How to Write the Best Instagram Bio to Get Followers (2023) 29+ Ways

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Best Instagram Bio to Get Followers

Are you trying to write the best Instagram bio to get followers and achieve more personal and business opportunities?

With one billion users, Instagram has many advantages, but reaping the benefits is difficult with a weak bio.

No matter what social media site you choose to use, your bio plays an important role.

You are only allowed 150 characters in your Instagram bio. Make them count.

The Instagram bio is your best chance to make a good first impression.

These best Instagram bio to get followers tips answer this important question:

Is your Instagram profile so exceptional we want to follow it?

The best Instagram bio to get followers follows this formula:

  • Tell Instagrammers how you can help them.
  • Tell Instagrammers what you do
  • Tell Instagrammers your credentials.
  • Tell Instagrammers how they can reach you.

This comprehensive guide offers you examples and strategies to follow this formulaic approach to writing impressive Instagram bios.

By the time you are done reading this guide, you will be able to show your profile with pride, explain why is it great, and how you bring added value to your followers.

In other words, you will be able to analyze your Instagram bio for effectiveness.

This post features interviews with experts in the world of social media marketing.

They share methods, explanations, and examples of the best Instagram bio to get followers.

Instagram marketers are here to help you write the most impressive bio you can.

UPDATE January 2021: These tips are timely. With Instagram users complaining about the lack of Instagram growth due to algorithm changes, you need to control what you can in order to boost your account growth.

What can you do? You can learn to write the best Instagram bio to get followers and then follow the strategies.

Are you read to learn how to write the best Instagram bio to get followers?

The Best Instagram Bios To Get Followers Examples and Hacks

1. Teacher life 🍎

When the job gets stressful, you sometimes just need to laugh it off. #teacherslife 💁

The two emojis are eye-catching.

The bio is short and sweet. Without a lot of words, you get the idea this is a humorous Instagram account for teachers.

A great Instagram profile has a profile image, content, and a link. This does.

Best Instagram Bio to Get Followers: Strategies

As a user of Instagram, we have to understand the basic functionality of the app and how this piece of social media works.

It is very much like a celebrity, the more popular the user/account, the more followers the account will attain. This automatically results in more engaged followers who will more often like and comment on your posts.

Post at Optimal Times

As a business, we have always tried to post during effective times to gain more exposure for our products.

One of the most effective times is certainly the rush hours of the day as this is the point at which most commuters are using electronic devices and would certainly be spending their time on social media.

These times will usually be from 8 am to 9 am and just around work between 5 pm to 7 pm.

The chance of your post being viewed certainly will be a lot higher than any other time during the day, due to the sheer number of users of the app.

Use hashtags

Another popular technique is to post and upload a post with the correct and popular hashtags as seen while selecting the hashtags on Instagram in regards to the popularity.

However, selecting a popular hashtag along with some not so popular is very effective. The reason for this: Due to the high number of posts with a popular hashtag, the result is the post being seen less by many users.

However, if you also select some less popular hashtags, we would find this to be present for longer at the top of recent posts.

Post Stories with Links

Stories have long been known to be popular, However adding a link in your story directly to the post will certainly increase the clickthrough rate and prevent users from needing to access your profile and finding the post before they can like and comment.

Of course, too frequent posting and multiple stories can also result in an increase in losing followers.

Post Quality Content

The quality of the post can sometimes be regarded as a huge reason for someone to like and comment expressing their views of the post.

On Instagram, many users feel it is necessary for them to gain something from the post.

An example can just be relating to a quote or feeling they have experienced something similar, or they may just like a scenic picture you have just posted.

What this tells us is that to gain a large number of likes and comments, we have to work on the post and place effort before expecting the results.

Collaborate with Influencers

Influencers will enable you to gain a large number of likes and comments via Instagram.

This can be achieved by touting fellow users on Instagram to allow them to post stories of your recent posts by doing the same favor on your account. This technique greatly increases the exposure of the profile and the chances of attaining more followers and more likes and comments.



3. Most Diverse IG Handles

*Bio – Kasera*

Here is the bio of our Instagram:

Kasera | Home & Furniture
Looking for furniture & home decor?
We have an amazing selection of furniture from all retailers in one place.
Join #kasera_home

The reason why this is a great bio is because of the website link is in
the bio and the branded hashtag which can generate interest.

4. *Bio Gymshark*

Be a visionary.


A very minimalistic bio from a big brand, the single statement is so
powerful it makes the bio very attractive.

5. *Bio 3*

Γεια σου! We’re showcasing the splendid destination of Greece. Follow us,
tag @discover.greece or #discovergreece for a chance to be featured. www.discovergreece.

This Instagram handle also includes the local language to improve the

6. *Bio * The Wolf Run

UK’s Best Obstacle Race #ocr
(Voted by runners) 🏆🏃🇬🇧Tickets and more info on our website link below. #wolfr

This Instagram handle showcases the awards they won to gain credibility and trust.

7. Bio CYBEX

Committed to excellence and creativity. Car seats, strollers, carriers &
interior design! ADAC & Reddot award

This Instagram handle is primarily a car seat and stroller company but
mentioning them as an interior design company as well can make customers more intrigued about their Instagram and spend more time on it.


Rahul Mohanachandran
Co-Founder/Head of Marketing

Head of Marketing on Best Instagram Bio to Get Followers

When formulating an Instagram bio that attracts attention and gains
followers, use these top tips.

*Keep it easy to read.*
If people don’t understand your value proposition, they probably won’t
resonate with your posts either.

Keep it as clear as possible to convert readers to followers.

Take this LinkedIn bio as an example:

8. When we work together, we can work through anything. Give help. Get help. We’re #InItTogether.

It uses short, informative sentences to clarify their message in a fast,
punchy way. They’ve even included a hashtag to give it more momentum.

But they’re not only just keeping it easy to read. They’re cultivating an image of support and unity.

It’s no good if the reader can clearly understand an empty, meaningless bio.

Drive home a message that means something to readers.

*Make sure it’s relatable for the reader.*

This is an important note for getting followers. The modern reader likes to
see themselves in everything they read. They want to know, “What’s in it
for me?”

Take this Slack Instagram bio as an example:

9. “On a mission to make your working life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.”

It’s all about the reader — of course they’re going to follow the page.

It’s a strong headline that makes it clear what benefits their service
offers. That’s a more important distinction to make than clarifying your
features. Talk about what you can do for your readers.


Mark Hayes, Head of Marketing at Kintell

CEO on Strong Instagram Bios

One of the best ways to get followers on Instagram is to be absolutely straight forward.

Nobody wants to see you reel off your accomplishments, or brag about how great you are. They’d rather not hear you gloat about the successes of your company. Actually, the readers want to feel inclusivity.

Here’s one bio from the National Geographic which I feel is pretty strong. It gets to the point, and it’s written powerfully:

10. “Experience the world through the eyes of National Geographic photographers.”

I especially like, “Experience the world.” It tells the reader that they’re going to see a completely different world through National Geographic.

It’s not talking just about the company – it’s telling the reader what they can expect when watching their content. To me, that’s as straightforward, powerful, and inclusive as it gets.


Brian Dechesare


5 Examples of Strong Instagram Bios

Social Media is no doubt one of the most powerful marketing tools. As a
media business owner, I know this for a fact.

One of the most effective social media platforms is Instagram.

Though Instagram’s a visual platform, you shouldn’t just focus on the media you share but you should also focus on the bio you use.

Because, when users visit your profile, one of the first things the users will see is your bio. So, you should craft a bio that will help users know more about your brand and will get users more interested in your brand.

For me, some examples of strong Instagram bios are:

11. “Changing the game since (year).”

12. “Ideas worth spreading.”

13. “Make your mark.”

14. “Make a life, not just a living.”

15. “Sales go up and down but service stays forever.”

I find these Instagram bios strong because they are short but impactful so
it’s easier for users to recall your bio and thus remember your brand.


Scot Chrisman

I am Scot J Chrisman, founder and CEO at The Media House (

I am a professional skier turned influencer and entrepreneur who is building a media, and marketing empire.

Tips On Creating Best Instagram Bios

Your Instagram bios should bring life to your brand or your business. For
some, they care less about their Instagram bios hence they focus on the
photos as they think Instagram is all that.

Bios must be a summary of what your brand is all about.

As a website owner, our Instagram has all the important information about
our website and what we offer.

Here are some tips on how to create the best Instagram bio to get followers that work in telling the story in 150 characters:

16. Nike

Instagram bio to get followers

Your bio should boost morale and attract consumers. Like Nike’s bio, it
is simple but it attracts consumers by boosting everyone’s morale.

17 Poopourri

It should also be fun. Picture paints a thousand words but with a funny
bio that tells all then you can surely attract buyers.

“Poopourri: It takes the stink in what we ‘all do.”

18. Bikes R Us

Engaging bios are also the new trend.

“Let’s all go back to biking and let Mother Earth breathe.”

19. Jenna Kutcher

“Imperfectly Empowering Women”

Concise and impactful bios are also a great start. It should also have a
clickable link which directs to your website.

Jenna Kutcher’s bio does this well. In fact, podcasters and Instagram experts Tash and Viv from Ace the Gram explained Jenna Kutcher writes the best Instagram bio to get followers.

Instagram bio to get followers

20. ColourPopCosmetics

It doesn’t have to be a long bio. Like ColourPop Cosmetics with nine million
followers, it has a simple bullet bio that says it all.


Made in LA

Cruelty Free

Tiktok – ColourPopCo


Sonya Schwartz
Founder @ Her Norm <>

By using social media platforms like Instagram for your marketing strategy, it is important to formulate the best and strong bio that will easily attract leads and prospects and get a follow from them.

As a business owner, by just using a strong bio, you can level up and increase your social media presence that is good for your social media marketing strategy.

Your Instagram bio should be something that talks about your principle in life that can attract people that are interested in your field.

That being said, here are my 5 examples of a strong Instagram bio that can effectively generate followers:

21. “Making history.”

22. “Sales go up and down but service stays forever.”

23. “No rich parents, no assistance, no handouts, no favors, straight hustle, all day, every day.”

24. “I’m not a Businessman, I am a BUSINESS, man!”

25. “Life isn’t worth living unless you’re willing to take some big chances and go for broke.”


Samantha Moss

Editor & Content Ambassador at

Best Instagram Bio Example and Tips

Find below a couple of Instagram bio examples:

*26. Business*

CEO, Writer, Fancy Dancer
Named by Oprah “Thought leader for next generation”
Follow me to get a behind the scenes look at my life
Download my newsletter for free

*27. Travel*

Left it all behind to travel, except for 2 pups & 1 husband
From Dallas, TX
Follow for more inspiration #travel adventure
Travel, Blog & Insta Tips ↓

*28. Content Creator*

Storyteller, Creator | LA
20 Million FB community | 4 Billion views
Podcast ↓

*29. Health & Fitness*

Down 117 lbs from healthy living
NASM, WLS- Weight loss specialist
@runflyingpig ambassador | #amazoninfluencer
Watch my podcast ↓

Here are a few tips on how to create a great bio to generate new followers:

– Bios are a perfect place to show off a little like who you are and how
famous you are to impress the user.
Mentioning where you are located helps in networking, people may want to collaborate and work with you.

– Next, you should describe why people should follow you. Follow this with a simple and catchy call to action.

-It’s very important to make their subconscious think to ‘Follow Me’. Without it, they might not even consider following.

– Bios are the only place on Instagram where you can share a link, even
if you have a small follower base
. (The Instagram swipe up feature in the story works for accounts above 10k followers).

The last line of your Instagram bio should be used to try to get people to click the link. Instagram is a great cross-promotional platform if you can make the most out of it.

Boni Satani
Head of Marketing

Best Instagram Bio to Get Followers

Strong Instagram bios have some of the following features in common:
– Clear communication of what the Instagram account is about.
– Easy way to communicate with the handle owner like an email address.
– One thing that is easily noticeable about Instagram bios these days is a
link to other important resources that the owner cares about like a YouTube channel link or website link.
– All strong bios must be authentic.
– All good Instagram bios are legible. presented in easy to understand

best Instagram bio to get followers.

Neil Patel, @neilpatel, is an example of an account that is doing bio well. I
formulated my bio @deAnalyst along that path I observed many other profiles including @billygeneismarketing in marketing and saw a similar trend.


Joseph Tsaker is the SEO consultant at DeAnalyst

How to Engage Instagrammers

In addition to these strategies, you might want to ask yourself what you can do to stand out. How can you make your account different?

Consider these Instagram secrets:

Use animated selfie stickers

Instagram just introduced animated selfie stickers. When people approach you in your Instagram DM, consider replying with an animated selfie sticker. Selfie stickers are perfect when an emoji doesn’t express your desired emotion.

Change the font in your bio

Many free tools and methods exist that allow you to have unusual-looking fonts.

Since apps take up space on your phone, consider using these weird text generator methods to make your fonts look exciting.

There are also free services like LingoJam, Instagram Fonts, and CoolSymbol that allow you to have unusual fonts in your bio.

These Instagram bio copy and paste ideas are common in order to get your bio to stand out.

It’s true: You need to be creative to stand out on Instagram, so these Instagram cheats are often used.

Have a follower count higher than the number you follow

Look at influencer Melyssa Griffin’s ratio:

Best Instagram bio to get followers

When I see she has 65,500 followers but she is only following 385, I stop scrolling. That ratio catches my attention.

In addition, Melyssa writes the best Instagram bio to get followers.

She tells how she can help people. She will “help entrepreneurs create aligned success.”

Also, she tells what she does. She coaches, offers courses and hosts a podcast.

Finally, she uses eye-catching emojis and links to her resources.

Look at Kim Kardashian’s ratio:

Best Instagram bio to get followers

When I see she has 190 million followers but is only following 89, I’m interested.

Clearly, Melyssa and Kim are not following everyone who follows them. Instagram doesn’t let you. The site gives you a maximum capacity of only being able to follow 7500 people.

In order to keep your follower count above the number you follow, use a free third-party unfollow app.

Post to Instagram from your desktop

Today, free tools exist that enable you to post Instagram Stories and to your feed directly from you PC.

Combin Instagram Scheduler is a popular free app. You can use the app to post to Instagram from your PC.

Inssist (which stands for Instagram Assistant) is my go-to tool. I can preschedule to both my Stories and Instagram grid using this Chrome extension.

I can post a video as well as a still image with my Instagram caption. Inssist suggests relevant hashtags for me which I love. Here is a tutorial that explains how to use Inssist as an Instagram viewer for the computer.

Being able to use these preschedulers ensures my account stays active and my followers won’t grow tired of my account and move on.

Use a Linktree link in your bio.

Linktree is a free service. You combine your links. Since you are allowed one clickable link in your bio, a Linktree link allows you to combine many links into one.

Best Instagram Bio to Get Followers: FAQ

What is the best Instagram bio for a boy?

Follow this formula: Tell people how you can help them, what you do, your credentials, and how they can reach you. Anyone can apply this formula to write the best Instagram bio to get followers.

Wrapping Up: The Best Instagram Bio to Get Followers

In closing, this post taught you to write to write the best Instagram bio to get followers.


Many of the experts’ methods focused on explaining to the reader why they should follow your account.

Also, an expert recommended:

If you can find the best Instagram bio to get followers, emulate it. Copy the formula. You know if the bio is effective by looking at the follower count.

By reading these methods and examples, you know how to boost your Instagram followers by improving your bio.

This guide also shared strategies to stand out on Instagram.

Follow these actionable strategies to improve your bio and boost your Instagram following in 2021.

Readers, please share so other Instagram users and social media marketers learn how to write the best Instagram bio to get followers.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Can you add to the discussion and suggest an account with the best Instagram bio to get followers?

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