#1 Secret Tip That Will Make You Gain More Credibility

  1. Carolann | at 6:31 am

    All great tips for sure! The plugin I use displays the counts automatically. It has preferences built into it so you can decide if you want them to show or not. I love unorthodox tips and tricks. It’s always a good idea to try something edgy and test the waters. I always get such great info from you! I have to read your posts a few times to make sure I don’t miss any of the nuggets!

  2. Gary Jefferies | at 7:30 am

    Hi Janice, said I’d pop over and…find this is your last tip?? Typical me that lol.

    As for unorthodox….convention is not my thing. I get the impression the antagonist riled you up a bit suggesting they were not in favour of tip dropping that didn’t follow the FAQ. More than one way to skin the proverbial cat. Bottom line if it works then who cares, it works! Although currently, orthodox or otherwise is still escaping my freshers ambitions of shameless self promotion ?

      • Gary Jefferies | at 12:03 pm

        Hi Janice,

        Absolutely admirable thing to do. Thing about the Internet and customer relations everywhere. You just can’t please everyone. In editing circles my advice is always review the review (good and bad). If it pants then leave it and move on, if it’s constructive then say thanks. Never let the bad stuff dwell in your head. Chances are they are opinions not shared by most of your following.

        Sorry about the double enter too. My submission hung and I refreshed the page but it must have already done it once before hanging !

        • Janice Wald | at 1:31 pm

          Hi Gary,
          Thank you for writing back. They say controversy breeds high page views, but… I didn’t expect it. I was just trying to help people increase credibility in the eyes of their readers and get the Twitter share count back.
          I guess that’s the interactive nature of blogging, the unexpected!
          Thank you again for your kind words and your support.
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  3. Gary Jefferies | at 7:31 am

    Hi Janice, said I’d pop over and…find this is your last tip?? Typical me that lol.

    As for unorthodox….convention is not my thing. I get the impression the antagonist riled you up a bit suggesting they were not in favour of tip dropping that didn’t follow the FAQ. More than one way to skin the proverbial cat. Bottom line if it works then who cares, it works! Although currently, orthodox or otherwise is still escaping my freshers ambitions of shameless self promotion 🙂

  4. Richard Schulte | at 7:58 am

    For certain types of blogs appearing credible is very important: blogs that provide factual information that a reader might rely upon. I’d like to suggest that probably the vast majority of blogs AREN’T about being some sort of expert, or promoting a business or agenda. They are more personal. They are simply about life. You seem to ignore these people. You seem to assume that all bloggers have a self-serving agenda and are consumed with self-promotion at any cost.

    Most blogs, I would suggest, are about LIFE and PEOPLE. These blogs provide bloggers with a sense of fulfillment. They transmit bits of emotion, amusement, thoughtfulness. The reader enjoys a chuckle, a brief cry. Friendship, memory. Happiness, disappointment, mental or spiritual revelation. The focus of these blogs should be on providing something real, original, heartfelt. They should provide connection. They should be stimulating. Gimmicks and appearances don’t substitute for what is deeply personal.

    Where are the posts about writing? Where are the posts about inspiration? Where are the posts about laughter? Where are the posts about feeling? Where are the posts about the deeply personal nature of blogging? Where are the posts about expansion of vision, expansion of the soul?

    Mostly Blogging as your site’s title seems inaccurate. It should be Mostly Marketing.
    Richard Schulte recently posted…Happiness and sadness: Short stories about life.My Profile

  5. John Doe | at 10:26 am

    It is a shame that they’re only is a like button. I wish there was a love button for this post. Since I’m not very tech savvy, what would you charge for a one on one to explain and help fix that share number problem. Code is very confusing, at least for me.

    • Janice Wald | at 1:36 pm

      Hi Alana,
      I actually had the administration of my school put Grammarly on all the Yearbook machines in my classroom, I am that big a fan!
      You are right. The Twitter count doesn’t just help the blogger but helps the reader know the value of the post, at least to some degree. Thank you for writing and pointing out that shift in perspective.
      As far as Grammarly, it is helping me right now ensure my comments to you are error-free =). It is worth using Chrome so it is with you in your Email comments and all over the Internet. The only place I have found it does not work is GoogleDocs.
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  6. Annette | at 1:07 pm

    Janice, I have followed you since I started blogging in December. I would not have known what it means to reblog or linking posts in and the creditability it holds. That is just one of the tips I got from you. I often direct people here for A good place to find information on blogging. I know that some people may not care about increasing their following. But, you offer so much more than just networking. You do come off with power and gusto. Your passionate about blogging and sharing tips. Plus, you personally have replied to my comments and thanked me for reblogs and sharing your blog link in my posts. I am a true fan of your blog and what you are trying to do. Oh, I almost forgot….I knew nothing about Pinterest until reading a post long ago about social media sharing. And you offer link up parties and pit stops that I find so many new blogs to follow. I will continue to share your site to others. I also need to add bloggers that are not novice’s in the blogosphere and are well established in their blog should check in with this site often. Let’s face it America is fast paced and things changed so rapidly. You seem to be spot on and ready to share new tips or tools for bloggers. Thank you, Janice and I will continue to offer you and your blog up as the “go to site” for anything to do with blogging! Your friend, Annette

    • Janice Wald | at 1:26 pm

      Hi Annette,
      I am so very moved by your kind words.
      I guess you are right. America is fast-paced, but until I read the critic’s comments, it never occurred to me I was a product of my country. I honestly just wanted, and want, to help people trying to make their blogs a success.
      Thank you as always for your promotion of my site, your support, and more importantly, your friendship. You have one as well in me.
      Your friend,
      Janice Wald recently posted…#1 Secret Tip That Will Make You Gain More CredibilityMy Profile

  7. sue | at 4:36 pm

    Hi Janice thank you so much for mentioning me in your post. I’m pleased you were able to figure it out but I might try to follow up on that plug-in that was mentioned. I’ve noticed a couple of comments and I think you should just keep on being who you are and providing the great information that you do. You certainly have so much to offer and your website is chock full of information. Have a great day!

    • Janice Wald | at 4:49 pm

      Hi Sue,
      I greatly appreciate the validation and the support.
      I am intrigued by the plugin idea as well. It might solve the step it takes to paste the code into every post.
      I was happy to link to you. I really appreciated the help getting the Twitter count back.
      Thank you again for the kind comments about my blog.
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  8. Terri Webster Schrandt | at 5:14 pm

    Janice, you are always spot-on with your well-researched posts! I personally know your credibility as a yearbook adviser, and like your fellow journalist here, we would not share posts that were inaccurate or did not help people with blogging tips, in-depth knowledge about our fields of expertise, and other reasons we blog in the first place. Some people’s comments perhaps were negative, and of course, everyone has their right to disagree. Do I execute every blogging tip you share in your posts? No. I pick and choose what appeals to me and go from there. I am trying the Twitter share trick (and since you got the info from my cool buddy, Sue, I know it’s doubly legit) 🙂

    Carry on, Janice, I am proud of what you have accomplished as a blogger in just a very short time. You have found your niche and have helped so many bloggers in the process! Keep ’em coming!

    • Janice Wald | at 5:21 pm

      You are terrific Terri! I went to click the “like” button on your comment and then realized I don’t have one. LOL! It’s on the WP app on my phone.
      I agree with you. I don’t understand why people can’t just pick and choose what works for them.
      I guess it’s like Lincoln said– we can’t please all of the people all of the time. Bummer, LOL!!
      Thanks for writing to provide support and share your compliments about my site and my achievements.
      Janice Wald recently posted…St. Patrick’s Day Meet and GreetMy Profile

  9. Sandy KS | at 10:36 pm

    I do miss the count on the twitter bird. It looks sad compared to the others. Like it wasn’t worthy twittering. Good thing I know they took count away awhile back. So, it didn’t hurt me.

  10. Hammad Rais | at 4:13 am

    Hi Janice,

    I don’t know why such people, like that person who found your methods “unorthodox”, waste their “precious” time in checking things they don’t like it. I don’t waste my time on things I don’t like. I like what you do and I will always stand behind you and will keep supporting you up. Because of people like you, world is livable.

    Thanks for the Twitter code! I will check it out.

  11. Lori | at 7:21 am

    I love your blogging tips! I have a link to you on my “Blogs I read” page. You are always so helpful and I always learn something. Twitter is one of the social media outlets that I don’t follow. I tried, but I work outside the home 6 hours a day and I can’t even look at Twitter during that time. It seems if you don’t post regularly and interact, it’s pretty much Twitter suicide. So, I stick with the outlets I can (somewhat) manage, although it’s a challenge to even keep up with those. Anyway…thanks for all your tips and advice and hope you keep on giving them!

  12. Artur Brugeman | at 8:29 pm

    Hi, Janice!

    That’s a great article on credibility tips!

    Some things I’d like to clarify though:
    1. The service that provides Twitter share counts for your site is newsharecounts.com which I’m contributing to. It is not developed by guys of Social Warfare (although we are good friends).
    2. The code you are suggesting to insert might indeed not work everywhere, and it is better to follow instructions on our website to make sure it’s all working fine.
    3. You would have to sign-up at newsharecounts.com and specify your site to start tracking shares. I feel that you did not mention that in you post (or did I miss it?).

    Thanks a lot for spreading the word and helping people to get their Twitter counts back.
    Have a nice day!

    • Janice Wald | at 11:09 pm

      Hi Art,
      Wow! A contributor to the tool! Thank you for dropping by and clarifying the information for my readers.
      I did not mention it since I didn’t remember doing it. Now that you are here, I vaguely remember doing that.
      Thank YOU for helping people to get their Twitter counts back.

    • Janice Wald | at 8:12 pm

      Hi Cathy,
      Great to see you. Thank you for reading what I wrote and commenting. I study blogging so I can share the tips I learn, that I apply to my own blog, with my readers. I wanted to be able to share the Twitter code, so everyone who wanted the share count back could have it. I was happy to connect it to a larger theme of social proof which leads to credibility among our readers.
      Janice Wald recently posted…Blogger’s Pit Stop #16My Profile

  13. Hugh | at 9:57 am

    Hi Janice,

    I’ve had no luck in getting the Twitter count to work. I’ve added the script to my last three posts and still no Twitter count.

    Does the script need to been adding in a certain place on the HTML tab? I’ve been adding it right at the end of each post.

    • Janice Wald | at 10:57 pm

      Hi Hugh,
      I am sorry you are having stress. Copy the entire code

      Then, go into your HTML tab and paste the code anywhere. I paste at the bottom, but it shouldn’t matter. If, within a few moments, you know your post has been shared on Twitter, and there is still no count, go back into “Edit” mode HTML tab. Strangely, I found the code was gone! I pasted again and “updated” my post, and within a few short moments, the number appeared.
      Janice Wald recently posted…How to Grow Your Social Media Presence in 30 Days and Pay ZeroMy Profile

  14. Mark | at 12:38 pm

    Just another fabulously informative post Janice!

    I am definitely able to dig into your incredibly helpful
    and insightful tips!

    And they are extremely practical and non techie
    which makes them ripe for the pickings for me!

    And while I can definitely appreciate all of them, #’s 1,2, 4 & 6
    really stand out and directly apply to me!Thanks!
    Mark recently posted…Affiliate Marketing: Five Things Serious Newbie Marketers Definitely Need To Know!My Profile

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