Top 4 Blog Examples for Business and Why They are Great (2024)

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Do you need to see blog examples for business to take your money-making potential as a blogger to the next level?

As a blogger, you certainly appreciate it when a post gets a lot of views. Heavy traffic to your site means more publicity and could even lead to more revenue.

For most bloggers, however, there are disadvantages of marketing. For instance, increasing traffic to their sites is easier said than done. If you are a business blogger, the stress is greater since you have pressure on you to sell.

By reading this guide, you will see blog examples for business for four stages of blogging: website design, content creation, SEO, and blog promotion.

Instead of just telling you what to do, this post will show you what to do to be as successful as the most successful professional bloggers.

If you want to have people flocking to your blog, here are four simple tips that can help. 

Let’s dive in, learn the strategies, and see the blog examples for business. Bring on the business blog examples.

What are Blog Companies?

Before we examine what makes these blog examples for business great, we should determine what blog companies are.

A company blog is a business blog.

Companies should have blogs.

Advantages of company blogs include:

Both the content and the comments are in the same place on the website. Therefore, they are easy for visitors to find.

Also, a blog company has an easier time establishing its brand as an authority in the niche. The content brands the company as an expert.

4 Blog Examples for Business

How did I choose the blog examples for business to be included in this post?

Objectivity is important, so I needed to avoid including blog examples for business that reflected my personal opinion.

I went to the Ahrefs Content Explorer and entered “Top Business Blogs.” I also Googled the term.

blog examples for business

From this list on Ahrefs, I chose an example for each strategy.

Blog Examples for BusinessDomain Rating (DR)
Digital Marketing Institute82
The Wall Street Journal 92
The Angel VC60
Constant Contact92

This table shows Ahrefs’ metrics for the blogs I chose to analyze as top blog examples for business.

Before we start my analysis, you can see from the Domain Rating of the articles illustrated in this post, these are quality blogs.

Let’s get started seeing why these blogs are so successful so you can make your business blog a success as well.

Have a Great Site

The first rule of attracting more traffic to your site is ensuring that it is attractive in the first place. If you have a poorly designed website, you are probably losing out on more readers than you know. You can start by creating a website using this innovative website builder.

Then, pick a theme that relates best to your content. If you’re in the real estate niche, use a tool that allows proper real estate website design. Make sure to keep the graphics elegant and avoid having too many things on the site. When it comes to designing your blog, simplicity truly is the ultimate sophistication.

You also want your site to have quick load times. If people have to wait for ages before accessing your content, rest assured they will seek out that information elsewhere. This is the last thing that you want.

Blog Examples for Business #1: Digital Marketing Institute

business examples for blogs

The strategy recommends you make your blog visually appealing. Visual blogs do best.


The post recommends KissMetrics. The screenshot that accompanies the tip is eye-catching.


Even the sidebar where the blogger markets his video lessons has a clean look.


Remember: White space is your friend.


The choice for best blog examples for business works fits this category due to the visual appeal of the graphics.


Churn Out Great Content

The second step to increasing traffic on your site is to have great content and post it consistently. If readers like what they see on your site, they will come back for more and will not hesitate to recommend your site to others.

Research shows that today, the masses crave content that is either funny or educational. If you opt to write entertaining content, make sure it is the best your readers can find. If you choose to write informative posts, let them add value to your readers’ lives.

It is also wise to write evergreen content, which is the techy term for timeless pieces. This means that should a reader visit your site in five years, they should find your posts as relevant as your present-day readers find them.

Take time to craft your headlines properly. People decide whether to read an article in a fraction of a minute, and it often boils down to the headlines you give your pieces. Make sure your titles are catchy yet adequately descriptive of the content in the article.

Blog Examples for Business #2: The Wall Street Journal

blog examples for business

Did you notice the year of publication?


The Wall Street Journal published this article in 1999, yet Ahrefs reported the article ranks as Top Content for the keyword “Top Business Blogs.”


Quality blogs can stand the test of time. Based on this criterion, the Wall Street Journal definitely qualifies.

Make Good Use of Keywords

Keywords, if used well, can drive unimaginable traffic to your website. The trick is not to overuse them or underuse them; you have to strike the perfect balance to make them work for you.

If you are writing in a relatively overcrowded niche, it helps to use long-tail keywords. These set your piece apart and can help improve your SEO rank. 

Blog Examples for Business # 3: The Angel VC

In order for me to know if blogger Christoph Janz is making good use of keywords, I need to know his keyword for this post.


Look at the URL of the article:


Bloggers with knowledge of SEO know to put the keyword in the URL. Not only does Janz put the keyword in his URL, he omits “stop” words.


What are Stop words?


In SEO, Stop words are words that search engines may ignore. These are words like articles. Janz takes out the article “a,” so instead of his URL reading “five ways to build a 100 million business,” his URL continues without the article to make sure Google reads the entire URL.


Janz makes good use of his keyword in other ways as well. The text flows, so his use of the keyword seems natural. Keywords should seem organic in the text and not forced. Also, his keyword appears in his infographic. Using a tool like is a great way to create these infographics and integrate your keywords into them.   Also, his keyword appears in his infographic.

Promote Your Content Where It Matters

Knowing which social media platforms to promote your blog on is critical to increasing traffic to the site. The best way to know which platforms work best for your content is to determine the social media forums where your target audience spends the most time.

For instance, a lifestyle blogger will do well to promote their content on Pinterest and Instagram. An attorney, on the other hand, might find a larger audience on LinkedIn or Twitter. 

Blog Examples for Business #4 Constant Contact

blog examples for business constant contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing provider. By having a blog, the email marketing company can advertise on its own website.


Advertising its own email marketing company on a blog post is a seamless example of inbound marketing.


This is why a blog is so helpful in business. You can use your business blog to advertise your company’s goods and services.

Conclusion: Best Blog Examples for Business

Driving more traffic to your blog requires nothing more than a few strategies and the determination to promote your content. Follow the tips on this blog and watch your site grow in popularity.

In closing, by being able to see these blog examples for business, you now have four pictures of what you need to do to step up your game as a professional blogger.

If the blog examples for business shared in this post can make the Top Content spots at Ahrefs, so can your content.

Readers, please share so pro-bloggers get to see what these blog examples for business look like so they have a better idea of what they need to do to take their business blog to the next level.

Authors: Janice Wald and a Contributing Author

  1. Ryan K Biddulph

    Churning out great content builds your business on a rock solid foundation blogging-wise. The secret is longevity combined with value. Publishing problem-solving content appealing to your readers over the long haul gains reader trust. From there, trusting readers tend to buy into your blogging business, figuratively, then literally. Excellent post Janice.


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryan,
      Thank you so much for the compliment on the post.
      You mentioned the secret is longevity combined with value. I agree which makes it hard for new bloggers who try so hard to succeed. They are competing against older blogs that have longevity. At least they know there is a light at the end of the tunnel if they continue strong content creation.
      Thanks for commenting.

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