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Do you want to boost your traffic and income? If yes, you can benefit from my blog coaching services.

Do you know why do most bloggers fail? Most bloggers don’t have access to the strategies of a one-on-one mentor.

That’s where I come in. I am an experienced blogging coach with 4-years experience helping bloggers achieve success in all areas of blogging.

My blog coaching services can help you increase page views, engagement, and followers like I have done for so many others. See testimonials from happy clients below.

Contact me if you are in need of one-on-one blog coaching or written blog critiques. I will respond within 24 hours.

Menu of Blog Coaching Services

Quora – Brand new!

Traffic-Generation Service

Twitter Coaching Service – Brand new!

Blog Monetization Coaching Service – Brand new!

Flipboard Traffic Coaching – Brand new!

SEO Coaching Service

Headline Writing Service

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Choose any 1 service for $100.00.

Choose any 2 services for $150.00.

Choose any 3 services for $200.00 plus 5 free cheat sheets.

Each service is one hour long.

Scroll down to see Testimonials from happy clients.

I am available for
  • One-on-One Blog Coaching

I have vast experience as a blogging coach. Testimonials are included below.

  • Written Blog Critiques

All my blog critiques have resulted in higher traffic for the blogger. A few of the testimonials are included below and by clicking the link for additional testimonials.

Blog Coaching Services

People have been writing asking me for blog critiques.  I do provide this service.
I am familiar with a wide variety of blogging niches, and I have helped many others with their blogs.
Above you will find what I charge for my blog coaching services.  If you follow my advice, I can help you increase your traffic as I have done for so many others.

Testimonials about My Blog Coaching Services:

“I was searching for an experienced coach who understood digital publishing and could get to the essence of online tools and content creation approaches that worked. Janice taught me much more than what one typically finds in “101” posts on digital content creation. Over a series of coaching calls, I took detailed notes and experimented in between my sessions with Janice. Thanks to Janice, I have much more nuanced knowledge about SEO, domain ranking, Google Adwords, and more. My coaching time with her was incredibly efficient and effective which is critical given my busy schedule. She not only explained why I should do certain things, she walked me through the “how” as well.

I know the next time I feel the need for more “nuts and bolts” expertise I plan to book more time with Janice Wald for a flexible, personalized approach to coaching. I’m certain there is much more I could learn from her in the future…once I’m ready!” Iris, Startups San Antonio via LinkedIn.

“Janice reviewed my blog The Blog for Teachers, Readers, & Life!, and we had three telephone coaching sessions. She gave me specific feedback, suggested many valuable resources to enhance my blog, and gave me quality advice on how to move forward with monetizing my blog. If you are a blogger stuck in a rut (like I was), I would highly recommend Janice’s professional perspective. I think her individualized attention targeted specifically at what I was doing with my blog will make a significant difference in my future success as a blogger!” -Christina, the Blog for Teachers, Readers, and Life

“I’m passionate about blogging but I was becoming overwhelmed and frustrated by the fact that I was working very hard yet my organic search traffic was not really increasing. And I was baffled by the complexities of keyword research. I turned to Mostly Blogging’s blog consultation services for assistance in learning how to improve my traffic and to learn more about SEO. Janice’s keyword research strategies were easy for me to implement and incorporate into my daily blogging routine. She also helped me to find out that my site speed was another key impediment to search engine ranking and provided help to determine ways to speed up my site. It was a pleasure working with Janice. She was a delight to talk with during each of our consultation sessions. The technical side of blogging can be very challenging without advice and support from trustworthy experts. I highly recommend Janice’s blog consultation services to help grow your blog.”

I would like to thank Janice for a very informative consultation yesterday. I would highly recommend her services as a personal blog coach. She already has so much helpful information on this wonderful site, but she was able to give me answers to my unique blog situation. Please, if you need the “one on one” help, I would go with Janice! And, I found her easy to talk to, very well informed on blogs, and a nice person who is genuinely interested in helping others!
Thank you, Janice, for the grr-eat tips and personal advice for our dog blog.” Jeanine,

“Wow, Janice, in just the first few minutes of speaking with you, I learned critical information that will immediately help me engage my readers and grow my traffic. Your advice and expertise are exceptional. Thank you!!” Pam,

“Janice, I learned so much in our session of blog coaching.  The tools you gave me have helped so much.  I particularly enjoy the Co-scheduling Headline Analyzer.  I use it before every post now.  I can quickly plug in my titles and get the scores up to where I am consistently getting more hits.  I pick up two or three followers every day now.  Thanks so much for your help.”  Linda Bethea,

“I want to, publicly, testify to the quality and quantity of critical advice you provided with Blog Critique.” Charles Rogers, (site defunct)

“Anyone reading this should know that Janice also offers a blog review service. I’ve used her services and found her insights and guidance increased my blog’s quality, traffic, and readability. Thanks, Janice, for sharing your skills and wisdom with me!

PS – Janice didn’t ask me to do this…..I’m doing it because I truly believe her feedback helped me to improve my blog and as a way to give back to her! Chris Noffz, personalmasterycoaching

“I needed to share this with all of you newer bloggers out there.
As new bloggers, we face a bunch of questions and I think the biggest aside from what content you will have is, ” How do I get my following”?
Well, Ladies and Gents… Janice Wald ( offers tips and tricks to “network” your blog.
I read [her] very quick post and later that day I had over 100 views, and I hit my all-time high with likes.
To all of you seasoned bloggers, this may seem like small chips to you, but to us newbies, this is a grace from heaven.
Check out this blog and infuse the tricks into your daily routine of blogging!” Megan, the Momhood

If you’d like to read other testimonials, here is the link to my About page.

Note: Although my methods are tested and proven, the results of my blog coaching services are not guaranteed.

If you are interested in a blogging critique, blog coaching, or any of the other services mentioned above, please contact me at

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