How to Create the Perfect Home Office in 2022, 3 Ways

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Are you interested in the best small office interior design?

In this new ‘gig economy’, it is estimated that over five million people in the UK are paid for the individual jobs they do, rather than more traditional long-term employment. While it may not be as secure as a standard job, this ‘freelance’ approach to work can give people much more flexibility around their everyday lives. Plus, it can allow them to work when they want to, rather than when they have to.

Many busy professionals, particularly those living in and around a city center, pursue work through multiple different avenues, and so need a creative space at home where they can focus on succeeding in whatever hobby or passion they might want to monetize. For the budding freelancer that’s looking to maximize their income on the side and maintain a creative and professional work environment at home that mirrors the office, take a look at this list of tips on how to create the perfect home office.

How to set up the best small office interior design

Invest in the right furniture
It probably goes without saying but getting proper furniture would bring a tremendous effect on how productive you are and, what’s even more important, how healthy you stay. As noted by an ergonomics expert from Posturion, sitting is not the healthiest thing out there. As we sit longer and longer. An ergonomic chair is a must if you work in front of a computer for prolonged periods of time.

You can further enhance it by using an orthopedic seat cushion which will help you to reduce the strain from long hours of sitting. There are different types of chair cushions so you will definitely find something that fits you. Apart from the seat cushions, don’t forget to make sure that your laptop’s screen is on the same level as your eyes. Consider getting a laptop stand with the set of a separate keyboard and mouse to achieve that.

Create a calm environment

One of the most challenging aspects of freelancing is trying to keep a consistent schedule and maintaining motivation. As freelancing is self-sustained, learning to differentiate between work and leisure time in your home can be tricky. To combat this, make sure your home office is as focused as it can be, and removed of any distractions. Find the quietest area of your house, separate work from leisure (so that the two don’t get conflated), and turn off your phone if it’s not crucial to work.

Making sure your space is simple and free from clutter will help to aid in concentration, and so think about what you will and won’t need in your workroom, particularly if you’re already working on restricted space. For inspiration, why not look to property investment companies such as RW Invest.

In many of their development projects, where maximizing efficient space is imperative, they use minimalist designs that make the most of the space they have and allow the tenant to focus on what’s important. Students and young professionals living in the city in studio apartments and flats are increasingly being drawn to these sorts of design, as they tend to meld around the person and help them to become more productive.

Get the right equipment

Getting things done efficiently and to the best of your ability should be a priority when working from home, as it means that you can still have time to unwind and relax. Having the right tools and tech to help you stay productive is imperative. For freelancers and those with an online presence, invest in a decent computer with a good internet speed that won’t stutter and lag behind when you’ve got a great idea that you want to jot down.

Additional items like a printer, scanner, and even shredder might feel like excessive purchases that aren’t essential to success, and many can indeed succeed in this day and age with just a laptop and a smartphone, but being restricted by not being able to print forms or send things off, for example, can interrupt your workflow down the line. Making sure you have everything you need will give you the best possible chance of smooth success.

Top-tip: Some decide to even set up a specific phone for home-office use, as you would in a traditional office environment. While this might be a bit unnecessary for the budding freelancer, creating an email address specifically for your business inquiries is a simpler, modern alternative. Not only will doing so allow you to categorize and organize your mail more quickly, but it will help you to allocate your time better to deal with more focused tasks.

Readers, please share so entrepreneurs working at home know how to set up the best small office interior design.

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  1. Paul

    Having your own office looks a great idea to me. Thanks for the ideas I am also looking forward to have my own office soon, and your tips are right on time. Thanks!

  2. Jawahar

    Hi, I’ve just started my own business but was not sure about setting up a home office. But this post helps a lot. Thank you very much!

  3. Jon Muller

    For small home office, you may utilize the corner of rooms for home office. Empty storage rooms are also good options. For dark areas, make sure to have desk lamps, standing lamps, or head lamps. It’s also nice to invest on furniture that will fit the corner but at the same time ergonomic and has multiple uses. Plants and little pets will also be therapeutic.

  4. commercial fitouts Cairns

    An office renovation plays an important factor in the rebranding process. The upgrade you’re doing for your office can help attract new customers or clients and big projects. The new vibe in your office can give off a new and more promising vision. Furthermore, its new impression can also bring positive effect on your employees’ morale

    • Janice Wald

      Wow! You’ve really given the effects of home decor a great deal of thought. Thanks for writing to share with us.

  5. commercial builders Townsville

    This is really helpful for those planning on renovating small space offices. Making good adjustments can help in making a good environment work space.

  6. Piter Morgan

    Last month i buy home , i read your post its very help to renovate my house

  7. Selin Matthews

    Working from the comfort of your own home may sound like a dream. But if you don’t have all the right elements for your home office, it can have a effect on your productivity and even your health and happiness. Choosing your home office furniture should be a detailed affair.

  8. TMB Development

    Working from home provides many benefits, including the freedom to set your own schedule, save time and money by removing your daily commute, and allow you to start a business with minimal overhead. Thank you for sharing your tips.

    • Janice Wald

      Thank you for contributing to the discussion. I agree with everything you shared. Great insights and valid points.

  9. Catherine

    Home office is incomplete without the furniture. Furniture becomes an essential element while decorating the home. Budget is the main factor while selecting the furniture. There is no need to compromise on the quality of furniture because of budget. This is really a wonderful example of well decorated place and I appreciate to the Janice who has done the great job to write this valuable post.

  10. Nikolas Whitehead

    Hey, I’m glad to read your blog as it meets with my requirement I’m thinking to set up such a business environment that covers maximum necessity comforts with limited space and budget too. Thank you for sharing, keep updating some more ideas in the future.

  11. Renolux Design

    As businesses and workplaces across the state slowly begin to open again amid the coronavirus pandemic, employees will likely return to a workplace that looks much different than how they left it.

    From visual, social distancing cues and touchless operations to a more divided desk area, many offices will be redesigned and retrofitted to foster safe practices to keep employees safe.

    • Janice Wald

      Very true! I am a teacher by day and we are currently trying to change the learning environment when we go off-line this fall. Thank you for commenting.

  12. Cabinet Maker

    One of the most challenging aspects of freelancing is trying to keep a consistent schedule and maintaining motivation. As freelancing is self-sustained, learning to differentiate between work and leisure time in your home can be tricky. To combat this, make sure your home office is as focused as it can be, and removed of any distractions

    • Janice Wald

      I recently was submitting a pitch for an interview about how to turn your home into an office. I responded almost exactly what you wrote! 🙂 Thank you for commenting

  13. Interior Designer Blake Riley

    A nice well decorated and well designed home office full of bright sunlight is so important when you are freelancing. I to be honest find it very hard to concentrate when the lightening isn’t proper. Office should be soo good that you wouldn’t ever want to leave and just keep on working there….

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Interior,
      Interesting points you make. I agree with you about the importance of good lighting. I’m always striving to achieve it.

  14. Zoe Campos

    Thanks for telling me to choose the quietest area in our house for my home office space to prevent myself from getting distracted. I have two months of vacation from school and I want to use it to exercise freelancing in the comfort of my own home. I’ll try to look for any areas that we don’t use much often before shopping around for office chairs that I can use.

  15. PFS Aggregates

    Thanks, good tips! Home office is especially important when you work remotely on a regular basis. Otherwise you feel unproductive.

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