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In my motivation for blogging post, May the Blogging Begin (, I explained that I love movies, old and new.  For this reason, I get excited when award show nominations are introduced.  I look to see if reviewers’ opinions agree with mine.  This post is called Beginners Guide to the Golden Globe Award Nominations since I know virtually nothing about any of this year’s nominees.  I will only address those nominations for which I know even a modicum of information about.

Best Motion Picture – Drama

The Theory of Everything: Several summers ago I had the pleasure of seeing Vanessa Carlton in concert where she sang “Tall Tales for Spring,” about Stephen Hawkings.  I have always been fascinated with time travel as it is, so I am eager to see The Theory of Everything, a film about Hawkings.  I was not a fan of Eddie Redmayne’s in Les Miserable, but I am still eager to see this film.

Gone Girl: This movie is up for Best Director and Best Screenplay awards.  After I saw this film, I wrote such a scathing review that it actually got compliments from the Twitter crowd.  (See How to Save Two Hours of Your Life  Instead of pulling it from the theaters and in doing so the annals of time, the Foreign Press Association awards this movie repeated accolades.  Gone Girl should be on the list of worst movies of 2014, not on a list of Golden Globe nominees.


Best TV Series – Dramatelevisions

The Blacklist: James Spader’s dry humor could well earn him the award for Best Actor in a Drama.  Having watched him play a character with the same personality in Boston Legal, sometimes I wonder if he isn’t just playing James Spader.

House of Cards: Okay, this one I actually watched–and then stopped watching.  As Zoe Barnes led the list of my favorite characters that got killed off, my interest died along with my favorite characters.

Kevin Spacey: His Southern twang may have earned him a nomination.  An award?  I think both the show and the actors playing the surviving characters are a snoozer.

Robin Wright is also up for an award, for Best Actress in a Drama, for this show.  Her performance is so understated, I’d never know she was acting.  Is it seriously any different from her Princess Bride character?  Yet, the woman keeps winning awards for this role.

How to Get Away with Murder: I am addicted to creator Shonda Rhimes’s Scandal, and I loved Viola Davis in The Help, but the problem with her …Murder character is she is too good.  I mean it; her acting is so good I really believe she is cold and immoral.  Like Scandal’s Olivia Pope, Rhimes needs characters with rooting value, at least characters I can root for.  Viola Davis’s professor is not one of them.  She is nominated for Best Actress in a Drama.

Viewers: Did you agree with my assessment of the nominations?  Were there any dramas you saw this year that you thought got robbed of a nomination?  I look forward to your views.









  1. John Doe

    As usual I disagree with almost everything you said but I do like the way you said it

  2. Bella Silverstein

    I’ll try to by cryptic for readers who haven’t seen the movie. I liked Gone Girl, even though it was dark. My gripes: the big payoff comes in the exact center of the film, when it’s revealed what’s really going on; and the ending was a disappointment, as well as a big mismatch between what the character played by Ben Affleck knows and feels, and what he does at the end.

    • Janice Wald

      I agree, but it sounds like you’re criticizing the movie. Why did you like it?

  3. Carol Graham

    Love Scandal and The Black List. You are absolutely right — I think Spader is playing himself. I think How to get away with murder is a bit disjointed. I never missed an episode so I guess they know how to get you hooked,

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Carol,
      Do you watch Orange is the New Black? One of the students is a regular on the show (he plays John, an officer in the prison) , so I’m guessing he doesn’t stick around. I found her character wasn’t likeable, and my husband told me she gets worse in future shows, so I never watched another episode. I want to try and pick up Nashville. My kids love it.

    • Janice Wald

      Me too. I hope readers get that’s what is funny about my review. I’m critiquing performances and shows I haven’t seen! I’m doing it again on Sunday for the comedies!

  4. Ashley Gulla

    Oh wow, I loved Gone Girl. I think it was Ben’s best acting performance to date!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ashley,
      Did you read my scathing review of Gone Girl: How to Save Two Hours of Your Life? What did you think of the plot? Why would they reconcile at the end? They hated each other.

    • Janice Wald

      Did you read my review Sophie? I actually called it “How to Save Two Hours of Your Life!” I meant it too; I thought it was awful. The people I went with liked it, but I’m still not sure what they found redeeming about it. Someone wrote and complimented Ben’s acting. Okay, to each their own!

  5. carla

    I don’t tend to watch many programmes or films right now so I’ve no idea about most of the ones you talk about. I am however very intrigued!

  6. knottymarie

    I dont watch the awards. I think they are just an excuse for a party, and everyone has a different perception of what is ‘good’. I do think James Spader plays himself, Have you seen any of his earlier work? I’ve enjoyed binge-watching House of Cards, but to get the full appreciation of the show, you should watch the UK version as well.

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