are encouraged to self-promote.

Introduce your blog to the other guests at the party. Tell the readers about your blog, and post a link to your favorite post, a recent post, your About page, your blog link, or anything you like.

If you are not already following Mostly Blogging, I like new subscribers too.

Note: At other blog parties, guests return and leave different links to articles in different comment boxes. You are welcome to return as often as you like and leave links.

I am hoping others will be able to find new blogs to read and new bloggers to connect with.

Enjoy the networking and the cookies.

Guests, if you think others would enjoy the networking opportunities at our blog party, please share on your blogs and social media. The more guests at the party, the more networking opportunities for all of us.

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  1. Hallo Janice,
    thank you for the opportunity! I have something to celebrate today!
    I have been blogging for a year now. I am surprised how fast time passed and how much fun it is to invite people to visit the Fairy Tale Dimension.

    How long have you been blogging?

    • Hi Inge,
      Thank you for coming to my blog party. You asked how long I have been blogging. I am in my fourth year of blogging. I will be starting my fifth year this November.

  2. Hi everyone! I’m Emma, author on
    I love writing all things travel and sharing our experiences that started out last April 2017, but recently I’ve been blogging about adventures before that and also trips with friends and family. I love reading blogs about travel, life, book reviews, anything really I have quite a broad spectrum of what I enjoy reading.
    Anyway, come on over to and read about some of my adventures.
    Can’t wait to read yours too
    Thanks for reading

  3. Hi Janice! I haven’t visited your blog for a long time, I am sorry to say. I have been really busy with my article writing but things have slowed down a bit. So much so that I now plan to have more fun, blog more, and just live life more without working as much as I used to. Anyway, once your blog post came into my email inbox, because I am subscribed to you since you are one of my favorite fellow bloggers, it inspired me to wipe off the virtual dust, so to speak, from my blogs and start posting again. Thanks for the encouragement. I will leave a link to the blog I plan on posting in after I am done with a client’s article that I should be doing now, lol. Thanks for the encouragement even if you didn’t do it on purpose! Love your blog and will keep following it and come back more often to comment more. 🙂

    • Hi Clarissa,
      I wanted you to know how moved I was by these comments! I was so touched by what you wrote, I shared your comments with my husband. Thank you! Thanks as well for coming to my party today.

  4. Hello everybody! Omg, those cookies look amazing! Are they homemade?

    I am Monika and I have a thing for observing and analyzing life. Mostly things that people don’t think about because we do them automatically. I believe that thinking about them at least from time to time make us live our lives a bit fuller. I also like trying new things, so I hope to inspire somebody to do something interesting.

    One of my favorite posts is an analysis of “giving a damn” – when it makes sense, and when not.

    Hope to meet some inspiring people here 🙂

    BTW, This idea of blog party is so sweet! I’m a new subscriber, so I haven’t seen it before. Blogs are a natural environment for bloggers, so organizing a party in the blogosphere is just brilliant! Thank you for being a great host 🙂

  5. Hello Janice,

    Thanks for organizing the blog party. You already know that I have few issues with my previous blogs and have move to new one. I am happy to see the performance of my new blog I hope I will make it more useful to my readers and provide them as much as helpful content. By the way, How is your holiday trip? I have seen some awesome pics of your holiday in Facebook.

    Have a Great Day 🙂
    Vishwajeet Kumar recently posted…4 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing a Web HostingMy Profile

    • Hi Vishwajeet,
      Thank you for coming to my party today and asking about my vacation.
      As you saw, we had a great time in Alaska. I still have to put my Europe photos on! Thanks for the reminder.
      Congratulations on your new blog. I hope you are having a nice summer as well.

  6. Hi everyone and Janice! Can I grab a cookie? They looked delicious!

    I am so glad I made it in time for this party! I’ve been a reader of your blog but haven’t really been to one of your parties!

    Anyway, I’ve just “revamped” my blog and decided to drop the “niche conxept” and just write about what I want. I know it’s gonna affect my traffic but oh well…

    I hope you guys drop by and have a look and maybe give some pointers. 🙂

    Have fun, people!

    • Hi Hiby,
      Welcome! Of course, you can grab a cookie! Enjoy!
      While you’re here, I’ll take the opportunity to thank you again for linking to my Link Exchange. I receive regular traffic from your site. Thanks for coming to my blog party.

      • I’m glad to have send you some traffic 🙂

  7. Thanks for hosting Janice and those cookies look so good! I want to share this post for people looking for a flexible work-from-home job: I work as a search engine evaluator and love it! I can fit this job around my life and taking care of my toddler.

  8. Thank you for the opportunity to share a post. My collection of poems, “The Writer’s Pen and Other Poems” is available for preorder in the Kindle store. To read the title poem or to order my book, please follow this link,

    Best wishes – Kevin

  9. Hi Janice,and thank you for the invite. The cookies are delish.

    My name is Tom Biddulph, and my blog is I’m promoteing to others to take the memories of your lost loved ones with you everywhere you go. I also want you the reader to trust the process of grief and let it take its course. Below is one of my most interesting posts that I have written. I hope you enjoy and come visit me!


  10. Hi Janice, and thank you for the invite. The cookies were delish.

    I’m Tom Biddulph, and my blog is I’m promoting to take the memories of your loved ones with you where ever you go. Also I want you to remember to trust the grieving process, let yourself heal. Below is one of my most interesting posts. Enjoy, and come visit me

  11. Thank you for the opportunity. I am very excited to share one of my post.
    I started a lifestyle blog “Hilde’s LoveLea leatherworld” to promote my leather jewelry business; but my readers prefer the pure lifestyle post. I’ll have to decide how I will solve this problem. Anyway, here is my link Enjoy!

  12. Thanks for opportunity to post my website
    I have been blogging since 2011 starting out as a food blogger which then also evolved into travel adventures, book reviews and stories about our yellow Bella, The World According to Bella
    Your cookies look delicious and i am posting a reader favorite of mine Brownie Walnut Bites.

  13. Hi, there fellow partygoers:
    Over the last number of years, I have been pouring my heart and soul into my blog, first The Recipe Hunter (Cook and Enjoy) and now I have upgraded to EsmeSalon
    I love baking and cooking, but more and more I have started to venture into different areas of blogging as I love to Share, Care & Inspire, so now we also feature:
    Senior Salon
    20 + 1 Interview Questions
    Guest Posts
    Special bi-weekly and monthly columns by fellow bloggers
    Obviously, we still will have all those yummy tried and tested home-made recipes

  14. Hey y’all!!

    I’m Dominique and I’m a wife and homeschooling mama of 5! I’m also a marketing & brand consultant as well as a blogger.

    My lastest post is focusing on how to EXPLODE your Instagram growth! I’ve included a freebie Hashtag Library. This library consists of over 250 hashtags separated into categories that I researched myself. Every hashtag is under the 1M photo mark, while most are well under 500k. This means you’ve got access to unsaturated but active hashtags for you particular niche!

    I’d love for you to tell what you think about it if you end up using it!

    • Hi Dominique,
      I read your excellent post. You inspired me.
      1. Is Unfold for the iPhone? I couldn’t find it at the App Store.
      2. I tried to see your Instagram account but couldn’t find you. What’s your link?
      3. Your Instagram post inspired me. I added a story immediately after reading it. Thank you!
      Thanks as well for coming to my party.

  15. Brazilian spiders, rhododendrons, and other foreign species in Britain. By a foreign blogger.

  16. Hello everyone and Janice! The cookies look delicious. Thanks for the invite.

    I am Soumya and have recently started a travel blog. I believe in bringing back stories from all my travels and then sharing them with the world. I am excited to share one of my favorite posts here. Hope you all enjoy reading it.

  17. A cookie party! How perfect, especially since I’m baking cookies with my 2 year old grandson as we speak.

    I’m Stacey and my blog is is new. my blog is all about the prevention of foodborne illness and healthy living. Its directed at younger moms, but the information transcends all ages. I’ve blogged many years ago but hated it because I was never passionate about my subject until now.
    Stacey Felice recently posted…How To Shop Like A Pro: It’s Dinner TimeMy Profile

  18. Hi everyone and thanks Janice for hosting this party. This is a great opportunity to network with other bloggers. Today I share a useful tool that can help bloggers proofread their work for grammatical, spelling errors and also check for plagiarism. I hope you will enjoy this.

  19. Wow! Love a party! I write contemporary fiction – and so my blog is: There I Said It! I like to think of it as if Dick Cavett and Erma Bombeck had a baby. Here’s the latest post. Just feel good stuff while you snack on those delicious cookies.

  20. Thanks Janice for hosting another blog party. Y’all look like you’ve got some amazing blogs. I can’t wait to dig deeper and do some reading on your sites.

    Here’s the link to my site.

    I call it the Great America Blog, and my purpose is to chronicle every day “greatness” in people and places we see. So it’s sort of a travel blog with a moral conscious. I hope you enjoy it! This summer I’ve been unable to write much, but my last two focus on St. Augustine, Florida, and the Oregon coast.

  21. Hi Janice,
    What a joy to be here again after a bit gap.
    It’s indeed a great joy to connect with you again.
    Happy to join the party?
    Glad to share my latest post.
    Everyone wants to increase their productivity level.
    Here are some simple tips to follow to increase your memory or brainpower.
    Check out.
    Have a sweet sharing to all in this party!
    ~ Phil

  22. This post is about a recent family trip to Daytona Beach. Enjoy!

  23. Hi everyone, I’m Anna. What a lovely party! Will skip the cookies, though… You’ll know why when you read the most recent post on my blog.

  24. Wish I could reach right in there and grab a REAL cookie off the plate! Now my sugar cravings have kicked in! Thanks again for your wonderful hospitality, Janice! 😉

    I’m Penelope Silvers, author and freelance writer. I want to share my latest project b/c this has been a labor of love for over 5 years, and I finally summoned up the courage to put it out there. My book is called, “ExtraOrdinary Detour – True Stories of Life, Death and Miracles,” and is now available for pre-order at We are looking for as many pre-orders as possible in the next 30 days, so pre-order or shares would be great appreciated! Thank you everyone! 🙂
    Penelope Silvers recently posted…ExtraOrdinary Detour Book Pre-Order Available on PublishizerMy Profile

  25. Hey folks.. I am Dinesh, vlogger /animation artist. I post about fashion and beauty.

    Hope the videos are entertaining.



  26. Hello, Everybody, I am also a blogger and write about blogging and SEO Protips you can reach me

  27. Hi! Thanks for the blog party! 😀🎉 It’s great to find new bloggers to connect with. I share general practical tips, helping to make your daily life easier:

  28. Hiya, I am in the UK so I don’t know if I have missed the party. This is new to me. I have been blogging for 7 months now and I am learning so much everyday. I am a money and Christian lifestyle blogger. I focus on work at home opportunities, money saving tips, frugal living, marriage and faith.

    I wanted to ask. I have signed up to tailwind I have been accepted into 50 group boards on Pinterest. what scheduling strategy is the most effective. I am in my second week of using tailwind. I’m not getting much traffic. Less than 100 a day.

  29. Helli everyone!!! My name is Jennice and I’m a mom blogger. I share my journey as mom of a ten year old and soon to be mom of a little boy. I share some recipes as well,mostly corckpot recipes, writing prompts that inspire me,and some natural hair care stuff too. Check me out at

  30. Hi everyone. I just saw this post in my Facebook feed. So exciting. It’s my first time at an event like this.
    I have been blogging for 6 months now. Starting to get the hang of things. My blog is The post that is getting some attention recently is How I cheated my chronic illness with a killer new blog. Check it out here
    I’m still busy with chores. Will finish up to check out the links above.

  31. Hi Janice,

    It’s always fun at every party you throw.
    Nothing like meeting new bloggers and promoting their posts.
    I’m about to grab me some of these cookies here and start socializing.
    Friends please check out my latest post and tell me what you all think.
    Vernon Layne recently posted…Some Parents are Planting the seed of Entitlement in Their ChildrenMy Profile

  32. Hello everyone! Thanks for inviting me to this party 🙂 I’m Luis from the Philippines. I’m blogging at Tech Pilipinas, which I started on December of last year. Hope to meet some blogging friends here. Ciao!

  33. Hello everyone and thank you so much for hosting Janice!

    I’m Tracie and I blog at Somewhat Awry. This week I’m sharing my families green bean recipe. They will literally melt in your mouth!

    Thanks for letting me join your party!

  34. Hi,
    Here is a comment from a guest who had trouble leaving her comment:

    What a lovely party! Will skip the cookies for now. You’ll know why when you read the most recent post on my blog.

    Thank you all for coming to my party!

  35. Yay, another party! I made an affiliate sale this weekend after investing in my blog, so I definitely feel like that is something to party about! My blog is about urban gardening, although I do post an occasional article on how to blog since I also like sharing my experiences in the wonderful world of blogging. My latest post is about how to care for houseplants. Here it is!

  36. Hi Janice and all bloggers! I just joined Mostly Blogging and am trying to find my way around. I’m a couple weeks late to the party, but I hope you see this email. This site is such a fabulous idea, Janice. Bless you for helping others to find success blogging.

    I’m a writer blogging about my WIP, writing, blogging, and politics and social issues. I’d love for you to visit my website. I will happily visit yours in return.

  37. Hey thanks for the party, it was worthwhile stopping by. I have just begun blogging and was in need of an anspiration. Thanks youve helped me a lot to kepp up with blogging.
    I blog about Trekking in Nepal by the way

  38. Thanks for the tips. What a great post. I love your post. Feel free to explore my content in my blog Trekking in Nepal

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