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Adzbuzz pays #website publishers #MakeMoneyOnline

Do you make enough money to support your blog?

One of the many ways bloggers and marketers make money on the Internet to support their websites is through pay-per-click advertising.

However, if you rely on Pay Per Click Advertising, you lose money when people use adblockers to block those ads.

ADZbuzz Ublock is a tool solves that problem for website publishers by creating a better user experience for your visitors.

Also, installing ADZbuzz is a money-making opportunity for you.

After you install the tool, ADZbuzz is able to determine how much traffic is going to your site and pays you accordingly.

Installing ADZbuzz is win-win since the tool helps both you and your readers.

ADZbuzz Ublock: The Solution to Adblock and Revenue Loss Problems for Publishers

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Unless you are completely new to the Internet, it’s likely you have heard about or even use an adblocker, right? But do you know how much bloggers and online publishers are losing to adblockers?

In the last couple of years, adblockers have resulted in the loss of billions of dollars in revenue for bloggers, publishers, and advertisers. In a 2015 PageFair study, the estimated revenue loss for publishers was estimated at about 22 billion dollars. This is a huge loss in an industry that practically needs a constant revenue stream to stay afloat.

Why website visitors use adblockers

The use of adblockers has become mainstreamed for visitors and publishers have been adopting various methods to solve the problem. The main methods that publishers have used so far include

The use of anti-adblock scripts on their blogs or website to prevent the installation and running of adblock extensions. This solution has not solved the problem of adblockers for publishers because daily we get to see the development of superior scripts that trump the anti-adblock scripts used by the publishers.

The blocking of adblock users from accessing the site. Blocking users who have installed adblocker has not been effective as well. What it has succeeded doing is discouraged users from visiting the sites and leading to loss of leads and revenue to the publishers.

The use of paid content or paywalls in place of advertisement. This method has not solved the adblock issue because people have options of accessing free content elsewhere. Why should they pay to consume content when they can access same elsewhere?

These solutions have not really solved the loss of revenue problem for publishers but there is now a system that works. This is the ADZbuzz solution which allows the installation and use of the ADZbuzz Ublock extension.

The solution to adblock and revenue loss for publishers is ADZbuzz Ublock extension

Adzbuzz pays #website publishers #MakeMoneyOnline

ADZbuzz Ublock is the solution to revenue loss for publishers who have been affected by Adblockers’ usage. The following are reasons and benefits you will love this solution:

  • ADZbuzz Ublock is a free browser extension that users can install to prevent the accessing of ads on a web page. Once this extension is installed in a browser like, let’s say, Chrome, no advert will appear on the site. This will help the user enjoy a smooth browsing experience.


  • ADZbuzz Ublock is an adblocker with a difference. This is because it will be the world’s first adblocker that directly pay publishers from revenue generated by a centralized advertising platform.


  • The adblocker comes with a script that publishers can install on their websites. This script will track the volume of visitors that come to the site and the amount of revenue that would be earned by the publisher.


  • ADZbuzz Ublock provides a centralized advertising platform where revenue is generated to pay the publishers.


  • The ADZbuzz centralized advertising platform is the ADZbuzz Savers. Whenever a visitor clicks on any online retailer in ADZbuzz Savers, the system automatically distributes money to publishers.


  • More so, any user who installs this adblock is automatically helping the publisher to make money.


  • Everyone benefits from ADZbuzz Ublock – the user, the publisher, and the advertiser. It is the first adblock solution that pays publishers. Their efforts and sacrifice publishing content are rewarded. Since ADZbuzz Ublock blocks ads from websites so that users can enjoy a smooth content consumption experience, publishers are rewarded with payments in lieu of ads not published on their platforms.


  • Advertisers also will have their credibility intact as they can now advertise where their products are needed.


Whether you are a blogger or user, you should embrace this ultimate solution to curbing the adblock problem. ADZbuzz Ublock from is the way forward for users and publishers who want to be a part of the solution, not part of the problem!

If you are blogger or web publisher, then you can certainly increase your revenue base by getting paid through this adblocker as it is the first to pay publishers directly.

Click here to download ADZbuzz uBlock for free today and learn more about how it works.

Remember that whether you are a blogger or normal user, you can get a lot of benefits from this.

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    • Janice Wald

      Hi TizzyMatic,
      Do you use ADZBuzz? You said it was a great tool, so I wondered.

  1. John Doe

    I think I am going to download this very cool tool but I am going to Do little research because every time or sometimes the extensions in the browser Causes problems

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Haralee,
      I am glad you found my review of the tool helpful.

  2. Bill Kasman

    I do realise that many companies/sites rely on advertising to survive but adverts can be incredibly annoying and time-wasting. I use an adblocker everywhere I go because I point-blank refuse to subjected to unwanted and intrusive adverts when I’m trying to do something and if a site doesn’t allow me access because I’m using an adblocker then, as you allude to in this post, that’s their loss – I’ll go somewhere else! It has been obvious for some time that a solution needs to be found and using ADZbuzz Ublock is the best one I’ve heard of yet.

    • Janice Wald

      That’s great Bill!
      I didn’t know you used add blockers. See, I am learning more about you by reading your comments. I am glad you like my review of the tool. I read they are approaching 1 million users. Certainly many people including you feel it is a good idea.
      Thanks for writing to tell me.

  3. Barbara Radisavljevic

    Have you used this yourself, Janice? Just curious. If you use this, does it mean your site will no longer show ads to anyone or just not to those with ad blockers Does it mean you should stop publishing the ads? My mind is trying to get around how this would work.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Barbara,
      No I have not use the tool myself. The post was contributed.

    • Jens

      Hi Barbara,

      I’m part of the ADZbuzz team so i’m happy to answer your questions. 🙂

      And for your question yes I can confirm that our tool will monetize all traffic on your site, but ads will still be shown to people who don’t have an ad blocker installed. So in other words, it’s just a means to monetize people who use ad blockers but can also be seen as a new way to monetize your site without the need to annoy your visitors with intrusive and privacy invading ads.

      If you want more info I suggest you check out the latest update I made on ADZbuzz (please sign up through the referral link of the contributor in this article first) here:

      This will answer how to monetization will happen with some example. 🙂

      Hope that helps!

  4. Kim George

    I hate annoying ads too and always feel bad using ad blocker because publishers deserve to get paid somehow. This adzbuzz ublock might just be the answer to everyones problems.

    Off to check it out right away.

    Great post, this!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Kim,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the review. Let me know what you think of the tool. Thanks for writing and the compliments on the article.

  5. Linda McCloud

    Thanks for the info. I am going to check out this tool and may be adding it to my computer soon.

    • Janice Wald

      I would love it if you went through my link Linda. It’s at the bottom and in the comment section. Please write back with a testimonial so others know how well it works.

  6. Christian Hennig

    Hi Janice i use the adblocker from adzbuzz for arround 2 weeks now and have no problems with it. I think also my chrome browser is now also faster and it blocked a little more ads than the old adblocker that i used before.

    have a nice day!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Christian,
      Thanks for coming by and offering us this testimonial about the merit of the ADZBuzz tool.

  7. Robert M Janeczko

    This tool is fantastic! My browsing experience is so much faster compared to using other adblockers. It’s basically a win-win for both parties (user and publishers) Great post Janice!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Robert,
      Thank you for writing and offering us this testimonial.

  8. Kathleen - Bloggers Lifestyle

    I must be tired because I can’t work out how this works. How can the ADZBuzz tool make money to pay out money to bloggers? I had better read this again because I can’t see why they would pay to block ads.
    LOL everyone else seems to see it.

  9. Janice Wald

    Hi Kathleen,
    I will write the author and ask him to come by to explain. Thanks for your inquiry.

  10. Mat Chow

    This tool seems to be great and I will definitely use it.

    Thanks for sharing the post. 🙂

  11. Marsha Ingrao

    It was interesting to read all the comments and the way you answered them. Thanks for posting.

  12. Miles

    This concept of paying publishers through ADZbuzz uBlock has been scrapped now with a better idea and novel approach that is more appealing to publishers. As many publishers see the Ad-blocker as a threat, so ADZbuzz improved the whole concept and made it more attractive to publishers without there needing to be any ad-blockers involved.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Miles,
      Thank you for writing to tell us. I received a question today about this very concern. I will share you comment with my reader.

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