Biggest Marketing Mistakes: How to Avoid The 4 Main Video Marketing Mistakes in 2023

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biggest marketing mistakes

Do you know the biggest marketing mistakes for video marketers?

You know that watching videos was a popular pastime during the lockdown of 2020.

You know that watching videos is all the rage in 2021.

You can predict that watching videos will continue to be trendy in 2023.

How can you capitalize on this trend?

You can create a voice that makes your videos stand out.

You can ride the wave of popularity and take advantage of consumers’ desire to watch videos. However, you need to do more than just make videos.

You need to avoid the biggest marketing mistakes vloggers and video editors can make.

Read this guide and discover the importance of video marketing, the benefits of video marketing, and video marketers’ biggest marketing mistakes.

Let’s explore video marketing further and discover how to avoid the biggest marketing mistakes for video marketers.

Avoiding The Main Video Marketing Mistakes

It’s a fact that video is an effective marketing tool. Your business too can benefit from implementing a well-executed video marketing strategy. However, you need to know the main video marketing mistakes to avoid attaining your marketing goals.

Whether you outsource or create an in-house video production, running a video marketing strategy can be pretty costly for many small businesses.

Given the plan’s benefits, it’s worth considering applying for small business loans to kickstart your video marketing.

The Importance Of Video Marketing

People love watching videos

People love watching videos, and there are tons of statistics to prove it. People watch 5 billion videos on YouTube every day, making it the second most visited website globally. Every minute, YouTube receives uploads of 300 hours of video. Mindboggling!

Missing it out on video marketing will be a great disservice to your business. Based on recent trends, that’s where many of your prospective customers are likely to be found.  

It’s a great way to showcase products

Videos are a perfect way to demonstrate how customers can use your products. You can overcome reluctance in buyers by showcasing your product in action. For instance, you can use TikTok which features short videos. With video, it’s easy to share such content and reach multiple users. 

You can apply on numerous platforms

YouTube is the obvious platform for airing your video content to reach your target audience. But it’s not the only option.

  • Social media platforms present a cost-effective way of running your video content to reach your audience. You can depend on organic traffic or explore paid social ads to increase penetration and customer engagement. 
  • Webinars are another option for making a direct pitch to your customers. You’re able to respond to their concerns and take in their suggestions.
  • Live streaming on popular video sites such as YouTube and Facebook elicits heightened engagement with audiences.  

They’re wonderful SEO tools

Appearing on the first page of the search engine is an effective way to drive traffic to your site. Uploading videos with search terms that users use increases the chances of ranking higher in searches. That’s because Google is increasingly submitting YouTube videos in response to inquiries. It’s a cost-effective and ultra-fast way to get added to your keyword searches.

Some Video Marketing Benefits For Your Small Business

Mobile users love them 

Technological is increasingly developing in response to the demand to have more content accessible via mobile devices. As more people spend time on their mobile devices, so does their interaction with the video content balloon. Getting customers on their mobile devices is an effective marketing strategy that your business should take advantage of. 

Enhances your presence in the digital space

In this digital age, having an effective online presence as a business is no longer a negotiable add-on; it’s an essential must-have. Video content makes it convenient to breakthrough into the digital space and create a commanding online presence. You can captivate audiences, promote brand awareness, and grow sales. 

Supercharge social media engagement

Impactful online content drives engagement. If you develop valuable content and promote it well, you’ll see droves of customers trooping in. Resourceful videos can quickly boost your social media engagements and drive incredible quality traffic to your business. The share button can be your next sales agent that can place your product before multiple audiences.

Relatively inexpensive to produce

With a few basics, you can hit the road and produce your video content in-house. For instance, Instasize is an affordable video solution.

The Splice app video editor is popular due to its free and extensive music library. These are just two of the many free and low-cost video editing tools available for you.

However, if your business needs a financial boost to acquire the necessary machinery to shoot, edit, and hire video editors, consider accessing small business loans.

Grow sales and enhance brand awareness

Employing quality video content is one quick way to get ahold of an audience and interest them in what you have to offer. This way you can swiftly increase sales and grow your brand.  

Common Video Marketing Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Business

Making videos that are too long 

You need to develop video content that’s brief, compelling, and precise. Our attention span is growing shorter by the day. If you keep producing long videos, you’re courting disaster. Many users will abandon your content halfway through and never get to your call to action. 

Aim for videos that are less than three minutes long. Exclude any unnecessary information to ensure your video is loaded with consumable content that’s brief and easy-to-follow. Ensure your video contains a clear call to action for customers to take the following steps. 

Overloading videos with too much content

I get it. There’s the temptation to bombard your target audience with all the facts about the uniqueness of your product. Don’t do it.

Trim your video content to ensure your target audience isn’t confused with information overload by focusing on the key message you want to pass across. If the information you want to share is valuable but a lot, opt for several short clips.

Avoid sounding “oversalesy”

Customers are primarily not looking for your product, they’re looking for a solution to a need, mental refreshment, enlightenment, or entertainment.

Rather than coming out as a pushy salesperson, aspire to build a relationship and trust as you tactfully draw the customer in with useful tips. They’ll be left desiring to engage with your content a lot more next time.  

Failing to optimize your video for SEO

You must optimize your videos for SEO for higher viewership. If not, you’ll end up with valuable content that people can’t retrieve from their online searches. That won’t be fair to your advertising investment, mainly if you depend on small business loans to implement the project.

Implement the proper SEO to drive organic traffic to your video content by:

  • Accurately describe your titles and subtitles
  • Create backlinks to your website
  1. Failure to brand videos

One of the main marketing goals is to enhance brand awareness. Create a “voice” that makes your videos stand out. Whether it’s a company logo, the color scheme, how your video opens and closes, or the fonts, make it consistent and memorable. 

Running A Successful Video Marketing Strategy

  1. Optimize your videos for SEO
  2. Keep your videos short
  3. Know your targeted audience
  4. Refine your content by testing it again and again
  5. Brand your video content consistently 

Biggest Marketing Mistakes Frequently Asked Questions

What companies have the worst marketing strategy?

Companies that fall behind the times have the worst marketing strategy. For instance, research shows that people want to watch videos. Therefore, if companies don’t make videos to promote their products or services, they are making the biggest marketing mistakes you can make: not listening to consumers.

What are marketing fails?

Here are marketing fails for video marketers: Making videos that are too long with too much content, sounding like a pushy salesperson, and failing to optimize for SEO.

Conclusion: How to Avoid the Biggest Marketing Mistakes for Video Marketers

By avoiding the biggest marketing mistakes we’ve highlighted above and implementing the accompanying solutions you can start a video marketing campaign for your business. Boost your company’s online presence today by trying out video marketing and watch your social media engagements skyrocket. Remember, you can build and have enough budget with the help of some small business loans. 

Readers, please share so video marketers learn the biggest marketing mistakes to avoid in 2022.

I look forward to your views in the comments. What is your favorite video editor?

This post was contributed and made possible by our readers.

  1. John Ravi

    Hi Janice,

    I am also a marketer, and video marketing is an essential part of the job. I have seen my team making the common mistakes you shared in your post. Since you have added all the relevant information, I will be using your article as a guide for my time. So, thanks a lot for putting together such an amazing guide. Hopefully, we will manage to steer clear of these mistakes in 2022. Looking forward to reading more of your work.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi John,
      Great to hear from you. Thanks for writing to us with this validation that the mistakes made in this post are all too real. You wrote that video marketing is an essential part of the job. I agree so much, I recently started on TikTok. If you are on TikTok as well, let’s follow each other over there. Are you on?

  2. Ryan K Biddulph

    Video length is definitely an issue Janice. My shorter videos perform well unless I am broadcasting live. Live broadcasts seem to do better for long videos because even loyal Facebook and Twitter friends need some time to figure out that you went live. However, recorded and uploaded videos need to be short and sweet in almost all cases to grab attention spans and to hit the mark. Folks want helpful information in a few minutes to save time and energy. Excellent post.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryan,
      Thanks for the compliments on my guide to avoiding video marketing mistakes. You mentioned short videos perform better. I agree. They are so trendy, I publish YouTube Shorts sporadically, and twice a day I publish short videos on my TikTok account. I know you make many videos. As you know, I subscribe to your YouTube channel. Are you on TikTok?

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