7 Benefits of Podcasts: Why You Need to Implement Podcasts in 2023

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Have you considered the benefits of podcasts to help you in your marketing strategy?

Neil Patel and Eric Sui of the Marketing School podcast claimed if they made a change in their early marketing strategy, they would have started podcasting sooner in their careers. The benefits of podcasts are that strong.

By reading this post, you learn seven advantages of podcasts. Learn about the benefits of podcasts so you start using this technology in your marketing campaigns today.

Let’s dive in and learn why the benefits of podcasts are so powerful, you’ll be a more effective marketer when you use this tool.

Why You Need to Implement Podcasts in Your Marketing Strategy   

Recently, podcasts are increasingly growing in popularity with the number of users currently estimated at 90 million every month. The mobile-friendly content provides interactive options for the audience. 

According to data available online, audiences for podcasts are very loyal because they love to keenly follow the series as the author releases them. To reap maximum SEO benefits from your podcasts, you must publish them in your blog and ensure the podcast, including the titles and descriptions, are also optimized with keywords

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Ranks your brand as an authoritative brand

The purpose of every marketing campaign, including podcast marketing, is to help your brand rank higher in the market. As a marketer, your strategy should be customer-oriented and you should feed your audiences with positive information consistently until they completely associate your information with your brand. 

Using the right keywords in your podcast will help position your brand high on Google search. You must ensure your podcast is available in different formats downloadable on any device to reap maximum SEO benefits

Most important: Ensure your podcast is uploaded in a mobile-friendly format and that it offers an interactive option for the audience. Do not avail your podcast in just one place, but publish it in your blog and upload it on social media, YouTube, and other important platforms. Beyond this, let every transcript of your podcast be loaded with keywords that direct people right back to your website. 

One place to test how your brand is ranking through the search engines. You can test the ranking level through a generic search or use an online keyword rank checker by SiteChecker. The site will not just show you the URL, its ranking, and volume. It will also show you the codes of the countries where your brand is searched most, the search language, how you are competing with other similar brands, and your cost per click each month. 

benefits of podcasts


Audiences are not limited when to listen

A podcast ads sales network recently conducted a survey and found that 63 percent of audiences had made a purchasing decision influenced by a podcast they had listened to. This report shows the significant benefits of podcasts to any marketer. 

Podcasts can be available in several downloadable formats, which gives the audience chance to listen anytime, wherever they are. The marketer needs diversity in his podcast marketing strategies to reach out to as many audiences as possible. 

It is not a surprise that podcasts are now among the most mentioned marketing methods when discussing  SEO trends 2021. When audiences are given more chances to listen to podcasts, they will have higher chances to make buying decisions based on the podcast information. 

It is fairly affordable

Most forms of marketing charge on pay-per-view or pay-per-click strategy. Although the benefits of these strategies are significant, the cost can sometimes soar high. Podcast marketing is relatively new and is yet to gain high competition compared to other forms of marketing. Due to this fact, their cost is considerably low. 

benefits of podcasts


Podcasts are gaining popularity fast

Any marketer looking for alternative ways for making money online might probably understand better the question, why are podcasts important? Although podcasts started several years ago, it took time for them to gain popularity. 

Due to vigorous advertising, more marketers are continually embracing podcasts as a viable alternative to help their business tap more cash. Audiences, on the other hand, are loving the good content in podcasts and are taking more time to listen and, in the process, make buying decisions. Some years ago, many people thought that the entry of video marketing killed audio marketing but the trend is changing fast. 

It’s easy to create and market a podcast

One major question a marketer might ask is how to market a podcast. There are online tools that help you create a podcast with ease.

In fact, in their podcast Build Your Tribe, Charlene and Brock Johnson discussed how they were recording their podcast on their iPhone. No special technology was needed, and their podcast’s audio was clear.

There is a number of online software that allows you to record straight from your phone or laptop. Podcastle is one great example of a platform where you can record, interview, and edit your podcast with minimum effort. The software offers a range of AI-powered features which help you get the best possible result without having to spend hours figuring out complicated mixing tools. You can also record high-quality remote interviews in the comfort of your home. 

After it’s ready, a hosting site will help make your podcast available to different audiences in different formats. 

You have an added advantage because you can publish your podcast in your blog and you can add backlinks so that each time an individual clicks on the link, it automatically opens your blog. 

The podcast can be available on social media, YouTube, and any other platform. Creating a presence on many platforms gives your brand greater chances to be known and helps increase the conversion rate. 

Podcasts are conversational 

Podcasts come in different forms depending on the purpose. The host can invite a guest and have them speak in detail on a certain topic that targets the company’s products. He can also directly choose to speak to the audience and enlighten them on different products or tackle a topic that doesn’t directly talk about the products. 

The audience will find the podcast interesting if it’s loaded with quality content and they will find time to listen. If the content is part of a series topic, the audience will be eager for another content-rich audio. Just the same way a radio audience loves to listen to good radio programs, they will also love to listen to good podcasts.

Podcasts help build a relationship with your brand

Marketing experts might advise that it’s not good to always speak about your brand in your marketing strategies and campaigns. Your audience can get bored and switch away to better and interactive content. 

A better way is to mix with other interesting topics. For instance, if your brand is in the health sector, you might want to prepare interesting topics about health and wellness, aging, healthy relationships, and so on. Once in a while, make mention of your brand but not too much. 

Your audience will always look forward to your next podcast and might even replay earlier releases often. Eventually, you will gain favor with your audience and they will have a closer relationship with you and your brand. 

Benefits of Podcasts: FAQ

Is it worth doing a podcast?

Yes! If you are a marketer, you should definitely consider the benefits of podcasts. Podcasts are easy to make, promote, and afford.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of podcasts?

While podcasts are easy to make and cost-effective, people don’t consider these benefits of podcasts. Instead, marketers assume video is more effective and don’t try podcasting.

Conclusion: Important Benefits of Podcasts

Although podcasts started a few years ago, they managed to gain better entry into the market recently. Because of that, many people refer to them as new in the market and this notion has helped podcasts become widely known and useful to marketers. To get maximum benefit, marketers should prepare quality podcasts and focus on building a closer relationship with their audiences. The return will be great if the marketers refuse to procrastinate. 

Readers, please share so marketers learn these benefits of podcasts as an effective marketing tool.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Are there additional benefits of podcasts you can suggest?

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  1. Ryan K Biddulph

    All strong points. I run the Blogging From Paradise podcast but need to bump up publishing schedules again. I became lax. Good reminder for me. Thanks Janice.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryan,
      I almost fell over yesterday when I read your comment. I didn’t know you have a podcast! I quickly subscribed and listened to months’ worth of your Blogging From Paradise podcast.
      Do you recommend podcasting? I’ve read mixed. On one hand, it sounds easy and free to record from your phone. On the other hand, I read it’s labor-intensive. I’m tempted to try.

  2. sweety kumari

    Hey Janice,
    I love to red your post. Your post is very effective and useful.
    Podcasts re using in nowadays is very beneficial because it increasingly growing in popularity with the number of users currently estimate t 90 million every month.
    audience for data viable online audience for podcasts are very loyal because they love to keenly follow the series s the author release them.
    thank you

    thank you


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Sweety,
      Thank you for adding to the discussion by providing these informative statistics.
      Thanks for the compliments as well.

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