5 Free Tools to Help You Easily Improve Your Keywords

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#SEO #Google ToolsDo you understand all my guest authors’ posts?

When my guest authors have posted about search engine optimization in the past, have you learned from them?

Several of my readers have complained they walk away knowing just as little about SEO as when they began the article.

Today we welcome Amin Ghale, an SEO enthusiast.

Amin is knowledgeable, engaging, understandable, and… in contrast, to your host blogger, Janice, his language is not always squeaky clean.

Instead of cleaning it up, I am merely giving you fair warning. Proceed if you will.

You will learn more about how to improve SEO using keywords for having done it.

Amin, take it away!

5 Unused Google Tools to Find Untapped Keywords

by Amin Ghale

I have this one friend who thinks he is a big shot at blogging.

So I got him on a conversation and simply asked – So, dude, how do you start blogging?


All of a sudden he started raising his voice and said, Yeah yeah! Your SEO crap. I know all of that.

So I was like, Okay, so what do you know about it?


And he started using phrases like “Keyword research.”

Then I raised my eyebrow and asked him, How do you do it?


He went on describing the Keyword Planner shit I’ve heard a million times.


Well, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that. But that’s the whole set of keywords even

your competitors get.


And if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need untapped keywords that haven’t attracted many eyeballs.


This is why these 5 unused tools from the “Big G” can do the tricks for you.

Google Books

Yes, you heard me… Dive into the jungle of Google Books to find your magical keyword.

Since the books inside Google Books are well-optimized to rank well in Google, you can find goldmines here. Here is what you should do:

Go to Google Books & enter your main keyword. Let’s say I’m on the niche for “headphones.”


When you enter your main keyword, you will be taken to a list of books on Google SERPs [search engine results pages].


Choose the one that fits your criteria.


Make sure you choose the one that has the little word called preview listed in it.


So I went for this Headphones Buyers Guide 2015… And immediately I found list of keywords

like this knocking on my door.

#SEO #Google Books keywords


If you were still playing with the so-called Keyword Planner, you would never get to this keyword

so quickly.


Want to take a step further? Copy the style in which the content is displayed. If you are working

on a guide or a resource, you can take a note from Google Book’s play book.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console, previously known as Webmaster tool, is a handy little tool for

analyzing the data, configuring the site & diagnostic the site’s health.

But wait a sec… Did you know that it also has a cool feature that can help you find keywords

that you may have been missing?


Head over to your search console account. Hit the search analytics tab which is under the search

traffic category.


Now you will see a list of keywords your audience is using to find your site.

#SEO #Google Search Console keywords

If you are not optimizing your content under these keywords, you are not only losing search visibility but also future prospects.

Google Correlate

Google Correlate is a sneaky little tool that allows you to see queries that are correlated with the keyword you entered. It also gives you are a graphical representation of the real-world trend.


For example: if you hit a query like “paleo diet”, it shows you a set of data recorded over various periods of time.

But I’m less worried about the graphs it presents. I want to see if it gives me the keywords that are unique but related with the query I typed in.

#SEO #Google Correlate keywords


And Bam!

Google Auto Suggest & Related Keywords

I think you knew it was coming. Well, I had to include it. It’s one of the most efficient and valuable weapons of 2015 search. The one thing I love about this tool is I can predict the future of the keyword from this tool.

If you go to Keyword Planner, you will notice that it scrapes the data from previous months or years. So it’s hard to tell if the keyword I’m going to target has the upward demand. Solution– Google Auto Suggest & the related keyword section.

Type any keyword in the search box… And you will see Google pops out suggestions for you.

These are the query people are continuously making on Google. If you want to take a step further, you can export all the auto-suggested keywords and drop it into Keyword Planner.

Then, look under the keyword suggestion box, you will see new keywords flipping out.

Similarly, scroll under related searches section. And see if there are any keywords that fit your topic.

#SEO #Photography #Google keywords

Google Trends

As the name suggests, Google Trends  works around the trendy topics. Enter any [main] term like “Weight Loss.” It automatically scrapes the keywords & categorized them into the top and rising searches.

#SEO #Google

You can also filter the trends according to a country. So if you are in the US, and you only want to see the topics that are rising in the US, you can filter your search accordingly.

Wrap Up

Google Keyword Planner shouldn’t be your cornerstone for every keyword research campaign. If you need untapped keywords, you need to work smarter… And this is one way to do it.

So there you have it– my personal favorite Google tools to find untapped keywords. Do you have any other Google tool in you arsenal? Let me know in the comments below.

Author Bio

Amin Ghale is an SEO enthusiast who breathes online marketing. You can find him at his

personal blog ameen.com. Or follow him on twitter.com/seonerdy

Admin Blogger’s Commentary:

Impressive! Readers, please share, so others wanting to improve their search engine optimization can learn about these effective tools.

Did you know about these tools? Like Amin asked, do you know of any other way to improve your SEO? I look forward to your views.

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  2. Kandace | at 5:53 am

    I tried the Search Console and it came back with I had no data. So there definitely is something I need to do. Not sure what that is but if you know and can share I would greatly appreciate it.

    • Amin | at 6:29 am

      Hi kandace!
      Search console grabs the data based on the impressions of your site seen in the Google for a given query..

      For example: If someone is searching for a keyword like “blogging tips for newbies” and your site is up there.. It will be seen in search console..

      So it can be 3 things here.

      1. Either your site is not ranking properly
      2. Configuration on search analytics is not set appropriately.. Please make sure you check the queries tab.
      3. Your site is just not too big on the eye of Big G

      Hope it helps

  3. Kellie | at 6:48 am

    So helpful! I’m a visual person so I’m going to need to figure out what i just read, so I’m going to go do that . This was so helpful. I spent more than 30 minutes last night just working on the keyword. Thanks.

  4. dgkaye | at 7:09 pm

    Great article here Amin, in simple terms, nice. Incidentally, I just clicked on Google books, and it told me my profile wasn’t linked to my books. It offered to link up, but warned, once linked, I can’t unlink. What does this mean? I’m always hesitant to do something that comes with a warning.

    • Amin | at 9:54 pm

      Hi debby! I really don’t think the linking stuff should pop up unless you try to embed or share a link to google books or link to your site from google books.

      Please make sure you have done everything right. If you dont want to go from the google books link, you can type your keyword in google like bathroom showers and just below the search box you find tabs like images, maps and books. Click there and you must be set to go..

      I seriously cant tell what wrong have you done until i can see it. So hopefully this can help you out

  5. Anne Louise Bannon | at 2:19 pm

    Hate to be the naysayer, because these are some valuable tips here, but I’m having a few problems with this whole emphasis on Keywords. My issue is that writing around a specific Keyword isn’t going to result in good writing necessarily. Yes, I get that search engines are machines and have to focus on things like Keywords to pull up results. But one of my blogs is a romantic fiction serial. That’s the term my potential readers are going to use to find it. But I can’t put that in my posts because they’re the respective chapters of the serial. Or if I’m writing about sparkling wine, most folks are going to be searching for
    “What’s the best champagne?” Champagne is a very specific sparkling wine and if I use the term generically, I lose credibility because it’s incorrect. But if I don’t use it, people won’t find my wine blog. And let’s not even get into long-tail keywords. I’m losing enough hair as it is.

  6. Amin | at 11:42 pm

    Hi Anne!

    I definitely understand what are you getting into.

    But hey! The world was great before this SEO came to screen.

    And you make a valid point about not focusing on keywords for your blogs.

    But back in the days using keywords was the game changer because that’s how search engines used to se their algo.

    It’s like a telephone diary with alphabets and how you categorize the number according to the name..

    For example: your blog is about romantic fictional, right? But you said you used thay in your chapters.. So you give search engines enough juice to understand what your post is about.

    That’s how search engines work!

    So should you only focus on keywords?

    Probably not. But it’s better to know if the keyword has enough demand on the market..

    Because if you are not searched that means you donot exist in online world..

    On the other hand, You may feel like you are not optimizing your post on the basis of any keywords but with few words mentioned in the post, search engines can understand what your post is about.

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  8. Sonia Pitt | at 12:24 am

    Janice, I am most probably first time on your blog. These keyword tools are really good and couple of these are really effective to improve the keywords. Apart from these, I also use couple of other tools to select LSI keywords, like UberSuggest etc. I strongly feel that Google AdWords Keyword Planner is the best free tool which every blogger and optimizer must use to get best keywords.
    Sonia Pitt recently posted…Online SEO Training in India | learn seo online in India on SkypeMy Profile

    • Janice Wald | at 7:03 am

      HI Sonia,
      I just came from your blog. I didn’t know where to comment. You are clearly very knowledgeable about SEO. Thank you for these additional suggestions. I had not heard of UBerSuggest. Is it a site? Can you provide a link so I can check it out please? LS–Long Stem Keywords. What is LSI? I also love Google Adwords Keyword Planner and use it. If you are interested in guest posting, you’d be welcome.
      Janice Wald recently posted…Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #66My Profile

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  12. Smithc470 | at 3:35 pm

    Once I initially commented I clicked the Notify me when new feedback are added checkbox and now each time a remark is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any way you possibly can remove me from that service? Thanks! kcadadeaddcecabg

  13. Taljinder Singh | at 2:18 am

    Thank you for sharing this article with us can i ask you for more tips or advise for my personal music blog , how can i promote and viral my Indian music blog i dont get not to much traffic on my side my blog page is really good for readers but dont have idea for promoting that so please check my blog and advise my.

  14. Adam smith | at 1:07 am

    Hey Janice,

    I am really impressed with this blog, I have already bookmarked it for my future reference. I use keyword planner along with google trends to ensure the future scope of my keyword, but the idea of using google books for keyword analysis is something which one should consider I feel. Thanks for sharing your insights, I am sure this will help me to boost my business of office furniture online. Would love to follow you for more such information. 🙂
    Adam smith recently posted…Some Easy Tips for Cleaning & Maintaining Office FurnitureMy Profile

    • Janice Wald | at 2:33 pm

      Hi Mansoor,
      I never heard of it either before my guest author wrote this.
      Thanks for calling his advice “great.”
      I looked at your post “77 Ways to Improve SEO Rankings.” Impressive! You are obviously working hard. Are you a new blogger? I tweeted your post.

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