B2B Writer: How to Write Awesome Business Articles in 2023

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Do you want to be a B2B writer?

There are various types of writing used in the professional sphere, where B2B writing is one of those.

This kind of writing also known as B2B copywriting is managed by the B2B writer who creates content with other businesses as customers in mind.

In fact, the B2B content writer employed by the company is in charge of creating various text documents and articles.

The main difference between traditional and B2B articles is that the target audience of the latter generally includes other businesses rather than individual customers.

Becoming a B2B writer is one of the best day jobs for writers.

By reading this guide, you’ll learn what is entailed when you are a B2B writer and discover examples of companies that employ B2B writers to write their informational content.

Let’s dive in and discover how to be a B2B writer.

What is a B2B writer?

When it comes to B2B writing, there is no exact classification for the style or language used. This concept is rather general and may involve various kinds of texts ranging from storytelling to technical editing.

However, it is always about writing business content for other companies and enterprises that are existing or potential consumers.

The notion “B2B” itself stands for business-to-business conception that identifies the cooperation of one company with others. Usually, it means that the particular company’s products or services are destined exclusively to other businesses but not individual consumers.

One of the famous B2B companies is Atlassian – a company that creates project management tools.

Its most well-known products Jira and Confluence are now used by thousands of software development teams all over the world.

Atlassian is basically a B2B company that sells its products to other business organizations to help track bugs and manage daily tasks in software teams. Using these tools for individual entrepreneurs would make no sense, so this company provides its products to other small, medium, or large businesses only.

When companies need to prepare informational materials about their products or services, they delegate the writing to a B2B writer.

Those text documents and articles are prepared by B2B writers based on the list of requirements. Very often, there is a marketing guide for B2B writing that provides details on the formatting, style, and terminology to be used in the documents.

Given that the term “B2B writing” is compound, it implies that various documents should be created in different ways.

For instance, the promotional articles for the blog should still be informative but rather entertaining. Meanwhile, white papers and user guides should be more precise and utilize a technical style of writing with precise details and clear statements.

In fact, B2B writing may range from one company to another depending on the sphere of its operation. Some businesses would want to produce promotional materials, while others would rather concentrate on technical papers. However, the B2B article creation is something that is common almost in every company.

Typical B2B copywriting samples

Business writing includes various types of technical papers and articles for online platforms. While creating such documents, B2B writers keep in mind small teams or large enterprises that are the current or potential clients of the company.

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Blog articles

Both B2B and B2C companies see blogs as a good way for website promotion and optimization. The blog section on the business websites could also be a source of monetization. It means that with link-building services such as adsy.com other businesses would be able to find your blog and publish their guest posts there. Moreover, they would help you to find other online platforms that would be glad to link back to your business article from their websites.

MongoDB is one of the B2B companies that has deployed a blog on its website. Most articles there are about collaborations with other companies, feature descriptions, and technologies used in the database software produced by MongoDB.


Practically every B2B company has a section on the website dedicated to the documentation, and Atlassian is not an exception. When navigating to their website, there is a resources section where all the documents are stored. Those contain all the information about the products and the information on how to use them, which is really helpful for business users who buy Atlassian software.

B2B writer

What is a B2B writer responsible for?

All those texts within the B2B writing scope are crafted by a B2B writer or B2B content writer. Even though these two occupations seem to be very similar, there actually is a difference.

A B2B content writer creates business articles and takes care of everything related to copywriting. Meanwhile, a B2B writer usually takes care of a wider range of tasks. Thus, a B2B writer usually occupies both technical content for instruction guides and marketing-related texts.

How can B2B writers create outstanding articles?

There are no specific features that characterize a business article as exceptional, though there are some specific requirements to how it should look like to interest business users.

First of all, the writer should preferably be an expert in the particular sphere in order to conduct profound business analysis on the topic. Secondly, there are certain rules which business articles should correspond to.

Preliminary research

Before writing an article for a business blog or a professional social network profile, such as LinkedIn, there is always a need to make an analysis on the chosen topic beforehand.

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Every article is unique, so the subject for exploration will differ each time. For instance, if the article talks about the company’s success during the current fiscal year, it would be nice to make some reference to its history and performance results of the previous years.

Details are important

When writing business articles, it is always important to present the business value of the company. If the article presents its products or services, it would be nice to mention how they are different from other similar items on the market.

For instance, when a new feature is released, an article should provide its comprehensive description and typical use cases. That way, other businesses would understand how helpful that feature would be within their workflow and what existing problems it could resolve.

Statistics and analytics

Business is associated with numbers that characterize its quarterly and annual performance. Without them, it would be difficult to estimate and analyze the progress of the company.

When writing a business article, the utilization of statistical data is always endorsed. Even though precise facts are important in business articles, a reader should not be overwhelmed with them.

Thus, the implementation of graphs based on the statistical data is highly endorsed as those represent the information in a clear and concise way.

Hidden B2B copywriting niches and opportunities

Practically every company employs a writer or collaborates with external experts who create content. Depending on the sphere of the company’s operation, the B2B or B2C writing is at the place.

When referring to B2B writing, more and more companies are willing to hire in-house writers. However, it is not always possible to do so as there are industries that look for B2B writers with specific skills.

Thus, people with strong writing skills accompanied by good knowledge in physics, finance, science, informatics, and other complex subjects have niche opportunities where they can start writing business articles.

At the moment, such spheres as IT and finance are actively hiring B2B writers. That is not always easy as B2B writers have to possess a profound knowledge of information technologies or finance. If you have the following skills and would want to start your career in such industries, you are welcome to search for B2B writing vacancies in those spheres.

Wrapping Up: B2B Writer

In conclusion, by reading this post, you learned the definition and job description of a B2B writer. Also, you also learned about companies that hire B2B writers.

Readers, please share so writers discover this post and discover these B2B writing opportunities.

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