How to Make the Perfect Content in 6 Simple Ways Now and Always

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Article Writing is easy with these 6 tips

The third quarter of the year recently ended.

Did you check to see which blog posts are in contention for the best-performer of the year?

For the last quarter, my top performing article is an expert interview about article writing. The post has received more than double the other page views for the quarter.

Clearly, there is interest in article writing ideas.

That post actually explained how to find ideas for article writing. Today’s guest author Jennifer Scott shares 6 additional tips. Most of these were not shared in the expert interview.

How to Generate Ideal Article Writing Ideas for Your Blog

by Jennifer Scott

Most writers at some point will end up having a bit of trouble keeping up with their flow of producing great, relevant content. If you are struggling with this at the moment, then why not try one of the methods below to help get you back into creating quality content for your blog that your audience will want to read?


One method that certainly works well is newsjacking, which is simply taking a trending headline and turning it into a blog post. If you come across a piece of news that is relevant to your niche, turn it into a popular post by offering your view or spin on it.

Get Sharing

We all come across a few articles or blogs a day that we like but next time when you come across something that is relevant to your niche that you enjoyed reading, why not share it on your platforms? Just make sure to give credit and not to do it more than you are sharing your own stuff as it doesn’t look great!

Work from a Title

A great way to start is working from a title, it can be very general to start with and end up changing by the time you have finished writing but this makes sure that you are keeping on topic and you have focused your content to what you set out to write.

Original Content

It sounds very obvious, but you should only be writing something if you have something new and valuable to say about it, never rehash someone else’s blog post that you read because you liked it or think that it will get you views. If you liked someone else’s work so much, why not do what we said before and share it?

Split Up Posts

If you have written an extra-long blog post, why not try splitting it up into a few shorter posts? This will make sure that you are not watering down your content and allows you to expand on what you have to say. Also, unless viewers are very interested in the topic they tend to switch off if the post is particularly long.

Great Resources

Here is our list of resources that will help you to create perfect content, every time.

RooJoom is brilliant for when you have to work with multiple tabs. It takes your range of tabs and puts them into one organized place.

Best Australian Writers is a great writing service for those who need a helping hand when it comes to either writing or proofreading. They have also created a list of reviews of other writing services out there, to help you choose the best service for you.

Google Suggested Content allows you to search for topics that are related to your blog post as well as previewing images, adding in citations and any research that is related to your content.

Guides is a great platform for sharing content as well as reading other people’s blog posts. It’s free to use and allows you to share with groups and the public.

Host blogger’s comments:

What did you think of Jennifer’s post? What works for you when it comes to finding ideas for article writing? Were you familiar with any of these resources? Have you tried any of her tips? I look forward to your views in the comments section.

Readers, please share so bloggers and other writers know these tips for finding great ideas for article writing.


  1. John Doe

    In the restaurant business expression is location location location. After reading this blog, in my Opinion it is, content content content.

  2. Joy Healey

    Hi Janice and Jennifer,

    Great ideas for article writing topics.

    Another one I have used occasionally is to use a TED talk as the basis for an article. So I listen to the talk myself, describe it in outline and then write my own commentary on it – how that tip relates to my life or business. I also add the video in case people prefer to watch that, which is great as it keeps them longer on my blog.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

  3. Freddy G. Cabrera

    Hey Janice!

    Great tips and resources for better content creation 🙂

    You always gotta keep the content of your blog fresh and super valuable, right!

    I don’t think I’ve heard of any of the resources you are recommending here – but will take a look at them.

    What I like to do, for new content for my blog, is spend a lot of time doing some research on topics and trending subjects in my niche. Then, I gather a few similar articles that have the record to be popular and on demand (in the niche) and then get my ideas from there.

    Sometimes, I just write, though. Since it is a blog, you should also never be afraid to share a bit about your life and your accomplishments. Especially, when you already have a following and you know people are eager to hear life updates from you.

    One tool that I would recommend, to help you with Titles, is the Portent Content Idea Generator. Just google that and you will find the tool. I really like this tool because it helps you get creative!

    Thanks for another valuable post! 🙂

    Cheers! 😀

  4. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Jennifer,

    Good tips here.

    I love sharing content that would benefit my audience. Sharing is caring, and sharing is the easiest, quickest way to drive traffic to your blog too. As your friend network grows, goodness does the traffic and profits grows too and the friend network is gonna grow pronto when you share other blogger’s content.

    Most bloggers screw up in this area; they share only their content in a gazillion areas but nobody listens, because nobody likes a selfish person looking out only for themselves. On the flip side, when all you do is promote other bloggers you will have few issues making buddies, building bonds and watching all of their promoting of your stuff boost your blog traffic numbers.

    Thanks for sharing Jennifer.


  5. Golden Okechukwu

    Hey Jennifer,

    Nice writeup.

    I think I am going with writing original content because it has the potential to drive you great traffic and quality backlinks.

    When I say original I mean unique content.

    Try to take your time to make research to write something that is not on the web. Write case studies and approach already treated topics in a new manner.

    For example I recently wrote 7 reasons why you must accept a guest post. Generally we know that there are benefits in writing guest post but I looked beyond that to see benefits of accepting a guest post and I included a case study.

    Now when others start writing about it they may want to link to the original source.

    That is the kind of content I call original and unique.

    Other tips you shared are interesting too.

    Thanks for sharing them and do have a nice day.


  6. Jitendra


    Content is still the king when it comes to SEO, and so the main focus of any blogger while creating a blog should be producing great content and giving value. This is where most of the bloggers fail, as they focus more on backlinks than on content. Google always prefers high quality and relevant content and with great content the chances of ranking increases much more.

    Thank you for sharing this interesting article. I really like the resource you shared here, they surely seem to be helpful.

    Have a great day ahead.

  7. Stephanie

    I’ve never heard of most of the resources mentioned there but I’m really excited about Guides! Looks like the perfect place to share expertise. Thanks for mentioning it!

  8. Reji Stephenson

    Hi Janice,

    Excellent tips on writing perfect article. Writing a professional appealing article requires extensive research and good spending of time to read related content.
    Thanks for sharing this tips.

    Reji Stephenson

  9. candy

    Great ideas especially about splitting up long posts. Plus brings readers back to your blog for second version. Found you on Bloggers Pit Stop.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Candy,
      I have found the value in updating posts since mine are so long, LOL. That’s sort of the same thing. Thanks for writing.

  10. Elizabeth

    WOW! What a plethora of information you have here, not just in this post but on your whole site. So glad I found you via the Blogger’s Pit Stop! Looking forward to following you from now on!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Elizabeth,
      What kind words! Thank you! I would love to have your permanent readership!

  11. Kathleen - Bloggers Lifestyle

    Hi Jennifer and Janice, Thanks for a simple well-explained post on writing articles. I may have learned it here 🙂 anyway I always try and keep in mind that what I write should always add value. When facts are stated it helps greatly if it has a backup quote and a link to support the statements.
    Thanks for the resource list as well.
    Blogger’s Pit Stop

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Kathleen,
      Thanks for writing to tell me you enjoyed Jennifer’s article. Her tips seem to have resonated with many readers.

  12. ColeN

    Great ideas for creating content. Everybody lacks an inspiration from time to time and these ways are great to be consistent, create new content and continue blogging.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi ColeN,
      Thanks for writing. I am glad you felt the post offered valuable tips for getting content ideas.

  13. Abid Masih

    Incredible review and very much masterminded with a great deal of tips for writing a decent captivating article. Overall it’s helpful.
    Abid Masih

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Abid,
      I appreciate your compliments and your comments. I am glad you found the tips for never running out of post ideas valuable.

  14. Robin Khokhar

    Hi Janice and Jennifer,
    Thanks for sharing these 6 amaing tips. i really ap[prciate your effort in creating this post./
    Have a good weekend.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Robin,
      Great to see you. Thanks for writing us. I am glad you found my guest author’s post helpful.

  15. Jerry Peri

    Great post and very helpful tips for creating content and keeping a blog active, thanks for sharing!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jeri,
      Thanks for commenting on my article. Great to see you this week. I am glad you found the tips for not running out of content ideas helpful.

  16. Eli

    I like to copy and paste comments I leave on blogs to expand into my own post. I always link back to the post that inspired me, too. I will never run out of ideas this way!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Eli,
      I frequently do that as well. I send the post to the person on Twitter and ask them to retweet. They normally do! Thanks for contributing to the discussion with your suggestions. Thanks for writing.

  17. Moss

    Hi Jennifer & Janice,

    Great article you have here, great tips as always. I enjoyed reading this article and my take on this is; sharing other bloggers content and not just your own. As Ryan puts it, sharing is caring and can lead to massive traffic.

    The end game is improved engagement and sales.

    But, I also love “working from titles and splitting up post.” Preferably, I often try to create new blog posts from sub-headings. It offers you the opportunity to create a more in-depth article that readers will love to engage with.

    Thank you for sharing.

  18. Becky

    “THird quarter recently ended.” This makes me a little panicky, but a little excited too. The start of Q4 is when I start business planning for 2018 and a chance to see what hasn’t been working in 2017. Stopping by from the Blogger Pit Stop!

  19. Donna Parker

    Dear Janice, I read your posts and learn so much, my problem seems to be in implementing your advice. But at this point I’m going with blogging is cheaper than therapy and it’s helping me write and connect with other bloggers who are just amazing people, like you.
    I’ve shared this so theirs can find it and you.
    Dropped by today from #BloggersPitStop but I’m always happy to be here and there – just happened to write a new post yesterday, just in time for #BPS and Halloween.
    Hope this weekend treats you kindly. xo

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Donna,
      Great to see you. Your comments, like your articles, are funny– blogging is cheaper than therapy =)!
      Trouble implementing my advice? You know you can always ask me any blogging questions you may have.
      Thanks for sharing. I noticed on Twitter.

  20. Elise Cohen Ho

    Those resources are quite interesting. I am definitely going to check them out. I love anything that helps us to do a better job.

  21. Jean

    Interesting point under “Get Sharing.” It said, “not to do it more than you are sharing your own stuff as it doesn’t look great.” I’ve noticed some on twitter who never tweet anything of their own; it is *all* retweets. And some never RT anyone. I like to aim for a happy medium! Of course, “Work From a Title” is a must in my genre – a food blog (with a dash of tea, wine and travel) – but I can see how it would be essential for other topics.

  22. Sandra L Garth

    Love these ideas and I’ll do my best to apply then to my food blog.

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