50 Experts Share Their Best Free Social Media Apps

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50 Experts Share Their Best Free Social Media AppsYou know you need social media sites to promote your blog posts.

You don’t have the time to promote at all of them.

By using social media apps, you can promote on your phones.

You can get the promotion done and save time by promoting on your mobile phones instead of having to find a computer.

By using the best social media apps, you can save time and effectively promote your content. By using the apps on your phones, you’ll be able to promote to more places than you could on a desktop computer since you can promote “on the go.”

However, as time goes on, smartphone apps keep changing.

Which are the best social media apps in 2018?

Fortunately, many free social media tools exist to save you time. This post is about smartphone apps you can use to promote your website content faster.

Consider this conversation from the now-defunct site Inbound.org:


When I was new, I promoted everywhere. I have listed 79 places where you could promote your blog posts.

See which of these 79 sites bring you the most traction and continue to promote there.

Inbound user:

Self-promotion does not work, especially when you spread yourself thin by dividing your attention between numerous sites.

Just choose a few sites (3 to 5 depending on your time budget).

According to my responder, bloggers are too busy to promote in more than five places.

Is it true you should only promote in up to five places?

If yes, which five should you pick?

Using your smartphone apps will free you from having to be near a computer and expedite your content promotion.

When I began my research for this interview, there was confusion over what I mean by “best smartphone apps:”

“Hi, Janice. By saying ‘social media apps’ do you mean platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn or tools like Buffer, Socialquant, Hootsuite?

While I did mean the former to facilitate bloggers’ content promotion, I’d be curious to know what the experts consider the best social media apps.

This was the question I asked the respondents:

Suppose you only had time to network at one site? Which should it be? I asked respondents for the best social media apps available for smartphones.

Best Social Media Apps for iPhone and Android

Q. What is the best free social media app for blog promotion?

  1. Simon Zasu Twitter 

Twitter it is! When it comes to effective social media sharing, Twitter’s official app and its LITE version (both for Android & iOS devices) come in really handy and super easy to use. With these apps, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and marketers can easily tweet interesting content at the go even without having to turn on their computers. This aids easy sharing of content within seconds and brings sharing at your fingertips! The LITE version is for those wanting to save data while tweeting. This works by omitting some features present in the official version so if you’re a data saver then the LITE version would be perfect for you and your brand.

2. David Leonhardt Hootsuite David Leonhardt

Hootsuite. I like that I can manage my Twitter accounts in easy-to-view columns and quickly attach images to tweets.

3. Shayla Price TweetDeck Shayla Price

I love TweetDeck. This tool makes it easy to track and engage with your followers. I use it to monitor trends, and it’s helpful during Tweet Chats.

Plus, it’s not difficult to use. It definitely makes my Twitter experience 10x better.

4. Amin Ghale Pinterest Amin Ghale

I think there is no general answer for this. Every niche has its own priority. For example, if you are into youth apparel, nothing can come ahead of Instagram and Pinterest.

Twitter, in my opinion, doesn’t have the value for these sort of niches.

For the sites I handle, Pinterest has to be doing pretty well. Although I’m more into organic traffic, Pinterest is always there to jump up my traffic. If the process is streamlined properly, it can give you traffic more than any other social media.

Facebook has limited the organic reach so the power it had previously isn’t there unless you want to buy their ads.

5. Gary Jefferies Pinterest Gary Jefferies

Pinterest because it’s demographic is more discerning. Pinterest is both intellectually and cash rich.

They actively seek content and it now provides me with constant referrals.

6. Latasha Peterson Hootsuite 

One of my favorite social media apps is Hootsuite. The Hootsuite platform lets users manage multiple networks and it also lets their users measure their campaign results. I love it because I am able to manage my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts all on one platform and schedule them ahead time each week.

7. Carla Gadyt Hootsuite 

Hootsuite: The free version offers 5 social media management accounts where you can schedule all your posts for different social networks, and also you can install the app on your phone.

It is easy to use and reliable.

8. Robin Khokhar Instagram 

The best free social media app that I have used until today is Instagram.

The reason I use Instagram is that it can use used easily and one upload or click the photos instantly. And many of the companies including me are using it for branding.

9. Harsh Agrawal  Adobe Spark 

Adobe Spark is the best social media app.

This amazing free social media app will let you create stunning images from the comfort of your phone. The best part is its free.

UPDATE: JustRetweet is no longer operational.

10. Lorraine Reguly JustRetweet 

I love JustRetweet. Why? It allows others to share your links (to blog posts, videos, etc.) for FREE, thus enabling you to get more eyeballs (more traffic) to your site!

You can grow your audience and customer base easily this way!

11. Gail Gardner MavSocial Gail Gardner

MavSocial because you can use it to schedule and push unique social media posts with images, videos, infographics, and SlideShares to Twitter, LinkedIn (doesn’t work too well), Facebook, and Tumblr. Each of the versions can be previewed before scheduling and edited as needed. They also have recurring scheduling now.

12. Lisa Sicard Buffer 

Buffer is the best social media app.

It’s the easiest scheduling app there is and it works on mobile very well.

13. Dave Schneider ViralTag and Hootsuite Related image

We’ve tried our share of social media apps but there are two that have stuck with us the longest and, what I’ll admit gave us the best value for money.

We have ViralTag, which we use to sync all our visual social media posts, then we use Hootsuite for everything else.

14. Ryan Biddulph TweetDeck 

TweetDeck is the top free social media app for me due to ease of use. Log in, engage, retweet and connect with folks quickly.

Plus it offers scheduling which is an added bonus. I find TweetDeck easy to use; seamless really. Log in through Twitter, set up a few lists and you are good to go.

15. Peter Nilsson Hootsuite 

Hootsuite is a perfect app if you have several social media accounts and it is a great solution to use and manage all your accounts in one place. With Hootsuite, you can schedule your social posts, and follow your conversations. In my opinion, Hootsuite is a tool that everyone should use to boost your social media accounts and measure the impact of your social media campaigns.

16. Marc Guberti Hootsuite 

Hootsuite is the best free social media app. It puts all of your social networks in one place and allows you to control what posts show up in various feeds. That way, you won’t get distracted by trending topics or other features designed to keep you on social networks longer than you should be on them.

17. Richard Monssen Crowdfire Richard Monssen

Crowdfire is the best social media app.

It’s simple and effective.

18. Chris Makara Buffer Chris Makara 👽

My favorite free social media app is Buffer. Buffer is great because you can easily schedule status updates to go out whenever you need them to. And while I might be a bit biased, I also like Buffer because I can easily keep it full of great content to share by using https://bulk.ly (which I created specifically to use with your Buffer account).

19. Sam Hurley Buffer 

Buffer is one of the best social media apps! One of the most popular social management apps out there (offering both free + paid plans)! Simple to use, highly efficient and the support team are amazing. Schedule your posts across all the top social networks in just a few clicks. No marketing arsenal would be complete without it!

20. Freddy G. Cabrera Instagram Freddy G. Cabrera

Instagram is the best social media app because there is a lot more engagement there.

21. Christopher Jan Benitez Buffer Christopher Benitez

Buffer is the best social media app. The tool offers free and paid plans. If you are managing a Facebook and Twitter profile for your site, then the free plan should suffice.

Using its free plan, you can queue social media posts from your browser using its Chrome extension. The tool makes it very convenient to fill your social media profiles with relevant content that your audience will love.

Compared to other free social media tools, Buffer is very lightweight and doesn’t take up lots of resources from your computer so you can efficiently and painlessly develop your social media calendar.

22. Erik Emanuelli Hootsuite Erik Emanuelli

Hootsuite, in the free plan, is a great solution for people who want to manage multiple social networks, schedule content, and engage with their audience, using just a single dashboard. It comes with the most popular app integration, scheduled messages, free social media courses, and even RSS feed integration.

23. Adeyemi Olanrewaju Instagram 

Saying a particular social media is the best is relative. Depending on the metrics you are considering, only a couple of apps qualify to be called the app.

For me, Instagram is cool in terms of engagement you get per post on the average. I will choose Instagram as the best social media app for audience engagement.

24. Lilach Bullock Agorapulse, the Facebook Page Barometer, and the Twitter Report Card Lilach Bullock

There are a lot of great free social media tools so it’s not easy picking a favorite.

I do love the free apps from Agorapulse (which I use to manage my social media and schedule updates): the Facebook Page Barometer which gives you an overview of your Page’s success, as well as the Twitter Report Card which you can use to create comparisons between accounts.

25. Reginald Chan TweetDeck 

TweetDeck for a free social media app. It comes close to Hootsuite tool in terms of usability.

The interface is easy to use and very intuitive. You can even customize it to fit your needs!

26. Bren Pace Twitter 

Twitter – I believe Twitter is the best place to interact and network with people all over the world. No matter the niche or your lifestyle, there is someone there to network with.

It’s also great for promoting your business, spreading advocacy of a special cause, and a great news source (if used correctly).

27. Rosie Digout Hootsuite 

Hootsuite – Hootsuite is an incredibly useful application for managing social media network channels. Often referred to as a social media management system or tool, it enables you to view multiple streams at once and monitor what customers are saying.

You can post updates, read responses, schedule messages, view statistics, and much more. And finally, it recently announced that you can schedule and post directly to Instagram. How could you use any other social media management tool?

28. Nirav Dave Hootsuite Nirav Dave

Social Media has transformed the way businesses market their products or services. It is one of the best and economical ways through which you can garner targeted leads as well as improve brand visibility.

As such, in order to yield the maximum out of this marketing platform, you need to have robust social media tools in your arsenal and one such best free social media app that can be used by all beginners, as well as seasoned social media marketers alike, is Hootsuite.

As a social media management tool, Hootsuite provides you with a host of features such as direct posting to a number of social media profiles be it Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and more. It also allows you to schedule posts in advance. Plus, it provides you with a weekly analytics report that can help you improve your marketing strategy leading to a higher profit.

My team and I have personally used this tool and found it quite beneficial. It is super user-friendly and provides all basic essentials that are needed to run a successful social media marketing campaign. Additionally, it not only allows you to post content but it also allows you to reply to all social comments right from the Hootsuite dashboard.

29. Moss Clement Hootsuite  

Hootsuite is my best social media management app.

Hootsuite has successfully established itself as the #1 trusted social media management tool. Why? Because it is a multi-channel social media listening tool that is known for its social listening capabilities.

Even though Hootsuite has a pro plan, the free version works remarkably great with some amazing features. The free plan allows users to connect and manage up to 3 social media accounts in one place.

Schedule 30 posts in advance to be published at your preferred time. Hootsuite Free plan also provides basic analytics for tracking your content reach and engagement, followers, insights into your growth, and 2 RSS feed integrations. It offers you a variety of growth statistics to help you identify what works best – in terms of content type and how your buyer personas are engaging with your content. Hootsuite has always taken the #1 spot because it is an all-in-one management tool that allows you to curate, schedule, measure your content and social ROI.

30. Sue-Ann Bubacz Twitter Sue-Ann Bubacz

My favorite social media platform is Twitter because it’s the first social media platform I participated in, on purpose. At first, I hated it but, my writing mentor at the time told me if I wanted to write online, I had no choice.

The first thing that intrigued me into liking Twitter was the discovery of the resources I was exposed to via my feed. It was like having a revolving library at my fingertips.

And lucky me, one of the earliest resources I ran into on Twitter is Mark Schaefer. And well, not only is he one of the sharpest guys in social media in the world today, he’s a pretty decent fellow as well. Now, I think of Mark not only as one of my best resources for all things marketing but, as a social media friend, as well. I know he’ll give me the time of day if I need it.

And, through Mark, I connected with the star of Brooke Sellas who is also socially awesome and whose work I often support. Now, we’re connected.

Then, there’s the day I fell out of my chair when none other than the lovely, smart, and funny Ann Handley left a comment on my blog—I think in 2015. Do you think Ann would have any clue who I am today if I didn’t stay in touch—as a Twitter buddy, mostly? I doubt it.

But, Twitter means I can connect with these guys and others who I study and look up to, fairly easily. I catch new things they’re doing and stay on top of the latest updates from them, too. All from my Twitter stream.

As far as (also free) social media tools, I’m fairly a greenhorn because I tend to handle social interaction, personally. But, I just received a lovely message from Buffer for my 2 year birthday for using the social scheduling app. Nice touch, Buffer!

And, I do think I may have to break down and upgrade to their Awesome Plan, maybe even allow the app to have at least a little more significant role in social share scheduling. (I think I’m to the point it’s sure to be helpful.)

Yep, they sent me a thank you at my two-year user mark and I’m not even a paying customer yet. Pretty sweet reason to stick with them! Of course, social media is an ongoing exploration but, it seems to get easier as you go and more beneficial (and fun) as you make human connections. Sometimes I pinch myself at who pops up in some way on my Twitter!

31. Aquif Shaikh Buffer Aquif Shaikh

There are several that would qualify as the best social media apps that I’ve used, but I personally like Buffer. It is simple to use, free (Even the paid plan is cheap) and helps me manage all my social media accounts include my pages in one place. I can easily queue up the posts to be published on a specific day and time or I can publish the same straightaway. Some may not like Buffer because of lack of complex features, but I like it more because of its simplicity. It can do everything you need to do as a blogger on a social media site.

32. Jane Sheeba TweetDeck 

I’m not a big fan of social media apps. But the one I use is TweetDeck. It helps me handle my multiple Twitter accounts (representing my multiple businesses) all in one place. The dashboard is simple and lets me keep track of the mentions my brands get. I am also able to interact with others, follow interesting tweeple and above all, schedule tweets all in one dashboard. Without TweetDeck, I won’t be using Twitter as much as I am using now!

33. Rafi Chowdhury IFTTT and Google Image result for rafi chowdhury

Two of the best social media apps are IFTTT and Google.
IFTTT: I see IFTTT as a great free alternative to Zapier.
I use it for various automation and it makes my content syndication much easier.
Google Voice: Free texting

34. Matthew Kaboomis Loomis Instagram 

Instagram – I say that based on my experience. Maybe it’s because Instagram is perfect for mobile? I just know I never have any issues using the Instagram app.

Always works seamlessly.

35. Dan Wesley Grammarly 

I’m always finding great new ideas and apps on ProductHunt. Whether it’s a well-executed SaaS from a startup or a Chrome extension that solves a problem I hadn’t realized exists, there’s an amazing amount to discover.

In fact, I recently discovered on SoundShroud, which has helped me to declutter my SoundCloud stream Grammarly is another lifesaver app, I stumbled upon a few years back… Anyhow, one of the coolest aspects of ProductHunt is having a direct line of contact to ask questions, provide feedback and more. On top of that, the community is helpful and earnest.

36. Raelyn Tan Facebook Page Scheduler 

Your inbuilt Facebook Page scheduler is the best social media app. It gives you a ton of valuable analytics and allows you to schedule posts to your Facebook page for free.

37. Nirmala Santhakumar Buffer Image result for wpglossy

Buffer is my preferred social media app. And the reasons for using this tool are as follows:

1. I can schedule my social media posts for later.

2. It has browser extension and Android app.

3. I can analyze the user engagement.

38. Julie Sylvia Kalungi Pinterest Julie Syl Kalungi

Pinterest is the best social media app. Pinterest simply allows me to feed my desire for shopping and my business goals of achieving 30,000 blog visitors per day!

39. Sue Dunlevie Buffer 
Buffer is the best. 1) You can manage all your social profiles at once. 2) Buffer scans your audience to check and find the right time to post. 3) You can program your posts, so you do not have to follow your profiles every minute of the day. So, it’s free, a time-saver, and works great. A no-brainer, right?

40. Jeffrey Rose  Twitter "JR" Rose
Twitter. The reason is that it not only provides a lot of interesting article type content but also does a great job on other content too. Such as trade shows in your area of interest, game dates, and news from your favorite local and national teams, plus local events. It’s really a combination of many needed functions such as a bulletin board, a calendar, and a magazine. So so helpful in keeping up to date with what is going on that you are interested in.

41. Minuca Elena Messenger 

My favorite social media app is Messenger. I use Messenger all the time, more often than Facebook.

Through messenger, I keep in touch with friends, clients, and other internet marketers. It’s an excellent way of building a relationship because it’s a real-time conversation (not like an email that feels like sending digital letters).

On Messenger, you can communicate in a more familiar way, less formal. There are also lots of social media tools that offer a free plan that you can use to schedule posts on your profiles, such as Hootsuite or Buffer.

For promotion, I use Viral Content Bee, CoPromote, and JustRetweet. You need to keep a balance between automation and being real on social media. People interact with other people.

42. Anil Agarwal Buffer 
Buffer is one of the easiest and most effective social media tools for managing all your social media profiles in one place.
The great thing about Buffer is that it lets you easily find the best times for you to post and schedule your posts on major social media sites like Twitter, Facebook etc.
Not only it helps you with more user engagement but it also helps you find best performing and highly engaging content that you can post or schedule in advance so you can worry less about what to post on social media.

All in all, Buffer is an essential tool for anyone who wants to harness the power of social media.

43. Janice Wald Buffer 

I love Buffer! I visit Buffer several times a day. I use it to schedule both my Tweets and my Instagram posts. I go to my app to see which my “Top Posts” on Twitter were. That’s how I decide what content to post to Facebook groups and on Instagram.

The people at Buffer are extremely friendly as well and even notify me when my tweets are being retweeted often. I couldn’t blog without Buffer.

44. Elaine Rau: Instagram
 Entrepreneur Tips, Quotes, Resources & Interviews

Instagram because it’s all about visuals and stories.

45. Melos Ajvazi: BuzzSumo

This place deserves BuzzSumo. I use it every time before I start to write an article. It helps me a lot seeing what works and what not. The best feature of it is what title should I use for my article. Usually, the articles with good headlines have better CTR and also social shares.

46. Alex L. CoSchedule

My favorite tool for social media promotion is CoSchedule. While most people may think of CoSchedule as a blog content calendar tool, they’ve added social media functionality to their platform, making it incredibly easy to promote your content. You can automate posts to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and easily schedule your posts to go at the optimal time to reach the most people. It makes managing your social media marketing stress-free.

The CoSchedule mobile app is great. It makes it easy to schedule social messages to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest on the fly, any time you have a quick idea or inspiration strikes. You can easily get an overview of all your scheduled social posts, and make any adjustments that you need to make to your campaign from anywhere in the world.

I’m not sure if there’s one best site for marketing; each has its own benefits. Personally, I’ve found Twitter to be great for getting content to spread quickly and go viral, while Facebook is a little more geared toward having more in-depth conversations with your audience. It really depends on what your social media marketing goals are. Understand what each site offers and tailor your approach accordingly for each.

47. Normbond Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit

Twitter is the best social media site for blog promotion. The key is to create social friendly headlines that get users to click from the site and onto your blog post. This means using keywords, relevant hashtags and tapping into emotion so that your audience wants to click now. Look through your post and create a series of Tweets that can be scheduled to meet the best time zones for your target audience. If you market globally, then know the best time for North America, Asia, Africa, and other key geographies. Use a social media scheduling app to automate the process.

The best social media app depends on your target audience. LinkedIn is great for professionals and building authority. Facebook is awesome for big numbers and to advertise IF you spend time and really know your target audience. Instagram is amazing for engagement and reaching influencers especially for visual brands. Twitter can help you rally the troops and get real-time engagement like no other social media app. So pick the best that supports your business case, goals and objectives as it may be different than the brand right next to you.

The best social media site for marketing is Reddit. This may be a surprise for some marketers but they don’t know how to use the platform effectively. The audience of innovators and early adopters is hanging out there. Strategically you can leverage them to reach your traffic, engagement and conversion goals. You need to combine Reddit with other social platforms including perhaps Facebook, Twitter or Instagram depending on your target audience.

48. Vladimir Gendelman Steemit and Social Warfare blog post ideas

When it comes to a great free social media app, you can promote your blog on Steemit, a blockchain-based rewards platform for publishers. It is similar to Reddit except the rewards are monetized. On average, users receive at least $500 if their submissions reach the front page.
When it comes to a great social media tool for bloggers, I like Social Warfare. This tool combines your social share counts when you migrate to HTTPS or implant an SSL certificate with your old HTTP shares. It also provides a box that allows you to customize the share text for your social media buttons and set image customization options for various social media platforms for your blog. In addition, you can also control the locations of your share buttons.

49. Rob Boirun Sprinkles

One app I’m finding very useful lately for posting to Instagram is called Sprinkles. The Sprinkles app automatically detects the scene and subject and offers recommended captions, stickers, are other fun stuff to jazz up your Instagram posts. This is such a timesaver and most of the premade content that they offer is pretty witty. I may be losing creativity points but it does free up time for the next social post.

50. John Mulindi Hootsuite 

First, if you are just starting out, you can test Hootsuite on a free trial without spending money. Their features are pretty good especially the dashboard where you can follow and track every important social media activity i.e. mentions, campaigns, as well as write your messages, tweets just from one point. I think these are what stands out for me for this particular tool.

Bonus Tip:

Jimmy Rodriguez Hootsuite

If you need help juggling multiple social media accounts, Hootsuite is the easiest way to keep track of all your engagements on one platform. After you create your free account you can link up to 3 social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as schedule posts for each. All the data you need is available in the dashboard and you can choose to add different types of “streams” depending on your business’s social media needs. For example, we have a stream of all our new Twitter followers to give us a snapshot of the audience we’re attracting.

We strongly recommend Hootsuite for any online business that seeks to grow its audience through a consistent social media presence. It reduces much of the work needed to maintain multiple platforms, and anything that saves time for a small business is priceless.

Wrapping Up

What’s the bottom line? You have a great variety in your selection of social media apps.

Use them to save yourself time while promoting your content.

Want to know the best part? Social media is fun. You can save time, promote your content, and have a great time when you use these apps.

Readers, please share so other smartphone users discover the best social media apps.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. What do you consider the best social media apps?

  1. John Doe

    I always love your expert posts. I always love the information that you and your experts provide. The fact that so many influencer and other experts read your posts, It gives credibility to your blog.

  2. Jeanette S. Hall

    I still have not subsumed to the overly popular use of a smart phone. My “stupid” phone does what I need. My husband fights continuously with his smart phone. It forces him to upgrade the operating system on what seems like an hourly basis! That is too much trouble for me to deal with.

    This article should help the other people in the blogosphere who have folded to the power of the smart phone. I feel sorry for them!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jeanette,
      I admit I do have a smartphone. If technology gives us tools to help us, I am all for using those tools. I could not promote to the extent I do without these apps. There is just not enough time in the day to sit at the computer.
      Thanks for contributing to the discussion by sharing your perspective.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi thanks for writing. I thought HootSuite stood out in many of the responses. Didn’t you? Thanks for writing.

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      Hi Diana,
      Thank you for your comments and the nice compliment. Give some of the unfamiliar apps a try. You may find you like them.

  4. Ryan Biddulph

    So big on Twitter and Tweet Deck Janice. Easy way to connect with folks if you engage on the platform. I do pop up on top user lists because I respond to my RTers 1 to 1, at least daily, for a good 20 to 30 minutes. I also retweet the heck out of folks to make an impact there too, and of course RT my old posts via a plug in and share all new posts. Loving this list.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryan,
      It sounds like you could write a blog post about all these cool ways to use Twitter– methods, tools, etc.
      I don’t recall if I tried TweetDeck. Thanks for writing with the inspiration.

  5. Praveen Verma

    I am very happy to know about the apps that experts use to promote their content. I personally like twitter I think it is one of the best apps to promote content and connect with more people. Here, I have picked out some new tools for me.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great day ahead.
    Praveen verma

    • Janice Wald

      Hey Praveen,
      I am so glad this interview exposed you to new tools. I also like Twitter and try to use it daily. Thanks for writing.

  6. Gail Gardner

    Thanks for publishing these tips. Sadly, JustRetweet is no longer viable. They lost their connection to Twitter when Twitter made their recent changes. But you can increase your activity on Viral Content Bee to make up for it.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Gail,
      I do plan on updating this post in the near future and noting that JustRetweet is not an option. I wonder if the JustRetweet people will try to reestablish their Twitter connection. Do you know if they will?
      I do use ViralContentBee often. Thanks for writing and your help with my interview.

  7. Peter Nilsson

    Hi, Janice!

    Thanks for a great roundup with a lot of great Social Media tools, some were also new to me. Perfect, always great to try out new apps and tools. And also thanks for including me in the post.

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      Thanks for coming by to compliment my roundup. I appreciate it and I also appreciate your participation. Thanks for writing. I agree people like to discover new tools.

  8. Terri Webster Schrandt

    A great round-up of SM ideas! Facebook used to work for me but many have deleted their sites. Pinterest NEVER worked for me, at least for blogging (but for home decorating? awesome). Twitter seems to work, I automatically tweet just about any blog post I read. What seems to work is Instagram since I’m into photography, but it really doesn’t bring folks to my blog. My best referrals are other bloggers and link-ups I participate in.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Terri,
      Thank you for complimenting my roundup.
      Regarding Facebook: I still find Facebook groups work although not to the extent they use to.
      Regarding Twitter: Hit and miss.
      Regarding Pinterest– rarely
      Regarding Instagram– I am starting to get traffic!
      Regarding linkups: I go in spurts.
      Thanks for writing.

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    hootsuite is best social promotion app so far..though I haven’t used buffer or tweet deck yet…since tweetdeck is free I may give it a try. can you pls share some more posts on recent social media app that are free to use as well as effective?

    • Janice Wald

      Thank you for commenting. I have a draft I am writing about free Instagram tools. Stay tuned! Thank you for your interest.

  11. Bren Pace

    What an absolutely fabulous roundup of expert Influencers, Janice! I’m honored to be among them, although I don’t consider myself an expert. 😉 I’m pleasantly surprised to see how many mentioned variations of Twitter. Twitter has always been my fav by far, business and personal alike.

    I appreciate you sharing this. I did learn about a few new apps that I may take a peek at. Have a great day!


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Brenda,
      1. It was my pleasure to include you. Thanks for your participation and for sharing my interview.
      2. I tried to comment on your “newsletter” post but I didn’t see a comment box. To respond: Aweber will send your email list your latest post each time you publish. They pull your RSS feed. You do nothing!
      3. I’m glad my post exposed you to some new apps.

  12. Moss Clement

    This is indeed an interesting read. There are tons of social media apps in the marketplace to choose from. It all depends on what app that fits your needs and interest.

    Thank you so much, Janice, for adding me to this list of powerful experts in the industry.

    • Janice Wald

      I agree: with so many choices, the apps the influencers mentioned must truly be helpful. It was my pleasure to have you. Thanks for writing.

  13. Donna Merrill

    Hi Janice,

    Wow..I loved the way each person shared their favorite app and the reasons why. This makes me re-think what was going on in the back of my mind. I’m currently using TweetDeck and do need to make some changes. I see Buffer is very popular here and maybe it is time to shift things over.

    Thanks so much for making my wheels turn!


    • Janice Wald

      Hey Donna,
      My pleasure. I am biased since I love the Buffer app so much! That’s why I couldn’t resist participating in my own study, LOL! Thanks for coming by. Question for you: Do you remember I wondered what you use to make videos that you are in? How do I make a video of what’s appearing on my screen? Thanks for writing!

  14. Nirmala

    Hi Janice,

    You have done a great job by collecting the replies from the passionate bloggers. Good to know what the experts are using to stay active in social media. I’m wondering that the Hootsuite is being used by most of the online entrepreneurs. I have identified a few new tools as well. Thanks for consolidating the resources, appreciate your efforts.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Nirmala,
      Thanks for your contribution to my interview and for coming by today to congratulate me. I appreciate your compliments.
      I was also surprised to see how popular Hootsuite was, especially since I’m a die-hard Buffer fan, LOL!
      I’m glad you discovered some new tools. Many people said they did as well and I’m glad I could expose people to some new free time-saving tools.

  15. Marios Tofarides

    Hi Janice 🙂

    Great insights from all the bloggers:)
    I’d go for Crowdfire and commun.it. Crowdfire is a great content scheduling app, and has a great “daily inscription” feature that allows for following and unfollowing Twitter accounts, posts and images to share as well as Tweets to like suggestions.
    Commun.it is also, great tool to manage twitter interactions as well as suggesting retweets and follow. I pay for Crowdfire and have the free version of commun.it


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Marios,
      Thank you for commenting on my expert interview. I enjoy using the two tools you recommended. I don’t pay for either. As a result, Crowdfire only lets me unfollow 10 people on Twitter a day, pretty limiting. On the other hand, the free version of Commun.iT allows me to unfollow 50– together, 60 a day is pretty good.
      Thanks for writing and adding to the conversation. I’m glad you felt the experts’ responses were insightful.

  16. Lesly Federici

    Great post!
    I like TweetDeck myself and I don’t go crazy over promotion. FB, Twitter occasional LinkedIn.. time is valuable. If you spread yourself tpp thin nothing of importance usually doesn’t get done…

  17. Steve

    Surprising to see so much love for Instagram, since in my experience it’s a bit trickier to use for business promotion than other platforms are, and also sad to see so little love for Pinterest – it’s my favorite!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Steve,
      Thanks for commenting. Actually, I agree with you. That’s what I thought when I saw the responses. I participated and picked Buffer!

  18. Brisbane social network marketing

    Wow! Really helpful in social media. These tools are really good in managing social media.

  19. Bharat M

    Pinterest is best Social media app.Pinterest simply allows me to feed my desire for shopping and my business goals.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Bharat,
      Thanks for weighing and sharing your opinion! Fun! Since the publication of the post, Pinterest has made it even easier to use the app to shop.

  20. Romi Singh

    Pinterest app is easy to use for shopping.i am using this app,and suggest to use.

    • Janice Wald

      How do you use Pinterest for shopping? I’ve never seen a price or a “buy” button. Have you?

  21. Steve R

    I am very happy to know about Pinterest apps that experts use to promote their content.There are tons of social media apps in the marketplace to choose but i like Pinterest app most.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Steve,
      I appreciate you reading the interview I published. Thanks for coming by and letting us know that you prefer the Pinterest app.

  22. NIG India

    some of these social media management apps I have never heard of but you never fail to inform.I like Pinterest most.

  23. Pooja Das

    Pinterest apps, experts use to promote their content and I am learning how to use this app.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Pooja,
      Pinterest has shoppable posts now. You can sell your Mixer Grinder on Pinterest. I have more posts planned about Pinterest. Stay tuned! Thanks for your comments.

  24. Ramesh S

    There are lots of social media apps in the marketplace to use but i like Pinterest app most.

  25. Mudassir

    Great compilation! Amazed to see some expertise from the experts.

    Personally, I prefer Facebook and Pinterest as of now.However, I look forward to learn more about Twitter and Instagram for article promotions and branding.

    • Janice Wald

      I’m sorry for the late reply. I only just saw this.
      My favorite is Facebook. I’m surprised so many said Instagram since it’s not known to generate blog traffic.
      Thanks for commenting.

  26. Siva Mahesh

    Great post! There are so many amazing social media apps in the market but I love Pinterest because its generates majority of my website traffic. And I use Facebook and Instagram for branding my business.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Siva,
      What is your niche? Do you feel Pinterest is niche-specific? I use Instagram mostly for branding. Thanks for commenting.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Richa,
      Thanks for coming by to comment. I plan on writing about Pinterest more in the near future. Stay tuned!

  27. Anmol

    Undoubtedly Hootsuite! It helps me manage all my social media accounts from one place. However, if someone is looking for a free platform, hootsuite is not for them.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Anmol,
      Did you find this post on Google? I always wonder.
      I use to use Hootsuite for free. Why do you frown on the free plan?? Now I use the free plan on Buffer.

  28. David

    Great article Janice, There are much social media app but I also Like Pinterest.

    • Janice Wald

      I am planning to write a blog post today about Pinterest. May I ask why you like it? Thanks for commenting.

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