Advantages of a Blog: How Blogging Can Boost Your Career: 5 Secrets

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advantages of a blog

Do you know one of the advantages of a blog includes career success?

Are you looking to land your perfect job? Are you wondering what you can do more to increase your chances of having the job you want? Well, the answer might be easier than you would expect. Blogging has been seen as a hobby or as something only writers do. 

However, there are advantages of a blog you may not have considered.

The concept of blogging or the perspective on it has changed drastically throughout the last few years. The evolution of technology has made it possible for anyone to have their own blog. You can even contribute with articles to blogging platforms, but having your own blog comes with a lot more benefits. 

Having a LinkedIn account is the first step toward landing your dream job. But you need to do more than this. Make more than a resume and a cover letter.

You could start a blog. By reading this post, you discover five little-known advantages of a blog helpful in increasing career success.

Let’s see which are the secrets of blogging that will boost your career. 

Advantages of a Blog for Your Job

Learning and Development 

One of the greatest benefits of blogging is that it comes with learning and development. As a candidate in a competitive working market, you need to stand out from the crowd. You need to impress the recruiter and convince them that you would be a good fit.

You can get help from resume boosters that will polish your resume and help you create an outstanding one. 

But apart from having a nice resume and cover letter, you could start a blog too. No matter the theme and niche you will choose for your blog, you will learn a lot in the process.

You may have the technical knowledge to create a nice interface and make it user-friendly. But you also need to write articles on various topics.

The more you will write, the more you will learn and develop. Besides the knowledge you will expand, you will develop your writing skills too. Which are sought-for in today’s working market. 

Visibility Boost 

A recruiter might find you on recruiting platforms. They might see your resume and read your cover letter. And maybe they will be interested in finding out more about you, so they can search for your name on Google. Seeing your personal blog among the results for sure will catch their interest. 

They can read your articles and find out more about your expertise, personality, career aims, hobbies, and so on. Having a blog increases your visibility in the working market. And it is something that you need as the pandemic makes it more competitive. 

Let’s discover more advantages of a blog for your career.

More Opportunities 

One of the advantages of a blog is often overlooked. People usually think about how a blog can help them find the perfect job. A lot of them set up their personal blog and wait for someone to contact them. However, this expectation might leave you disappointed. 

Expecting something to happen without doing anything more than having a blog might make you wait for quite some time. But you should see blogging as an opportunity to find people just like you. Being a blogger opens the doors to the communities you could be part of. 

And networking with people that have the same interests as you do could land you some nice opportunities. They might not be jobs per se, but maybe training sessions, courses, cultural exchanges, and so on. 

Showing Your Personality 

In a resume and cover letter, your space is limited. You might want to express your ideas on a specific subject. Maybe you want to analyze the arguments pro and contra a debatable subject. Or maybe you just want to share your knowledge and experience on a specific topic. 

Having a blog helps you express your personality. It shows more about yourself, about who you really are, and what your worldviews are. This can help you be noticed by recruiters and other companies that are looking for candidates just like you. 

Learning Valuable Lessons 

Society has created a utopian world through commercials. You see skinny people in most commercials. You see happy families that have no issues.

This skewed version of reality is also one of the disadvantages of Instagram.

You see the perfect and ideal house, car, friend, spouse, family, and so on portrayed everywhere. You see successful people and no one shares more about the failures that brought them the success they have now. 

Having a blog might come with a boost of motivation and inspiration at the beginning, as new things and experiences are exciting. However, having a blog and being consistent will teach you some valuable lessons. It will take some time to build your community of people that read your articles. It will take time to learn WordPress, SEO, or Google Analytics. 

It will take time to create a viral article that will bring you more attention. These are some of the things you will only learn by doing and by involving in the activity. And having a blog can teach you a lot of valuable lessons that will be so helpful to your future career. 

Advantages of a Blog: FAQ

What are three advantages of a blog?

Blogging helps you improve your contact network, boost your visibility, and show a prospective employer more about you.

Final Thoughts: Advantages of a Blog for Your Career

Wondering what you can do more to boost your career? Having an outstanding resume and an impressive cover letter will surely help. But a blog can indeed boost your career tremendously. Even though many candidates see a blog as not something helpful, it is. 

You learn a lot of new things and develop your skills. Besides the technical ones (such as WordPress, Google Analytics, and so on), you develop your creativity, research, and writing skills. You learn how to communicate effectively, skills that will be so helpful for any career you choose.

At the same time, blogging will boost your visibility online and recruiters will easily find you. Seeing that you really have expertise on a subject will surely put you on the shortlist. 

A blog can open new doors of opportunities for yourself. Networking with like-minded people will help you meet new people. Also, through your blog, you can share your ideas and opinions and, why not, show your personality. You will learn a lot of valuable lessons through blogging, such as the importance of failure. And that there is a long journey to success.

Readers, please share so career-minded people discover the advantages of a blog for boosting career success.

I look forward to your views in the comment section. Can you suggest more advantages of a blog for business?

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