21 Compelling Reasons Not to Vote for Mitt Romney

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Right’s top 5 arguments against Romney in 2016 – CNN.com


If He Declares Candidacy

Mitt Romney is Secretive

  • Romney refused to show all his tax returns in 2012.
  • Romney refused to allow anyone with a videotaping device in where he was speaking after the infamous 47% speech.

Mitt Romney is Not Likeable

  • During Mitt’s fundraising speech, he alienated 47% of the population.  He said that they were “dependent,” and that he would never appeal to them, so he wasn’t going to try.
  • Romney alienated Britain.  When asked about England’s ability to host an Olympics, Romney criticized David Cameron’s ability to keep England secure.
  • Romney alienated the Polish.  He used the “A” word on holy Polish ground.
  • Romney alienated the Russians.  He called them America’s “enemy”.  Even if the Russians have been hostile toward America lately, he doesn’t have to publicly acknowledge the tensions.
  • Rachel Maddow doesn’t even want him to run!

Mitt Romney Doesn’t Have His Own Ideas

  • In 2012, Romney was critical of Obama’s ideas, yet he refused to tell Americans how he was going to solve the many problems that he noted.
  • Romney repeatedly said that he was going to help Americans get jobs, but never said how.  He went as far as to say that, if elected, he’d produce 12 million American jobs in his first four years in office, yet never explained how he would do this.

Mitt Romney’s Ideas Don’t Make Sense

  • In 2012, Romney kept saying, “We care about your jobs,” and even put a banner with that sentence on a podium where he was standing.  However, according to the press, he kept outsourcing Americans’ jobs to China.
  • During his 2012 overseas trip, Romney made a racial slur when he was in England.  He explained that if elected, he would restore “Anglo-Saxon” relations that “the White House did not appreciate”.  What is that supposed to mean—people of Caucasian descent will embrace England if Romney is elected?  What about everybody else?  Was his implication that because President Obama’s paternal ancestors were from Africa, America can’t be a good ally to Britain?

Mitt Romney is in Denial

  • He blamed an aide for the gaffe mentioned above.  This is one problem I have with Chris Christie denying culpability for his Bridgegate mess.  (Romney Says He’s Weighing 2016 White House Bid.)  You know what flows down from the top, Mr. Romney.  Take responsibility.  President Obama has always taken responsibility as my post Leaders Take All the Blame explains.
  • Romney lost earlier in the evening than was predicted in 2012; yet, this time, he thinks he is going to be a winner?  Get a clue!

Mitt Romney Does Not Understand Most Americans

  • Mitt Romney is so rich, that he can’t relate to the majority of Americans.  When asked if he liked sports, he replied that he was friends with the owners of the teams.
  • Can anyone relate to his wife Ann with all her prize horses?  I know I can’t.

Mitt Romney Has Potential to Cheat

  • In 2012, there was a lot of talk about how he and his son owned the voting machines that determined the winner of the election.

Mitt Romney Wants to Hurt Old People

  • When Romney ran in 2012, Paul Ryan got up in front of a group of senior citizens and announced his intention to end Medicare.  He was booed.

Mitt Romney Thinks Voters Are Shallow

  • Romney is in his late 60’s with salt and pepper colored hair.  Who was his running mate?  Why Paul Ryan, a much younger man whose hair has not started graying yet.  As if to point out how shallow they thought we were, Ryan kept pointing out that Romney liked dated music, but he, Ryan, likes current music.  Does Romney really think I’d pick the next president based on song choice?  Give me a break!

Mitt Romney Keeps Changing his Mind

  • Waffles, anyone?  In his 2012 campaign, Romney kept criticizing President Obama, yet in Debate #3 complimented his policy towards Iraq.
  • He recently has gone on record that he is concerned about the poor. He never seemed that concerned four years ago.

Mitt Romney Needs a Geography Lesson

  • In 2012, Romney didn’t seem to know where Iraq was.  He said the country’s only route to the sea was through Syria.  Anyone who looks at a map can see Iraq can go north or south to get to the sea.  I’m a teacher.  Get an education, Man.  If you’re not sure about something, stay silent.

It reminds me of how Dan Quayle was one heart beat away from the presidency under George Bush, Sr. By Quayle’s own admission, he was a “C” student at best.  I would like a knowledgeable person leading this country.

Mitt Romney Will Hurt a Woman’s Right to Choose

By his own admission, (I heard him say it,) Romney’s 2012 running mate Ryan is vehemently against abortion due to his religious convictions.

Readers, I’ve poured the reasons not to vote for Romney should he declare candidacy on as thick as I can.  What are your opinions?  Have I left anything out?  Is there a Republican who is preferable to Romney?   I look forward to your views.

  1. john doe

    Any Republican who runs would be better than four more years of any Democrat who will put this country into further debt by creating more social welfare programs and finding new ways to spend money this country does not have.

    • Janice Wald

      I must disagree. Hillary Clinton is more experienced and therefore more qualified than anyone who has expressed interest thus far. She is a Democrat.

  2. john doe

    I definitely DID NOT push the like button. WordPress must be using a Democratic computer to twist the real truth which is the democrats speciality. You have not told us how great President Obama is lately. Even you are having trouble finding anything good to say about his performance lately. If you could you would be considered a genius .

    • Janice Wald

      I am actually torn about whether I agree with his decision to try and make community colleges free. On one hand, as a teacher, I’d be grateful that anyone who wants an education can get one.
      On the other hand, I feel if money is put out, the person will be more invested in the education because money is an investment.

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