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Your blog has low authority and traffic. Can you still make money? How? I have been in your shoes and I did it. 

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"You won't get anywhere without traffic. I would aim for at least 10,000 monthly page views before focusing on monetizing your audience."

I just saw this statement on a blog that was discussing how long it takes to get your first affiliate commissions. This statement is simply NOT true.

How I Make $600 Per Month With 2 Blog Posts

I never personally thought things would work out this way... It was more luck than knowledge. Keep reading.

Is It possible To Copy These Results?

So far so good. But... A system is only worth something if it can be done again. I did another test...

What About High Traffic Subjects?

I know that the data I wrote in the previous lessons of the course is surprising. The question you probably have is, can you make money with subjects that have higher search volume?

How YOU Can Make $500/Month

Is it possible for you to make $500/month? It is. But in today's competitive internet you need to be a smart entrepreneur and put in a lot of work.

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