Advantages of Online Advertising: 6 Proven Strategies for Successful Digital Marketing

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Advantages of online advertising

By now, you are familiar with the advantages of online advertising.

If you’re not, you should be.

The advantages of online advertising include:

  1. Increased Reach: Online advertising allows businesses to reach a wider audience and target specific demographics, such as age, gender, location, interests, and more.
  2. Cost-Effective: Online advertising is often more cost-effective than traditional advertising methods, such as print or TV ads, as it allows businesses to set their own budgets and pay for clicks or impressions.
  3. Measurable Results: Online advertising provides detailed analytics and metrics that allow businesses to track their ad performance and measure their return on investment (ROI).
  4. Flexibility: Online advertising offers a range of ad formats and customization options, allowing businesses to tailor their ads to their target audience and goals.
  5. Targeted Advertising: Online advertising allows businesses to target their ads to specific groups of people, based on their interests, behavior, and demographics, which can result in higher conversion rates.
  6. Increased Engagement: Online advertising offers interactive ad formats, such as video or social media ads, which can increase engagement and interaction with potential customers.
  7. Brand Awareness: Online advertising can help businesses increase brand awareness by exposing their brand to a wider audience and promoting their products or services.
  8. Continuous Exposure: Online advertising allows businesses to display their ads 24/7, providing continuous exposure to potential customers.

How can you experience these advantages of online advertising?

By reading this article you discover ways to reap the benefits of online advertising. Some methods will be free and some of these online advertising methods will be paid. You will also learn the most effective form of marketing.

These are powerful B2C (Business to Consumer) methods.

Let’s dive in. There is a lot to unpack for you to experience the advantages of online advertising to its fullest.

How to Take Advantage of Online Advertising

Who can benefit from online advertising?

Marketers and online content creators can reap the advantages of Internet advertising.

Recently, I was on Reddit having a fascinating conversation about ChatGPT. I asked the Redditor I was speaking with if he blogged about ChatGPT.

He responded:

“I thought about it more than once, but I just don’t know where to start, where to find readers and, most importantly, how to write interesting articles.”

This post explains where you can find readers.

If, like the Redditor, you too wonder how to write interesting articles, check out this guide to writing your first blog post.

In order to experience the advantages of online advertising, you need to advertise online. There are many sites. Where should you go?

The rest of this guide is devoted to explaining the most effective online advertising methods you can use in order to experience the advantages of online advertising.

Use the following advertising methods:

Use Social Media Platforms

Brands can easily grow their recognition using social media without needing an advertising budget. Although there are many free advertising sites, this guide focuses on TikTok and YouTube.

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There are many advantages of using TikTok to experience the advantages of internet advertising.

TikTok is the best place to grow brand awareness. Marketers flocked to TikTok after the Duolingo language learning app started appearing on TikTok.

Here is an example of TikTok marketing at its finest: Brands offer TikTok users a challenge that involves using the brand’s product. TikTok users film themselves completing the challenge.

People then post a TikTok Duet showing themselves completing the challenge next to other people completing the same challenge. TikTok Challenges are loads of fun and result in a spike in engagement and brand awareness.

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What if your target audience isn’t on TikTok? Should you even consider TikTok advertising?

How do you know where your target audience spends time online? Use free tools like Google Analytics or WordPress to discover where your traffic comes from.

Let’s explore more ways to experience the advantages of internet advertising.

Use Video Marketing

Video marketing, posting your videos on the internet, is an effective form of marketing for one reason: Consumers develop trust in the brand when they can see and hear the speaker in the video.

Consumers are more likely to part with their money when they trust the marketer.

The Simplilearn blog reported that marketers find video marketing effective:

“Nearly 90% of video marketers experience a good return on investment. 

Videos not only have a high engagement factor but also play a role in conversions. The average conversion rate for websites using video is 4.8%, while it’s 2.9% for those without one.”


YouTube contains videos longer than a minute. However, many channels like TikTok and YouTube Shorts require shorter videos.

Many tools exist to make videos such as Instasize.

You can save time and repurpose your videos. For instance, you can turn longer-form videos into YouTube Shorts.

Here’s how:

Go to

Under the video, click Create/Shorts and edit your video in the Shorts you want to post. Both YouTube Shorts and TikTok Shorts are vertical for easy repurposing of video content.

The HowFinity YouTube Channel has a helpful tutorial showing how to convert YouTube videos into YouTube Shorts.

Use Guest Posts

Although writing a guest post is one of the most time-consuming ways to market your content online in this guide to the benefits of online advertising, there are many advantages of online advertising using this method.

You can’t deny the advantages of guest posts:

When people read your article and see how knowledgeable you are, you establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

Also, you expose your brand to new audiences.

Finally, you can insert links to your articles. This boosts your SEO and gives you more visibility on Google and other search engines.

All this results in more traffic to your website which potentially converts into sales.

Some webmasters charge to publish guest posts on their sites.

However, you might offer an exchange: You can guest post on each other’s sites for free.

This arrangement works well when you have the same niche and blogs of the same Domain Authority. You can use the free MozBar Extension to check the authority of your site and your competitor’s site.

Use Search Engine Optimization

In 2022, the Simplilearn blog discovered that of all the online advertising methods, the organic (free) method of SEO was the most effective. 49% of marketers reported organic SEO is the most effective form of marketing.

The Blogging Millionaire’s Brandon Gaille agrees that organic SEO is the most effective form of marketing. In his podcast Google SEO Secrets, Part 13, Gaille maintains you can get 1 million visitors per month using organic SEO.

I agree with these experts. After blogging for eight years, I can attest that organic SEO has been the most successful form of digital marketing for me. I have tried them all except for paid Google ads.

SEO involves finding a keyword that search engine users type into search engines. This is their search query. The monthly search volume should be high enough that composing and promoting the article is worth your time.

Gaille discusses the importance of using long-tail keywords and not keywords just one word in length.

When you do competitive research to ensure search engine users will find your article, you can get waves of traffic to each article you optimize for years.

Use these guides to search engine optimization and search engine rankings to discover how to optimize your blog posts for search engines.

Use Paid Ads

advantages of online advertising

This screenshot shows a paid ad. My search query contained the words “video marketing guide,” and Bright Cove’s guide appeared.

It sits at the top of Google’s Search Engine Results Pages and is more visible than the other web content on the same search query.

Did you notice it is marked “Sponsored?” This way, consumers know the brand paid for the visibility.

Facebook Ads

You can pay for ads on Facebook.

You can also sell on Facebook using the Facebook Marketplace.

Marketers are reporting making $500 a day selling using the Facebook marketplace. Check this guide to discover how to earn money on Facebook $500 a day.

Use Banner Ad or Sidebar Ads

Banner ads can be found at the top or bottom of a website’s homepage while sidebar ads are placed on the side of the website.

Look to the right.

advantages of online advertising

You see sidebar ads for the Mostly Blogging Academy, KWFinder, and SpyFu, SEO tools.

Clicking the link takes the website visitor to those services or products. When you are an affiliate of those companies, you might get an affiliate fee when visitors click or purchase.

Bloggers choose a product to promote related to their niche that they believe in. Affiliate marketing is a main source of income for bloggers.

For instance, I am an affiliate of these tools along with the TubeBuddy SEO tool for YouTube. Here is information about the TubeBuddy Chrome Extension and here is my TubeBuddy affiliate link.

Advantages of Online Advertising: FAQ

What are the advantages and disadvantages of online advertising?

The advantage of online advertising includes years of massive website traffic. However, the disadvantage is the cost of paid ads. Also, your paid ads are marked “Sponsored” which could be a turn-off to consumers.

Wrapping Up: Benefits of Online Advertising

Now that you’ve read this guide, you can maximize your online presence.

Overall, online advertising can be an effective and efficient way for businesses to reach and engage with their target audience, increase their brand awareness, and drive conversions and sales.

Readers, please share so marketers can capitalize on the advantages of online marketing by following these powerful online marketing methods.

I look forward to your comments. Can you suggest more online advertising sites that will help marketers be successful?

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