How to Make Money With 17 Best Tech Podcasts

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3 Best Tim Ferriss podcasts and 13 best tech podcasts and marketing podcasts.

Are you here for reviews of the best Tim Ferriss podcasts?

This post will cover reviews of the best tech podcasts as well as the best Tim Ferriss podcasts.

Various episodes of 17 podcasts are reviewed. These reviews cover 3 of the best Tim Ferris podcasts and 14 of the best tech podcasts.

The reviews of the best tech podcasts include social media marketing podcasts.

These short reviews are snippets designed to give you an idea of what’s covered in the podcast series in case you want to subscribe.

Strategies from each podcast episode designed to help you boost your brand and make money are included.

Let’s dive in.

Best Tim Ferris Podcasts

Tim Ferris shares tools, tricks, and tactics that podcast listeners can use.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Episode: Books I’ve Loved

In this episode, authors share their books.

For example, an author of a book about the development of babies said the book wasn’t about babies.

In fact, he explained the book was about how to embrace life-long learning.

Another book was about biology which is a best-seller in China. The book discusses crowd behavior as it relates to biology.

He only recommended the beginning of the next book which was about how to predict our future.

The speaker offered a business plan relating to what people buy. The plan, which considers inflation, is important for marketers.


If you are interested in these disparate topics, you might consider this as one of the best Tim Ferriss podcasts.

You’ll certainly learn a great deal.

I found the economic episode interesting:

He discusses the only graph in the book. He calls it the most important graph ever made in history.

Additionally, he predicts every industry will have to do with information. Every industry will become an information field.

He discussed the relationship between economic trends and the growth of technology. Interesting!

He explained progress is perpetual.

The speaker also cites Newton’s famous “standing on the shoulders of giants quote.” In this case, this means that technology builds on prior tech advancements.

He went on to discuss how innovation pairings result in massive growth.

Also, he discussed the idea of Memes.

He predicts a dramatically unprecedented growth as new people enter information technology and go online.

Finally, an additional advantage to listening to the podcast: Tim is so helpful, he offers to email his listeners.


This episode is very complicated.

For example, the speaker talked about paradigm shifts.

Also, he didn’t explain the meaning of the acronym CPU.

Finally, Tim curses, so if profanity offends you, you might want to stay away.

Tribe of Mentors

This is another one of the best Tim Ferriss podcasts.

He offers short life advice and tactical advice.

The podcast is 33 minutes long.

Tim interviewed Adam Robinson who knows how to beat the competition in many areas includes chess. Adam is a New York Times bestseller and an AI expert.

This is one of the best inspirational podcasts because it offers quotes from inspirational people.

For example, he quoted Amelia Earhart. “The most difficult thing is is the decision to act. The rest is merely tenacity.”

Adam also quoted Rudyard Kipling. “If you don’t get what you want, it’s a sign either that you did not seriously want it, or that you tried to bargain over the price.”

Interesting: We don’t accurately predict the future trends in finance and investment, we are more confident with more knowledge but not more accurate in our investment predictions.

He discussed how to change: Keep trying.

If you’re not sure about a decision, you’re not focused on the task at hand.

The speaker went on to discuss the importance of meditation and understanding others.

You need to connect with others to change the world. Give to others and you create magic. You need emotional intelligence.

Don’t ask what you want to do. Ask who you want to be. In all matters be enthusiastic.

Pay your dues and be patient.

Find your mission and your goals will be achieved.

What can you cut out so you are not overwhelmed?

Ask if taking on a commitment will forward your mission.

The Random Show


The episode I listened to described Transcendental Meditation.

If you’re interested in meditation, you might find the process fascinating.

The part I found the most educational was learning about the social pressure people who participate are under to continue meditating.

The benefits of meditating were covered as well.

A July 2017 episode favorably reviewed books.

For example, the book WALKING WITH EINSTEIN discussed memory training so effective that you could memorize the cards in a shuffled deck.


The Random Show folded. There hasn’t been a new episode made since 2017.

Best Tech Podcasts

These best tech podcasts are shared in descending order from best to worst.

On the outset, it may look like many of these are the best social media marketing podcast reviews and not reviews of the best tech podcasts.

However, these social media podcasts include tool recommendations, so they qualify for the category of the best tech podcasts.

Marketing School

Why did this get my first choice as Best Tech podcast when I like some of these others that taught me so much?

It was a tough decision.

Full disclosure: I’m a huge fan of Neil Patel and this made the choice for me.


Marketing School is extremely informative.

For example, the podcast shared how LinkedIn helps generate leads.

best Tim Ferris podcasts and Best Tech Podcasts

Image Credit

The white squares in the upper-right hand corner of the image indicate this is a Photo Carousel.

I learned that Photo Carousels help boost your Instagram engagement. In fact, Neil attributes his Instagram follower boost to using Photo Carousels.

Should we use Tik Tok? I always wondered. Neil said no. Tik Tok is not for marketers yet but you should build an audience there now.

Each episode is only six minutes long. Therefore, the information is easy to remember.

Since I listen to podcasts while driving my car, taking notes is difficult. Dictating notes to my Apple Watch isn’t always possible while driving.

Some podcasts make one episode a week. Neil and Eric make an episode each day as far as I can tell.

I learn a great deal when I listen to Marketing School. As mentioned, I learned what Photo Carousels are and how to make them.

I also discovered Neil is a pretty humble guy even though he’s so famous and he received an award from President Obama.


Did Neil’s partner Eric Sui have a cold late last year? He was difficult to understand at times.

Also, Neil and Eric recommend many paid tools. Not everyone has a budget that includes paid tools.

Build Your Tribe

Charlene Johnson and Brad Johnson’s podcast.

Brad is Charlene’s son. They publish on Tuesdays.


In the first episode I heard, Brock Johnson offers 4 actionable strategies for boosting your Instagram account.

His easy-to-understand instructions made so much sense to me that I wanted to pull my car over to the closest curb and follow his tips which I learned while I was driving.

For instance, Brock explained we should send every Instagram post to our Instagram story. Clearly, this will extend our posts’ reach, yet I never thought of this.

He went on to say, in the story, tell people why they should click through to your post.

He also offered his opinion on the controversy over where you should get your Instagram hashtags: in the post or in the comment box. Brock recommended the comment box. Although I disagree with him, hearing his theory made for interesting listening.


While I was impressed with Brock Johnson’s actionable tips, I was disappointed with Charlene Johnson’s tips.

For example, in the podcast I listened to, she told us not to sell too often in Instagram Stories.

Also, she advised, “Don’t be rash when you make business decisions.”

Then, in the same podcast, she told us to be rash since opportunities may not present themselves again. The time to act is now.

By her own admission, she contradicted herself.

Because she repeats herself so much, I’m bored.

In addition, I thought her tips were all-too-obvious and even worse, confusing.


Description: “Every story is a tech story. We live in a world where algorithms drive our interests, scientists are re-engineering our food supply, and a robot may be your next boss.”

Host Arielle Duhaime-Ross explains why and how tech is changing everything.


I learned a great deal about a situation that affects California writers and affects me personally.

California freelancers are struggling due to the recent passage of Assembly Bill 5 (AB 5). I, personally, am affected since I have a freelance writing business.

The truth: All freelance writers are in danger of losing this income stream.

The episode “The Legal Battle Over Who Counts as an Employee” thoroughly explains the situation. For example, I learned how freelancers such as Uber drivers and Postmates deliverers are getting restraining orders against the new law impacting them.

The episode also predicted the future: If Bernie Sanders wins the U.S. Presidency, the law will spread to other states outside of California.


This is a new series. Since Reset just began in 2019, it’s hard to tell what the future holds for this informative and interesting series.



I enjoyed listening to the podcast a week after the Consumer Electronics Show.

The hosts shared the background story of the Sony car.

Sony could not find a car manufacturer which would put their electronics into a car for them. Therefore they made their own car. The announcement came so under the radar everyone was shocked when the car rolled out onto the showroom floor.


My friend predicted the car was just a prototype and would never be manufactured for the public, but it sure gave me an interesting dinner conversation.

If he’s correct, the Sony car was all just much ado about nothing, to quote Shakespeare.

Instagram Stories

Danielle Hill’s podcast.


Danielle interviews experts about Instagram tools like templates, apps, and Chrome extensions.

In the episode I heard, she interviewed an adjunct professor of social media marketing.


The professor recommended Onlypult .

Some tips are just too advanced to try and master especially if you’re driving a car while listening to the podcast.

Science of Social Media

Buffer’s podcast.


Fun things to try on Instagram.

Actionable tip: Use the new features; they get the bias of the algorithms.

Try on your Instagram Story: You can use the layout template.

The host discussed how to have a live link in your bio.

Also, advanced tips were discussed like how to add an alt tag on Instagram.

They agree with Brock Johnson. Put hashtags on the first comment box on your Instagram post.

I highly recommend the Science of Social Media. I learned so much.


Breaking Brand is another one of Buffer’s podcasts.

They are constantly talking about Breaking Brand and promoting it on the Science of Social Media.

This is understandable.

However, the Science of Social Media is such a winner that on Buffer’s recommendation, I tried Breaking Brand.

It was boring beyond belief.

Five episodes were devoted to one marketer who made the transition to marketing in New York.

At least, that’s what the hosts said. I was so bored, I couldn’t get through the first episode of Breaking Brand and stopped listening.

Ace the Gram

Tasha Meys and Viv Conway’s podcast.


The podcast is educational.

I learned:

Testimonials generate few likes and comments but could generate signups and sales.

The podcast contains all Instagram tips which I enjoy.


Being British, the girls use British slang I’m not familiar with. By the time, I try to figure out what they’re saying from the context clues, they’ve moved on to other important points.

Social Media Marketing

Michael Stelzner’s podcast.


In one episode, Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner discussed purchasing decisions.

Neuroscience and marketing: Why do people purchase?

In order to make sales, you need to discuss why people make purchasing decisions.

In another podcast, Michael Stelzner, the host, interviewed Vanessa Lau. She explained how to find people interested in your products and services on Instagram and market to them using the DM feature.


Michael interviewed Kindra Hall about the power of stories.

I was interested for two reasons:

First, I’m always looking to improve my Instagram Stories.

Next, you need to hook your readers by telling a story.

Regardless of which topic Kindra discussed, I was interested.

This guest, Kindra, told us her whole background.

She was interested in stories in the 5th grade.

Then, she read kindergartners a story.

Come on, people, bring on the tips.

I got bored and turned it off.

Instagram Secrets

Derek Videll’s podcast.


I learned a great deal about how to boost my Instagram success when Derek shared his Instagram secrets.

For example, Derek explained not to pigeonhole myself into sticking with the pattern I use on Instagram, a checkerboard pattern.


When I took his advice and deviated from my pattern, my engagement was so low, I took down the post.

Otherwise, Instagram’s algorithms might think all my posts are inferior and give me less visibility.

Also, his podcast episode sounded salesy. It’s okay (even expected) to sell, but don’t be so obvious about it.

Also, this podcast is old.

The Social Toolkit

Social Fresh’s podcast.

At the time of the writing, I’ve only heard one episode.


If you’re looking for social media marketing tips so engaging that you have a probability of boosting your social media marketing success, this podcast is for you.

In the only episode I’ve heard so far, a marketer from MailChimp was interviewed. He explained how MailChimp made a MailChimp emoji that is a huge hit and boosts their brand.


Do I have time to figure out how to make a Mostly Blogging emoji and generate enough interest that it creates traction?


I’m not tech-savvy and have a day job.

Breakthrough Success

Host Marc Guberti was one of my first blogging friends, so it pains me to give him this low ranking on my best tech podcasts list.


Marc interviewed a runner which surprised me since Marc is a teenage entrepreneur who made his fame teaching people how to use Twitter. Marc taught ME how to use Twitter.

Thanks to Marc’s tutelage years ago, today Twitter is my best social media site in terms of followers.

The runner painted a larger picture of how to meet goals: No one will help you. You have to meet them yourself.

They talked about the SMART marketing strategy and the importance of modifying your plan to reach your goals as needed.


I figured out the triathlon competition discussed in the interview was supposed to be a metaphor for people attempting to reach their goals, metaphorically called “the finish line” in the episode.

Would all listeners be able to figure that out and know they were talking figuratively? I’m not so sure.

Social Zoom Factor with Pam Moore


I listened to a few of her episodes.

In one, Pam offered a personal branding definition.

In another episode, she explained 2020 marketing trends. In fact, she explained brands will become more humanized.

You will receive actionable tips. For example, she explained how to know and serve your audience.

Also, Pam Moore is a riveting speaker.


As Pam Moore rattles on about branding, it just feels like empty words.

Why do I continue to listen?

Pam is a hypnotic speaker! I keep thinking something valuable will come along, so I stay tuned.

Online Marketing Made Easy

This is Amy Porterfield’s podcast.


Amy is a great speaker.

In the episode I heard, she hooks the listener with an anecdote about a Christmas tree.

The analogy related to the importance of rethinking your strategy.

She quoted Tony Robins. “Perfection is the mother of skill.”


Not everyone celebrates Christmas.

It wasn’t clear this was Tony Robbin’s quote. I actually put the quote on Instagram and attributed it to Amy.

Tech Briefs

This is Flipboard’s podcast. Flipboard is a content curation site.

Instead of disseminating information through articles as Flipboard does, this podcast enables people to get information by listening if that’s the method they prefer.

I listened to several episodes hoping Tech Briefs would be among the best tech podcasts.

[Related Reading: See this post about how to use Flipboard to boost your brand and traffic.]


The first episode I listened to was interesting. The podcast hosts described a Sony car. A Sony car?! Who knew? Not me.

(This was the first tech podcast I listened to, and I didn’t know yet about the Sony car.)

Apparently, Sony took its electronics and put them into a car.

The hosts compared the Sony car to other cars like the Tesla.

The next episode was about Mitsubishi.

By listening to this episode, I learned that avatars were supposed to replace newscasters but it didn’t work out. The hosts also reminisced over the movie Avatar.


The hosts kept talking about CES and I didn’t know what that was. Perhaps it’s an event or conference.

As a teacher and blogger, I only use acronyms when I’m sure people know their meaning.

I found out subsequent to listening that the Consumer Electronics Show occurred in Las Vegas the previous week and that is what they referenced.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Tim Ferriss Podcasts and Best Tech Podcasts

Are podcasts worth listening to?

Yes! Thanks to podcasts, people can learn while driving, washing dishes, folding laundry, gift wrapping, and any time they can’t read information.

Why should I listen to the Tim Ferriss show?

You get new facts and inspiration to succeed.

Wrapping Up: Best Tim Ferriss Podcasts and Best Tech Podcasts

In closing, as you can see you’ll learn a great deal by listening to the podcasts.

You learn about marketing, social media, and branding from the best tech podcasts reviewed in this post.

From the best Tim Ferris podcasts, you learn new facts about a whole gamut of various topics.

From the best positive podcasts like Tribe of Mentors, you get inspired to succeed.

There were others as well. I consider Amy Porterfield’s and Pam Moore’s podcasts among the best positive podcasts. The women’s overpowering message is that we can be successful.

I realize I only listened to a handful of episodes of Breakthrough Success and some of these others.

However, these short reviews of the best tech podcasts were meant to give you a taste of what the podcasts are about in case you might be interested in subscribing.

These podcasts are free, and in the event that you grow tired of them, you really don’t even unsubscribe. The podcast app I use which comes with my iPhone doesn’t download any additional episodes for me if it senses I’ve lost interest.

All in all, I prefer reading blog posts to get information. However, for those of you who prefer to get your information by listening to podcasts, hopefully, you found these reviews of the best Tim Ferriss podcasts and reviews of the best tech podcasts helpful.

Readers, please share so people who prefer to get their information by listening instead of reading or watching videos learn about these best Tim Ferriss podcasts and the best tech podcasts.

I look forward to your views in the comment section. Do you listen to podcasts? Can you recommend more of the best Tim Ferriss podcasts or the best tech podcasts?

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