Best Word Cloud Generator Reviews (14 Fun, Helpful Tools for 2024)

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best word cloud generator

Did you ever consider you might need the best word cloud generator?

Let me give you some statistics. According to Forbes, you only have 30 seconds to hook your blog readers before they leave. When readers “bounce” away, your SEO worsens, and ultimately your search engine traffic declines.

Word clouds are a valuable data visualization tool many people benefit from using.

By reading this post, you discover the advantages of using word clouds, and you receive 14 reviews and tutorials of tools you might choose as the best word cloud generator. In addition, you see examples of word clouds these tools generate.

Let’s get started by discovering how to find the best word cloud generator.

Here you will find a demonstration for using the best word cloud generator. Follow the demonstration to make your own word cloud.

What is a Word Cloud?

A word cloud is a collection of words in different sizes. The more the word appears in a text source, the bigger the word appears in the word cloud.

UPDATE September 2021

Word clouds go by many names:

  • Word cloud
  • Word bubble
  • Word block
  • Word tree
  • Word mosaic
  • Word collage
  • Word patterns
  • Word pictures
  • Word image
  • Word graphic
  • Text cloud
  • Cloud text
  • Wordle

Have you heard of these synonyms for word clouds?

Update: If you believe word clouds are obsolete, think again. On August 22, 2021, on the TV show Meet the Press, the producers took Republican values and Democrat values and put them into a word cloud in order to show the priorities of each of the political groups.

Therefore, you definitely should know your choices when it comes to using the best word cloud generator.

Who Needs the Best Word Cloud Generator?

Blog writers are not the only people who benefit from a word cloud maker.

Who needs the best word cloud generator?

  • therapists
  • bloggers
  • content marketers
  • social media users
  • teachers
  • SEO specialists
  • anyone needing data visualization
  • people wanting unique custom gifts
  • Wordle creators
  • Word art lovers

What is a Wordle?

A Wordle is text which has been rearranged into a visual pattern of words. Your word clouds are Wordles. These are also called “word jumbles.” Word clouds allow you to visualize data.

What is Word Art?

By reading this guide, you can choose the best word cloud generator that gives you a free Word Art maker.

Previously, when I wanted a free Word Art maker, I would insert Word Art from Microsoft Word.

There is no need to go elsewhere with a word block generator.

What are the advantages of data visualization?

You get to see raw data at a glance, so information is conveyed immediately.

Researchers like entrepreneurs, marketers, and teachers can then take the data and conduct analysis.

In a word cloud, important points are conveyed clearly.

A word cloud maker helps you easily accomplish these goals:

Therapists: UPDATE October 2021 You can use word clouds to boost positivity. For instance, if you put words expressing good vibes in a word cloud, the mood of your patients could increase. Try making a positive word cloud and notice the difference.

Bloggers: Ask readers about their biggest struggles. These are known as “pain points.” Enter the words and phrases they respond with. In the post which addresses their struggles, post the word cloud. Readers can see their pain points along with hearing how to solve them from you.

Marketers: You should also ask readers about their biggest struggles. Enter their responses into the word cloud maker. In the post which ends their struggles, post the word cloud. Content marketers can follow up by trying to market a more intensive solution. To boost sales, take the text from a review and put the testimonial into the best word cloud generator.

In addition, your word cloud ends Writer’s Block. When you ask readers what they want to see a post about and put it into a visual display, the word cloud becomes your template for blog post ideas.

Most readers are visual learners and will learn by looking at your word cloud. Many blog readers are confused or bored by looking at long blocks of text. A word cloud breaks up the text in a way different than a standard image.

Also, Google likes a variety of media. Although you’re putting in a still image, word clouds, like infographics, are different from your standard blog post graphic.

Your SEO gets helped in another way as well. Look at your word clouds. Do keyword possibilities come up?

In addition, graphics break up the text which adds to easing the User Experience. Google prioritizes posts that improve readability.

When you use the best word cloud generator, your post becomes unique since not everyone uses word clouds.

People even put tag clouds in the right sidebar. People click on the tags which are live links that take them to the post. Therefore, a word jumble maker can boost traffic.

Social Media Users: You don’t need a blog to choose the best word cloud generator. Instagram question stickers can generate feedback. Your ability to use Instagram to generate feedback is one of the advantages of Instagram. Put the answers in a word cloud.

Readers and social media users enjoy interactive content. Engage your readers, get and give feedback. Then, repurpose your Word Cloud on social media sites with a link to the finished content.

Word clouds are rarely seen, so these weird text generators grab attention on social media sites.

Who else needs a crazy text generator?

Teachers: Use the best word cloud generator as a way of “Publishing.” Word clouds let students see how other students responded in a creative way. This engages students. Everyone loves to compare their opinions. You can see each other’s opinions when you use the best word cloud generator.

Also, readers learn from pictures, so data visualization helps students learn concepts. More than 60% of all readers learn by looking at pictures.

English and history teachers: Put the text of a speech in a word cloud. Analyze the results.

SEO Specialists: By entering your clients’ webpage text into the best word cloud generator, you can see which keywords they focus on creating content around.

Wordle Lovers: In addition to being text which has been rearranged into a visual pattern of words, Wordle is also a popular game in which players try to form words.

In addition, Wordle used to be a website. Since the Wordle website is now defunct, this post also seeks to offer Wordle alternatives.

Why Your Readers Prefer Word Clouds

You are not the only one who benefits from using the best word cloud generator. Your readers like them too.

Consider these comments from a reader who unsubscribed:

“The font size in your emails are too small, and they lack even an image or two to make them browsable.”

Clearly, readability matters to your audience.

Let’s make our readers, students, social media followers, and clients happy by choosing the best word cloud generator we can find.

Which Best Word Cloud Generator Will You Pick?

Word Art (Formerly Tagul)

I asked members of the Reddit Blogging subreddit to name their biggest blogging challenge and entered the responses into the tool. The screenshot shows the word cloud with their answers.

Go to Click Create now.

Input words where it says Type Words. You can type phrases as well as individual words.

Click Remove at the top if you decide you don’t want the entries you added.

You can move the words up and down if desired.

When done, Click Visualize.

Click Undo if you make an error.

You can download and share. If you want to download in a High-Quality Format, you need to upgrade to a paid plan. You can also order prints of your word jumble.

You can use the tool without making an account, but if you want to save and return to finish your project later, you need to create an account.

Best word cloud generator review:

Advantages: The tool is easy to use and no knowledge of coding is necessary.

Word Salad

I asked 16 women about their favorite social media site.


best word cloud generator Word Salad

Would the results have been different if I asked men or different age groups?

Best word cloud generator review:

Word Salad is a free app for iOS, so Word Salad is available at the App Store. The tool works on an iPad as well as your smartphone. You can export your word cloud to Photoshop.


The app allows you to change the background color of your word clouds.

The app recently added 12 new fonts.

You have choices of color palettes. so you can pick your blog colors.

“Pin words” let’s you position the words.

Change the orientation from Portrait to Landscape.

Change the language.

Download and open app.

Click the pencil to edit and add words and phrases.

Save and return to editing if needed.

If you don’t like the appearance of your word cloud, click the Shuffle button.

You can change the default direction from Mostly Horizontal, Horizontal, Mostly Vertical, or Vertical.

This is helpful for primary grade teachers who might want the students to be able to read horizontally.

If there are “forbidden words” you want to ensure don’t wind up in the word jumble, you can make a forbidden word list.

Word Salad Pricing: Word Salad is free to use as a word cloud maker, but if you want to export your word cloud, you need to upgrade your account. You can also upgrade for more options. The first pricing plan starts at $6.99.

Shape Go

Shape Go is available for iOS users.

With Shape Go, you choose a shape and go!

best word cloud generator

You have 4 choices of shapes: dog, girl water drop, and organ. These are ideal for teachers or bloggers writing about related content. If you want more, click the plus sign. When I did, I got a gingerbread man shape. Total 20 shapes.

Best word cloud generator review:


Change fonts

Click pencil to add text. Add words or phrases.

What if you want to use your word jumble maker to show data, but you have no data to show?

Click W to access a Wikipedia article.

I searched Blogging.

Let Shape Go access your photos.

best word cloud generator

Reviews 4.6 out of 5.

Pricing: Shape Go is a free app.

WordPress Widget

In your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance/Widget.

Your widget choices are presented in alphabetical order.

Choose Tag Cloud.

Decide where you want to put your word cloud, and then click Add Widget.

You will see a “cloud” of your most used keyword tags.

The tags appear in the word cloud as live links. When people click, they get taken to the post with the tag and you get blog traffic.

Best word cloud generator review:

Clearly, I don’t have a word cloud in my right sidebar. However, many bloggers do, so they must see the advantages. Having a word cloud on your site boosts traffic and clearly displays the type of content on your blog.

Related Reading: More gadgets for bloggers can be found here.


word jumble maker

TagCrowd is a free desktop application.

Go to

Paste or type your desired text.

You can also get your text from a web page URL such as a blog post.

Click visualize.

Resize your browser window as needed to rearrange the text.

best word cloud generator

I entered the URL to my post about Instagram advantages and disadvantages.

Best word cloud generator review:

Although TagCrowd looks engaging, I am disappointed there are not choices of shapes like these other word cloud generators have.


Tagxedo calls itself “Word Cloud with Styles.”

At Tagxedo, you can turn many types of text into a word cloud:

  • Blog post
  • Tweet
  • News
  • RSS Feed

Your choices of shapes are classic, an apple, a dove, a heart, or a star.

Choices for word directions: horizontal, vertical, or both.

You have 9 font choices and 19 theme choices including Sun and Shadow.

Tagxedo only works on a desktop or laptop.

Best word cloud generator review:

To use Tagxedo you need Silverlight installed. Google Chrome no longer supports Silverlight.

I tried a different browser but was asked to install Silverlight as well.

Once installing Silverlight, go to to create your Word Cloud.

Word It Out

UPDATE October 2021

best word cloud generator

Here is my latest Word It Out word cloud. I used this word cloud to show the main ideas of my MozBar guide.

Word It Out Features

  • Customize the size
  • Customize the font
  • Customize the color
  • Create Word Art
  • Make custom gifts
  • No sign up required

Use Word It Out to make personalized gifts and word clouds.

This is the text from “Alice in Wonderland” displayed at Word it Out.

Do you see how this might be the best word cloud generator choice for English teachers?

Go to

Click Create Your Own.

best word cloud generator

These are the featured word clouds at Word It Out.

You can change the orientation to vertical. The default orientation is horizontal.

You can also change the font and the colors.

To illustrate, I pasted the draft of this post into Word It Out.


best word cloud generator

The tool gives you a word list and a word count.

Best word cloud generator review:

I am spoiled by the dynamic shapes these other tools offer, so for that reason, Word It Out does not get my vote as best word cloud generator.


The developers consider ToCloud the best word cloud generator.

“ToCloud is also smart enough to extract phrases and works much better than most other word cloud generators on the web. The word cloud of a blog, news page, feed will give a quick idea about what topics are being discussed.”

ToCloud has two exciting choices: You can have a static image of the dominant words in your text or a real-time changing image.

To have word cloud that is a static image, use this link.

Best Word Cloud Generator Review: Since ToCloud isn’t a secure site, I couldn’t enter my post URL. I couldn’t form a connection between WordPress and ToCloud.

Pricing: For a static word cloud image, ToCloud is free.

For a word cloud that changes in real time, go here.

Pricing: For a dynamic word-cloud, you need to buy a site license. Prices start at $29.99 for a site license.

Jason Davies Word Cloud

Go to

Best Word Cloud Generator Review:

Not everyone is equally tech-savvy. When the instructions started talking about code and Java Script, I was discouraged from trying to use this tool to make a word cloud.


Go to

Click Create Word Cloud.

Pricing: Free

Best word cloud generator review: Vizzlo is free to use but comes with a watermark. You need to make an account to use the tool.

Rather than make an account, I am using the example that Vizzlo provides: a visualization of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Can you tell King’s motives are clear by looking at this visualization of his text? For instance, the word “Freedom,” is central and in all capitals.

Monkey Learn

You can type, paste, or upload a text file, but you can’t add your blog post URL.

Go to

Type, paste, or upload your text and click Generate Cloud.

I pasted the introduction to this best word cloud generator guide.

best word cloud generator dom

You can change the theme and font. The word cloud generator counts the words in your image for you. For instance, “word cloud” appeared in my image 21 times.

Let’s look for patterns in the text:

Blogging should be about helping the reader, marketing should be about helping the consumer, and teaching should be about helping the student. By looking at the patterns, I can see the word “Reader” is prominent. That tells me this post helps readers as well as the people who need the best word cloud generator.

When you are happy, click Download.

Best word cloud generator review:

I miss the ease of pasting my blog post URL to generate a word cloud.

Also, Monkey Learn has a sentimental analysis which filters the words into fact and opinion, but an account and a fee is required for this perk.

Word Sift

Word Sift promotes itself as a tool for teachers, but anyone can use it.

Go to

Paste your terms where asked and click Sift.

In addition to the standard word cloud choices you find with these other tools, Word Sift shows you the choices for duplicate meanings.

When I asked the tool to make a word cloud for King’s Legacy, a graphic organizer showing the various meanings of the word “King” generated.

Can you see how Word Sift might be the best word cloud generator for teachers due to these multiple uses? Word Sift is both a word cloud generator and a mind map generator.


UPDATE August 2022

Shapecloud is a word art generator from Creative Fabrica. Highly customizable and easy to use, the online tool also allows you to choose from standard shapes or upload your own SVG design for a more personalized experience. Add flair to your projects and presentations with unlimited downloads with any subscription plan. Meanwhile, free users can enjoy up to five word art downloads. Use it on your computer or on the go with your phone or tablet.

Best word cloud generator review:
The option to use your own shapes in creating word art is a big plus! Although the 5-download limit for free users may be a downside, a subscription also gives you access to other Creative Fabrica features.

Very user-friendly
Choose from template fonts and shapes or upload your own
Submit a list of words to include
Select from various fonts and shapes, and then colors that suit your design
Instant download your word art in PNG, SVG, or PDF formats

UPDATE July 2022

best wordcloud generator

After publication, continued to be my favorite best word cloud generator.

I used this word cloud for an upcoming post about how to choose a copywriting template.

As you can see, the word cloud is in the shape of a pen which matches my theme of copywriting. You don’t have to search through the large shape library. I clicked Shape. Then, I merely typed “pen” into the search bar and chose the pen I wanted for my word cloud.


best word cloud generator

I used this word cloud in my Twiends review. Since I mentioned how much I love Twiends in the review, I felt a heart was an appropriate image.

After conducting my research into the best word cloud generator, I saved the best for last. Word Clouds is the best word cloud generator in my opinion. After reading my review of Word Clouds, I believe you will agree.

Go to

Create a word cloud in a number of ways. For instance, you can paste text or paste a URL of your blog post.

Click File/New Word Cloud to clear your old word cloud. Under File, you will see a dropdown menu. Click Open URL. Paste the URL of your blog post where indicated.

This word cloud generator will not include “stop” words. Stop words are small words that make the reader “stop” reading. “To” is an example of a stop word.

If you don’t select a shape, Word Clouds will choose the shape for you. There is no default shape, so each time your word cloud appears in a different shape.

best word cloud generator word clouds

This word cloud shows the text for my post explaining how to get out of Facebook Jail.

After making your word cloud, you can change the shape, theme, colors, and font styles. Use the slider at the top of the screen to change the size of your words.

When you’re happy with your word cloud, click File to save. If you want to download, click File/Save as Image. You can save as a jpeg, png, or a pdf file.

Best Word Cloud Generator Review:

I entered my MeWe review URL. Social media users claim MeWe is for right-leaning political conservatives. By seeing which words are prominent, we could get visual data.


By examining the visualization of the text in the post, I do not feel my MeWe review has an abundance of political content.

Can you tell my word cloud is a flower?

You have many choices of shapes.

I am extremely happy with Word Clouds and consider the tool the best word cloud generator I reviewed for this post. I believe both my students and blog readers will enjoy seeing the Word Clouds generated. I had fun using the tool as well.

Word Tree Generator

best word cloud generator word tree generator

Your best word cloud generator might include the shape of a tree. You can use as your Word Tree Generator.

Can you tell the word cloud for my splice app review is in the shape of a Christmas tree? Look in the screenshot at the shapes. Look two to the left of the highlighted shape. You will see a tree. Just click the tree to use this tool as your Word Tree Generator.

Due to all the shape choices, I prefer Word Clouds to Salad Go as my choice for the best word cloud generator.

Pricing: Free

What is NOT the Best Word Cloud Generator

When I first, started blogging in 2014, Ubersuggest, an SEO tool, included a word cloud.

Soon after, Neil Patel bought the tool and the word cloud was no longer included.

If you’d like to see my review of before Neil Patel’s acquisition, you can see an example of a word cloud Ubersuggest generated.

This disappearance of the word cloud is one of my motivations for writing this guide.

Since 2014, I have offered many Ubersuggest alternatives on this blog, but none came with a word cloud.

Now, thanks to this article, you have Wordle alternatives and choices for the best word cloud generator.

Best Word Cloud Generator Update

After publication, I took the ideas in this post and put them in the tool I believe is the best word cloud generator.


best word cloud generator

Now you can see the main ideas in this guide.

Best Word Cloud Generator: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Word Cloud Generator?

After extensive research of free word cloud generators,, I concluded that Word Clouds ( is the best word cloud generator. I did not try the paid tools.

What is the Best Free Word Cloud Generator?

After spending weeks reviewing word cloud generators, I feel Word Clouds ( is the best free word cloud generator.

How Do I Make a Word Cloud for Free?

There are many free word cloud maker tools. For instance, you can use Tagxedo, Tagul, Word Salad, Shape Go, Word Sift, and Word Clouds. These websites will let you make a free word cloud.

Wrapping Up: Best Word Cloud Generator

In closing, this guide to choosing the best free word cloud generator shared different types of word clouds. You can select from word clouds for desktop, mobile, free, and paid alternatives.

You also know who would benefit from the best word cloud generator and the advantages of using a word cloud maker.

After reading this guide, you now have reviews and tutorials so you can make an informed choice when you choose the best word cloud generator. Bookmark this guide for easy reference.

My favorite best word cloud generator is Word Clouds, and my second favorite is Shape Go. The apps are free to use and the shapes are engaging.

Readers, please share so people discover the advantages of using a word cloud maker and pick the best word cloud generator for them.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you ever think you might use a word coud maker? Can you think of any additional uses for one? If you already use one, which tool do you think is the best word cloud generator?

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