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When you start your own blog, you might be doing it because you feel as though you have something that you want to talk about. Therefore, for a while, you might not feel as though you need any suggestions in terms of content.

In fact, you might not even be doing it for any reason other than your own enjoyment. However, over time, your ambitions might increase in scope, and at that point, you might also have said everything that you thought you wanted to, meaning you could be on the lookout for ways to draw people in.

It always helps to know what’s popular, what’s not, and what people like to talk about. Some topics might interest you, but they might not provide the depth and back-and-forth that you’re looking for.

1. Healthy Living

People are very concerned about themselves, and often, how they can lead a healthier lifestyle. You might not consider yourself someone who is especially well-versed in these topics, but it’s a point of interest that might have people seeing what you have to say. If you don’t feel comfortable handing out sage advice, it might just be a good spot to voice your own opinion, or share your own methodology for incorporating more exercise into your life, or a more balanced diet. When you think of healthy living, you might think of people who are absolutely experts in the field, but everyone has to start somewhere, and more casual people are always on the lookout for ways to live better.

This isn’t to suggest that you turn your entire blog into a healthy living blog, but getting the variety could mean that you hit a variety of popular topics that begin to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. Perhaps people who are subscribed to your blog see a notification pop-up and see that your latest entry is regarding video games, this might not interest them, but they know from your history that you’re eventually going to write about something they’re interested in again, and that keeps them hooked.

2. Video Games

Once perhaps seen as simply a toy, video games are now often in the same leagues of discussion as movies and books when it comes to analyzing something as a piece of art. What themes are being conveyed? What is a certain game trying to actually say? Once these questions can be asked, you have yourself a recipe for a captivating blog post. Of course, that’s not the only discussion to be had, and you can also delve into the more critical side of the video game discussion, investigating what works and what doesn’t about a particular game, perhaps contrasting your own opinion with a popular perception. There is an enormous well of things to talk about here, not only due to the sheer variety of games, but due to the different communities and opinions regarding different aspects of the gaming sphere. There are so many people who enjoy games, that a discussion that doesn’t interest one group is going to be something that others think about on a daily basis.

Further than that, you might even discover that there are sides to this that you didn’t know about before. When you think of games you might have a certain perception, but it goes beyond simply single and multi-player games. You have people who mainly play casino games on their phone, or other games that they find on the app store; you have games that function as a social media tool, and there is the evolution of virtual reality and the implications that that has for the games industry going forward. It’s an evolving medium, with many heads, and that gives you a great deal of content to crack into.

3. Big Issues

Talking about video games on your blog might provide you with a means of delving deep into a topic without necessarily setting off any huge audiences that are going to take what you say personally (unless you insult a beloved classic). That might be your main reason for staying away from big issues, but big issues are things that people love to talk about and get angry over. Clickbait and emotion-inducing headlines might be something that you’re sick of at this point, but there’s a reason media and journalism works that way – it gets the clicks. If you adopt this into your own blog, you might find that you begin to reel people in who might not have otherwise given your blog a second look.

Another advantage of talking about big issues is that they are often things that affect a huge number of people, and it’s not like something like video games, where there’s going to be a certain audience – almost everyone will have an opinion on these topics one way or another. Climate change, politics, social issues, these are all matters that crop up regularly in the news, and people will often look for outlets to validate their own opinion.

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