Blog Ideas for College Students: 13 Best Blogs for College Students in 2022

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blog ideas for college students

Do you need blog ideas for college students?

By reading this guide, you get the best blog ideas for college students in publications that we recommend.

This blog recommends the following motivational blogs for students:

  • The New York Times Learning Network
  • The Study Hacks blog
  • College Dieting: Fitness Blog
  • Poor Traveler
  • Fast Company
  • Code Better
  • Broke Millenial
  • Study Hacks Blog
  • Nerd Fitness
  • The Student Minds Blog
  • Thriving Writer
  • Intern Queen

You also get detailed reviews of the last six publications on the list that have blog ideas for college students.

Let’s get started and explore the best blog ideas for college students.

Best Blogs Ideas for College Students

blog ideas for college students
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As a college student, you will have many unanswered questions about school, money, or lifestyle. Finding perfect answers to these questions can be challenging, especially when there is limited time for lessons. The instructors will maximize the allocated time to cover their syllabus.

On the other hand, you can be apprehensive about bumping your instructors with questions that they have little knowledge of. The fact that they are professors doesn’t mean they have every answer.

Here are the best blogs for college students to learn from the available resources.

Broke Millennial

This is a perfect blog for all college students struggling with their finances. A study by the Ohio State University found that 70% of college students were stressed about their financial life. The significant stressors contributing to this include paying their school fees and meeting their monthly expenses.

Money worries often lead to anxiety and depression in most college students. It’s tough for students to concentrate on their studies when they are financially crippled. Sometimes others struggle to raise others to raise their fare to school.

Broke Millennial is designed to help college students get on their financial track. It will work wonders if you take your time to go through it. This blog is designed to offer college students tips and tricks never taught in school. This blog has got all the answers you need, from managing unexpected bills to properly investing the little money.

Study Hacks Blog

Who doesn’t feel the pressure of juggling academic life full of social activities? In college, there is too much information that you need to understand, while at the same time, you need a social lifestyle. Sometimes you can get your essay written by professionals on a paper writing service. You will get quality results though there is a need for more tips on the other units.

Those not on social media are also struggling with social activities like parties and other outdoor activities. These social activities are what make campus life interesting. Otherwise, without them, life would be so dull in college. Imagine being in a class that’s full of poker faces!

Study Hacks Blog helps students with study tips and tricks applicable when things are not adding up in school. With this blog, stress will be a thing of the past. It’s a well-written blog by a college professor who has in-depth knowledge about studying effectively. Reading this blog will power your brain with tips that will help you maximize your productivity.

Nerd Fitness

Apart from improved academic performance, exercises help college students to stay away from depression and avoid lifestyle diseases. With closely packed classes, it’s almost impossible to find time for exercise. Maybe this is due to poor planning, which is a significant challenge for most students. 

Intense exercises cause blood to flow to the brain, which fires up the neurons and promotes the growth of cells. With just 20 minutes of exercise, you can improve your academic performance significantly. But it’s not an easy process with the college lifestyle. Imagine the rich dorm food and busy class schedules. Will you even think of running for 10 minutes?

Nerd Fitness is the perfect blog for college students struggling to keep physically fit. This blog provides a roadmap from nutrition to the best tips for exercise. It’s a perfect answer for college students who wish to start living a healthy lifestyle at their age. They will be able to keep their shape and keep mentally fit.

The Student Minds Blog

Mental issues are prevalent in colleges due to academic stress and financial problems. The pressure to succeed in academics is untamable. There is also the uncertainty of whether the careers students have chosen will land them in the best companies. Handling the two is very challenging, especially when you have limited time to make valid decisions.

Sometimes a lot of confusion sets in when those who excelled out there say that education is not the best way to succeed. How do you convince yourself that what you are taking is worth it when the mentors tell you such stories? It’s confusing for most college students. 

The motivation behind the creation of The Student Minds Blog was based on the prevailing conditions of mental health issues amongst the campus students. This blog covers essential topics ranging from OCD to depression and stress. It also gives First-Year Advice to the students who are currently joining campus. If you feel misunderstood and out of place, check out this blog. If you feel depressed, The Student Minds Blog is there for you.

Thriving Writer

College life is full of writing tasks. From essays, applications to cover letters, you somehow face some difficulties in writing. It’s a common challenge for most college students as they believe they can do it more straightforwardly.

Most of them forget that every college student can write, but only a few can write something worth reading. Maybe, the lack of adequate time to prepare effectively is the leading cause of their writing problems. Regardless of whether they have time or not or are prepared or unprepared, they have to pass to get good jobs.

Thriving Writer is one of the best and top blogs that provide college students with tips and tricks on all types of writing for different papers. The blog also offers an easy way for the students to connect with professionals that can edit and proofread their work when they are running out of time. The best thing here is to try learning a lot from the professionals. 

Let’s explore additional blog ideas for college students.

Intern Queen

Most colleges rarely prepare college students adequately for life after school. It’s very stressful coming out of college with outdated skills. This includes writing resumes too. Several colleges only teach about resume or CV writing once in a while for the whole college life.

Things tend to change quickly, and employers start demanding new details on these documents. Without proper guidance, it’s very flinty to understand what employers expect you to have. And including them in the resume for a company that doesn’t need them can show how muddle-headed one is.

For that case, Intern Queen is here to get you going with your psyche. This blog helps you understand some of the most asked interview questions and prepare for all inter-related activities. Also, this blog provides an easy way for the students to get internship opportunities and an effective way for different companies to get interns.

Blog Ideas for College Students: FAQ

What blogs do college students read?

The Broke Millenial, Study Hacks, Nerd Fitness, Student Minds, Thriving Writer, and Intern Queen

Conclusion: Blog Ideas for College Students

By reading this post, you learned about 13 blogs with blog ideas for college students and read reviews of six of them.

The best thing about college life is that you will always find a blog that corresponds with your feelings no matter what you are going through. Going through these blogs will make your campus life very smooth. 

Readers, please share these blog ideas for college students. Reading these publications will make college students’ lives easier.

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