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Ansel Adams landscape photography

In the realm of photography, few names command as much reverence and admiration as that of Ansel Adams.

His masterful compositions and profound ability to convey the grandeur of nature have made him an enduring icon in the world of landscape photography.

Through his lens, Adams transported viewers into a realm where mountains towered, rivers flowed, and sunlight painted the earth with ethereal hues.

In this blog post, we embark on a captivating journey into the realm of Ansel Adams’ awe-inspiring work, delving into the man behind the camera and exploring the profound impact he has had on the art of capturing the natural world.

Prepare to be enthralled by a breathtaking landscape and the genius of a visionary artist who dedicated his life to preserving the beauty of our planet through the power of photography.

I’ll introduce you to some additional people you may have heard of, or not.

Even if you don’t know their names, it’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen their work. Provided you’re from Earth and were born in the last 100 years or so.

Ansel Adams Landscape Photography

Ansel Adams Landscape Photography Fun Fact 1

There once was a man, Ansel Adams. As a boy he was so incorrigible, he’d been expelled from, well, too many schools to ever return. He was eventually home-schooled. Ansel never attended a formal college, nor was he inclined to do so as he believed such institutions were a waste of valuable time, and wholly intended for people seeking to learn HOW to work for others. At a young age, Ansel taught himself piano. 

Ansel Adams Landscape Photography Fun Fact 2

As he grew older, he discovered photography. He loved seeing the images in the camera, albeit, upside down, he loved setting the camera, fine-tuning the adjustments, and finally capturing the image he saw in his mind.

That’s exactly how photography works to this very day. If you can focus on something, anything, you believe to be beautiful, engaging, informative, interesting, or just plain fascinating, you can place that image in your mind and transfer it to that device we call a camera. Press the little button and you’ve preserved it – forever.

I’ve heard people say photography is like golf. I assure you; it isn’t. Photography requires that one be AWAKE to capture an image!

Adams Landscape Photography Fun Fact 3

By the age of 12, Ansel was released from so many schools for bad behavior, so often, private tutors and family members taught him at home. He taught himself piano, which developed into an early life passion.

In 1916, after a vacation at Yosemite National Park, he started playing with photography. Ansel Adams is known throughout the world for his breathtaking outdoor and nature images (landscapes), which he started in the 1930s. That passion lasted for another 25 years.

Ansel Adams Landscape Photography Fun Fact 4

A not-so-well-known fact about Ansel is that he was a dedicated environmentalist. In modern slang: A Tree-Hugger!

He had no experience or formal education in his career. Still, it would be very hard to find any photographer that doesn’t know the name – Ansel Adams, or his work.

History of Landscape Photography

Anyway, moving on. In Ansel’s day, everything had to be set by the photographer. The camera had to be kept completely covered at all times. The focus, lighting, composition, timing, and more, all had to be carefully calculated BEFORE pressing – and – HOLDING the shutter release cable.

Yes, you had to hold the shutter open and count – 1001, 1002, 1003, just to get that one shot. Sometimes for 60 seconds or more. Oh, and no film. Ansel’s camera used an 8×10-inch piece of GLASS coated with a special emulsion specific to photography.

Annie Leibovitz

She started her career at “Rolling Stone” magazine (when women were to be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen). With no prior professional training, she worked for the magazine for 10 years before leaving to pursue other interests. One of those was college. Not in photography, but ART.

She wanted to be an art teacher. She remained a photographer for many magazines, yet most of her work was for Vanity Fair.

Steve McCurry

The man that captured the world-renowned and unforgettable: ‘AFGHAN GIRL’ that has appeared on the covers of millions of National Geographic magazines, television shows, and news outlets. It’s been reproduced as enlargements and posters the world over. It’s still one of the most widely recognized images to this day.

A simple portrait of a young girl, sitting naturally in her impoverished, war-torn, home. Forever captured in such a manner, it instantly gripped the hearts and emotions of everyone that saw it.

His original college plans included filmmaking & cinematography. When he finally received his degree, his major was in ‘Theater Art.’ It wasn’t until 1974, as a student at the Penn State Newspaper – “The Daily Collegian,” that he developed a lasting interest in photography.

Franey Miller

I have one person left I want to mention. I truly believe, her journey is one of the most fascinating photographers’ accounts I’ve ever run across in my reading. I believe she is as gifted, if not more so than the others mentioned already. She’s a young and upcoming photography prodigy, that was in high school when her unique style and images captured the EYES of magazine editors from “NYLON” & “BULLETT.”

Franey Miller went from high school student to magazine photographer sensation. No photography background whatsoever. She’s opted to NOT go to college. To NOT accept internships. To NOT work for big-name photographers.

Franey’s chosen the direction in her photography she feels will better establish “her” brand and allow people to see her unique style. She’s doing it on her own, at her own pace, using her own style. BRAVO! KUDOS, young lady. That’s outside-of-the-box thinking, dreaming – imagination!! YOU GO GET’EM GIRL!

I wrote this to show anyone with doubts about their own abilities how they can succeed by listening to their own hearts. Franey is just like YOU and ME. She dared to take a chance – on herself. She chose to believe – in herself. You can do it, too. You just need to believe – in YOU!

Wrapping Up: Ansel Adams Landscape Photography

In conclusion, the world of photography has been forever influenced by the works of famous magazine photographers. These artists, armed with their cameras and creative vision, have captured moments that transcend time and continue to inspire generations. One such legendary figure is Ansel Adams, whose awe-inspiring landscape photography has left an indelible mark on the art form.

Adams’ dedication to his craft, his relentless pursuit of perfection, and his ability to evoke profound emotions through his images have cemented his status as one of the greatest photographers of all time. His black-and-white landscapes, particularly those of the American West, reveal the raw beauty of nature in all its majestic glory. From the sweeping vistas of Yosemite National Park to the stark deserts of the Southwest, Adams’s photographs transport viewers to a realm of untouched wilderness.

Beyond his technical mastery, Adams was an advocate for environmental conservation. His photographs not only celebrated the grandeur of nature but also served as a call to protect and preserve it. Through his lens, he captured the fragile balance between humanity and the natural world, urging us to appreciate and safeguard our planet.

While Ansel Adams stands as an icon in the world of magazine photography, there are countless other talented individuals who have made their mark. Each photographer brings a unique perspective, capturing moments that range from the everyday to the extraordinary. Through their images, they shape our understanding of the world, challenge our preconceptions, and spark conversations.

Magazine photographers such as the famous magazine photographers mentioned here play a pivotal role in shaping visual culture. They possess the power to ignite social change, shed light on important issues, and provide a glimpse into the lives of people and places we may never encounter. Their images transcend language barriers, connecting people across the globe and fostering empathy and understanding.

It is essential to recognize and celebrate the contributions of these remarkable photographers. Their legacy serves as a reminder that photography is not merely a form of documentation, but a means of storytelling, communication, and inspiration.

So, the next time you flip through the pages of a magazine and stumble upon a captivating photograph, take a moment to appreciate the talent and dedication behind it. These photographers are the modern-day storytellers, weaving narratives with their lenses, and leaving an indelible mark on the world of visual arts. Let their work inspire you to see the world in a new light and to find beauty and meaning in the moments that surround us.

Albert Einstein said this about knowledge and imagination:




and about EDUCATION he said:


Wise words from a wise man.

Readers, please share so photographers discover Ansel Adams landscape photography and the other famous magazine photographers described here.

Writing & research by Alexa Shaw, Just A Simple Photographer

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Editing & correcting by Craig Alexander, Ph.D. (aka – my grandpa!)

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