How to Quickly Make Your Images Shine with Fotor

Fotor helps bloggers with photo-editing for free
19 March, 2017

  You know you need a graphic for your blog post.   You know a blog graphic is a combination of words and a picture.   You know you need a photo editing or graphic design tool to help you produce a Pinterest-worthy blog graphic. […]


How to Boost User Experience with Minimal Design

basic web page creation, 7 tips
20 October, 2019

Elevating Customer Experience with Minimalist Design Vanessa Davis Image Credit Minimalism is arguably one of the most popular design approaches. Breaking composition, experimenting with color, navigation, and transitions or even completely removing entire design elements is at the heart of minimalistic design and their practical […]


How to Use Visuals to Boost Your SEO, 4 Ways

How to Use graphic design tips to boost your SEO
30 July, 2019

Graphic design tips. Did you know there is a connection between graphic design tips and SEO? Many cause and effect connections exist in blogging. By the time you’re done reading this post, you’ll know how following these graphic design tips boost your SEO. Follow these […]


How to Best Use a Social Media Quote and Why You Need To

How to best use a social media quote and why you need to.
29 June, 2019

Motivational words. What a powerful way to hook your readers and inspire them throughout your post. However, too many bloggers ignore the popularity of a social media quote and can’t understand why they don’t stand out in the competition for readers. Don’t be one of […]