AI in Marketing Examples: 5 Startling Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Marketing

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AI in marketing examples

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that mimics human intelligence, allowing computers to learn and make decisions based on data input.

But what does that mean? AI helps marketers reach and connect with customers by using past behaviors to predict what users want.

AI offers a promising way to boost your marketing strategies and make them more effective than ever before.

In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of AI through five successful AI in marketing examples.

Let’s dive in.

What is Artificial Intelligence in Marketing?

Many businesses are already using AI in their marketing efforts to analyze customer data and recommend actions to increase sales or boost brand awareness.

AI isn’t just for big companies with deep pockets, though some might think so. Small-to-midsize businesses can surely benefit from this technology as well. 

If you take advantage now while the market is still young and competitively priced (read: cheap), your company can establish a competitive advantage over your competitors who don’t realize what they’re missing out on.

For example:

  • AI can create targeted content for your audience.
  • AI can predict customer behavior based on historical data.
  • AI can test different versions of an email campaign to see which one performs better.
AI in marketing examples

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AI in Marketing Examples

While there’s no doubt that AI will play a role in your future marketing efforts, it can be challenging to envision what that might look like.

Here are some examples of how AI can boost your marketing efforts and grow your business. 

1. AI elevates the customer experience

AI is one of the most exciting and influential trends in business today.

It’s not just about machines that can think for themselves — it’s about how we can use AI to help make better decisions, deliver better results, and improve customer experiences.

Here are three ways AI elevates customer experiences:

  1. AI helps businesses make more informed decisions.
  2. AI makes it easier for customers to get what they want from brands.
  3. AI helps deliver more personalized experiences for every customer.

Let’s take a detailed look at each of these instances. 

Make informed business decisions

The gaming industry uses AI algorithms to analyze player behavior for multiple purposes: making changes to the game, adding new features, or even retargeting campaigns.

Free-to-Play games like Fortnite can use this data to launch special events with trending collaborations. This has occurred multiple times in the past with the special Jason Momoa event or with the one-time quests to get the Fortnite Harley Quinn skin, which were both highly successful events.

AI technology improves products and services using data from past interactions to make better decisions.

Meet customer needs

Financial services companies are using customer data and AI to better understand their customer needs and how to better optimize communications.

Banks like MOS, which offer bank accounts for college students, have focused heavily on understanding young adults’ banking needs and pain points. AI can help them meet customer needs by using data to find the best solutions for college students, like a mobile app or access to scholarship funds.

Personalize experiences

AI can help with product recommendations, especially for merchants who want to advertise to existing customers based on previous purchases and online browsing habits.

By using this technology, businesses can better understand their best-fit prospects and how best to engage them going forward.

For example, Nordstrom uses AI and machine learning algorithms to learn customer behavior based on prior purchases to help deliver a personalized user experience and increase conversion rates. 

2. AI strengthens lead generation tactics

Lead generation is a crucial part of business sustainability and growth. But it’s not an easy task.

Thankfully, AI is revolutionizing lead generation.

Here are some ways you can put new lead generation tools to work:

  • Improve data collection: AI collects data more efficiently than humans, so you have more time to spend on other essential tasks like nurturing leads and closing sales.
  • Send personalized emails: NLP (natural language processing) and machine learning algorithms identify key phrases and help you better understand who your customers are so that you can send them more relevant content.
  • Automate lead management: A predictive lead scoring tool determines which leads should convert into customers and then automatically assigns them a score based on their likelihood of conversion. Now sales reps know exactly which prospects deserve their attention first and which aren’t worth their time.

3. AI enhances branding efforts

Creating a consistent, relevant, and engaging brand is challenging for most marketers.

You need to think about messaging, tone of voice, and the design of your website, app, and packaging. All these aspects have to live up to the core values you have for your business and resonate with customers.

All of it plays a part in creating the visual representation of your company. And while it may seem like a daunting task to create a logo from scratch and align it with your other online materials, it’s not as hard as you might think with the help of AI.

AI can help you create an authentic and consistent brand across all channels. For example, you can use an AI-powered logo maker to create a logo that fits modern design trends and is suitable for your industry.

Branding helps you stand out from the crowd. It helps people remember who you are and what you offer. And thanks to AI technology, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to succeed in this area. 

4. AI removes bottlenecks from content generation

One of the most common bottlenecks for content marketing is the time it takes to create high-quality content that adds value to your target market. The more content you want to produce, the longer it takes and the more expensive it becomes.

Gone are the days of dreading your next 2,500-word article.

AI allows you to speed up this process by automating many of its functions, including:

  • Brainstorming appropriate blog titles
  • Creating outlines or first drafts of articles and other pieces of content in minutes instead of days or weeks
  • Generating high-quality sales copy in seconds

But it doesn’t stop there. What is a blog post without a high-quality featured image? Or an Instagram post without an eye-catching photo?

Machine learning is becoming more intertwined with the world of digital marketing by the day. It allows you to gain insight into your target audience to understand their preferences. Then, by pairing this information with an online photo editor, you can easily create beautiful, custom content for them. Here is a PicsArt Photo Editor tutorial.

With the help of AI-powered tools, you can remove the time-intensive task of creating content while also providing your customers with something they really want to see. Talk about a win-win situation.

5. AI improves customer service

Customer service is where AI has already made a lot of headway.

Chatbots are becoming more popular in the customer service space. The reason is apparent: They can help you save time, money, and sanity by automating your customer service needs.

Here’s how:

  • Chatbots can solve customer service problems faster than human employees. They use artificial intelligence to learn from past conversations and provide answers to common questions.
  • Chatbots can answer questions 24/7 without getting tired or taking breaks. You don’t have to pay for extra hours of labor or hire more people just so your business can stay open during off-hours — you can just rely on your chatbot to be there whenever someone needs help.
  • Chatbots also have access to data about each user’s preferences and can tailor their responses based on previous interactions.
  • Chatbots are popular among millennials, with 40% chatting with bots daily and 67% purchasing from brands through a chatbot.
AI in marketing examples

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Drift has one of the best AI-powered chatbots online. They even created a name for it.

The Drift Bot sits on the homepage and is ready to help visitors at any time of the day. The chatbot can help with various tasks, including learning about the software features or receiving customer support.

Since the bot is AI-powered, it already knows if you have visited the site in a previous session. In this example, the greeting says, “Hey there! You’re back,” indicating that this user has already visited the site. The CTA buttons align with this information to help offer the optimal customer experience based on each stage of the buyer’s journey. 

Drift is one of the best AI in marketing examples.

AI in Marketing Examples: FAQ

How is AI being used in marketing?

There are many ways AI is being used in marketing. Here are several AI in marketing examples: AI chatbots greet visitors and answer their questions when they arrive at a site, and AI writes marketing copy.

Wrapping Up: AI in Marketing Examples

AI in marketing is the way of the future.

It’s not just about automating tasks or using chatbots — it’s about using technology to enhance customer experiences, strengthen lead generation tactics, and streamline processes.

If you want your brand to thrive in an increasingly digital world, it’s time for your marketing teams to start thinking about using artificial intelligence tools in their day-to-day workflows.

Give yourself a competitive advantage by using AI in marketing today.

Readers, please share so other marketers discover these AI in marketing examples.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Can you suggest more AI in marketing examples you can add to the conversation?

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