26 Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook: What You Need to Know

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advantages and disadvantages of Facebook

Three billion people are on Facebook.

However, Facebook is widely criticized. Are all the naysayers wrong?

Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook?

As a social media user, you want to know when you’re getting yourself into when you use a social media site.

The political season is upon us in the United States, and Facebook is more criticized than ever.

Therefore, the time is right for us to examine the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook.

This post will offer 16 advantages of using Facebook and 10 disadvantages.

Are you ready to learn the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook? Let’s dive in.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook

Advantages of Facebook


If you’re looking for a way to market your blog content, there isn’t a better way than Facebook groups.

Many Facebook groups with tens of thousands of people allow you to promote daily and others allow weekly promotions.

There are Facebook groups for any niche imaginable.

For example, I’ve been in Facebook groups for Californians, mid-lifers, Pinterest lovers, Instagram lovers, writers, bloggers, entrepreneurs…

Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook

You can have a limited number of shortcuts in your left sidebar to easily access these groups.

Make Money

Business Pages

According to the Buffer podcast, three social media sites will lead the way in the area of ecommerce in 2020: Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Why should you be left out in the cold?

Your Facebook Business Page is a great way to market your content, goods, and services.

You can use this vehicle to let interested people know about sales, new products, product updates, and testimonials from happy users.

The best part: You can put all this on your Facebook page instead of your Facebook wall where it might look spammy.

Facebook Ads

So many people are making money with targeted Facebook Ads, I predict paying to promote will be more popular in 2020.

As indicated above, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are expected to lead the way when it comes to shopping at social media sites.

More Financial Opportunities

Social media marketing is a powerful way to make money. For example, I’ve sold my ebooks on Facebook.

Ironically, I was reluctant to promote my latest ebook on my Facebook wall for fear it would look spammy. However, there was great interest.

Many people write me on my Facebook Business Page and offer me money to be able to write on my blog.

I’ve received financial opportunities on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn as well as Facebook.

Keep up with Friends and Family

Although you might think this obvious advantage of using Facebook and any social media site might go without saying, using social media to stay in touch with friends and family should be uppermost.

So many stories of happy reunions occur on Facebook.

For example, I’ve heard stories of families separated at birth that found each other on Facebook.

Other happy reunions between people who find each other on Facebook are routinely in the news.

Mark Zuckerberg connected humanity on this site. According to 2017 statistics, there were over 7.5 billion people on Earth. Three billion use Facebook. That is a staggering statistic.

Find Like-Minded Thinkers

You can use Facebook to find people who support the causes you believe in.

To illustrate:

A California law implemented in January of 2020 penalizes companies for hiring California writers who don’t reap the benefits their other staff members do.

advantages and disadvantages of Facebook

For this reason, California freelance writers made a Facebook group, California Freelance Writers United.

Also, when Robert Mueller investigated Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Facebook users who supported Mueller formed a group called Robert Mueller Fans Page.

Once, I read of a couple, the husband a staunch Republican and the wife a devoted Democrat. When the political fight fest became too much for their marriage, the husband told the wife to take to social media.

She found like-minded thinkers on social media and their marital bliss was reinstated.

Although these examples are all political in nature, people come together for many reasons on Facebook on both pages and in groups.

Find Like-Minded Content Creators

Use Facebook to network your blog.

You don’t have to blog in isolation.

Many of the blogging friends I’ve made over the years I’ve met and routinely interact with on Facebook.

You can network in private groups, public groups, on people’s walls in the comments section, and on Facebook business pages.

Share Other People’s Work

Bloggers may share your writing if you share theirs.

Social media is reciprocal in nature.

People forget this and believe social media is all about taking.

Did you read the screenshot?

If so, you see that I was mentioned in the post, and then notified on Facebook when the admin promoted it.

I then shared his post which extends his reach. Win-win.

You have a choice of sharing to all these places.

Start Your Own Group

If you’d like, you can start your own Facebook group.

There are several advantages to this.

First, if your blog offers a paid membership, you can give premium members an exclusive invitation to join a private Facebook group.

Next, I was asked on Quora where 70 people who didn’t enjoy their LinkedIn group should network.

I recommended Facebook. If they wanted the group to be private to just the 70 of them, starting a group would give them that option.

Here are the directions for starting your own Facebook group:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook
Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook

Click New Group.

Name your group and search for people to add.

Click Create.

Start typing your message at the bottom of the screen. When you click Send, everyone in the group will see it and can communicate.

Facebook is Informative

People promote interesting and educational articles on Facebook.

Let’s look again at the screenshot:

Vishwajeet Kumar shared a tutorial about how to remove the date and time from comments in WordPress.

I didn’t know that was possible before I saw his post.

Whether people share on their wall, their page, in Stories, or in Live Videos, you’ll learn a great deal on Facebook from people in your niche.

Use these articles as references for your blog posts. Comment on them and grow your following through networking.


Ads for products of interest to me pop up.

For example, I see ads for SEMRush, an SEO tool, and ads for email vendors, both tools a blogger would need.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook

You can conduct a fundraiser on Facebook or donate to someone else’s fundraiser.

Extend Your Social Media Presence

Facebook allows you to have a wider social media presence.

For example, you can go live using Facebook Live or you can put a recorded video on Facebook.

You can have Stories as well as posts on your wall and on your page.

Since you are able to use these methods to establish yourself as an authority in your niche on Facebook, these methods help with branding.

Cross Promotion

When you promote using Instagram Stories, if you set up the connection, the Stories appear on Facebook.


I put this Story on Instagram. Since I set up the connection between Instagram and Facebook, the Story is in both places.

I took this screen capture from Facebook even though I never put my Story there.

This saves you time only having to promote in one place and extends your reach on both Instagram and Facebook.

There are many tools that save you time promoting to Facebook.

Are you familiar with IFTTT (If This, Then That)? When you set up connections, your promotions occur.

For example, I made a connection between WordPress and Facebook.

When I publish, my WordPress blog content gets published to my Facebook Page. See this tutorial about IFTTT for bloggers.

Buffer and Hootsuite are schedulers that will promote your blog content to Facebook.

Lead Generation

You can use Facebook to generate leads.

On your Facebook business page, you can have a signup form for your blog. Email addresses people enter will go to your email list.

This is your Facebook Page menu. Look at all these features.

See this additional information on generating social leads.

Make Phone Calls

Did you know you can make phone calls on Facebook?

My technical helper in England, Phillip Dews, calls me on Facebook all the time.

If I wanted to call Phillip, I would go to his Profile and Click Message to start a new message with him.

To make a phone call, click the phone icon.

Phone calls on Facebook are free.

You Can Blog

Since Facebook doesn’t have a character count limitation like Twitter, you can put as much text as you want on your home page or on your wall.

If you want to add an image, just click “Photo.”

Self-Promotion is Allowed

Unlike on Reddit, no one will call you a spammer if you promote your content, services, or sales.

Tools even make promoting on Facebook easy.

Tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, and IFTTT as mentioned earlier.

Due to the disadvantages of Facebook mentioned in the next section, many people steer away from promoting on Facebook.

You are wasting a valuable resource if you agree with them.


This screenshot from Google Analytics shows my social traffic for the last month of December when the blogosphere is usually quiet.

You can see during the quietest time of the year, around the holidays, Facebook provided almost 40% of all my social traffic.

If you want to generate blog traffic, you should use Facebook, plain and simple.

Update: March 2020

Facebook’s Response to Coronavirus

Facebook has risen to the Coronavirus challenge.

I find it personally heartwarming to read about the help Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook team are offering in response to the Coronavirus.

First, Zuckerberg has forbidden sales of potentially helpful Coronavirus products to avoid price scalping which takes advantage of scared people.

For example, Zuckerberg has banned sales of face masks on his site. Since the disease is not airborne, people will waste their money on a product that won’t help.

Next, Zuckerberg is offering warnings, helpful advice, and resources to find more factual information about the virus.

Considering Facebook was accused of spreading misinformation during the 2016 U.S. presidential election through the sale of Russian-bought ads, making sure only factual information gets disseminated can only help Facebook’s reputation.


advantages and disadvantages of Facebook

Facebook users see this resource when logging into their accounts.

Finally, Facebook has launched a fundraiser. When people contribute to the efforts to fight the virus, Facebook will match all contributions up to 10 million dollars (Source).

People are speculating this will restore some of the goodwill Facebook lost (see disadvantages of Facebook, below).

Disadvantages of Facebook

Facebook has been caught selling users’ private data.

According to Wikipedia,

“The Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal was a major political scandal in early 2018 when it was revealed that Cambridge Analytica had harvested the personal data of millions of peoples’ Facebook profiles without their consent and used it for political advertising purposes.”

This scandal caused Facebook’s stock to plummet.

In March of 2020, it was reported that Facebook admits keeping tabs on your search data, but will make recommendations based on that content that you might enjoy viewing going forward.

Facebook plans on making those recommendations based on your search history which it collects.

Facebook still collects money for political ads.

After Russia infiltrated the United States election in 2016, Twitter stopped accepting money for political ads.

However, Facebook continues to do so.

Did you know that Mark Zuckerberg’s employees were so outraged that he continues to accept political advertising money, they petitioned him to stop?

He defended his actions by claiming the First Amendment to the United States Constitution of Free Speech justifies accepting the ad money.

However, his employees rejected that argument insisting that free speech and political speech don’t deserve the same protections (Source).

Messenger for Kids Scandal

Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook Facebook Messsenger for Kids

Did you notice this app is for ages 4 and up?

Apparently, with this app, parents get to approve who networks with their children.

However, due to a glitch in the app, children networked with people their parents never approved (Source).

Fake Facebook Profiles

Although this violates Facebook’s rules, many fake Facebook accounts are bots.

People might try to begin relationships with people they meet on Facebook not realizing the user had a fake Facebook profile.

Is Facebook a Monopoly?

Facebook has been accused of being a monopoly that goes against the U.S. Constitution.

The social media site is accused of being a monopoly for several reasons:

First, Zuckerberg’s latest idea is Libra, a form of cryptocurrency.

Yet, historically, when a private entity has control over a public resource, a monopoly occurs.

Also, Democratic Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren is calling for Facebook to break up on the grounds that it is a monopoly. If elected president, she plans on breaking Facebook up, she claims.

Facebook Instills Apprehension

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg does not convey an assurance that the data breaches and political scandals of the last few years are over.

In interviews, when questioned, Zuckerberg seems evasive.


What do you think?

People have been so uneasy about using Facebook, there was a recent push to delete Facebook apps.

The #DeleteFacebook movement continues today.

As you can see from these screenshots from Twitter, goodwill toward the company is lacking.

To say branding is important is an understatement.

If I know the importance of branding, Mark Zuckerberg certainly should know it.

No Longer the Best Place to Work

Each year the Glassdoor news blog publishes the best places to work in America.

Facebook fell to Position 23 this year, a 16 drop fall. The effect must hurt employee morale and could, in turn, hurt job performance.

Facebook fell last year as well (Source).

Algorithms are Biased

First, social media sites are businesses. They exist to make money.

Therefore, sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn give more visibility to sponsored content.

Also, SEO matters as well.

For instance, the longer you are on Facebook, the better Facebook’s bounce rate is. This improves the SEO which means they get more search engine visibility.

What keeps you on websites longer? Videos.

Video marketers have an edge over other content creators.

Since it takes users longer to watch a video than to read textual content, Facebook and other social media sites give more visibility to videos.

Next, social media sites don’t show content people want to see. My brother doesn’t see my content, for example, in his Facebook feed.

Social Media is Addicting

Since it’s addicting, tools are invented to help people spend less time on social media sites.

For example, the iPhone tells people if their screen time is up or down from the week before.

There is also a tool that turns off your browser.

Social Media Sites are Subject to Change

These changes occur without warning.

Facebook, for instance, suspends Fan pages constantly. These often are made up of active communities built by their owners over a long period of time.

Algorithms change as well and these changes can work in your favor or against you.

Last, social media sites fold. Recently, Snapzu, Livinvia, StumbleUpon, and Google+ all folded. Then, you may feel you spent time and energy at those sites for nothing.

Wrapping Up: Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook

In closing, I love using Facebook, and I don’t say that lightly.

I attribute my growth in large part to the support I’ve received from Facebook bloggers.

I recommend you also use Facebook to grow your blog.

However, clearly, Facebook is not without its weaknesses.

After the strong success of my review of the advantages and disadvantages of Instagram, I felt a review of the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook would be timely.

After reading this post, you know what they are. Please share this post so people interested in using Facebook for any reason know the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook as well.

I look forward to your views in the comments section.

This post offered 16 advantages and 10 disadvantages of Facebook. Do you feel the disadvantages are so strong they outweigh the advantages? Do you know any additional advantages and disadvantages of Facebook?

  1. Natalie Portman | at 10:29 am

    Great post with excellent blogging skills. I really like your post especially the skills that you have included. I totally agree with you that having a great communication skill, photography and marketing skill are truly vital in blogging field, whereas having a great communication skill will helps to communicate with the readers, people in a better way. Adopting these skill will provide us great benefits and definitely helps to achieve blogging success.
    Natalie Portman recently posted…What Is Digital Marketing?My Profile

  2. Ramontj' | at 3:42 pm

    This is the first on me! I was never aware that you make a call on Facebook, let alone a free one. Thanks, Janine. I have also recently discovered that promoting on Facebook wall works much better than free promotion on a business page. Lastly, I feel the advantages of Facebook far out-weight the disadvantages if one is using the platform for business.

    • Janice Wald | at 3:48 pm

      Hi Ramontj,
      Yes! I recently called Hungary and spoke with my business partner for quite some time. I mentioned in the post my tech helper in England calls me using Facebook regularly.
      I’m glad I could help let you know with my article.
      I appreciate you writing and sharing your tips. I’ve been reluctant to share promotional content to my wall for fear of looking spammy. What kind of content do you share? Marketing goods and services or content?
      Thanks for letting me know you recommend Facebook as a helpful form of social media marketing for businesses.
      Janice Wald recently posted…26 Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook: What You Need to KnowMy Profile

  3. Favour U. | at 2:23 am

    Hi Janice,

    Hi Janice,

    You’re very right. To me Facebook is best place to market your services/products of all social media despite it disadvantages. And there is no limitation to number of people you can follow or vice versa. However, When marketing/advertising on Facebook, one need to be very careful because Facebook can be frustrating if you blog/website url get ban. They are very wicked and unforgiven because they can never let you know why the url got banned neither will they even listen to your request to unblock it. And then I believe is because of this monopoly issue because if they have another company competing with them directly, they wouldn’t be giving people such frustration attitudes. I actually pass through that hell last year but thank God I conquered.

    Thank you sharing these tips with us.
    Favour U. recently posted…Best Treatment For Ovarian Cysts and FibroidsMy Profile

    • Janice Wald | at 1:25 pm

      Hi Favour,
      I’m so sorry you had bad experiences.
      I don’t mean to contradict you, but I’d like to share my experience too.
      Facebook recently shut down my Facebook page. They said it wasn’t public. I complained. Within the hour, they apologized and restored my page. Although there were other times they called me a spammer, I appealed, and never heard back.
      Thanks for commenting on my post and sharing your experiences. Great to see you.
      Janice Wald recently posted…Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #263My Profile

  4. palash khanna | at 4:12 am

    Hey Janice,
    You are absolutely right that Facebook is great platform for advertising your products and services and also their is pros and cons of every thing. In this article you have given great insight to the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook which is very helpful and useful information. So as always thank you so much for sharing this amazing and helpful information
    palash khanna recently posted…10 Tips for Healthy Digestive SystemMy Profile

  5. Paul Watson | at 12:39 am

    We use Facebook for advertising for our Pilates studios.. It is the only thing that works in our studio and our latest ROI is over 2000%. That said, the thing I really find hard with Facebook is the fact that they keep moving the goalposts in regards to what they will and won’t approve when it comes to ads.

    We always change our pics but the copy is kept almost the same – it will be approved for three months then blocked the next – at times with our account suspended just for good measure. I really hate how they can severely jeopardise the success of businesses to make sales without a good explanation.

    Thanks for the post – I enjoyed it.


    • Janice Wald | at 8:07 pm

      Hi Paul,
      Thanks for coming by.
      I’m sorry you had bad experiences at Facebook. Did you try appealing some of the decisions that hurt you?
      My first experience with Facebook ads was negative– I didn’t make any money since my ads weren’t targeted enough.
      It sounds like you have made money with Facebook ads. Any advice for people like me who’ve struggled?

  6. Joy Healey | at 2:40 am

    Hi Janice,
    Excellent information on the advantages and otherwise of Facebook.

    I think ‘love it or hate it’, you can’t ignore it.

    My gripe is that I had a page unpublished and never found out why, I appealed but they just said I had breached community standards but not in what way and I couldn’t see anything wrong with what I had done. The annoying thing was that I had used paid FB ads to build up my audience so that was all a waste of time and money.

    Before that I had considered deleting my blog, but that experience changed my mind very rapidly.

    So, yes I still use FB, and consider it a valuable tool, but it will never be the centre of efforts.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark
    Joy Healey recently posted…2 Secrets To Make Commission Online With No OutlayMy Profile

    • Janice Wald | at 3:16 pm

      Hi Joy,
      I like your phrase: center of efforts. Many people write about what should be our center of efforts.
      For me, it will always be Twitter and Facebook. Since Facebook brings me the most traffic, I will stick with it despite the disadvantages of Facebook.
      I am sorry you had negative experiences there especially with paid promotions. Thank you for telling us about your experiences and for commenting on my post.

  7. Lisa Sicard | at 3:50 am

    Hi Janice, Facebook is not my favorite place for a few reasons. One – I feel like I’m in a bubble there where everyone knows everything about you. So, sometimes I hold back on that network.
    Two, if you don’t do the ads right or boost right you waste money. They have limited some cateogories like real estate to whom you may target.
    Three, it can be a time suck!
    But with the vast majority of people on it, you must be there and participate. When done right it can be a wealth of traffic to your website and source of sales.
    Lisa Sicard recently posted…Do You Believe in Content Syndication Strategy? It helps, Try It Out!My Profile

  8. Margaret Rutherford | at 6:41 am

    Great info Janice. I just had something interesting happen in my FB closed group. Although there are strict guidelines concerning no political posts, one appeared from a member and then was quickly taken down. When I tried to find the FB account of said member to send them a message, there was no FB account. So I deleted the member. Any explanation? I check out potential members’ FBs before I let them in but didn’t see anything strange… thanks!

    • Janice Wald | at 7:02 pm

      Hi Margaret,
      Thanks for sharing the story, which I perceive is one of the disadvantages of Facebook.
      No, I’m sorry. I don’t have an explanation. A bot?? I agree this is strange.
      Thanks again for commenting. Great to see you.

  9. Hugh W. Roberts | at 7:02 am

    When I was a Facebook user, I found many of the blogging groups on the site very unfriendly. I remember being asked to introduce myself and inform other group members a little about my blog but had absolutely no responses back. It was like I was talking to an empty room. From what I saw of most of the groups I joined, all everybody wanted you to do was promote their blog posts, but nobody wanted to do the same for you. I soon lost faith in these groups and stopped signing up to anymore. Maybe I signed up to the wrong ones?

    Then, last year, I saw that a large number of WordPress bloggers had been told by Facebook that their content breached community standards, so no further blog posts would be shared on their Facebook pages. Although WordPress still had a Facebook share button, on Facebook, the posts would not show. All of the bloggers who tried contacting Facebook about the problem had no luck in trying to find out what they had done wrong. Emails went answered, and it was impossible to get anybody at Facebook to talk with about the problem. Most went on to delete their accounts.

    The only positive thing I can say about Facebook is that it’s a great way for families and friends to stay in touch, especially if they do not live near each other.

    That’s excellent traffic to your blog from Facebook for December, Janice, but how many of those visitors made a second visit or signed up to follow your blog? It’s impossible to know, isn’t it, unless they leave you a ‘like’ or a comment?

    Sorry to sound negative about Facebook, but my experiences with the social media platform have never been good.
    Hugh W. Roberts recently posted…Blogging Awards: Do They Work?My Profile

    • Janice Wald | at 9:14 am

      Hi Hugh,
      I’m sorry I didn’t reply to your comment sooner. This ended up in spam for some reason. I genuinely appreciate your lengthy and thoughtful comments which add to the discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook.
      You wrote that maybe you signed up for the wrong Facebook groups. I’ve had success with these groups and have had for years:

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