Best Storytelling YouTube Channels: 7 Rock-Solid Videos to Inspire You to Succeed in 2024

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Do you want to have one of the best storytelling YouTube channels?

This guide is for brands who want to generate more interest in their videos and anyone who wants to make YouTube videos that generate more views.

There are many pros and cons of YouTube.

For instance, there is a tremendous amount of competition for viewership. In fact, according to EarthWeb, there are 720,000 hours of video content added to YouTube each day.

However, an advantage of YouTube is that if you know the right strategies, you have a massive audience waiting for you.

This guide gives you the strategies for making engaging brand story videos by telling stories with your videos.

By reading this article, you get reviews of seven brand story videos, five favorable and two negative reviews. You will also be able to view the videos from the best storytelling YouTube channels and discover reasons for their strengths.

By the time you are done reading, you will be able to copy the best storytelling YouTube channels and emulate these to beat the competition and stand out. Boost retention and increase watch hours needed for monetization.

Let’s get started reviewing the best storytelling YouTube videos. Never again have a boring video.

One important note before we get started, of all the YouTube channels I’ve found, these are the best storytelling YouTube channels. They are in no particular order with one important exception.

Ed Lawrence’s Filmbooth is the best of the best storytelling YouTube channels by far. For that reason, his brand story videos are reviewed first.

Best Storytelling YouTube Channels


I follow the lessons of Ed Lawrence from Filmbooth when attempting to have one of the best storytelling YouTube channels.

Ed’s videos follow the two important E’s you need to follow if you want to have one of the best storytelling YouTube channels: Your videos need to be entertaining and educational.

One important note:

Those 2 E’s of YouTube storytelling are stated in order of importance. If your videos are not entertaining, people will stop watching and no one will learn anything.

Of all the videos I’ve seen, Ed Lawrence’s videos stand out strong when it comes to producing a brand story video.

I don’t use the word “produced” lightly. I marvel at how long making his videos take him.

For instance, in the first video below, almost immediately after pressing Play, you hear ominous sound effects. I don’t know about you, but they sure grab my attention.

Note: I encourage you to use sound effects to keep YouTube viewers engaged, but they must make sense within the context of the video.

This is Rule #1 when making a brand story video. You must grab viewers’ attention or they will leave. YouTube is insanely competitive. There are other videos they could watch on the same topic and be both educated AND entertained.

In my experience as a YouTube viewer, there are two types of YouTubers: talking bobbleheads and storytellers. Both convey information. However, if you want to be a successful YouTuber and have one of the best storytelling YouTube channels, you need to tell stories.

You can’t just stand and talk at the camera or sit and talk at the camera. That’s the term for a speaker in a video that just talks at the camera. Using a text to speech tool to create voiceovers easily allows you to avoid this problem and show different scenes while keeping the viewer engaged.

Video Influencers agree with the need to tell stories in your videos.

None of Ed’s videos disappoint. They all hit home runs out of the park every time. However, in order to choose one of Ed’s videos to give an example of a strong brand story video, there was no contest.

By watching, you can see Ed has one of the best storytelling YouTube channels because he is funny. He doesn’t just share information in his videos. He acts in them.

This video received 195,085 views in eight months.

Since Ed receives my vote for having the best of the best storytelling YouTube channels, Ed gets two videos included here.

By watching this video, you can see Ed’s trademark humor shine as he discusses his own review of a brand story video.


best storytelling YouTube channels

Ed isn’t just funny, he performs in the video.

Notice his look of disgust as he spits out the coffee.

Admire the special effect he uses to represent the coffee. Ed’s videos are loaded with special effects like sound effects.

What is the connection between Russian coffee and the merit of YouTube videos, the subject of his post?

That is the point exactly: Ed Lawrence is a master storyteller. Ed finds the relevance and capitalizes on it to hook his viewers and keep them engaged.

Janice Wald

This is my attempt at following Ed’s strategies to produce a brand story video.

While attempting to have one of the best storytelling YouTube channels, I tried to take Ed’s advice and start with a hook. While trying to make the point that the Medium Partner Program won’t help you get paid enough to write to make it worth your efforts, I started my video in a hospital room.

My attempts to be humorous failed miserably. My daughter, a film director, labeled my introduction as depressing and confusing.

Shelby Church

Let’s look at Shelby Church’s video on the same topic.

Shelby has one of the best storytelling YouTube channels according to Ed Laurence. That’s how I found out about her.

Watch her video closely. She never spends more than three seconds on one shot. Since she changes her scene every three seconds, the viewer never gets bored. Therefore, they have no incentive to leave the video.

Take a page from the rulebook of the best storytelling YouTube channels like Shelby Church’s.

By consistently engaging the viewer, she keeps her watch time up. By keeping her watch time up, YouTube is convinced this is a quality video and shows it to more viewers.

As a result, this view generated 344, 810 views in two years.

By watching her video about the Medium Partner Program and reading this analysis, I hope you can see why Shelby Church has one of the best storytelling YouTube channels.

Mr. Beast

No article reviewing the best storytelling YouTube channels would be complete without including the famous YouTuber, Mr. Beast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson.

Mr. Beast has generated millions as a YouTuber. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jimmy Donaldson, aka Mr. Beast, is worth 25 million dollars.

Mr. Beast seems happy to use his money to put back into his videos to boost the entertainment value. For instance, Mr. Beast spent a lot of money to film himself in a hole for one of his YouTube videos.

Mr. Beast’s most successful video is $456,000 Squid Game In Real Life! The video generated a whopping 274,868,418 views in eight months.

Do you see a running theme here? All these successful YouTubers go the extra mile to boost entertainment value.

Let’s review more of the best storytelling YouTube channels.

Jake Tran

Tran’s videos rely on sensational headlines to get the clicks.

Two minutes into the video, I knew I would give this a rave review. I was hooked!

Happily, the video lives up to its sensational headline as it retells Samsung’s potential liability in the death of a young girl.

Why was I hooked?

Like these other powerhouse videos, “So THIS Is How You Get Away with Murder” has a fast pace. The scenes are constantly changing.

The music helps to give this a professionally produced feel.

Also, the video tells a story.

Jake Tran uses a technique called “Flashback” to hook the viewer. He starts with the heroine already deathly ill and then flashes back in time to tell the story of Samsung’s role in her death.

The video generated 1.20 million views in two months.

Apple Insider

This article about the best storytelling YouTube channels does not only contain my opinions.

Apple Insider was recommended by one of my YouTube viewers as the channel containing the best brand story video.

Was she right? Does Apple Insider tell a story with this video?

I watched the first four minutes, and I was bored silly.

As many YouTubers do, Apple Insider uses YouTube chapters to organize the content of the video. I began chapter seven and stopped watching.

Why was I bored? The speaker is a ”talking head.” That’s the term for a speaker in a video that just talks at the camera.

When viewers leave your video, your video gets shown to fewer people. The algorithms learn this is not a video people enjoy.

Also, if you are trying to make money on YouTube, lessening your watch time hurts your monetization efforts.


This was my YouTube viewer’s second choice for the best brand video.

This is also an important inspirational YouTube video to share here. So far, all these videos have been in my niche, but not all YouTube creators make videos in my niche. This next brand story video example is in the health or food niche.

This time, I was enthralled.

This is a great example of an engaging brand story video:

As you watch the video, look and listen.

Notice the constantly moving action. In contrast to the Apple Insider video, the TED-Ed creators don’t allow you time to get bored.

Also, the realistic sound effects continue throughout the video.

It gets better: There aren’t any people in the video.

This is great news if you feel uncomfortable being in your own brand story video.

This video generated 13,617,219 views in seven years.

How to Make the Best Storytelling YouTube Channels

As you read the reviews of the best storytelling YouTube channels, you saw they all had one important factor in common: creative editing.

As mentioned in Shelby Church’s review, she never has a scene on the screen for more than three seconds.

For you to emulate these best storytelling YouTube channels to create one of your own, you need powerful video editing software.

Ed Lawrence revealed in an interview that he uses Da Vince Resolve.

Here you will find the video editing software that I use and can personally recommend.

Best video editors

  • Instasize
  • Lumen5
  • InShot,
  • iMovie,
  • Splice
  • PixTeller
  • Filmora Go
  • Canva
  • Spark Video
  • Vimeo
  • PlaceIt
  • ShotCut
  • YouTube Video Editor

I am a big fan of the Splice editor when I edit videos on my phone. Splice is popular for its large, no-cost, copyright-free music library. Here you will find a Splice app review.

If Splice doesn’t suit your fancy, here are reviews of Splice app alternatives. Also, included here you will find an Instasize video review.

Although I have not yet tried DaVinci Resolve, I have heard from Ed Lawrence and people in Reddit video editing communities that DaVinci Resolve is the best video editor.

Wrapping Up: Best StoryTelling YouTube Channels

In closing, the goal of this article was to share videos from the best storytelling YouTube channels to inspire you to make your own mesmerizing videos.

What have you learned?

By reading this guide, you learned to make videos that

  • Have a hook
  • Are entertaining
  • Are educational
  • Are creative
  • Tell a story
  • Use sound effects
  • Have a fast pace where the scene is constantly changing

By reading this post, you received brand story videos from the best storytelling YouTube channels. Now you can see examples of what you need to do to beat the competition on YouTube.

You also learned the criteria for making videos sure to grab viewers’ attention and boost your channel’s watch time: You need videos that are both entertaining and educational.

Finally, you received recommendations for the best video editing software I have personally tried and can recommend.

Readers, please share so other YouTubers find this video and see examples from the best storytelling YouTube channels as well as other strategies for making the best brand videos that get viewed and shared.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. What do you believe are the best storytelling YouTube channels you can recommend to readers to add to the discussion?

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