Best Gay Blog: Top 7 LGBTQ+ Blogs and Why They Are So Popular

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best gay blog

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Are you looking for the best gay blog? The internet is a great platform for those seeking their tribe.

If we are honest, queer people have a universal best friend – the internet. For most of the LGBTQ community, the internet is a safe place where they can find and share inspiration, seek advice and help, meet friends and lovers, and solidify their movement.

Different blogs cater to different people. This article is for readers who want information they need to choose the best gay blog.

By reading this post, you will get to read reviews of seven LGBTQ+ blogs.

Let’s get started helping you choose the best gay blog.

Loud and Proud

From dating sites to stylist apps like Pinterest, the internet has provided a way for them to be who they are without any restriction. However, the internet can also be very unforgiving if used for the wrong motive. For instance, people still make derogatory and demeaning comments, report accounts, or send hateful messages. This makes it hard for queer people to create content or interact with others.

So, it only makes sense that queer people should form an online LGBTQ community. It makes interaction safer and more fun, but it also allows creators to curate content that’s target-specific. Such online platforms are a safe haven for the LGBTQ community.

Best Gay Blog

If you’re still finding your way around queer internet, you might be a little overwhelmed with all it offers.

Here is a list of the best LGBTQ blogs and why they are so popular:

1. Joe.My.God

Joe Jervis is an award-winning blogger who sheds light on politics and news concerning gay issues, disco knowledge, and culture related to the expansive queer culture.

The site is constantly updated with local and international news from around the web. This way, Joe ensures that the blog is always updated for his readers.

If you’re tired of reading long, monotonous, and redundant blogs, then Joe.My.God is the blog you need to check out. The posts are concise and easy to read. You’ll find no need to skim over the content.

In addition, Joe has successfully managed to pull active and enthusiastic readers to his content. As such, comment sections are always buzzing with activity. This allows you the chance to interact with other individuals, share your thoughts and opinions, and of course, learn a thing or two.

If you’re seeking an interactive, informative platform, then Joe Jervis has you covered. His website should be considered the best gay blog.

2. Raising My Rainbow

if you and your partner are raising a queer child, then Lori Duron should be your friend. Her blog mainly centers on her son C.J, who is gender nonconforming.

Raising My Rainbow was named among parenting magazines that are most likely to change the world. It’s not hard to see why.

Lori acts as a foundational support system for parents with protogay, gender creative, prehomosexual, or non-binary children. This is a bold step into future parenting.

Most queer individuals have had trouble coming out to their parents or guardians. In contrast, some had very traumatic experiences during this time. Luron is trying to make a difference by sharing her parenting experience with others.

This helps parents to feel included, supported, and most of all, have a sense of direction.

Lori encourages her son to post once in a while, so it is no wonder he was named the youngest grand marshal in Orange County.

3. The Fab Femme

Although this platform is no longer alive, it still continues to inspire the queer community through its Instagram page.

This platform is a project founded by Aryka Randall back in 2010. The site is written for the females of the LGBTQ community. The goal is to create content that focuses on stories told by feminine women around us.

The site is not focused on a particular subject matter, and the content varies from politics, entertainment, dating, and travel.

best gay blog

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The Q&A section is an inspirational space that has interviews with remarkable women from different walks of life and career paths. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, activist, or artist, you are sure to find inspiration here.

4. TransGriot

Pronounced as Gree oh, Transgriot is the child of Monica Roberts. She describes herself as a “proud and unapologetic Black trans woman”. Her mission is to discuss the world around her and speak truth to power.

Monica Roberts is a transhuman rights advocate who has won numerous blogging awards, such as the GLAAD award. Her work aims to promote acceptance o trans people, with a keen focus on queer people of color.

5. My Fabulous Disease

Growing up in an era where the LGBTQ was facing oppression and the AIDS pandemic, Mark S. King offers a platform where people can learn about health and life choices. He has been an active HIV/AIDS advocate in the LGBTQ community since 1985.

His blog narrated his life stories when he was battling drug addictions and dealing with a strange illness. In addition, the site also focuses on advocacy news, queer politics, inspirational writing, and sexual politics in the queer realm.

This is one of the LGBTQ blogs that focus on physical wellness.

6. The Lesbian Blog

It’s natural that single people often have more to say about relationships and families. It’s not that they are wrong, but having content from experienced people does make a difference.

Emily and Faith are a lesbian couple from Ontario. Their blog offers a platform where people can find questions about being gay. Unlike most LGBT blogs, the Lesbian Blog is very particular about published content.

The homepage has a section where visitors and readers can submit questions to the publishers. The best thing is that answers are based on real-life experiences. The Lesbian Blog is much like a wiki page for the curious gays.

Given that Emily and Faith answer all presented questions, the topics can vary greatly. You can find content dealing with coming out, health, dating, and style inspiration.

This blog is great for the inquisitive mind, and it helps that Emily and Clara leave nothing out.

7. Gay With Kids

This is one of the most targeted specific LGBTQ blogs, and it continues to garner loyal readers every day. Gay With Kids is a fabulous resource platform for gay dads or dads to be. The mission of the blog is to ensure that every dad, regardless of their queer subculture, feels represented and welcome.

The content focuses on important issues such as surrogacy, adoption, co-parenting, foster parenting, and more. Gay With Kids is a safe haven for queer dads, which offers helpful insight and a sense of belonging.

In addition, the dads in the community contribute to the platform with different topics such as political news and some personal essays.

Conclusion: Best Gay Blog

There are hundreds of LGBTQ blogs you can delve into, and it all depends on what you’re trying to find. Every platform caters to a different subculture, but it won’t hurt to learn from different spaces.

I look forward to your views in the comment section. What are your top LGBTQ  blogs? Why do you think everyone deserves to know about them? What is your top choice for the best gay blog?

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