14 Must-Have Inventions That Will Make Your Life Easier

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TIme cover techDo you wish you had products that could make your life easier?  Do you feel technology can be complicated and confusing?  By reading this post, The 14 Must-Have Inventions That Will Make Your Life Easier, you can get your wish since I will suggest products that are available and, many of them, affordable.

One obstacle people have to finding products that can make their lives easier is that they don’t know they exist.  Recently TIME MAGAZINE came out with its 2014 year-end issue detailing the 25 Best Inventions of 2014.  I have chosen 14 of them that I believe can genuinely enhance your life.

The Best Inventions Powering Technologies

Wireless Electricity Have you ever found yourself in an airport wandering around the terminal looking for an outlet to charge your phone or other electronic device?  I have.  Then, when I got there, I found it was already in use.  That’s happened to me, and often.  I realize mobile phone cases charge the phone now (cool, huh!), but you still have to charge the case.

I have fought with my daughters over who will use the only outlet on our cruise ship when we all needed to use blow dryers and flat irons that weren’t battery operated.  Guess who lost.  I did.  Most of us would give blood for our children, I give electricity.

According to TIME, more and more electricity will be wireless!  Lamps, television sets, and stereos are examples given of items that won’t need to be plugged into the wall.  If phones and the Internet can be wireless, so can appliances.

A Conscious Home

Have you ever heard of the memory foam mattress?  I don’t own one, but apparently the mattress “remembers” how you slept and adapts itself based on that recollection during future slumbers.  Apparently, society is moving toward an age where the entire house adapts itself to your needs, not just the mattress.

The Real-Life Hoverboard

I asked myself who would want a skateboard that flies an inch over the ground until I remembered that I’m a California girl.  We’re more prone to earthquakes over here.  Japan and Haiti had devastating earthquakes in recent memory.  The ability to fly above the ground during an earthquake could be revolutionary.  In the movie 2012 John Cusack’s character gets an airplane to save his family during an earthquake that wipes out humankind.  In real life, you could fly above the shaking ground with this hoverboard.

Battery life is 15 minutes.  I remember during the 1984 Northridge, California earthquake the difficulty of walking into my four-year-old’s bedroom to get her to safety.  That was tough with all the shaking and dangerous–I could have stepped on the broken items that were everywhere and injured myself trying to save her.  Fifteen minutes certainly would have been ample.

Marty McFly from Back to the Future who actually owned one of these in the 1989 film was mentioned in the article.  It was fiction then.  It’s reality now.  While immediately available, the cost is prohibitive.  Prices start at $10,000.

3-D Printed Everything  When I first read this, I thought the objects were paper because images print on paper.  However, these items not only print 3-D, but they actually work!  I mean, seriously!  Cars printed using this technology actually drive, food printed using this technology is actually edible, and prostheses (priced at only $1000) printed this way actually work!  Apparently there’s a digital blueprint that makes this all possible.  According to the article, students use the printed items to do science experiments, so apparently the technology is already available.

The Best Inventions Solving Everyday Problems

The Apple Watch The invention, which also made the cover of TIME MAGAZINE, is

The Apple Watch was the cover story on the September 22, 2014 issue of TIME MAGAZINE.

The Apple Watch was the cover story on the September 22, 2014 issue of TIME MAGAZINE.

described as a computer for the wrist. In addition to telling the time (after all, it’s still a watch), the item can send messages, give directions, track fitness, and make payments, according to TIME.  The article’s writer calls it “attractive.”  Check out the photo to the right and judge for yourself.

The Chip That Stops Your Slouching
Do you want to know who has bad posture?  The person in the mirror.  She got it from hunching over her keyboard both at work and at home.  She knows to sit up straight but forgets to do it.  This invention is a small chip that you clip to your shirt.  You forget to sit up straight, the chip will buzz.

The Ring That Alerts You in Style

In my post If You’re Brave Enough to Say Goodbye, Life Will Reward You with a New Hello I mentioned that I get my nails done.  How many women are unable to dig into their pockets or purse to check their phones to check for messages while waiting for their polish to dry?  I’m definitely on that list.  According to TIME, you put on a ring which will glow when you get a new message.


Apparently, the makeup of the banana can be changed to produce more Vitamin A which will help in preventing blindness.

Bananas That Prevent Blindness–The Superbanana Accordingly to the article, 30% of children living in Africa south of the Sahara desert, don’t get enough Vitamin A in their diet which could help prevent blindness.  Apparently it’s possible to re-engineer bananas to be rich in Vitamin A.

The Sign-Language Translator I had always wanted to learn sign language.  When I was in high school, I took a class but soon forgot what I learned.  Then, when I saw the movie Jerry McGuire my interest was renewed.  Do you remember that elevator scene?  Awkward!  Jerry’s awkwardness would have been assuaged if he’d only known what the people in the elevator were saying.  (“You complete me” is now a famous line from the movie.)  This tablet uses cameras and voice recognition to translate American Sign Language into spoken words and spoken words into text.

The Filter That Fights Ebola  In one of my earliest posts, Is Ebola a River or a Forest? I explained that our country was panic-stricken over what I considered, to quote Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing.  This device detects the Ebola virus and sucks the virus from the blood.  It already cured an Ebola patient in Germany.

The Best Inventions Changing How We Unwind

Immersive Virtual Reality This is a coding kit that can be used to teach history.  As a history teacher, I often engage the students in simulations, so they know what the people of the past experienced.  However, so far the simulations are the best I can do.  I mean, I don’t have a time machine…or do I?  TIME explains that with this device people could find themselves on the Titanic and experience that sinking feeling of realizing they’re on a ship that’s about to sink.  Are you still with me?  Did you get it–that sinking feeling of being on the Titanic?  Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Today, these experiences are getting ever closer. We now have VR and AR headsets that offer people a high level of visual fidelity. And the 5G signal is improving all the time, meaning that it is now far more plausible that users could access virtual reality services on the go. The idea that we must live in the real world is slowly being replaced by a new digital reality. But will people actually use it?

The Coaching Basketball So far many supermarket checkers have been replaced in part by self-serving checkout stands.  Will basketball coaches be replaced too?  Apparently the ball contains a bluetooth chip that sends performance data to an app.  While using the ball, the voice of the coach can urge you to speed up or shoot the ball differently.  San Antonio Spur’s coach Gregg Popovich is doing great, but maybe, even he should watch out.

Wrappers You Can Eat
Why would anyone want edible wrappers?  Why to save the environment, of course!  Yogurt and ice cream are two of the examples that have edible shells strong enough to hold their shape.  According to the article, they are currently available at Whole Foods for only $4.00.

As you have seen, there are new items, just released last year that can make your life easier.  Whether your frustrations have to do with technology, how to solve everyday problems, or simply unwinding, these inventions are for you, and they have prices that appeal to every wallet.

Readers, which item sounds like something you’d be interested in purchasing?  Do you already own any of them and wish to share how effective it is?  Which item sounds the most interesting to you?  I look forward to your views.


  1. John Doe

    Instead of fighting over that one outlet on the ship bring a power strip that works really good

  2. Janice Wald

    LOL I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks for reading what I wrote and commenting.

  3. peppylady (Dora)

    On the company I work for (base on 40 hour work week) one would have to put in about 85 hours to pick up one of printers.
    Coffee is on

    • Janice Wald

      I love your signature. The first time you came to my site, I thought you were saying you couldn’t write anymore because you had to go; coffee was on!
      My understanding is that once inventions have been on the market for a while the price comes down. Microwaves were astronomically expensive when first introduced, for example. Maybe one day it will be affordable.

    • Janice Wald

      Me too!
      Thanks for reading what I wrote and writing. Did you read the other comments? Someone else voted for the hover board!

  4. francenestanley

    I accidently deleted my comment while trying to change my blog url. Anyway, I was saying that these facts help me to work out how technology will change in the future. I’ve written a draft of a novel set 15 years ahead.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Francene,
      I love sci-fi. It’s my favorite genre. I love how as we get older we see inventions that were only fiction years ago become reality, the hover board, etc. When I was little we use to talk about how we’d see each other when we had a telephone conversation. Now we can through Skype, FaceTime, Oovoo, etc. Still seems futuristic but is reality.

    • Janice Wald

      When I read how you neeeeeed a hover board, I started to laugh. What do you neeeeeed it for?
      Thanks for the chuckle, reading what I wrote and writing me.

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