3 Best Majors for Undecided Students [in 2022]

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Best majors for undecided students

Do you need to know the best majors for undecided students?

Are you an undecided student?

If so, you are in the right place.

College tuition and prices are higher than ever before, and many students have to take out thousands of dollars in student loans to foot the bill. Are you prepared to go into astronomical debt?

With such a high cost, choosing a major that can set you up for future success is all the more important. Not only do you need the right major to pay back your student loans, but you’ll also want to be able to afford expensive purchases like a new car and Knoxville real estate.

In addition, times are changing. Growing up, you might have considered going into a certain field that just isn’t a viable option anymore. For instance, owning a franchise that sells games and in-store DVDs isn’t profitable today. Quite the contrary: In 2021, these industries are becoming obsolete since people stream games and movies online.

The recent global pandemic is also a “game-changer.” Decisions you might have been sure of your entire life may not seem plausible anymore.

As you can see, these tips regarding the best majors for undecided students are timely.

So if you’re considering going to college, what majors should you be looking at to jumpstart a successful career?

Currently, the three best majors for college students are

  • Engineering
  • Pharmacy
  • Computer Science

By reading this guide, you discover more about the best majors for undecided students. End the indecision. Learn the best college degrees to go for now.

Here are the three best majors for undecided students.

Best Majors for Undecided Students


Engineering has long been one of the best college degrees to go for due to its high earning potential.

Also, unlike many other high-earning majors, engineering only requires a four-year bachelor’s program with optional masters and graduate programs.

Although engineering is an “umbrella” term, it actually covers a wide subsection of different fields. For example, electrical engineering focuses on designing and maintaining electrical grids, while chemical engineering deals with the design and operation of chemical facilities and plants.

Although all types of engineering may take some overlapping courses and studies, different types can branch off quite drastically. As a result, you can find the engineering field that best aligns with your interests and strengths.

Regardless of what type of engineering you decide to go with, you can expect to earn a high salary right after graduation, with the potential to earn even more with further schooling and experience. 

If being an engineering major doesn’t interest you, read on to learn more of the best majors for undecided students.


One of the best majors for undecided students to get into right now is pharmacy. Pharmacy is extremely important right now, as medicine is rapidly advancing and many people rely on medical drugs to maintain their quality of life.

New drugs are constantly being created and commercialized, while older ones are being improved upon. As long as medicine and healthcare continue to advance, pharmacy is going to continue to be a fantastic choice of major.

The only downside to being a pharmacy major is that schooling usually takes longer than four years. Typically you need to complete undergrad coursework before completing some years of pharmacy professional work.

As a result, most pharmacy majors aren’t graduated and ready to enter the workforce until around 6-8 years of schooling. However, if you can make it through the extra schooling, you’ll have plenty of lucrative job offers right out of the gate. 

Computer Science

best majors for undecided students
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Another fantastic major to get into is computer science. Computers and technology are growing in importance, so having knowledge of the topic is going to be very valuable.

It seems like every year, technology is constantly evolving and pushing the limits, making those who are tech-savvy very valuable in the workforce. In computer science, you will learn how to code and the inner-workings of software, which will allow you to be valued members of a company.

If you can get involved in fields like application development, IT, or system maintenance, you can demand a large salary from very respected businesses. A computer science degree is also only an undergrad degree, making it one of the best four-year programs to go into. If you’re someone who loves computers, going into computer science can allow you to chase your passions and have a very successful career. 

Best Majors for Undecided Students: FAQ

What is a good major for someone undecided?

The best majors for undecided students heading to college are any majors that are marketable at the time. Currently, the best majors for undecided students are engineering, pharmacy, and computer science.

What are easy majors that pay well?

Engineering is a lucrative career. In contrast to other high-paying jobs, engineering only requires a 4-year degree and not additional education. In this respect, engineering is easier than other fields.

Wrapping Up: Best Majors for Undecided Students

Readers, please share so high school seniors who haven’t yet chosen their majors, learn the best majors for undecided students.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Can you suggest any more of the best majors for undecided students?

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