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Link Building Outreach Simplified

9 Lessons Intermediate

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Link building is an issue for bloggers because they don’t have a system they could scale. Let's find out how to do it correctly.

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The Truth About Link Building

There is the myth of, “Oh, just publish great content and you’ll rank because Google loves great content”.

It is BS. You need to promote and build links to your awesome content.


Preparing Your Email Account

Outreach link building requires email delivery into inboxes. Let's get your email account ready for the task.


Email Delivery Best Practices

There are certain practices that increase the chance of getting your message into the inbox.


Finding Link Prospects

The first step in link building is finding webmasters that are likely to link to you.


Link Building Strategies

There are different strategies for finding people that are likely to link to you.


Tools for Finding URLs

The biggest barrier to doing volume of outreach is time. If you want to scale outreach, you’ll need to use use automation tools and scripts.

First we need to find the website URLs that we want to reach out to.


Tools for Finding Email Addresses

After you’ve found a potential linker, it’s time to dig for their email address. It's uncommon to pay 50 cents per email address.


Tools for Outreach

Once you’ve found the email address, you need a tool to manage the outreach - mail merge, timing, delivering into the inbox, receiving answers, statistics.


Tricks To Decrease Spam Rate

The most important thing in cold outreach is that your recipients CANNOT feel being spammed.

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