How to Create Your Hobby Blog Like a Pro with 10+ Best Premium WordPress Themes

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10 of the best premium WordPress themes for your blog or website.

Note: This post contains affiliate links.

by Lana Miro

There are millions of reasons to start a hobby blog. The beauty of this is that nothing is off-limits. Really, you just jump in with two feet and learn how things are. When still in doubt, we encourage you to jump in with the collection of 10 WordPress themes for your hobby blog. More and more people are logging on to share their thoughts, crafting tips, hobbies, interior design suggestions, handmade ideas and DIY advice. People choose to write for all kinds of reasons. So, why not you?

For creative people like artists, writers or photographers, blogs can add a new dimension to their passion. You can try it simply just to try because it’s really easy to do. You don’t need expensive equipment nor superior knowledge of computers. Besides, there are no secrets or hidden tips that can help you get started. All you need is to know that it would be a fun.

With a blog, you can allow yourself to flow into your imagination and to be wherever you need to discover something new through your passion. The beauty of this is that you don’t need to be someone else – we, ordinary people, can make great transformations. Who knows, maybe your WordPress blog for fine artists would change the world. You never know till you try.

If you’re a creative mind, artist, or whoever else, then you definitely have that kind of drive to jump in. It’s your life and you choose the way to lead it. It doesn’t work any other way. That’s why we suggest you dive deeper into a collection of beautiful WordPress themes for fine artists and choose the one that can represent your skills best.

So, let’s make things clear.

If you have time to kill and you wish to get creative, start a blog that fits in with your hobby. This, however, doesn’t mean that you need to start learning how to code or write programs. Definitely not. Thanks to ready-made WordPress themes, you don’t even have to think about those nasty things. You have much more interesting things to do, right?

So, believe us, if you know how to set up your Facebook or Instagram account, you are already halfway to your blog. No ‘techy’ things, just a few clicks and voila your blog goes live. The best thing is that it’s 100% yours!

10 Best Premium WordPress Themes

CraftBird – Handmade Artist Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Say you like to craft. You like sewing, knitting, making dresses, skirts or new curtains for the home. Great! With CraftBird, you can turn your hobby into profit by selling your handmade stuff on your own website. Besides, you can offer your handmade items as gifts to friends or followers. Why not?

Designed in a stylish style, your future hobby blog can capture the attention of your audience for sure. Don’t like color or font style – change it. With a blink of an eye. The theme is SEO-friendly which means that your blog can be found much easier in Google search results. The beauty of this theme is its ability to adjust to various modern devices and screen sizes. So, be sure your visitors will enjoy every corner of your handmade blog. Use your imagination to unlock your creativity.

Handmade Artist best premium WordPress themes for your blog or website.

Details | Demo

Newsider – Modern Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

But what if you are a writer? Maybe you write for yourself or write to express true love and beauty of this world? After all, it doesn’t matter what is the driving force of your writing, write big on your blog page. Whatever the reason, know you can do it on your own. Newsider can be just the thing for you. Designed for tourist, fashion, and personal blogs, you can use Newsider to express your political statements. Nothing is off-limits.

Create a modern and stylish blog to capture the world with your characters, stories, places, and people. You can customize the overall look of your theme with only a few clicks. Choose the color you need, change your favorite font, add attractive images and show your creative power of imagination. If writing is your calling, what are you waiting for?

Newsider - Magazine & Blog Clean WordPress Theme best premium WordPress themes for your blog or website.

Details | Demo

Geraldine – Vintage Style Fashion Blog WordPress Theme

You prefer to talk about vintage fashion, welcome to Geraldine. This is an elegant and ladylike fashion blog theme crafted for vintage lovers. If you like to create your own distinctive looks – make your dream come true. Tell the world about your baby. Geraldine is a fully responsive and intuitive theme that can help get you started quicker.

Well, fear not to start small and then grow. The theme is easy to use, navigate and manage. It works perfectly on multiple modern browsers and adjusts smoothly to the last-generation devices. A range of social options, a newsletter subscription and tons of other features can help your vintage blog to stand out. Make your visitors happy. Give yourself the good things. And a modern vintage website is one of them.

Vintage Fashion Blog WordPress Theme best premium WordPress themes for your blog or website.

Details | Demo

Olins – Creative Studio Multi Niche WordPress Theme

To begin with, Olins is one of the best premium WordPress themes for fine artists. Simply put, this is a universal solution that fits well with photographers, bakeries, freelancers, and other creative minds. If photography is your dream, let your blog be filled with fun, lots of photos and adventures.

Olins is a great solution for beginners who are still afraid of blogging. No coding skills, just drag-and-drop items. You can tweak the layout of your theme the way that matches your particular needs best. Besides, the theme is WooCommerce ready meaning that you can start selling your photos in as little as five minutes. Indeed, the theme includes a wide range of social media, MailChimp service, WPML support, and a fully responsive layout. With Olins, you can achieve your every desire.

Olins Multi Niche WordPress Theme best premium WordPress themes for your blog or website.

Details | Demo

RyanZoom – Creative Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

Into photography? Start your photography blog with RyanZoom. Take your inspiration from this modern and stylish WordPress theme. Present yourself in the best light. Being fully responsive, the theme loads fast and performs smoothly on all modern devices. Build a stunning photography blog to make every visitor happy. Happier visitors stay around the site longer.

Don’t fret. Even with a skill gap, you can compose great layouts of any size and complexity. Don’t believe? Step right up. It’s a true bounty.

RyanZoom - Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme best premium WordPress themes for your blog or website.

Details | Demo

Shootz – Modern Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Wish to stay ahead of the game? With Shoots, that’s as simple as that. This stylish and attractive WordPress theme can help you represent your talent and it’s probably one of the best Photography WordPress Templates. There’s no reason why you cannot be successful. Showcase your best photos to establish an emotional connection with your users. Shootz is a fast-loading theme that can engage and impress your visitors in no time. Crafted by pros, the theme comes with everything you may need for staying afloat. Besides, the theme is SEO-friendly, so it ranks higher in the Google search results. Take your photography skills to the next level.

Shootz - Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme best premium WordPress themes for your blog or website.

Details | Demo

Camila – Writers Minimal Blog WordPress Theme

Can you tell stories? Great! Start telling great stories on your blog. If you don’t want to change the world, you can help other people understand some situations better or make a connection. Anyway, a modern and appealing blog can definitely help you in this area.

Designed in a minimalist style, Camila comes with a sleek design that highlights your content best. With beautiful galleries, you can showcase your best works and projects. Moreover, the thee is mobile-friendly and SEO-optimized. Don’t miss out the opportunity to become successful.

Camila - Minimal Blog WordPress Theme best premium WordPress themes for your blog or website.

Details | Demo

Monstroid2 – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Monstroi2 is an innovative solution for multiple web purposes. Being the part of WordPress themes for fine artists, Monstroid2 is built for real-life projects. You can simply create a website for hotels, creative studios, bloggers, restaurants, and more. It’s safe to say that Monstroid2 comes with tons of absolutely amazing things that will work in your favor.

Create unique and versatile layouts with a blink of an eye. Well, change almost every design element and switch necessary features to match your particular business needs most. Simply put, edit and manage your website in a go. Well, that’s something, right?

Monstroid2 - Multipurpose WordPress Theme best premium WordPress themes for your blog or website.

Details | Demo

Bon Voyage – Traveling Blog WordPress Theme

Know how to make a good eye candy? Passionate about travels and know how to travel in style? What are you waiting for? Create your travel blog and be prepared for success. With Bon Voyage, create an eye-grabbing travel blog without hacking into any coding. The theme is responsive so your travel blog will look perfect on various devices and screen sizes. With a handful plugin such as Google map, this theme is a sustainable solution for a travel blog. Get users inspired by your travel photos.

Traveling WordPress Theme best premium WordPress themes for your blog or website.

Details | Demo

EightyDays – Travel Guide Blog WordPress Theme

Do you go an animal safari in Africa or to the underwater world of the Caribbean? Showcase your adventures to the world. Create a travel guide website exploring the world outside of town. Help people to get to their destination without passing customs and border control, all thanks to your eye-grabbing travel blog. EightyDays is a lightweight theme that loads fast delivering great user experience. Share your experience. Make sure, your travel guide is mobile-friendly, so every single photo will adjust smoothly to any device the user is on. Don’t forget to share your travel experience on social media.

EightyDays - Travel Blog WordPress Theme best premium WordPress themes for your blog or website.

Details | Demo

Schema – The Schema-Ready WordPress Theme

Schema is the fastest WordPress theme you can lay your hands on and it is also one of the most search engine friendly WordPress themes available in the market. It comes packed with an attractive design, fully responsive layout, built-in review system, clean HTML5 and CSS3, a robust options panels and world-class technical support system.

Most themes claiming to have attractive layout fail to load fast on smartphones; however, Schema maintains a performance grade score of 99 on Pingdom Speed Test. It’s powered by multiple homepage designs to suit your requirements, and a live site customizer to make necessary changes to your website’s layout comfortably. Not to mention that its rich snippets can get you first page rankings and high ROI without putting too much effort into your website.

Should you want your website to perform well online and serve your users well, go ahead and choose the Schema theme without a second thought.

Best WordPress Themes WordPress Hobby Bloggers Themes
Details | Demo

What hobbies are you in love with? So, are you ready to take things into your own hands and create an engaging blog about your hobby? Whatever your reason to start a blog, check these WordPress themes for fine artists to make an informed decision later on. Find the time you need to make it work in your favor. Believe me, you can do it.

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  1. Bon Voyage looks like a way cool theme for travel bloggers Lana. Big images, eye popping for travelers, really. I dig it! A tiny bit like my theme; even though it is bespoke I do vibe with the big hero image on the home page. Must add element to any travel blog because readers love their postcard type images. Thanks much for sharing 🙂


    • Hey Ryan! Thank you a lot for sharing your thoughts. You’re definitely right about postcard images, moreover editing theme is like child lego, interesting and easy 🙂

  2. Hi Lana, thanks for introducing me to some new themes. And explaining their purpose. Very helpful!
    Hey BBFFJ, how’s it going??

    • Hi BBFFM,
      Hey, so sorry. I thought I wrote back. I wrote you recently on your site too. Maybe I thought the guest author, Lana, would write back and I got confused.
      I’m glad I could say hi on Facebook today. The bug situation any better?

  3. A great collection of themes here, Lana. Although these themes are new to me, I like the “Camila” theme. I just check the demo and, it has an impressive design that will make your content and website look incredibly amazing.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, Moss!

  4. Thank you, Lana (and to blogger bud, Janice for posting) about WP premium themes. I have a premium account with free (i think) theme that was configured for WordAds, but I ditched that idea. Since I focus (bad pun) on photography I am on my way to check out the three photography themes you discussed!

  5. Hi Terri! Thank you for the comment! I also faced the problem with free themes. Of course, it seemed to be free, but then (for example, I) faced the problem with customization, the functionality of the theme. So, I create one rule, try before buying demo version or free, then to buy premium to receive all advantages. Good luck with your Photography website!

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