Best Keyword Difficulty Software: Why Is Keyword Research Important in 2022?

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Do you know the best keyword difficulty software?

By reading this post, you’ll explore the best keyword difficulty software you can use to find high search volume low competition keywords to boost the chances your web content ranks in the Search Engine Results Pages.

You also discover a top SEO service to help you with your SEO needs including finding high search volume low competition keywords.

Finally, you get reviews of the best keyword difficulty software

  • KWFinder
  • MozBar
  • Ahrefs
  • Ubersuggest

The reviews of these keyword research tools are ranked in order of merit.

Let’s get started by discovering the best keyword difficulty software and an SEO service ready to help you with your SEO needs.

In this age and time when everything is online, every tactic for growth and more exposure is online too.

Every business, every institution, every establishment has a website and in order for them to reach their goals and succeed in their intentions, they will have to be more visible on the world wide web.

They have to be more relatable, more engaging and most of all, they have to be favored by the algorithms that run everything and decide what will be displayed and what will be discarded. 

These algorithms have a ranking system that is based on the density and relatability of what we call “keywords”.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are the building blocks of the SEO or search engine optimization process where the content that has the most relatable keywords for the topic and has them in the right frequency.

This is the content that will rank high on the search engine results page every time due to the fact that it is playing by the rules of the algorithms that run the show. It does not matter how good the content is.

You could write a blog that is worthy of a Pulitzer and yet rank last on the search engine results page, or even not at all, if you ignore the rules of search engine optimization.

Keyword Difficulty

Keyword difficulty is a metric tool when it comes to using keywords for search engine optimization. It is also called “keyword competition” or “SEO difficulty.” The basic function of this metric tool is to gauge how difficult it is exactly to rank for a given keyword.

The way that it works is the higher this metric value is, the more difficult it would be for a particular keyword to rank high on the search engine results page. The reason behind this is the high competition that particular keyword has. 

The term “keyword difficulty” is used with two different meanings: as a metric scale that has a range from 0-100, and as a general term that takes into account all of the aspects that affect keyword insertion. 

As a metric scale

As a metric, it delivers information about the difficulty related to ranking for a particular keyword. The scale corresponds to the fact that the keyword difficulty for that keyword increases with the increasing number on the scale. It is something that tells you what kind of competition you are looking at when you are trying to rank for a specific keyword. 

If you get a really high score, you know that the keyword will be extremely difficult to rank on the search engine results page, and thus you will have to do extra work with respect to that one. 

The ranking system of this keyword difficulty metric scale is based on the quantity and quality of the backlinks and the SEO keywords. A good outcome on all these fronts will naturally get your content showing well on the search engine results page. 

Having the best keyword difficulty software is crucial to avoid wasting your time crafting content for which you have little hope of ranking on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages.

As a general term

Keyword difficulty when used as a general term is indicative and quantitative of the certain factors that are both external and internal. These factors are search intent, content quality, the authority of your website, and competitors. The search intent refers to the intention behind every search and the kind of results they want to see when they type those keywords. 

Content quality refers to the quality of the content on your website and how much better it is in terms of integrity compared to similar content.

The authority of your website refers to the goodwill and established reputation of your website. This means that if your website is new, it will probably not be that great.

And finally, the competitors. These are the other websites with similar content that might be vying for the same position on the search engine results page. 

Why Should You Be Concerned About Keyword Difficulty?

To put it simply, all the content on the internet is bound to be measured on the grounds of SEO. That means that your content will have a lot of competition no matter how unique you think it is.

A Top-Notch SEO Service

This is exactly why you need enterprise SEO services. No matter what kind of effort you are putting in, you will never come nearly as close as the kind of results and accuracy that an expert can achieve. 

With a service provider, you are sure to rank better and higher on the search engine results page. The reason behind this extends beyond their experience. It is because they have professional training in this sector and know exactly what kind of domain you are looking at and how to navigate it. 

Optimizing the search engine algorithms to make your content the most visible is not just a technical job but also a talent that takes the kind of accuracy that you cannot simply just have by reading up on the wonders of search optimization. 

It is something that people formally learn and practice for years and years before they can master it. Pioneers like Kala Agency can help whatever type of website you have to rank on the search engine results page. 

Best Keyword Difficulty Software

Many content creators opt to outsource their SEO needs to companies like the Kala Agency.

However, you can try to find high search volume low competition keywords manually.

Best Keyword Difficulty Software:

  • KWFinder
  • MozBar
  • Ahrefs
  • Ubersuggest


KWFinder is my go-to keyword research tool. Using KWFinder is as easy as driving a car. When you find high search volume low competition keywords, the tool will show a green number, as if to say “go ahead” and craft your content.

When the number is yellow, the tool says “slow down and think about proceeding further.” When KWFinder shows you a red number, you don’t want to write your post on that keyword.

Notice what happens when I plug my keyword idea for this guide into KWFinder

The keyword “best keyword difficulty software” is in green while the related keywords are in a darker color. Also, to the right, you see the metrics of the competition for the term.

I find KWFinder accurately tells me which keywords are high search volume low competition keywords.

Pricing: KWFinder is a premium tool. Basic plans start at $29.90 per month.


For those of you without a budget, MozBar is ideal since it’s absolutely free and has no limit on the number of keyword search queries you perform.

best keyword difficulty software

MozBar is a Chrome extension that shows you the Domain Authority Ranking of your website and any website you are on. This allows you to conduct an analysis of the competition writing about the keyword before beginning your post. As you see from the screenshot, the Moz extension shows you other important metrics as well.


best keyword difficulty software

Ahrefs is considered to have the best keyword difficulty software in the industry. So why am I ranking Ahrefs third place among the best keyword difficulty software?

First Ahrefs is expensive. The Lite Plan starts at $99.00 per month.

Next, in contrast to KWFinder, another premium keyword research tool, I find Ahrefs Keyword Research tool confusing.


best keyword difficulty software is Neil Patel’s tool. There are many features of Ubersuggest that make it considered to be among the best keyword difficulty software on the market.

I started using Ubersuggest when it was free. Since Patel started charging, I moved on to other keyword research tools when I need to know the high search volume low competition keywords I can potentially rank for.

Pricing: Ubersuggest starts at $29.00 per month.

Here you will find more information about Here you will find Ubersuggest alternatives.

Best Keyword Difficulty Software: FAQ

How can I get keyword difficulty for free?

Moz makes a browser extension. Download the MozBar to get keyword difficulty for free with no limitations on the number of monthly queries.

The Summary: Best Keyword Difficulty Software and SEO Service

Making a website in today’s world is not a difficult task to achieve given how much of our technology can just be found as functions on the internet. However, there are certain things that cannot be done by hitting a few buttons. One of these things is making your website content relevant, good quality, and at the same time SEO-friendly. 

That is a task that is best left to enterprise SEO services like Kala agency and their team of experts. They are well-versed in the techniques of SEO and will thus help you boost the ranking of your website on the search engine results page. It is something they can do easily at minimal costs and in turn, will help your website grow to levels that you have not even imagined. 

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