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$100,000 a year seems like a lot of money, but let's put it into a different perspective...

How many items do you need to sell in order to make that much money?

Here are some examples of the breakdowns, find the one that fits you best.

1. eBooks, books and Instructor Guides

  • ​Price: $37 per e-book ​​$37 * 2703 ​e-books = $100,011​2703/12 = 225 sales/month

​2. Teleseminars: ​just a conference call

  • ​​Price: ​$47 registration$47 * 2128 people = $100,0162128/12 = 177 people on the phone/month

​3. Subscription/ membership: e-letters, DVDs, and weblinks sent every month

  • ​Price: $67/month$67 * 1492 = $100,0001492/12 months = 124 subscribers total/month

​4. Webinars: power‐points, etc

  • ​​Price: $67/registration for webinar$67 * 1493 = $100,0311493/12 months = 124 registered webinar attendees/month

​5. Tools and Templates: software or day planner, apps, programs, website templates

  • ​Price: ​$97/ software 97 * 1031 downloads= $100,00731031/12mo= 86 downloads/month

​6. Audio Programs:

  • ​Price: $297 per program$297 * 337 = $100,089337/12 = 28 sales/month

​7. Seminars/ Live Events:

  • ​Price: ​$497/ ticket497 * 202 people=$100,394202/12 = 17 sign‐ups/month

​8. Online Course

  • ​​Price: 997997 * 100= 99,700100/12 = 8 ​sales/month

​9. Video Program: they can watch it

  • ​​Price: $1000 Video course$1000 * 100 courses = $100,000100/12 = 8.3 sales/month

10. Coaching/ Consulting

  • ​​Price: $2000/program2000 * 50 transactions = $100,00050/12 = 4 people/month

​11. Being a Speaker

  • ​Price: ​$50005000 * 20 = 100,00020/12 = 1.7 speeches/month

12. Mastermind Programs

  • ​Price: ​$10,000$10000 * 10 people= 100,00010/12 = 0.8 signups/month

I could list more variations of these with different price levels and there can be combinations, but I think you get the idea.

As you can see, you only need somewhere ​around 1,000 fans to make a living in a business, not considering taxes.  The number 1,000 is not absolute. Its significance is in its rough order of magnitude. 

A thousand customers to shoot for isn't an unrealistic goal, even when you are new. If you added one new ​fan per day, it’d only take a few years to gain a thousand.

This also means that you don't necessarily need a large niche. With the internet, ​the most obscure under-selling book, song, or idea, is only one click away.

You probably heard about the sum of obscure long-tail keywords having more volume than head keywords. Similarly, eBay, Amazon, Netflix, etc, noticed that the total sales of *all* the lowest selling obscure items would equal or in some cases exceed the sales of the few best selling items.

Therefore you don't even need a large niche to make ​a hundred thousand dollars. Even if only one out of a million people were interested in your product, that’s potentially 7,000 people on the planet.

The thing is, the big corporations are not equipped to connect with small niches of people. That means the long tail is wide open to you.

Now let’s get your product out there to make you money!

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The Math to Get to $100,000 Per Year

You only need somewhere ​around 1,000 fans to make a living in a business, not considering taxes. The number 1,000 is not absolute. Its significance is in its rough order of magnitude.

How To Inspire People To Do Something

The most important part of your business has nothing to do with your product. It has nothing to do with creating content or getting traffic...

13 Proven Online Business Models

The good news is - there are 13 main Business Models that are consistently proven to work.


What comes first? Traffic or monetization?

Now tell me if you've heard this one before... "In order to make money with your blog, you first need to build up a lot of traffic."

But, what if I told you that traffic does NOT have to precede monetization?

That you DON'T have to blog your face off ​building up your traffic to 30,000 page views ​before you have a shot of any monetization?


Two Ways To Blog Profits

​There are two main ways to build a profitable blog. They both have a different time frame.


The Affiliate Marketing Model

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular, but most misunderstood business models. It also makes up an important portion of your blog income. There is a way to sell without selling. There is a way to sell through your blog posts. And through your emails.


Monetizing With Your Own Products

Successful, profitable blogs have native products you can buy directly on their site. It doesn't need to take months to create a product.


How To Guarantee Profitability

Successful marketers understand the need to identify an audience with specific goals, dreams, hopes, problems and challenges. They then assist them in solving their problems and achieving their goals.


How Long Does It Take?

How long does it take to start getting traffic and make money with your site? Honestly, with the right strategy it shouldn't take longer than a couple of months.


The Pro Way To Build A Profitable Blog

There are two ways to build a profitable blog. The first one is recommended when you have a lot of resources.

When you are on your own, you have to take a different approach. You don't have enough time to keep writing blog posts, promoting them in Facebook groups, pin on Pinterest, write guest posts, do your day job and spend time with your family...


The Secret To Content That Gets Results

The success of a campaign largely depends on copywriting. But how do you do it if you are not an expert copywriter?

Keyword Research That Gets Traffic

If you spend time publishing blog posts, you should at least get traffic out of it. That's why keyword research is vital.

Updating Old Content To Get Traffic

I don't know about you, but I had 10 out of 50 blog posts that were bringing in traffic. How you can take your existing blog posts and update them to start getting traffic?

Link Building That Actually Works

Link building is one of those subjects that are hard. Spamming others with messages or begging them for links isn't the way to go. There is a way to make it less painful.


Creating Your First Product

Even though you need to overcome a mental barrier, creating your first product is super easy.

The Right Offer Sells Your Product

Despite your beliefs, a product doesn't sell itself. The offer sells the product. Find out how to construct the irresistible offer.

Sales Page: Collecting Objections

We have seen that offers sell the product. You present your offer on a sales page. The first thing your sales page needs to be able to do is smooth out the objections of the prospective buyer.

There is a great system to collect these objections and build them into your offer.

Writing A Personal Story That Brings Customers

Your story is your message, therefore it's really important in terms of the results that you're going to get enrolling clients, your ability to market online.

Creating Your Sales Page

Now that you have all this data, you create your sales page. There are certain proven elements a sales page has to contain. I will walk you through these elements.

Site Design Is Part Of Your Funnel

The way you lay your site out and even your menus greatly influence your conversions and sales. Find out how you can optimize for greater conversions.

Webinars Boost Conversion

In the last few years the major factor that changed on the subject of sales is that you need to get into a conversation with your potential buyers. It's not just "Read it, read it, buy it" any more, but the interaction is two-way.

How To Create A Webinar

Creating webinars doesn't require a lot of software or tools. In fact, it only takes 3 simple tools.


Effective Email Marketing

This content has been moved to the Effective Email Marketing course.


How To Get Traffic To Your Funnel

You have built your product, your email funnel. Now what?

Hint: The answer is NOT writing 100 new blog posts and promoting them on social media all day.

Why People Don’t Buy Your Product

Find out what the 11 factors are that you need to get right if you want to sell your products.

The Reason Why People Ignore Your Marketing...

This could be the main reason people don’t respond to your follow-up email offers. It could be why they don’t convert into leads and sales on your landing page.

The Secret of Persuasion

Is it possible to sum up persuasion in a single sentence?

Setting Prices

Setting a price for your product is a HUGE source of confusion to most first, and even tenth time entrepreneurs ...

Conversion Rates

There are typically SIX (6) key Calls to Action in your Marketing Funnel, but they are not created equal. When you optimize, it makes sense to work on the one that gives you the biggest ROI.

Conversion Rate And Risk

Before a visitor becomes a customer, they calculate if taking the action you want them to take (i.e. BUY) will cause them to be in a state of risk that is Higher or Lower than their Risk Threshold.

Increasing Sales With A Guarantee

For your customers, with every purchase comes RISK that the product doesn’t work for them as promised. When you remove the risk, you increase the number of people that are ready to buy what you sell. 

The Art of Upsell And Cross Sell

An upsell is when you get the customer to purchase a more expensive version of your product. 

How To Get Cheap Clicks

It’s all about getting a high Click Through Rate (CTR) on your ads.

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