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If you follow the regular webinar pattern, there is a replay and a cart close date (or expiration of the bonus instead). This used to be enough. Nowadays a lot of sales are made after the webinar ends.

A follow-up is one of the most important things you can do after your webinar is over. A situation to tackle is that only 30 percent sign up for your webinar. How do you sell the remaining 70 percent?

​Create a second campaign for those who registered for the webinar but ​failed to attend. You should ​also send an email to those who were invited but who didn’t register.

You can convert those people. Some ​would want your product but don’t register for your webinar. Maybe they don’t like watching videos.

You could send them some snippets of information that they missed and a link to the webinar recording. Send out videos, PDFs, emails. Create a summary PDF of the webinar to download.

While it’s still fresh in their minds, send out your first email follow-up to webinar attendees and no-shows within 24 hours of the webinar. Your audience expects to receive the webinar recording and presentation slides, regardless if they showed up or not.

Even if some of your webinar leads aren’t ready to buy today, you don’t want to waste the opportunity of closing them when they do become ready to buy. Putting warm and cold webinar leads into your existing nurture tracks based on your usual segmentation will boost the chances that they’ll contact your company when they’re thinking about purchasing your solution.

Surveying Attendees

Polling your attendees during the webinar will ​help you find out if they’re interested in learning more about your ​product or talking to a sales representative. 

Sending attendees a quick survey right after the webinar is a great way to see if your content resonated with them, capture additional attendee insights, and gauge attendee interest in your product.

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Video is the Future of Digital Marketing

Everyone knows that video is hot right now. Online video accounts for 74% of online traffic, and 55% of people watch videos online every day. If you only have blog posts as content marketing, you are missing out.

Choosing Your Recording Tools

Recording equipment doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg. You can create acceptable videos after investing just $10.

Setting Up OBS (Part 1)

Downloading and setting up OBS, your free tool for recording and streaming video from your laptop.

Setting Up OBS (Part 2)

Fine tuning OBS in order to mix together different channels, such as your camera, slides, your screen and audio.

Recording & Streaming

The process of creating your first videos even if you have zero experience.


Ranking Your Video In Google

Google loves video. Increase your site traffic by ranking your YouTube video in Google search.

Marketing Your Videos – Webinars

A webinar is basically a dressed up video – it has a sales funnel attached to it to sell your product.

How To Boost Webinar Sign-ups & Sales

Higher attendance = higher income. Get more webinar signups and product sales by executing the correct strategies.

How to Advertise on YouTube

YouTube advertising, done through Google Ads, is a way of advertising your video content on YouTube or in search results so you can maximize your user reach.

Creating YouTube Advertising Campaigns for Pennies

YouTube advertising can be used to build brand awareness, grow sales, or increase brand loyalty.


Single And Automated Webinars

There are two kinds of webinars – evergreen and single (set time) webinars.

Creating Webinars for Free

Do you want to start hosting webinars, but can’t afford hundreds of dollars on webinar platforms?

Increasing Webinar Sign-ups

In order to get more sign-ups, start giving your readers content to start the transformation in your emails.

After The Webinar: Increasing Sales

How do you increase sales after your webinar?

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