Danger: 5 Reasons You Need to Make Your Content Evergreen

5 Reasons #bloggers should write evergreen content when #blogging. Click to see why
13 November, 2016

You have a dilemma. The holidays are coming. Should you write about them? I predict people will be looking for blogs to read about the holidays in the upcoming days. Should you start scheduling posts about yuletide memories? If you write about your experiences with […]


40 Blogging Tips for Beginners You Need to Know Now

Blogging tips for beginners
11 November, 2018

Blogging tips for beginners. I wish I’d learned them when I was starting out as a blogger. November 8 marked the end of my 4th year of blogging. It’s truly amazing how far my blogging skills have progressed in four years. I didn’t even blog […]


Bloggers: All You Need to Know About Bullet Journaling

14 June, 2018

Image via: https://pxhere.com/en/photo/971395 All the rage! Or, have you not heard? Keeping a bullet journaling notebook is a recent trend even in blogging circles. Here’s the deal: Keeping a bullet journaling notebook is all the rage especially among bloggers. Guest author Rose Martin is here […]


These Are the 9 Pages You Need to Earn Money Online

Make best inspirational images with PixTeller
5 May, 2018

Do you want to earn money online without paying for ads? There are many legitimate ways to earn money online without investing in advertisements. One of the ways to make money online is with static pages. Static pages get indexed just like your blog posts. […]


How to Make Sure You Avoid the 4 Worst Blogging Mistakes

7 Worst Blogging Mistakes
6 August, 2017

The Worst Blogger Pitfalls And How To Avoid Them By Patrick Foster credit: Pexels The world of online content can be difficult to navigate. SEO, keyword research, and trolls will undoubtedly keep you on your toes. You need to know what your target reader wants to […]


How to Quickly Boost Blog Traffic from StumbleUpon, 7 Ways

StumbleUpon helps #Bloggers get massive blog traffic #BloggingTips
30 April, 2017

Update: StumbleUpon folded in July of 2018. Mix, another content curation site, replaced StumbleUpon. More information about Mix: Alert: Do You Need More Sites Like StumbleUpon? It’s been 18 months since I started the Mostly Blogging StumbleUpon group.* I’m happy to report the group is […]


119+ Blogging Terms You Need to Know to Be a Better Blogger

Be a Better Blogger with Blogging Definitions
5 February, 2017

Do you want to be a better blogger? Much of your success depends on your understanding blogging terms that may be unfamiliar to you. I know first-hand how frustrating not understanding terms can be. Not knowing needed definitions while I was trying to blog frustrated […]


Wait Till You See What Happens When You Scoop.It

Scoop it
7 January, 2017

Are you looking for ways to save time blogging? Scoop.It saves you time with many of your blogging tasks. Like StumbleUpon, Scoop.It is so effective, you don’t even need to have ever visited the site to get mass traffic from it. [UPDATE: StumbleUpon folded and […]


5 SEO Tips To Double Your Blog Traffic in the New Year

#seo #searchengineoptimization
29 December, 2015

  Janice, the businessman criticized, you don’t have enough SEO articles on your site. Too true, I admitted, but he did not stop there. He actually offered to rectify the situation by having his boss, the director of an Internet marketing agency, author an SEO article just […]